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Piper on The Mossad

"Ha Mossad, le Modiyn ve le Tafkidim Mayuhadim" [the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations]

Its motto is: 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war.'

Concerted Effort Under Way to Hide Israeli



Note to readers: If you know survivors of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or the families of victims of the attack—particularly members of the New York Fire Department or the New York Police Department—it is critical that you bring this story to their attention. Make photocopies of this story available to everyone you know and demand that Congress publicly investigate Israel’s connection to the terrorist tragedy that rocked America.


Exclusive To American Free Press

By Michael Collins Piper


One of America’s most prestigious Jewish newspapers is gloating that “the rest of the American media” has “barely noted” a Dec. 11 report by Fox News that the FBI believes Israel’s intelligence agents operating on American soil had advance knowledge of the impending Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

In other words, the major media is engaged in a determined effort to suppress the fact that—for its own strategic reasons—America’s so-called “ally,” Israel, permitted those terrorist attacks to happen, resulting in the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans—including Jews.

The initial Fox story—carried as a segment on Brit Hume’s Special Report program and reported by Carl Cameron—was followed by three additional installments on Dec. 12, 13 and 14, elaborating on the wide-ranging nature of the Israeli espionage network that federal authorities have uncovered.

To no one’s surprise, the Israeli Embassy has said that the Fox reports are “rubbish” based on “unfounded innuendo.”

However, Forward reported that Fox’s Cameron says he stands by his story and that a Fox news spokesman said the network also stands behind the report.

While neither the FBI nor the Justice Department will formally admit that they believe—as Fox reported—that Israel had advance knowledge of the impending attack, Forward was able to muster only one unnamed source—described as “a law enforcement official, who asked not to be identified”—who says the reports that Israeli spies had prior knowledge of the impending at tacks were “inaccurate.”

Abe Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)—a intelligence, lobbying and propaganda arm for Israel—called the Fox report “irresponsible” and “troubling.” The term “troubling” is used by the ADL to describe any facts (if widely known) that could turn opinion against Israel.

The self-styled Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), a pro-Israel group, has attacked Cameron, saying he has “a thing about Israeli espionage,” as though it is wrong for a re porter to investigate espionage if it is conducted by the state of Israel.

Forward noted that “the report took some Jewish organizational leaders by surprise, given that Fox News is frequently cited as the most pro-Israel of any of the broadcast outlets.” Forward makes the point that Fox, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, “normally earns accolades from pro-Israel activists for its coverage of the Middle East.”

The fact that it was indeed a pro-Israel network—not a “Muslim propagandist” or an “anti-Semitic hatemonger”—that originated the eye-opening story is especially intriguing, causing many to wonder how the story ever made it on the air in the first place.

According to Forward, several Murdoch media empire functionaries known for their hawkish support for Israel, including New York Post columnist John Pod horetz and William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard have failed to comment publicly on the Fox reports.

A veteran of the secretive high-level Bilderberg group Kristol, in particular, has been a major figure promoting all-out U.S. war on virtually the entire Arab and Islamic world, marshaling vast resources and a carefully-crafted network of publicists and promoters behind the venture. Kristol’s machinations were outlined in detail in the Oct. 8 and Nov. 5 issues of AFP.

In its own Dec. 24, front-page headline story about the Fox report, AFP pointed out that in its Dec. 17 issue American Free Press was the first media voice to point out the “big secret” that the major media had been suppressing: The fact that some 60 Israeli Jews taken into FBI custody in the United States following the terrorist attacks are being held because the FBI suspected they might have material knowledge about the attacks.

Those who have learned of Israeli foreknowledge conclude that Israel allowed the attacks to happen precisely for the reason that Israel hoped that the United States would retaliate by launching an all-out attack on the entire Arab and Muslim world, in particular those states such as Syria, Iraq, Libya and Iran that Israel views as intransigent enemies.

As AFP reported on Dec. 24, the truth is that there is a growing (if not predominant) body of opinion in the ruling circles in Israel that American Jews are expendable precisely because they have not emigrated to Israel and are viewed as roadblocks in the way of Israel’s survival as a nation. Thus, in the Israeli view, American Jews who died in the Sept. 11 attacks were dispensable losses, insignificant in the bigger picture.