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Thank you for taking the time to complete the Black Exodus Poll at .  Your standing up and being counted is VITAL, and greatly appreciated.

Last week, we reached an important milestone--more than 100,000 have completed the poll, more than 1.6 million have viewed it online, and more than 16 million are aware of it.

If you voted for one of the three exile options, you are in a majority which constitutes 91% of all those who completed the poll.  The minority of 9% who disagree, while they are loud, vociferous, and mostly use colorful language, are naturally upset to discover just how extremist their views actually are.

Understanding the problem is 90% of solving it, and our data base of replies provides an excellent opportunity for all of us to understand this issue better, to know who does and who does not have the facts at their fingertips, to strategize ways to educate the uneducated, to demonstrate how this is a win/win for everyone and every race and both sexes, and how important it is to restore God's Orderly Arrangement at our earliest convenience.

Since blacks are the primary beneficiaries of this proposed exodus, it's important for you to know where they stand on this issue.  Even though they were under-represented in the poll, being only 9% of the respondents but almost 13% of the population, the odds are good that those who did respond are representative of the entire group.  Without any education, and limited debate, on this issue, a full quarter of them already agree with at least one of the exile option, and less than a quarter of them "Strongly Disagree" with all three options.  This leaves more than half the blacks in an undecided category which suggests that the proper approach would win them over quickly to how THEY would benefit.

If you would like a copy of the data base, or of the poll itself, so you can host them on another server, please let me know asap by calling 949 544 1461 or emailing [email protected] .  This would help to mitigate the suggestion that this internet-based poll is somehow biased, or unscientific, something which is impossible to do on the internet considering all the different search engines, search words, and search terms people used to access the poll.



John Knight