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Bryan O'Neal, the 18 year old Private who was with Pat Tillman when he was killed, testified to Congress that the "friendly fire":

  1. KNEW It was Tillman.
  2. Tried THREE times to shoot Tillman.
  3. CONTINUED to fire after Tillman had thrown a smoke grenade their way.
  4. HEARD Tillman yelling and screaming that we were "friendlies".
  5. Those who assaulted Tillman and O'Neal took off after the shooting.

"O'Neal said the shooters were "close, close enough for me to recognize them, but they sure weren't 10 yards away. They were further than that. I've thought about this plenty of times. They wouldn't have been more than 50 yards away."

So, who ARE the shooters? WHY HAVE THEY NOT BEEN INDICTED?  This is a fucking assassination, ORDERED by the "president", and covered up by LIES from DOZENS of top generals.

"He was ORDERED not to tell ANYONE that it was "friendly fire".

He acknowledged he was in a state of shock over the killing.

He KNEW 100% that it was "friendly fire", and told half a dozen superiors, all of whom ordered him to JUST SHUT UP.

Sgt. Anderson

They CHANGED his WRITTEN statement, and nobody in the Pentagon KNOWS who changed it, who ORDERED it to be changed, WHY they ordered it to be changed, and why they would intimidate an 18 year old child into LYING for them.


AZ Central

<<<"He said, 'I've got an idea to help get us out of this,' " said O'Neal, who was an 18-year-old Army Ranger in Tillman's unit when the former NFL player was killed by friendly fire in April 2004 in Afghanistan. >>>



<<<The Army Ranger who was alongside Pat Tillman when he was shot in Afghanistan told Friday that he remains convinced that the former NFL player was accidentally killed by friendly fire, rather than a target of a malicious act.>>>




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Anyone who's ever fired an M-16 knows there's no way to fire three rounds into someone's forehead, because the first round will leave nothing for the next two rounds to hit. I seriously doubt any military doctor really would have reported that these three rounds were from an M-16, which is the only explanation for why the names of these most critical witnesses have been mysteriously concealed from the public. Only after Tillman was down and his head was rested firmly against the ground could three close rounds have been fired into his forehead, but only then from a pistol, not from any rifle in a war zone, and not from 10 yards. Bryan O'Neal said he could identify the shooters--yet nobody even asked or knows who they were, proof that Tillman died from politically protected assaasins' bullets, not from "friendly fire". The burning of his uniform, body armor, and diary is exactly what you'd expect from cold blooded professional assassins, not simply young, worried, disoriented fellow soldiers who didn't want anyone to know they accidentally shot Tillman.

The awarding of a Silver Star long before a single shred of the facts were in proves the malice of forethought at the HIGHEST levels. Having multiple generals either LIE to or refuse to testify before Congress about how they ordered O'Neal to sign and deliver a FALSE statement proves they were all under orders from MUCH higher up.

It's really misleading and irresponsible for you to cling to this "friendly fire" cover story--an assassin does not constitute "friendly fire", and protecting the White House at this point constitutes treason of the highest order.