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John Knight  "Christian Party" [email protected] says "Jews are
First of all, John Knight, Every list has its own defined focus.
A moderator has a duty to keep the list on its defined focus. If a moderator
allows digression from the defined focus of the group, then his members are
receiving unwanted mail.
I am NOT subscribed to the Christian Identity egroup,  and I DO NOT post
there, because what I would have to say would NOT be appropriate to their
defined focus.
On the other hand; those who DO believe in that defined focus should feel
quite comfortable posting there.
I would applaud them if they would simply use their own egroup, and let
everyone else enjoy the peaceful use of the various other groups.
Instead FIVE people, who have only ONE thing to say, trample over as many
other groups as there are, that will not restrain them. Those that are
listed below are examples.
In an unmoderated group the law of the jungle prevails. It is easy for a
gang of bullies to
use heavy handed hostile tactics against individuals, ONE AT A TIME. Thus
they wind up driving out.the peaceable members, who are actually interested
in the properly defined focus of the group.
Every once in a while this gang runs into someone who does not back down,
even after insults and threats. They try to dismiss this person by calling
him a Jew.


For jid PermaLIAR, the most profuse spammer on the internet, to make such a claim is a hoot!!
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