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Queen Nefertiti in 1350 BC

Pro-White Forum Article 3/30/02
Ancient Nordic Egypt

by John Paul Jones

I often travel to Egypt. It provides an excellent holiday for a White nationalist: Beautiful weather, a friendly people with an acute awareness of the Jewish problem, a TV news station broadcasting uncensored news in English and a wealth of history. However, as much as I enjoy Egypt, it is sadly a primitive shadow of its former greatness. The Egyptians have reverted back to a desert economy, dependent on tourism, handouts and revenue from the Suez Canal to support the whole country.

I am amazed when people claim that the former great Egyptian empire was founded by Blacks. Anyone making such a claim has clearly never been there. Just a walk around the Egyptian museum in Cairo will dispel these myths. (A huge building, if you inspected every artifact on display for 30 seconds it would take you 9 months to see them all!)

The fact is that the decline of Egypt began when the original Mediterranean and Nordic founders were completely bastardized by racial mixing. The period known as the 25th Dynasty (746 - 655 BC) is the final resting place of Egypt in world history. It was at this time that Egypt had become race-mixed from the bottom of its society to the top and the earliest race-mixed pharaohs with Black features appeared.

The first Egyptian dynasty began in 3100 BC. On display in the British museum in London is a well preserved body that has been nicknamed "ginger" because of its hair color. It was found in a sand burial pit in Egypt and dates back to 3,300 BC. Red hair is a racial trait only found in Nordics. The Nordics had arrived at least 300 hundred years before the first dynasty. They began the farming and cultivation that is always associated with White settlers.

Egypt is still racially divided today, with the ruling Arabs mainly centered in the north and the primitive Black Nubians in the south. It is not unusual to see a blue-eyed Egyptian, a throw back to Egypt's Nordic roots.

Menes could be considered as the founding father of Egypt. He developed the irrigation system sorely needed in Egypt's arid environment and he built up Memphis, the first great capital uniting early Egypt. The term "man" was almost certainly derived from his name. Menes was White, as the only contemporary depiction of him on the palette of Narmer/Menes shows. (Ref. 1)

The ridiculous claim that Egypt was founded by Blacks is based on false "revisionism" that dates back to the final, race-mixed pharaohs. Imagine Jesse Jackson becoming President and then depicting Columbus and George Washington as Blacks. Well, that's what happened in the final dynasty of Egypt. Busts of Menes made in that period portray the early Pharaoh Menes with Black features. It is always worth examining the antiquity of an artifact displaying Negroid faces in positions of power. They will always date from the 25th dynasty or later.

Many mummified bodies are on display at the museum in Cairo. From the first dynasty up until roughly 1050 BC all of the pharaohs were Nordic. Some of the most famous were clearly Nordic: Ramses II had red hair and Queen Hatshepsut had blond hair. A wooden statue of King Hor shows him to have very blue eyes. There are countless examples of Nordic influence in Egypt on display. The ruling elite began to disintegrate when they married outside of their own race. In fact that was the beginning of the end. The term "blue blood" first arose in Egypt. It referred to the fact that their blue veins could be seen through their pale skin.

The legacy that Tutankhamen left is a clear indicator of the racial pecking order in Egypt at his time. His throne, the ecclesiastical chair has the symbol of nine bows on its foot stool. The nine bows were the traditional enemies of Egypt, epitomized by the crafting of Blacks and Jews chained together. One of his walking sticks has the same image, and his sandals have Blacks and Jews inlaid into the soles so that he could always crush Egypt's enemies under his feet.

Racial war with the Nubians was a common occurrence in ancient Egypt. In 1296 BC the Egyptians conquered Nubia and they built a series of forts along its border to protect against insurrection. The world's first "Whites only" signs appeared along the Nile in hieroglyphics. They still stand today. At one stage it was illegal for any Blacks to enter Egypt.

The eternal enemy within, the Jew, had long been identified as posing a serious threat. The Egyptians kept them in slavery in an attempt to curtail their pernicious influence. The animosity felt in Egypt toward the Jews predates Islam.

A further demonstration of the Nordic origins of Egypt can be shown by the pyramids. They were built around 2500 BC. In England, at Silbury hill, Wiltshire, there is a huge burial mound. It is covered in earth but when that earth is removed it reveals an elaborately constructed step pyramid. This dates back to 2660 BC, over one hundred years earlier then the great pyramids of Giza. The step pyramids of central and South America were not built by the Incas or Aztecs. In all of their historical writings they clearly tell of the "great White fathers" who came and gave them civilization and left great constructions behind.

The decline of Egypt occurred because they failed to protect themselves from interbreeding with Blacks. By making slaves of the Blacks and Semites they allowed them into their society. Inevitably slavery resulted in the mixing of the lower types with the Whites. Within 200 years of the start of this racial mixing Egypt was wiped off the face of the earth as a civilized nation. The start of the 25th dynasty and the beginning of Nubian rule marked the terminal chapter in the history of ancient Egypt.

Most Americans show considerable surprise at the thought of America becoming a Third World nation. How can such a powerful nation sink into poverty and chaos? Egypt was the greatest superpower in the world at its height. It existed as a great world power for thousands of years. By racially mixing with the Blacks, the White genius, which built the pyramids and irrigated the desert, was extinguished. The well organized, disciplined, brave White army of Egypt was replaced with a multi-racial rabble, which was easily defeated by European armies.

How will America finally fall apart? We are definitely on the road to becoming a race-mixed society just like Egypt. All taboos against race-mixing have been relentlessly attacked by the Jews and their mass media. The Jews even encourage race-mixing for everyone, but themselves, with movies like "Monsters Ball" with Halle Berry. Naturally America will grow increasingly incompetent and bureaucratic as non-Whites and race-mixed people fill up our nation, but White people alive today will suffer most from taxes that only go up.

The taxes on White people will become more and more oppressive. White people will become synonymous with "the rich" in Democrat-talk. As long as you have more money than a Mexican, who just crossed the Rio Grande, you will be considered "rich." Meanwhile, an increasing population of Latinos, Blacks and Third World immigrants will demand free health care, schools and endless government services at our expense. Eventually the Democrats will raise taxes so high that White people will lose their homes. These homes will quickly be confiscated by the state, and people like Tom Daschle and Hillary Clinton will pick out a large Cambodian family that "deserves" to be awarded what used to be your family home. Naturally the new residents of your home will be exempted from paying the excessive taxes that drove you and your family out. How much longer will intelligent, productive Whites stay in America once the Democrats make the tax system that oppressive? America could easily fall apart much, much faster than Egypt.

The pathetic remains of Egyptian civilization should serve as a stark warning against race-mixing. The White faces of the early pharaohs, who built the world's first great civilization, can be contrasted with the dark faces of the racial mongrels, who occupy the ruins of Egypt thousands of years later. Egypt was the world's greatest superpower for a much longer period of time than the United States has held that title. Our civilization will be just as thoroughly destroyed if we repeat the racial mistakes of the ancient Egyptians.

1).White Origins of Early Egypt


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Direct Evidence of Fair Hair and Blue Eyes in Ancient Egypt
102 of 115 Racially-Identifiable Mummies Were White

6/6/01 12:11:11 PM
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Commentary -- Direct Evidence of Fair Hair and Blue Eyes in Ancient Egypt

The mummy of the wife of King Tutankhamen has auburn hair. (61) A mummy with
red hair, red mustache and red beard was found by the pyramids at Saqqara. (62)
Red-haired mummies were found in the crocodile-caverns of Aboufaida. (63) The
book HISTORY OF EGYPTIAN MUMMIES mentions a mummy with reddish-brown hair. (64)
the mummies of Rameses II (65) and Prince Yuaa (66) have fine silky yellow
hair. The mummy of another pharaoh, Thothmes II, has light chestnut-colored
hair. (67)

An article in a leading British anthropological journal states that many
mummies have dark reddish-brown hair. (68) Professor Vacher De Lapouge
described a blond mummy found at Al Amrah, which he says has the face and skull
measurements of a typical Gaul or Saxon. (69) A blond mummy was found at
Kawamil along with many chestnut-colored ones. (70) Chestnut-haired mummies
have been found at Silsileh. (71) The mummy of Queen Tiy has "wavy brown hair."
(72) Unfortunately, only the mummies of a very few pharaohs have survived to
the 20th century, but a large proportion of these are blond.

The Egyptians have left us many paintings and statues of blondes and redheads.
Amenhotep III's tomb painting shows him as having light red hair. (73) Also,
his features are quite European. A farm scene from around 2000 B.C. in the tomb
of the nobleman Meketre shows redheads. (74) An Egyptian scribe named Kay at
Sakkarah around 2500 B.C. has blue eyes. (75) Here is a picture of him:
The tomb of Menna (18th Dynasty) at West Thebes shows blond girls. (76) The god
Horus is usually depicted as white. He is very white in the Papyrus Book of the
Dead of Lady Cheritwebeshet (21st Dynasty), found in the Egyptian Museum in
Cairo. (77)

A very striking painting of a yellow-haired man hunting from a chariot can be
found in the tomb of Userhet, Royal Scribe of Amenophis II. (78) The yellow-
haired man is Userhet. The same tomb has paintings of blond soldiers. The tomb
of Menna also has a wall painting showing a blond man supervising two dark-
haired workers scooping grain. (79)

The Funerary stele (inscribed stone slab) of Priest Remi clearly shows him as
having red hair, (80) although he couldn't have been a priest of Set at such a
late date. A common good luck charm was the eye of Horus, the so-called Wedjat
Eye. (81) The eye is always blue, and the word "wedjat" means "green" (or
blue?) in Egyptian. A very attractive painting is found on the wall of a
private tomb in West Thebes from the 18th Dynasty. The two deceased parents are
white people with black hair. Mourning them are two pretty fair-skinned girls
with light blond hair and their red-haired older brother. (82)

Queen Thi is painted as having a rosy complexion, blue eyes and blond hair.
(83) She was co-ruler with her husband Amenhotep III and it has been said of
their rule. "The reign of Amenhotep III was the culminating point in Egyptian
history, for never again, in spite of the exalted effort of the Ramessides, did
Egypt occupy so exalted a place among the nations of the world as she had in
his time." (84) Amenhotep III looks northern European in his statues.

Paintings of people with red hair and blue eyes were found at the tomb of Bagt
in Beni Hassan. (85) Many other tombs at Beni Hassan have paintings of
individuals with blond and red hair as well as blue eyes. (86) Paintings of
blonds and redheads have been found among the tombs at Thebes. (87) Blond hair
and blue eyes were painted at the tomb of Pharaoh Menphtah in the valley of the
Kings. (88) Paintings from the Third Dynasty show native Egyptians with red
hair and blue eyes. (89) They are shepherds, workers and bricklayers.

A blond woman was painted at the tomb of Djeser-ka-ra-seneb in Thebes. (90) A
model of a ship from about 2500 B.C. is manned by five blond sailors. (91) The
god Nuit was painted as white and blond. (92) A painting at the tomb of
Meresankh III at Giza, from about 2485 B.C., shows white skin and red hair.
(93) Two statues from about 2570 B.C., found in the tombs at Medum, show Prince
Rahotep and his wife Nofret. He has light green stones for eyes. She has violet-
blue stones. (94) A painting from Iteti's tomb at Saqqara shows a very Nordic-
looking man with blond hair. (95) Grafton Smith mentions the distinctly red
hair of the 18th Dynasty mummy Henutmehet. (96)

Harvard Professor Carleton Coon, in his book THE RACES OF EUROPE, tells us
that "many of the officials, courtiers, and priests, representing the upper
class of Egyptian society but not the royalty, looked strikingly like modern
Europeans, especially long-headed ones." (Note: Nordics are long-headed.) (97)
Long-headed Europeans are most common in Britain, Scandinavia, the Netherlands,
and northern Germany.


Time-Life books put out a volume called RAMESES II THE GREAT. It has a good
picture of the blond mummy of Rameses II. Another picture can be found in the
book X-RAYING THE PHARAOHS, especially the picture on the jacket cover. It
shows his yellow hair.

A book called CHRONICLE OF THE PHARAOHS was recently published showing
paintings, sculptures and mummies of 189 pharaohs and leading personalities of
Ancient Egypt. Of these, 102 appear European, 13 look Black, and the rest are
hard to classify. All nine mummies look European.

A recent discovery of Egyptian mummies from the Roman period astonished
researchers. One-third ot the mummies were fair-haired! Why do most news
reports from Zawi Hawass fail to mention this important fact? Here is the

The very first pharaoh, Narmer, also known as Menes, looks very European. The
same can be said for Khufu's cousin Hemon, who designed the Great Pyramid of
Giza, with help from Imhotep. A computer-generated reconstruction of the face
of the Sphinx shows a European-looking face. (98) It was once painted sunburned
red. (99) The Egyptians often painted upper class men as red and upper class
women as white; this is because the men became sun-burned or tanned while
outside under the burning Egyptian sun. The women, however, usually stayed

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Sardinian Pyramid and Abu Dhabi Mastaba

I read a strange statement in THE OXFORD ILLUSTRATED PREHISTORY OF EUROPE that
there is a pyramid in Sardinia. If stone-building technology spread from
Brittany to Egypt, one would expect to find something like this on Sardinia,
which is halfway between the two. In fact, going by boat, it is closer to Egypt
than to Britanny. Here is the statement on page 199: "Somewhat similar
manifestations occur in the rock-cut tombs of Sardinia, which may copy above
ground structures in wood, and other surface monuments such as the collective
burials of the Tombe di Giganti with their horned forecourts, and the notable
PYRAMID MOUND of Monte d'Accodi near Sassari. (emphasis added)
Here are some pictures of pyramids in the Canary Islands, Sardinia, and Sicily!
Schilfbootprojekt Abora
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Here is a fascinating map showing the location of ancient reed boats. Thor
Heyerdahl built such a raft called the Ra after the Egyptian Sun God and sailed
across the Atlantic Ocean in it. His theory is that an ancient race of redheads
in reedboats spread civilization all over the word, including the world's first
civilization in Sumer. He believed that redheads sailed up the Persian Gulf to
Schilfbootprojekt Abora

Here is a picture of the "pyramid" at Monte d'Accodi. It was built between 3300-
2800 BC and is said in this article to resemble the ziggurats of Mesopotamia.

Here is a brief article explaining that Monte d'Accodi is a truncated pyramid
resembling a ramped ziggurat in Mesopotamia:
Here is a picture:
Monte d'Accodi

Here is a great picture! If you get the page with all the pyramid pictures
click on the lower right-hand corner to see the big beautiful picture of Monte
Schilfbootprojekt Abora

If you scroll down a page or two you will find a fascinating little article
about an expedition in reed boats proving that the Egyptian pyramids were
influenced by megalith builders from Europe:
Reed Boat Expedition Sardinia-Canary Islands

Here is a picture of a ziggurat. Note the ramp.

Mastaba in Abu Dhabi (Persian Gulf). This resembles the early pre-pyramidal
forms in Egypt.
Bilder Christo - Mastaba of Abu Dhabi

Here is an Egyptian mastaba:

Here are three large mastabas side by side:
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