Police Reported Alcohol Involvement



For almost two decades after MADD was founded, the US Statistical Abstract contained a table called "Police-Reported Traffic Crashes, by Age Group" which included the category "percent alcohol-involved", which averaged around 4% each year. In 1990, Table No. 1016 reported that 6% of those aged 21 to 34, 1% of those ever 64, and an average of 4%, were "alcohol-involved".  The tables for 1993 (Table No. 1041) and 1995 (Table No. 1028) showed a similar pattern, with the only difference being that the highest alcohol involved groups dropped from 6% to 5%.  Table No. 1023 in 1992 showed what appeared to be an anomaly: the average percent increased to 5% (except that this anomaly went away in 1993 and 1995).  After 1995, this table no longer appeared in the Statistical Abstract, but the original source of this table, the NHTSA, now has a searchable database which reports the exact same pattern.

It also reveals that 38% of police reported alcohol involvement are determined by scientific BAC testing to have had a BAC of zero.  And that 32% are not drivers of motor vehicles: they are passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, etc.  And that 27% are young drivers who NHTSA reports have such a high fatality rate that drinking and driving has negligible [read: zero] impact on their already high accident rate.  And that 17% are attributed to drowsy driving.  And that 1% are attributed to drugs rather than alcohol.  And that 55% of those with a BAC greater than 0.01 had a BAC less than 0.10.

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2009 FARS Database

"Police reported alcohol involvement, 2009, 76,309 people involved in fatal accidents, 8,709 are reported by police as alcohol involved"



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