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The Birth Control Pill Hoax

Abortions & the Pill increased pregnancy rate 25%

It's really foolish for anyone to think that they can take an UNTESTED medication which tampers with your hormones so effectively that it suppresses conception for DECADES, without thinking or knowing that the rule of unintended consequences will eventually kick in and REALLY play havoc with both your body and your offspring, not to mention the society you live in

Contraceptives have been linked to a 100 fold increase in autism, ADHD, ADD; world's highest rate of obese children taking 400,000 lives and costs $100 billion EACH YEAR; a tripling of the cancer and breast cancer rate; the 128 point drop in SAT scores; the ten fold increase in fetal deaths; and our death estrogen-soaked water supply

Countries which never legalized contraceptives had NONE of these problems, and those who did so only recently or where contraceptives aren't as widespread as they are here, have much lower rates of all of these pathologies

"Fifty-four percent of women who have abortions had used a contraceptive method (usually the condom or the pill) during the month they became pregnant. Among those women, 76% of pill users and 49% of condom users report having used their method inconsistently, while 13% of pill users and 14% of condom users report correct use"




Pregnancy rate increased 25%.


Abortions increased twenty fold, murdering 58 million potential fellow Americans in the womb.


Illegitimate births increased seventeen fold.


Fetal deaths increased ten fold.


Legitimate birth rate cut in half.


Water supply was polluted with estrogen.


SAT scores dropped 128 points.


Average body weight increased 35 pounds.


Commonsense Progressive
08:46 PM on 03/05/2012
"Anyone who believes contraceptives are a CRIME, needs to be locked up, or shipped in a big fedx box out to Iran or Iraq. Such a person shouldn't call themselves an American.

Christ....every civilized country in this world understands the critical role contraception plays in woman's health, and even many uncivilized countries. There are women running around Africa on birth control who can finally stop bleeding and birthing and dying, and being baby machines and finally raise and lead their family to prosperity,....and you live in America and you don't understand that?????"

This was a real wake-up call for my wife, who never took contraceptives. It would appear that we've treaded on your religion. Most countries we've lived in have been paying close attention to (and thus avoiding) our experience with the pill, but they never legalized them, and their children never have autism or ADD or ADHD or shoot up their classmates in public schools.

Can we agree that your right to take the pill will never exceed our right to protect children from mental diseases (where already 1 child out of 67 in Minnesota has autism)?



The 1964 edition of The Information Please Almanac, Atlas, and Yearbook

In 1938, before either the birth control pill or widespread "legalized" abortions, children were relatively safe in the womb and they were twice as likely to be legitimate than they are now.   The hoax was that the birth control pill was necessary to reduce unwanted pregnancies, but the reality is that the pregnancy rate increased 25% following widespread legalized abortion and  the introduction of the birth control pill.   Another hoax was that the birth control pill and legalized abortions were necessary to prevent unmarried women from becoming mothers.  The reality is that, after both the pill and abortions were widely available, the number of unmarried  mothers increased 1,722%, and the rate at which illegitimate children were born increased 775%.

What did not increase, and what is the national shame, is that American children are half as likely to be born to married parents as they were before 1938.

Which is the most insidious?  


A birth control pill that did exactly the opposite of what it was intended to do [read: it increased pregnancies 25%]?


42 million babies murdered [in the eyes of half of Americans] in the womb?


2 million American children born to single-mother households annually?


400,000 children born to intact families annually who were not genetically linked to their own legal fathers?


The destruction of our water supply with estrogen?

That's a tough call, isn't it?

In 1938, when American women were still revered and respected around the world, 2,451,884 of them got pregnant, for a pregnancy rate of 18.9 per 1,000 population.


2,173,600 gave birth to legitimate children.


Only 114,400 gave birth to illegitimate children.


Only 70,000 of them had abortions.


Only 95,284 had miscarriages or stillbirths.

By 1996, after abortions and the pill were legalized and widely implemented, after the consensus of opinion around the world had been firmly established that the American woman is a slut, the US Census Bureau reports that 6,240,000 of them got pregnant, but that this time, rather than only 2.6% having abortions, 21.1% of them did, and rather than only 4.7% having illegitimate children, 31.6% of them did, and rather than only 3.9% having miscarriages or stillbirths, 16% did.  There's one little detail about "legitimate" children that we wouldn't know without DNA tissue typing--400,000 of the two million children born in families ... ARE NOT genetically linked to the husbands of those families.  The stories from feminazis like Shere Hite about widespread adultery in the US must be true--70% of American wives DO commit adultery within 5 years of being married, just as she brags on national TV that they do.

This is a sex crime of monumental proportions.  This even swamps the feminists who proclaim that "550,000 American women are raped every year", something that would require American men to be 1,000 times more likely than Japanese men or Italian men or Greek men to be rapists. 

A wife who gets pregnant by a man other than her husband is truly a despicable person.  But this isn't the only crime.  The mere act of adultery is a crime and a sin in every successful culture on the planet, no matter if there is a pregnancy.  So how many acts of adultery did American women have to commit to accumulate such a stellar  track record?  If adultery is a random event, independent of the day during the month which a woman can get pregnant, then there will be one pregnancy for each 30 acts of adultery, IF we exclude pregnancies which are prevented by birth control pills.  400,000 illegitimate births within the family each year would thus require 12 million acts of adultery each year.   If adultery is not a  random event, in other words, if many married women who get pregnant outside of marriage intentionally commit adultery on specifically the day that they know they can get pregnant, then that number could be reduced, with the maximum reduction being to 400,000 acts of adultery annually.  Conversely, if the birth control pill prevents 9 out of 10 pregnancies, then it would require 120 million acts of adultery each year to achieve 400,000 illegitimate pregnancies.

It is thus a conservative estimate that 12 million American wives commit adultery each year, year in, and year out.

Not even the putative best in modern medical science was able to curtail the ten fold increase in fetal deaths caused by these heinous "birth control" measures.  Had fetal deaths merely remained at the 1938 rate, the birth rate in the US in 1996 would have been 17.9, roughly equivalent to the 1938 rate.

In order to give women the "right to control their own bodies" [read: the right to rob a man of his progeny without being required to reimburse him for it], this Christian nation aborted 42 million potential fellow Americans, 21 million of whom would have been women, eight million of whom would already now be voting age women.  How did this benefit the 8 million missing American women voters?  How did this benefit women as a group?  How did this benefit society?

With "rights" come responsibilities.  American women have few responsibilites relative to American men or to most other women around the world, but one of the responsibilities women had with the legalization of the birth control pill was to use it responsibly.  Did they?

Pill Caused 25% increase in Pregnancy RATE

No.  Absolutely not.   A 25% increase in our pregnancy rate might explain why Japan, who supplies almost all of our birth control pills, legalized abortions but did NOT legalize the birth control pill in Japan for so long.  How can such a colossal failure be explained?  How can thirty five million American women  http://www.hli.org/publications/sems/1998/sl079806.html now use "the pill" and other recently developed contraceptive devices, yet still get pregnant 25% more frequently?  Are this many women using the "failure" of these contraceptive devices as the excuse to entrap men into relationships with them that they don't want?  Or are our women just too irresponsible to realize that they themselves can't be depended upon to take such a pill every day?


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Illegitimacy Increases SEVENTEEN Fold




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Population (millions)








Fetal Deaths








Live births




Illegitimate births




Legitimate births




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Fetal Deaths







Births 17.6



Illegitimate births




Legitimate births