World Population

Source:  U.S. Bureau of the Census,WORLD POPULATION PROFILE:   1996   Appendix table A-4


Between 1950 and 2000, a period of 50 years, the world population more than doubled, from 2.56 billion to 5.77 billion, an annual growth rate of 1.5%.  Most of that growth was in the less developed countries where the population grew from 1.7 to 4.9 billion.  The population of India increased 3.5 fold (2.5% per year) and of China 2.5 fold (1.7%/year), adding another 1.4 billion people to the world, the equivalent of 5 TIMES the total US population and 6 TIMES the US White population.

The slowest growing countries were in Eastern Europe where growth was either flat or less than 10%.  The population of Russia actually decreased during some of those years.  Even Belgium, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark experienced growth  of less than 20% over this half century. The 1.75 fold increase in the US population (1.1% per year) was quite a bit higher than the 25% growth in Western Europe, but just the increase in the number of people in China and India was five times larger than our total population. 

Population in millions 1950 2000 Annual Percentage Growth Rate
Germany 68.4 83.6 0.4%
W. Europe 304.4 386.6 0.5%
Japan 83.8 125.5 0.7%
US 152.3 266.5 1.1%
China 570.6 1,231.5 1.5%
World 2,556 5,772 1.5%
India 370 952.1 1.9%
Iran 16.4 66.1 2.8%
Zimbabwe 2.9 11.3 2.9%
Kenya 6.1 28.2 3.2%
Saudi Arabia 3.9 19.4 3.3%
UAE 0.07 3.1 8.1%


Many of the fastest growing countries during this time were Arab and African countries.   The population of the United Arab Emirates increased 84 fold (8.1%/year), of Qatar 29 fold (6.5%/year), and of Kuwait 24 fold (5.8%/year).  The populations of Namibia, Benin, Nigeria, Liberia, Sudan, Senegal, Swaziland, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo, and French Guiana increased more than seven fold, or more than 4% per year.

Many of the countries with the fastest growing populations are also the ones with the shortest life expectancies, and vice versa.  The life expectancy of men in Rwanda is only 33 years, but their population increased almost five fold, whereas the life expectancy for men in Japan is 80 years, but their population increased only 50%.



populationafrica.jpg (125981 bytes)


Twenty million of the 124 million increase in our population was due to immigration, so immigrants (many of them illegal aliens) accounted for 16% of our population growth.  Had it not been for them, the growth would have been only 68% (1%/year). If the world population were to continue to grow over the next two centuries at this U.S. natural growth rate, there would be 44.5 billion people in the world by the year 2200.  If if were to continue to grow at this rate for the next 4,000 years, there would be 1 x 10 to the 27th power (1 followed by 27 zeros) people in the world.  If it were to grow at the same rate as it's grown over the last 50 years, there would be 195 billion by the year 2200, and 8 x 10 to the 39th power (8 followed by 39 zeros) within 4,000 years.

If it were to grow at a rate equivalent to Africa's rate over the last half century, then it would be 955 billion by the year 2200 and 5 x 10 to the 53rd power (5 followed by 53 zeros) within 4,000 years, and at the rate Quatar has grown, it would be 1.8 quadrillion by 2200 and 1 x 10 to the 119th power (1 followed by 119 zeros) within 4,000 years.  If Quatar's half million population alone were to continue to grow like it has, then it would have a population of 173 billion by 2200 and 1 x 10 to the 39th power (1 followed by 39 zeros) within 4,000 years.  Within 147 years its population alone would be larger than the world population is today.

Obviously most of this isn't going to happen.   Over the next two centuries, disease, famine, war, AIDS, cancer, other immunological diseases we haven't even heard of, and a whole host of other population control measures will prevent the world population from growing much larger than 200 billion.

The 2000 census showed the following breakdown of population by race:

97.6% = One race

2.4% = Two or more races

75.1% = White Race

69.1% = Non-Hispanic White Race

6.0% = Hispanic White Race

12.5% = Hispanic or Latino

7.3% = Mexican

1.2% = Puerto Rican

0.4% = Cuban

3.6% = Other Hispanic or Latino

12.3% = Black

0.9% = Indian

3.6% = Asian

0.1% = Pacific Islander

raceunitedstates.gif (64324 bytes)


According to this US Census Bureau survey: 

·         68.1% = non-latrino Whites

·         6% = latrino Whites

·         6.5% = non-White latrinos

·         12.4% = niggers

·         3.6% = Asians

·         0.9% = Indians

·         2.4% = mamzers, of whom 1.4% are kikes 

To put this in terms that even a kikette can grasp, if you were in a room full of 100 people who were a representative cross section of our population, there would be: 

·         68 pure Whites

·         6 latrino Whites

·         7 non-White latrinos

·         12 niggers

·         4 chinks

·         1 Indian

·         1 mamzer

·         1 kike




1.       in a pure democracy, and if Whites were wolves and muds were sheep, we could vote to have muds for dinner and be done with it.


2.       In the unlikely event that latrino Whites voted on our side, we could pass a constitutional amendment to BANISH all muds from our shores.


3.       If we were to follow THEIR advice and ¡°reduced [sic] this issue to a matter of brute force and empowerment¡±, we¡¯d just pull out our machetes and our 280 million guns, and in ONE DAY, be a glorious all-White nigger-free civilization, once again.


If anyone thinks that¡¯s not a PROBABILITY, think again, and research exactly what happened to the Whigs not that long ago who thought exactly the same thing.


When all of these disasters have occurred over the last 50 years, and the world population STILL managed to grow at 1.5% per year, then it's hard to imagine the conditions under which the average world population growth rate could have remained as low as 1%.  If Adam and Eve had lived 4,000 years ago, and if their descendants had had an average annual population growth rate of only 1%, then the world population would have exceeded 6 billion more than 2,500 years ago and today would be 4 x 10 to the 20th power (4 followed by 20 zeros).  If they lived 4,000 years ago and the world population reached 6 billion 2,500 years ago, and if the Great Flood reduced the world population to Noah and his wife, then the world would have reached a population of 6 billion 1,000 years ago and would today be 127 quadrillion.

If the Great Flood was only 2,266 years ago, and if the world population growth rate over that time had been only 1% per year, then today there would be 6 billion people in the world--just as there now are.

If we consider the KNOWN world population growth rate of 1.5%, the time frame is squeezed even further.  At that rate, it takes only 1,299 years to grow from 2 people (Adam and Eve) to 6 billion (our current world population).  If Adam and Eve lived 4,000 years ago, then there would have had to have been three Great Floods in order for the world population to be only 6 billion today, and if they lived 6,000 years ago, then almost 5 Great Floods.  It's no secret that most biological species, not just human beings, have continued to multiply like this over the period of time that we've kept records of them.  Because of their short gestation period, and multiple births per litter, one single female cat can have a million descendants within her lifetime of 12 years.


We don't know what the actual population growth rate of the world has been over the last several millennia, but we DO know how fast the population would grow from 2 people to 6 billion people if it were to grow at the rate that we know various regions grew in the past 50 years:

bullet334 years = Qatar
bullet525 years = Iraq
bullet660 years = North Africa
bullet1,321 years = World
bullet2,264 years = US
bullet2,320 years = Japan
bullet2,930 years = Europe
bullet4,850 years = United Kingdom

The fact that it would take the world 4,850 years to grow from two people to 6 billion if it were to grow at a rate equivalent to the UK's might give us some encouragement that it's possible that it would take this long, except that only a few regions of the world have had such a low growth rate recently.  At the world average it would take only 1,321 years, and there's no reason to believe that the recent world average isn't considerably lower than it was before the birth control pill and widespread availability of abortions.  Even North Africa now has the pill and abortions, and it would take only 660 years to reach 6 billion at their rate.  And if it grew at Iraq's rate, we're down to only 525 years.


With few exceptions, every citizen in monogamous countries like the US have 8 great grandparents and 16 great great grandparents.  The only way for an exception to occur is if one of your male ancestors had multiple wives who were your female ancestors.  For example, if one of your great great grandfathers had had four wives, and if each of these wives were your great great grandmothers (something that requires a lot of incest), then rather than having 16 great great grandparents, you would have only 13 (8 great great grandmothers and only 5 rather than 8 great great grandfathers).  If all of your great great grandfathers had four wives, and if all of their wives were your great great grandmothers, then the least number of great great grandparents you could have had is 10 (8 gggm and 2 gggf).

If we assume that one generation has averaged 20 years ever since God created Adam, and that there has been NO incest since then, then every American citizen would have had to have had 8 great grandparents, 16 great great grandparents, 1,024 ancestors just 10 generations ago, 33,554,432 ancestors 25 generations ago, 1.1 trillion ancestors 40 generations ago, 2 x 10 to the 30th power 100 generations ago, and 2 x 10 to the 60th power 200 generations ago [read: Adam and Eve].

bullet8 great grandparents
bullet16 great great grandparents
bullet1,024 ancestors 10 generations ago
bullet33,554,432 ancestors 25 generations ago
bullet6 billion ancestors 33 generations ago
bullet1.1 trillion ancestors 40 generations ago
bullet2 x 10^30 ancestors 100 generations ago
bullet2 x 10^60 ancestors 200 generations ago

The problem of course is that there aren't enough ancestors to go around.  Just going back 33 generations requires more ancestors than there are people in the world today.  The US Census Bureau estimates that the world population at the time of Christ's birth was 200 million, but this would have been 100 generations ago, and each of us would have been descendants of 2 x 10 to the 30th power ancestors at His birth (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times as many ancestors as there were people).

Not even compensating for incest can explain this discrepancy.  If we assume a high rate of incest, and that each man had children by four wives, and that every generation had only 12 rather than 16 great great grandparents (something that requires us to ignore the simple fact that there are more women than men in the world), then we would have only 137 ancestors ten generations ago, 59,855 ancestors twenty five generations ago, 26,209,973 forty generations ago, 1 x 10 to the 17th power one hundred generations ago, and 4 x 10 to the 35th power 200 generations ago:

bullet12 great great grandparents
bullet137 ancestors 10 generations ago
bullet59,855 ancestors 25 generations ago
bullet26,209,973 40 generations ago
bullet6 billion ancestors 53 generations ago
bullet1 x 10^17 ancestors 100 generations ago
bullet4 x 10^35 ancestors 200 generations ago


If each of the 10 sons and 2 grandsons of Jacob who were the patriarchs of the Twelve Tribes of Israel had married only within their own race, and if each of these tribes had restricted marriage to only other members of the tribe, and if they had experienced a population growth rate equivalent to the current world population growth rate, and if they were born 1,258 years ago, then their descendants alone would constitute the entire world's population today.  If it were at all possible for them to have had a low population growth rate like ours without abortions or the birth control pill, they still would have grown to more than 6 billion people in less than 1,500 years.  If they were born 1,800 years before Christ, they would have had to have had a population growth rate of less than 0.58% per year in order to constitute only 6 billion of today's world population.

A problem is that Israelites are only 1/6th of the world's population, so where did the other 5/6ths come from, or go?  And for them to grow from only 70 people in Egypt to 3 million people during the exodus 420 years later required a growth rate of 2.6%.  At that rate, 70 Israelites would become a billion Israelites, their known population today, in only 643 years.

Only a few countries in the entire world have such a low population growth rate, and that's only because of very recent intentional efforts to curb population growth, and planned emigration, rather than any long term trends.  And this low population growth rate affects less than 5% of the world's population, so even if all of those countries had experienced a growth rate equivalent to the rest of the world, there would have been only 2% more people in the world now than there were. When you consider that countries like Nigeria who were in the midst of AIDS epidemics, low life expectancies, starvation, and war experienced an almost four fold increase in its population in half a century (a rate equivalent to the Israelites in Egypt), and Iraq who experienced a five fold increase even with several major wars against Iran and the US, these low population growth estimates for Israelites seem almost impossible.


According to jewish sources, the population of jews in 1988 was 18.1 million, which is 19% higher than it was in 1941, at 15.2 million.  But the population of Western Europe in 1941 was 352 million and only 373.8 million by 1988, which means that the overall population growth rate of Western Europe during that same time was only 6.2%.  So during this timeframe that "six million jews died in a holocaust", the worldwide population of jews increased more than three times faster than the population of all of Western Europe.


The following graph illustrates just how quickly the White Race could become extinct.  While the populations of Europe, Russia, and the US have levelled off and even decreased, the populations of China and Africa are accelerating beyond all expectations.  In addition, immigration reduced the percentage of Whites in the US from 99% when the US Constitution was written to only 71% today, and similar patterns are being followed in several European countries who are on the edge of revolution because of the failure by their governments to do anything about unbridled immigration of third world muds.

population.gif (49052 bytes)

The following graph illustrates another crisis, a crisis in the credibility of the very governments which should have done something about it, but instead did everything in their power to destroy the Caucasian Race.  Had it not been for the complicity of their own governments, the population of Caucasians in Europe would now be 50% higher than it is, or 1.2 billion rather than only 800 million.  But the complicity of Lenin and Trotsky in Russia (jews), Hitler in Germany (an "Austrian" jew), Churchill (an avowed zionist) and his adviser Amery (a jew) in England, Roosevelt and Eisenhower (both jews) in the US, and the complicity of "American" banker Jacob Schiff (the jew who funded both sides of the Russo-Japanese War, as well as the Japanese during WWII, using OUR dollars), made the Twentieth Century one of the bloodiest in the history of Caucasians.

population2.gif (51610 bytes)

The growth rate of Caucasians in Europe since the end of WWII illustrates how the European population would have grown had it not been for WWI and WWII.  Projecting this growth rate back to the known population of Europe in 1800 provides an opportunity to compare what did happen with what would have happened without two major jewish inspired wars.  The casualties of these two wars aren't just the hundred million Caucasians who suffered immediate deaths.  The lives of hundreds of millions of others were shattered by the loss of loved ones, injuries that killed them at an earlier age, and their posterity who were never born.  The real loss of Caucasian lives due to this century of wars was more than 400 million.


The U.S. Census Bureau Table DP-1, Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: 2000 reports that 97.6% of Americans claim to be "one race" and 2.4% claim to be "two or more races", that 75.1% claim to be "White", 12.3% claim to be "Black", 0.9% claim to be Indian, 3.6% claim to be Asian, 0.1% claim to be Pacific Islander, and 5.5% claim to be "some other race".  Of the Asians, 0.6% claim to be Asian Indian, 0.9% claim to be Chinese, 0.7% claim to be Filipino, 0.3% claim to be Japanese, 0.4% claim to be Korean, 0.4% claim to be Vietnamese, and 0.5% claim to be "Other Asian".  12.5% claim to be Hispanic or Latino, and of the 75.1% who claim to be "White", 6% claim to be Hispanic or Latino, leaving 69.1% who are non-Hispanic White.

Had the more than two thirds of Americans whose only choice was "non-Hispanic White" been given the choices "Caucasian" or "Israelite" or "White Christian Israelite", it's likely that most of them would have selected these categories.



0.5% = 1.28 x

1% = 1.64 x

1.5% = 2.11 x

2.0% = 2.69 x

2.5% = 3.44 x

3.0% = 4.38 x

3.5% = 5.58 x

4.0% = 7.11 x

4.5% = 9.03 x

5.0% = 11.47 x