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> Posse Comitatus (Latin: "power or force of the county"), ancient English
institution consisting of the shire's force of able-bodied private citizens
summoned to assist in maintaining public order. Citizens in every County of
the nation have available to them, the Law of the Posse Comitatus.  For
instance, let us suppose that citizens of California decide to protect
themselves from unlawful activities by persons on the public payroll.
According to the the California Constitution Article 1, Section 24, "All
political power is inherent in the people.  Government is instituted for
their protection, security and benefit and they have the right to alter or
reform it when the public good may require."  Further, in Article 1, Section
24, it says:  "Rights guaranteed by this (California) Constitution, are not
dependent on those guaranteed by the United States Constitution" - and the
California Constitution expressly provides in Article 111, Section 1, that
the United States Constitu
> tion is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!  (It doesn't say Statues enacted by
any Legislature)
> It is clear from reading the Constitution of the State that citizens have
the right to impanel Citizen's Grand Juries to indict and even convict
anyone, including persons on the public payroll, for crimes and violations
of the Constitution and constitutional  rights of citizens of the State.  In
fact, a Citizen's Grand Jury, upon investigation and findings, may declare a
person to be an "OUTLAW".  In this event such person may be apprehended by
any citizen of the State or by any member of any Citizen's Posse, by any
means necessary.  The Law of Posse Comitatus provides that when an Outlaw is
apprehended, he should be taken to the most populated intersection of a
township and there be hung by the neck at high-noon, with the body remaining
until dark, as an example to those who would subvert the law.
> As the apostle Paul says in his epistle to the Romans, every Christian
citizen is responsible to uphold the law and when persons on the public
payroll, or who are civil servents who have sworn to uphold the
Constitution - which is the supreme law of the land - FAIL in that duty,
they shall receive themselves 'damnation'.  When they fail, then it is the
duty of Christians to condemn them by both the spirit and the letter of the
Constitution which under their pretense of defending, they are SUBVERTING!
> Is it possible that the Law of Posse Comitatus was provided by our Father
for this purpose?
> Since we, the people, the upright members of the body politic, are the
rulers and masters in this self-governing REPUBLIC, is it right that our
public servants should attempt to REVERSE ROLES with us?  Is it right that
they should tell us that THEY and the MASTERS and that WE are now the
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> Over 85% of all associates of the Posse Comitatus of the united states are
war veterans of either W.W.II, Korea, Vietnam or Iraq.
> WE HAVE NOT given up our oath as soldiers and protectors of these united
states of America to war against enemies abroad and WITHIN the borders of
these united states. Congressional Posse-Comitatus Act of 1878 by U.S.
Congress of these united states of America.
> The Sheriff of their respected Counties have the authority to deputize all
males of their County, 15 years of age and older to provide protection for
the entire County in which they reside to stop any type of insurrection
and/or felonies. County Sheriff's ARE NOT under the authority of the
President of the united states during the time of a national emergency, and
CAN NOT BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE by any Presidential Executive Order per Law
of Posse Comitatus of the united states of America...Act of Congress of
> The Sheriff is to be obeyed and respected ONLY if he is a God fearing
believer and son of Yahshua/Christ that has been voted into power by the
citizens of the respected county where he resides.  Further he is to uphold
the Constitution of the United States of America and not to answer to
'corrupt' [domestic enemies] outside of his jurisdiction.  If you find that
your Sheriff is in default of this, then he is to be removed from office by
whatever means necessary.
> Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D.D.L., (Vet...U.S. Army) - Director of
Posse-Comitatus of the united states of America
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