Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm



The Bottom Line on the Bottom Paradigm

When you taken into consideration the fact that many viruses, including cytomegloviruses (CMV) are parasites of virtually every animal species, and a major feature of CMV parasitism and many animal viruses is the latent state in which they exist after the primary infection is resolved, and that they can be reactivated in the body (in vivo) under the influence of various stimuli (primary examples being environmental chemicals (especially those derived from petroleum), heroin, cocaine, nitrates, nitrites and inhalant drugs of abuse, or other vaccine injections of foreign proteins, toxins, bacteria or viruses), the use of animal cell lines to make human vaccines is criminally negligent, never mind the fact that injection of foreign proteins and toxins directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the natural defense systems of the body is also criminally negligent. The evidence suggests that a methodical system has existed for knowingly and selectively transferring slow and difficult-to-detect diseases from other species into the human race. As a method for population control, to weed out those considered to be "useless eaters"? To produce disease and then profit from treatment which is just as deadly as the disease? You decide. Isn't it interesting that Burroughs Wellcome company in England is the source for both immune-system-destroying amyl nitrate "poppers", used in bath houses by homosexuals and promoted as "air fresheners" by media magazines, and the preferred "AIDS treatment" AZT, which is a deadly cellular toxin and also destroys both the immune system and the human being involved?

It is interesting to note, therefore, that since humans have been receiving animal viruses in vaccines, and viruses (including CMV) are present in immune deficiency syndrome ("aids") in humans, and known animal viruses and viral components are oncogenic (cancer-causing), and can cause all the "symptoms" of AIDS, and this has been going on since the 1940's (when polio vaccine cell cultures were first contaminated with simian virus 40 (used as a genetic carrier in all genetic biotech products having viral particle components), and this was well known in the medical field but suppressed from public knowledge, and ultimately the same people who politically control the pharmaceutical, biotech and vaccine companies also control the medical establishment, as well as benefit from fund-raising (i.e., American Cancer Society ,etc.) for "diseases" that never get resolved, you have a very large conspiracy that is worth trillions of dollars to keep from public scrutiny. That's the real bottom line. Research bears all of this out. You are now informed, and if you don't believe that something of this magnitude can be possible, do the research and you'll see that it is absolutely the case. If you comment on this without checking it out, which might involve a little work, there is nothing credible you can say. I haven't been putting in over 80 hours of research a week for more than a year for nothing in order to put this together.What is being done to the world population constitutes criminal negligence of genocidal proportions. Creating a clean biologically harmless, yet effective vaccine is not possible - it would be just too laborious and expensive, over and above the fact that the paradigm of vaccines is 19th century technology brought into a 20th century illusion. It is also fraud.