political pundits




The so-called political "pundits", who praise only themselves as experts on mainstream opinion, suggest that Ron Paul, who, very early in the campaign, and with almost no media visibility, has already won as much as 80% of the vote in debates between 10 or 12 candidates, is a "fringe" candidate, an also-ran, out of touch with his own party--and even unilaterally demanded he retract an honest quote from a CIA report.  What constitutional amendment gives this elite and arrogant group of only a few thousand, who seem to only communicate with each other, whose sneering outrage and hatred and feigned surprise accompany, every discovery that most people just don't agree with them, the right to define the political debate?  How did they become the fourth branch of government, put in control of the other three?  What alien enemy foreign power's drum are they marching to the beat of?

Even though they pound this drum continuously, day in and day out, night and day, I don't agree with a word they say, and most men I respect don't either.  And now the internet has put all of us in touch with an entire army of men who have candidly admitted that it is these "pundits" who are out of touch with reality, so much so that cognitive dissonance amongst them might become the latest epidemic [if they ever get over their bird flu and ..... epidemics].

Poll after poll on the internet has proven the internet to be a 100% predictor of public opinion, with only a 2% liberal bias on liberal vs. conservative issues, while so highly touted and praised mainstream polls like Gallup have gone completely off the deep end.  You shouldn't be too surprised to learn that Gallup predicted that only 42% supported laws against sodomy, internet polls predicted 70% did, and 72% of the voters in the hearland of the country, in Kansas, PASSED those same laws.  There's that 2% liberal bias, something easy to explain--but how can we explain that gallup was off by almost TWO TIMES?  And consider the pressure that the "news" media put on those Kansas voters, who thank God flipped them the proverbial bird.

Not only have these pundits lost the right to define the political debate [as if they ever had is], not only have they lost all credibility, but they've proven to have no moral compass, no sense for what this putative Christian nation is all about, no connection with the political process in a free republic, and no ability to learn from their mistakes.   For their arrogance alone, they all deserve to be lined up in a great big line and told:  "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Pack it up and get outta here--and take your drum with you.  Go find a democracy some place you can suck off and quit trying to ruin our republic.  Do something useful, like selling your computer on Ebay, using the proceeds to buy a shovel, and don't stop digging until we tell you.