Thank you for completing the Black Exile Poll.  Your participation is crucial, and many thanks for providing your contact information.

As promised, you will not receive many emails [read: be spammed] on this issue.   This message was sent only to the respondents to the poll who left their email address, using the bcc or blind copy feature of Outlook.  Thus nobody else will know your email address, including other poll respondents, and the hundreds of spammers who make a career of flooding the internet with useless, distracting, and obscene email.

You, a member of the ninety percent who favor repatriating blacks to Africa, have taken the first crucial toward resolving our most crucial socioeconomic pathology--race mixing with blacks.

Many have asked how they can play a more active roll in expediting this effort, and the most important thing we can do right now is to spread the word far and wide about the astounding results of this key poll.  Other like-minded Americans like you need to know that there simply is no other issue where Americans are so unified in their opinions.   Even on key issues like abortion and murder, nowhere close do ninety percent agree.   They also need to know that they're no longer on the defensive regarding their love for their own race--this poll puts them squarely on the offensive. 

Any and all comments and suggestions can be emailed to me privately at [email protected] or you can post them publicly at either of the two following public forums:

The most important thing you can do personally is to spread the word in any way you know.  If you have even limited skills in setting up a web page, you can easily set up a mirror site to host this poll so that we can get feedback from other perspectives.   Since it's been argued that this poll is not representative of the general American public because of the "bias" of those who visit the Christian Party Web Site, it's important to know what the results will be on other types of web sites.  This can be done at no cost at all as there are many free web hosting services where this poll can and must be hosted, and I can walk you through the technical aspects of setting it up.

God bless WHITE America, and God bless you for taking the first crucial step toward reestablishing God's Word.



John Knight