The political equation is actually very simple.

There’s only one candidate who’s not a woman, not a jewess, not a jew, not a nigger, not the son of the very admiral who dishonored the 200 dead and wounded Sailors of the USS Liberty, not a Manchurian Candidate, not a pilot who single-handedly killed 142 fellow crewmen on the USS Forrestal, didn’t make 32 videos for the Viet Cong denigrating his fellow pilots, doesn’t have hilariously short arms, isn’t hated by 96% of his fellow congressmen, not a jewsmedia whore, not a shill for the “Israeli” lobby, not a member of a racist one-race “church”, not a Muslim, doesn’t have a wife who hated the American people “all her life”, doesn’t have a spouse who was already impeached, knows what sex is, KNOWS the issues, is ARTICULATE about the issues, has the COURAGE to stand by his convictions even when he’s the ONLY one, understands the prognosis precisely—AND IS HATED BY THE HATED TALKING HEADS OF THE JEWSMEDIA.

Across the world, even those not on the internet who rely solely on the jewsmedia for their “moral” convictions, KNOW in their hearts that it’s not we the people who’re out of touch with reality—it’s the despicable jewsmedia, AND the despicable Republican Party, AND the despicable Democratic Party, who’re promoting the vilest concepts and the vilest representatives of those vilest concepts, are so out of touch with reality and we the people, are such CRIMINALS that they’ve turned this election into a choice between the Sadducees and the Pharisees.

There’s ONLY candidate our WHITE Christian Founding Fathers would support.

There’s only one candidate so far who’s qualified.

Stephen Hess, Brookings Institution, LIED, when he said

·         “The American mainstream media is largely interested in telling the American people who is likely to win. So if you have a limited amout of time, are you going to spend that time telling the consumer about Obama, and Clinton, or McCain, Huckabee? ”

·         “He was for one thing a Libertarian, he really doesn’t believe in much government.  Well, it’s real hard to be president of the United States, a great market economy, and be a Libertarian, being against the government taking any action”.