Fathers' Manifesto
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June 26, 1997


It is estimated that 1 million fathers have their children removed from their custody in the US every year through divorce. There is not too much more you can do to enrage a father than to remove his kids from him, and then place them in the custody of courts. We already know that "joint custody" or "mother custody" actually translates into "court custody" far too often, if not always.

Another 700,000 children are removed from the care of their biological fathers through illegitimacy, and those fathers who have become involved in these discussions prove that a large percentage of them are both concerned and frustrated by a system which denies their progeny the slightest traces of responsible fathering. We estimate the increase in the number of such seriously concerned fathers to be 630,000 each year.

Shere Hite brags publicly that "70% of married women commit adultery within 5 years of marriage". If they commit adultery just once during a 5 year period, then more than 8.4 million fathers are faced with the prospect of an adulterous wife each year.

10% of children born in intact two-parent families are not the biological offspring of the husband, which is 395,400 non-biological-fathers who have the right to be very angry about their wives' promiscuous activities. This is a total of 10,425,400 events per year which would be expected to conclude in some form of violence.  Eliminating overlap, where the same wife committed adultery, bore a child who is not the biological offspring of her husband, and/or got divorced, there are an estimated 9 million fathers who, each year, would have been expected to react violently towards a wife, ex-wife, or mate.

Strauss & Gelles estimate that 49,680 women are hospitalized each year as the result of "domestic violence" initiated by their husband or mate (not necessarily a father). The DOJ estimates that 2,000 wives or girlfriends are murdered each year by their mates (again not necessarily a father). If half of these mates are non-fathers, then 0.3% of these rightly concerned fathers reacted violently enough towards their mates to hospitalize or kill them.

Divorce 1,000,000
Illegitimacy 630,000
Adultery 8,400,000
Non-Biological Offspring 395,400
sub-total 10,425,400
Expected to React Violently 9,000,000
Wives or Mates Murdered 2,000
Wives or Mates Hospitalized 49,680
Percent of Husbands Who Murdered or Hospitalized a Wife or Mate 0.6%
Percent of Fathers Who Murdered or Hospitalized a Wife or Mate 0.3%
Percent of Fathers Who Would be Expected to Murder or Hospitalize a Wife or Mate, Who Didn't 99.7%

It is a testament to responsible fatherhood in this country that 99.7% of these fathers who by all rights would be expected to have reacted violently towards the mothers of their children, did not. It is a testament to the irresponsibility of the media that it overlooks this fact and instead continues to feed America a daily diet of misinformation about "violent men" while inconveniently ignoring the source of this violence.

The media is correct in that we are a relatively violent nation. Compared to patriarchal nations like Japan, per capita we have 4 1/2 times as many murders, 18 times as many rapes, 141 times as many robberies, 55 times as many assaults, 20 times as many auto thefts, 221 times as many armed robberies, & 14 times as many citizens in prison. We have 2,124 inmates on death row while they have none. We have 1.6 million drunk driving arrests while they have none. We have 3 million reports of child abuse per year, while they have none. We have 2 million "unsubstantiated" reports of child abuse per year, while they have none.

The media is irresponsible when it fails to note that the creation of single-mother households is the root cause of the majority of this excess violence. Children of single-mother households are 8 times as likely to go to prison, and to have a variety of other social and economic problems, than children of two-parent families. 70-85% of prison inmates grew up in a single-mother household. We are approaching a 40% rate of fatherlessness, which is a solid predictor of monstrous increases in violence and imprisonment.

Imagine how many fewer acts of violence we would have if we, like Japan, were a patriarchy, with a divorce rate 1/10th as high as it is, with illegitimate births rare and unpopular, with 100% of our children in the care of their biological fathers. Across the world, there is a demonstrable direct relationship between the rate of fatherlessness and the rate of violent crime. There is not a shred of evidence to support the feminist media claim that putting the father in charge of his family would increase domestic violence. All of the evidence shows that doing so has the potential to instantly head off our pending social and economic collapse. We cannot afford to increase the percent of GDP spent on crime and justice from its current level of 6%, to the 24% which is inevitable if we were to continue down this matriarchal path.

The creation of a 40% rate of fatherlessness in this nation is an even more irresponsible act than the implementation and enforcement of affirmative action. It is primarily the judicial system, and not the voter nor the legislature, which is responsible for both. Our experience with Proposition 209 (to rid California of aall vestiges of ffirmative action) proved that it takes only a small number of us "radicals" to rally 65% of the voters to correct irresponsible judicial processes effectively and quickly, with no media support whatsoever, at any time, either before or after the correction is made. N.O.W. completely blew its last shard of credibility when it promised to have "millions marching in protest of Prop 209", only to have 2 show up.  It is now time to correct the judicial process which destroys families, and again we "radicals" do not need the media nor N.O.W.'s heinous "Resolution" to help us achieve this worthy and vital goal. Our advantage in disposing of affirmative action -- the media's chronic refusal to report on our progress, nor to even print our press releases -- kept the "enemy" from responding quickly, or even at all. General Tom Riley remarked "I can't believe how little resistance there was to ending affirmative action". Our advantage again in implementing responsible fatherhood is that the media will not react in time to alert the "enemy" of our progress.

The "Fathers' Manifesto Reaffirmation and Declaration" is the document which is intended, and which has the potential, to do just that. With more than 1,400 Signatories nationwide in less than 4 weeks, we already have the quorum required to correct this most irresponsible judicial process instantly. It is these men who "by honorable, vigorous, and sustained means" will resolve this social pathology. We have the facts. We know what must be done. It would be incredibly irresponsible for us to now fail to implement the only proven solution.

Please take all the steps necessary to record the "Declaration" in your respective counties now.


John Knight

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