Americans Still Favor Smaller Government

October 31, 2001
New York Times

Today in the New York Times, there is a story by Richard L. Berke and Janet Elder with the headline, "Survey Shows Doubts Stirring on Terror War" the article is nearly 1,600 words long. At the end of the piece is this significant paragraph:

"Still, the poll found that the public was not prepared for a more activist government. Despite the high profile of many government agencies since Sept. 11, people still favored a smaller government with fewer services over a bigger government with more services, 52 percent to 43 percent."

The Times did not have the courage to lead with this very newsworthy insight but you must give them credit for reporting it at all. Since September 11, there have been many articles predicting that Americans will want a bigger government and that the days of the Republican Revolution and the calls for smaller government are over. Yet this poll concludes that the majority of Americans still want a smaller, smarter, more effective government. Often those who advocate for a leaner more responsible government are mistaken for being anti-government. They are not; they are pro-good government.