bulletNorth Korea to Face Pressure From U.S. on Enriched Uranium During Talks
bulletMystery Illness Kills at Least 17 Chinese
bulletThird group of Chinese policemen starts UN peacekeeping mission in Kosovo
bulletGM introduces new small car model in China
bulletU.S.: General Motors will cut 25,000 jobs over the next three years

bulletUK: Sorry, but we'll still shoot to kill: police
British police have admitted to adopting a "shoot-to-kill" policy after gunning down an innocent Brazilian man in the hunt for the London bombers.
bulletLondon Police Extend Terror Search; Two Men Identified in Failed Bombing
bulletEgyptian police hunt bombers after Red Sea blasts * Egypt bombing: Pakistanis hunted
bulletDad of American Killed in Egypt Mourns
bulletBriton dead, 10 missing in Egypt
bulletPope Won't Condemn Islam Over Bombings

Human rights campaigners in India's Gujarat state have condemned school textbooks which they say praise Hitler. The books are issued by the Hindu nationalist state government. One includes a chapter on the "internal achievements of Nazism". - (reader link)

bulletMexican sex offender Fernando Aguero that kidnaped 8-year-old girl believed in Mexico
Authorities in Nevada said a convicted child molester suspected of kidnapping an 8-year-old girl from her home brought her to San Diego County over the weekend and may have taken her into Mexico. Sex offender Fernando Aguero, who was born in Tijuana, called his sister in Las Vegas over the weekend and told her he had the child, Lydia Rupp, and had stolen her from her family home Friday night, said officials from the Lyon County Sheriff's Department yesterday.
bulletMexican-born Nevada Kidnapping Suspect Fernando Aguero, the "Latino" sex-offender boyfriend of the little girl's mother
Aguero was released from prison 10 years ago for committing a lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14 in Los Angeles, Page said.
bulletAmber Alert for Nevada Girl, 8 * Suspect also known as "Flaco'
Authorities have activated an Amber Alert for a missing 8-year-old Nevada girl. Authorities believe Lydia Bethany-Rose Rupp was abducted Friday night from her home in Fernley. Authorities have identified the suspect as Fernando Aguero, a convicted sex offender.

bulletJohnny Lopez , 38, accused of rape remains at large
A 38-year-old man accused of raping a 15-year-old Perth Amboy girl in a Sayreville motel is being sought by authorities. Johnny Lopez was charged with sexual assault and other offenses in the Feb. 18 attack alleged to have occurred at the Parkway Motor Lodge.
bulletIllegal Mexican National Indicted In Fatal Mandeville Fire
NEW ORLEANS -- An illegal immigrant has been indicted on two counts of first-degree murder in connection with a fire that killed two men in Mandeville. Alejandro Orozco-Benitez, of Mexico, is accused of starting a fire June 2 in a condo on Caribbean Court. Police said Orozco-Benitez told investigators he set the fire because he was upset that his paycheck had been docked. He faces the death penalty if convicted. - (White Boy) - (Invasion!)
bulletClaim Filed Against Hispanic Mayor of Baldwin Park for Supporting Hate Crimes & RICO Violations Against Senior Citizen
BALDWIN PARK, CA -- The law firm of Lively & Ackerman, of Temecula, CA, has filed a formal governmental claim against the City of Baldwin Park, its Mayor, and Police Department. The firm represents Murrieta senior citizen Laura "Dottie" Dalton. According to the claim, "This governmental claim relates to an incident that took place on May 14, 2005, near the Danza Indigenas monument at the Baldwin Park Metrolink Station. The Claimant is a senior citizen who attended a peaceful protest against racism engaged in by the City of Baldwin Park through its support of a monument which denounces white and other non-Latinos. - (another angry white) - (hatecrimes)

Five black teenagers are accused of shouting racially charged threats and stabbing three young white men
For the second time in a week, an attack that appears to have racial overtones led to violence in a struggling city neighborhood. Five black teenagers are accused of roaming through a Lovejoy neighborhood late Friday night, shouting racially charged threats and stabbing three young white men, including a recently discharged Marine. In the incident Friday night, several neighbors and police said the confrontation began when the black teens left a house on East Lovejoy and marched single file along a sidewalk shouting racially inflammatory words about whites and saying, "We own this block." Neighbors said they called police but before they arrived, the five black teens encountered four white men and a fight broke out. The five teens who were charged were identified as: • Markethy McClellan, 17, of Pullman Place. • Angelo M. Kidd, 17, of Dodge Street. • Percy P. Turner Jr., 17, of 14th Street. • Domonic D. Williams, 18, of Woltz Street. • Mark A. Porter, 16, of Goodyear Avenue.
The injured were identified as: •
Jacob Dabb, the 19-year-old ex-Marine of Moreland Street, who was listed in serious condition in Erie County Medical Center's intensive care unit Saturday night. • Eric Dragone, 16, also of Moreland, who was discharged from ECMC Saturday after spending the night there for stab wounds to his back and side. • Frank Mietlicki, 27, of Longnecker Street, who suffered knife wounds and was treated at a local hospital. The attacks were denounced by Buffalo Mayor Anthony M. Masiello and Police Commissioner Rocco J. Diina.
- (reader link) - (black-on-white) - Attack in Lovejoy carries racial overtones * Racial Tensions Spark City Violence
“They were walking up Green causing trouble and we were walking up Green and they started saying stuff to us like 'ah we run Lovejoy, were gonna kill all you white boys from Lovejoy.” He says the black teens outnumbered the white teens.

Mentally Retarded Black Murderer's Fate With Jury
Daryl Atkins
The life of a convicted murderer is hanging in the balance while a US jury considers whether his intelligence has increased enough to allow him to be put to death. Daryl Atkins was named in a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2002 that said it was unconstitutional to execute the mentally retarded. But the intellectual stimulation the killer got by constant contact with lawyers in the case is thought to have raised his IQ above the threshold of 70, which puts him in line for the death penalty in Virginia. In 1996, he and another man abducted Eric Nesbitt, 21, a US airman from Langley Air Force Base.

Ref: Race And IQ By Dr. Thomas Sowell
Ref: Thinking More About the Unthinkable: The White-Black IQ Gap - By Steve Sailer
Ref: Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic

Teens Accused Of Forcing 10-Year-Old Into Sex - (gang rape)
Jason Glover, 17, and Jeremy Kent, 18.Three teens in Titusville, Fla., including a 13-year-old boy, were arrested over the weekend for allegedly coercing a 10-year-old girl into having sex. Investigators said Jeremy Kent, 18, Jason Glover, 17, and a 13-year-old boy took turns having sex with the girl on July 13, a police report said. Kent was placed into the Brevard County Jail. Glover and the 13-year-old were placed into the Brevard County Juvenile Detention Center. Kent has also been charged with sexual battery of a 14 year-old, in an unrelated case which in May of this year. In that case, Kent had forcible sex (rape) with the 14 year-old female, according to a police report. - (Gman) - (crime)

bulletKenya cannibals: Severe hunger caused a Kenyan couple to kill and eat their son
When police arrived at the house last week, they found body parts in a pot. According to the newspaper Sunday Nation, the son was severely handicapped. - (African Crusader) - (Africa)
bulletAfrica: Niger children starving
bulletBus Skids Off Nigerian Bridge, Killing 56
bulletRe-Enactment of 1946 Alleged Lynchings Planned
bulletBlack Sports: Forum post "Attn (BLACK) ATHLETES THIS IS WHAT THEY REALLY THINK OF YOU!!!!" - (more sports)

bulletDomestic terrorism: New York: Woman beaten, robbed and stabbed at a Subway Station by a black male - (White Boy)
bulletWoman Raped By Black Man Posing As Carpet Cleaner - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

Man found guilty in brutal sexual assault and kidnapping case
Mark Steven BrownSince 1996, Grand Rapids police had no suspects in a brutal sexual assault and kidnapping case. Then came a major breakthrough and the verdict. Mark Steven Brown was found guilty on two counts criminal sexual conduct and one count home invasion. Prosecutors say Brown, already in jail on drug related charges, was a perfect match for DNA found on the victim's body. Police say a woman was tied up and raped several times, forced into the trunk of her own car, and then driven around Grand Rapids. - (White Boy) - (crime)

Man Accused Of Robbing Hospital Patients
Virgil JohnsonA man is accused of robbing terminally ill and disabled patients from Stroger Hospital. Bond was set at $300,000 Saturday for 18-year-old Virgil Johnson. He is charged with robbery, attempted aggravated robbery, attempted robbery and unlawful restraint.
Johnson attempted to rob a number of people, who were all patients at Stroger Hospital. On June 29, officials alleged Johnson stole a purse containing $40 from a 33-year-old disabled woman. On June 30, prosecutors say he demanded money from a 62-year-old man in a wheelchair in front of his house. - (Brewski)

Man Arrested For Posing As Police Officer, Robbing Elderly Person
 Javon Ellison Police arrested a man Friday for robbing an elderly person while posing as a police officer. Investigators said Javon Ellison approached an elderly man, pretended to be an officer with the Selma Police Department, and told the victim he was going to drive him to a town-sponsored event for the elderly. Instead, investigators said, Ellison drove the victim to a remote part of town and stole his money. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

bulletIreland Haven for Pervert Catholic Priests? * Accused priest battles extradition
Arizona doesn’t meet Ireland’s standards of justice, say lawyers fighting the extradition of a Patrick Colleary, former Scottsdale priest who stands accused of molesting an altar boy. Colleary is one of three priests living abroad who were indicted after a yearlong investigation into sexual misconduct at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.
bulletBaptist Pastor Faces Sex Charges
Tommy Ray Holbrook, Sr.
, 59, is charged with taking advantage of a 15-year-old girl
bulletAn 18-month-old girl allegedly raped by her mother's boyfriend Matthew Carovillano is now dead - (Tyrone N Butts)
bulletOppose Kennedy's hate crime bill
This is a top priority of the homosexual lobby because it would effectively outlaw public (opinion) opposition to gay marriage and them adopting children, etc.
bulletPolice Crack Molester's Code
Dean SchwartzmillerA man who authorities say could be the nation's most prolific child molester was crafting a lengthy memoir about his sexual exploits with boys when he was arrested, police said. Authorities also said they have cracked "99 percent" of the detailed code that Dean Schwartzmiller used in notebooks he kept, apparently to chronicle crimes both real and imagined. Schwartzmiller is being held without bail on one count of aggravated sexual assault on a child under 14 and six counts of lewd and lascivious conduct on a child under 14 involving two 12-year-old cousins. He faces two life sentences if convicted.

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,777 - bring the boys and girls home to defend the homeland
bulletRumsfeld not worried about losing Uzbekistan air base
bulletGuard recruits fall off steeply
bullet Guardsman Pleads Guilty in Death of Iraqi police officer

bulletCanada: Battle against Hells Angels focused now in B.C.
bulletSerb War Crimes Fugitives Still at Large
bulletGolden Treasure Unearthed in Bulgaria
Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,400-year old golden treasure in an ancient Thracian tomb in eastern Bulgaria, the director of the country's History Museum said Monday. The most impressive finds included a golden ring and wreath, finely crafted silver rhytons, or horn-shaped drinking vessels, and many golden and silver pieces of armor and horse trappings. The Thracian king was a young ruler who was buried with two horses and a favourite dog.

bulletComrade Mugabe visits China
MugabeFollowing sanctions and isolation from Western countries over the political crisis in the country, Zimbabwe has turned to Asia, seeking to buttress political and trade relations in particular with China. China has been a leading investor in Zimbabwe with both nations exploring new areas of cooperation.

bulletU.S. said losing ground in SE Asia to China

bulletSeattle: Nai Wang Saeteurn used a butcher knife to murder Kao Vang Saeteurn
Although the two shared the same last name, police said they were not married, though they had children in common. Kao Vang lived with his wife at a different address Nai Wang later confessed that she killed Kao Vang because he had threatened to break up with her. - (Svejk)

bulletBNP: The Islamification of Britain – and the British resistance - “Awake! Arise! Or be forever fallen”
Only one organisation in Britain speaks out clearly and fearlessly to warn of the danger Islam poses to our traditions, freedoms, democracy and Christian heritage: The British National Party. No one else will raise their voice. No one else dares to lift a finger. No one else will organise the moral and cultural resistance. No one else will lead and win the political fight back. The indigenous English, Scots, Welsh and Irish only have one organisation standing for our rights: The British National Party. - (UK) - (Madkins)

bulletTwo Britons killed in Egypt bombings
Two Britons were among the 88 people killed when a series of explosions ripped through the Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm el-Sheik.
bulletLondon: Second arrest in attempted attacks
bulletNew blasts leave London jittery - ('obscene' picture at link of British cow and mixed-race offspring) - (Brewski)

bullet2,000 Islamic Radicals Rally in Pakistan
to condemn a crackdown on Islamic militants that has netted more than 200 suspects.
bulletCanada: Muslim group denounces sheik at centre of hate-crime probe
bulletAmerican questioned in London probe
James UjaamaJames Ujaama, an American accused of conspiring to build a terror training camp in Oregon has been questioned as part of the probe into the London terrorist attacks. It was with Haroon Rashid Aswat, the man British police are seeking in their terrorism investigation, that Ujaama conspired in the 1999 plot to establish a "jihad training camp" in Bly, Oregon,

bulletDeaths of Woman, Baby Ruled Murder-Suicide
Geetha Anand-Ajar, 26, was holding her 9-month-old daughter, Aishwarya Anand, when she jumped from the building's 24th floor
bulletMaher Jishi and his wife Manal kept illegal alien from Sri Lanka confined in their home for two years - (The Bobster)

Samantha Runnion's killer Alejandro Avila sentenced to death
Samantha RunnionSANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — More than three years after 5-year-old Samantha Runnion was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered, her mother on Friday confronted the man who killed her. "I know she looked at you with those amazing brown eyes and you still wanted to kill her," Erin Runnion tearily told Alejandro Avila in court, before a judge formally sentenced Avila to death. "And I don't understand it, and I never will. Avila grabbed a kicking and screaming Samantha as she played outside her Stanton home. Her nude body was found the following day in the mountains left on the ground as if it had been posed. - (crime) - (Svejk)

Latina migrant from El Salvador who cut off ex-lover's penis convicted
Delmy RuizRene Aramando Nu�ezDelmy Ruiz and her attorney react after hearing she had been found guilty of aggravated assault. She has asked for probation. Jurors rejected her claims of self-defense Friday, convicting her of aggravated assault for slicing off her estranged lover's penis with a knife. Delmy Ruiz, 49, closed her eyes and lowered her head as she heard the guilty verdict through headphones and a court translator. Ruiz, a native of El Salvador, tearfully testified Thursday that she maimed Rene Aramando Nu�ez, 35, because he had raped her and then demanded oral sex at her home. Nu�ez twice pleaded guilty to assaulting Ruiz in 2003. Nu�ez testified Wednesday wearing a catheter and medical bag strapped to his leg. The severed penis was never recovered. Ruiz said she became flustered after the assault and dropped it on the floor where her dog picked it up and took it away. - (Svejk) - Ref: Bobbitt's plastic surgeon is getting attached to Israel

Authorities Arrest "Jose Rodriguez" Accused Of Molesting Boy, 12
Jose Miguel RodriguezHOUSTON -- Jose Miguel Rodriguez has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy. Investigators said the boy and his 8-year-old cousin were leaving a Dollar General Store when the man approached them and asked for help ordering food at a fast-food restaurant across the street because he could not speak English. The children, both bilingual, agreed to help him and got into his van. Jose sent off the 8-year-old then took the 12-year-old boy to a secluded, industrial area and sexually assaulted him while threatening to kill him. - (Brewski)

bulletMan Falsely Charged In Rape Attack Could Be Deported - but his Brother Expected To Be Charged Monday
Omar Lezama Dela-RosaPHILADELPHIA -- A man who was wrongly accused in the Center City sexual assault case may end up being deported
There was supposed to be a party on Friday at the restaurant where Omar Lezama Dela-Rosa worked. His family was waiting for him to get out of jail, but they learned that he was still there. Authorities are trying to deport Dela-Rosa to Mexico. The government wants to deport Dela-Rosa because of a 1999 conviction of assaulting a police officer. Police said Dela-Rosa's brother, Cornelio Estrada Dela-Rosa, has confessed to the rape, as well as to other crimes.
- (The Bobster) - (Invasion!)

bulletAlejandro Cux Yum, an illegal alien from Guatemala sexually assaulted a 71-year-old woman
He slipped into the Willow Arms Senior Complex on Main Street through an open window and unlocked the door and sexually assaulted a 71-year-old woman in her first floor apartment between 2:30 and 4:30 Monday morning. Yum is being held on a 48-hour immigration detainer. While in his holding cell, police said he tampered with the fire sprinkler system, causing it to go off.- (Brewski)
bulletTexas: Police seek two "Hispanic" suspects in two rapes- (Svejk)
bulletLatina "Madam" Luisa Medrano charged with running illegal alien sex-slave ring
U.S. will welcome new prostitutes and offer them VISAs.
bulletFeds bust girl-smuggling ring in Jersey
An international ring smuggled girls as young as 14 into the U.S. from Honduras and forced them to work as virtual slaves in New Jersey bars - and endure brutal beatings if they protested, authorities said yesterday. Some of the girls were raped by smugglers and those who became pregnant were forced to take abortion drugs so they could stay on the job. - (The Bobster) - (Invasion!)
bulletSantiago Lugo charged with a 1999 rape after investigators matched his DNA - (The Bobster)
bulletMagdalena Lopez Charged With Beating Sons To Death - (The Bobster)
bulletAmanda Atencio, mother of fatally beaten girl Azteca Leija, didn't heed warning signs
The mother testified today in the murder trial of Jesse Sanchez, the man accused of first-degree murder in the death of two-year-old Azteca Leija. Azteca's mother, Amanda Atencio, was in jail on a probation violation. She told jurors her boyfriend Jesse Sanchez had visited her there and asked permission to care for the toddler. Two days later, doctors say the toddler was dead from a blow to the head. - (reader)
bulletLuis Gonzales, 41, was busted on Thursday - the husband of fake Queens doctor
Nelly Cornejo Zeller, 45, took off after the patient ended up in intensive care Sunday from an intravenous dose of a Vitamin B complex concocted in Ecuador, Queens prosecutors said. She faces up to seven years in prison for assault, reckless endangerment, practicing medicine without a license and other charges. - (The Bobster)

bulletMexican Archeologists Find Rare Child Sacrifice
MEXICO CITY -- Archeologists digging through an Aztec temple say they've found a rare child sacrifice to the war god, a deity normally honored with the hearts or skulls of adult warriors. - (Mexico)
bulletHate crimes against Latinos on rise
bulletT-shirt Makes Fun of Mexico - (The Bobster)
The Anti-Defamation League has asked Urban Outfitters to stop selling a T-shirt that reads, "New Mexico, Cleaner than Regular Mexico."

bulletMinnesota: White student populations decline 6 percent - (Svejk)
However Hispanics saw the greatest surge in enrollment, up 44 percent over the four-year period. The black student population increased 21 percent, the Asian student population grew 5 percent and the American Indian student population grew by 2 percent.
bulletMaryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. OKs $1.5M for pregnant immigrants - (Svejk)

Angel Rodriguez Batista Wanted For Murder Arrested Near Detroit - Also Accused In Prostitution Ring
Angel Rodriguez Batista Police said Angel Rodriguez Batista was using the name Marquez Hiraldo when he was arrested near Detroit. He is accused in the murder of Rodolfo Garcia Samano in May 2004. Officials said Batista will be charged with murder. He was also accused of operating a three-state prostitution ring in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. According to police, Batista used several aliases, including Carlos Antonio Rivera, Noel C. Velez, Noel Crus, Juan Ramon Rivera Diaz, Juan Ruiz and Claudio Camacho.
- (White Boy)

Jury Spares Life Of Man Convicted In Triple Murder of 3 White Students 'Execution Style'
Vernon SpenceTodd BensonhaverErik HlassAaron GrexaKayla HurstA jury on Saturday recommended that a man spend the rest of his life in prison for killing three young people execution-style two years ago in a drug robbery.Spence, 31, of Columbus, was convicted on Tuesday of multiple charges of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and kidnapping. Prosecutors said he killed the three in an apartment near the Ohio State University campus after he and two accomplices robbed them of five pounds of marijuana and $70 in cash. Spence's lawyer, Gerald Sunbury, said he was elated that the jury did not recommend the death penalty. "Spence had a troubled childhood and shouldn't be sentenced to death."
Vernon Spence, 30, killed three people during a robbery at an alleged drug house. Kayla Hurst, 21, Aaron Grexa, 23, and Erik Hlass, 22, were found shot in the back bedroom of a house on July 23, 2003. - (White Boy, Gman) - (black-on-white)

Arrest Made in Stone Mountain Park Killing * Woolf was on probation for child cruely
Mark Anthony WoolfAnita RedmonAuthorities have made an arrest in connection with the slaying last week of a Stone Mountain park attendant. A judge declined to set bond for Mark Anthony Woolf, 36, during an initial court appearance in connection with the killing of Anita Redmon. The 63-year-old woman was gunned down at 12:30 a.m. Saturday during an apparent robbery attempt, said John Bankhead, a spokesman for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Redmon's brother said "We want to get this over with so the family can have some closure." - (Tyrone N. Butts, Brewski ) - (crime) - (TNB) - (black-on-white)

Ex-convicts charged in cabbie's shooting death - fare ends with gunshots, laughter, quick arrests
Timothy DegerThe cousins were just 15 when they were sent to prison for robbing three people in 2001. Andre Woodcock and George Williams spent most of their teenage years behind bars, getting out two months ago. Police say they and Williams' sister, Mary Rosemond, needed a ride Tuesday night from a tough corner in Avondale. Their cell-phone call to Towne Taxi sent them Timothy Deger, a 42-year-old husband and father who'd been a cabdriver for four months. Although investigators think the three intended to rob Deger, they never took any money. They took his life, police say.- (sharpshooter, White Boy, Brewski) - (crime) - (black-on-white)

Education: School teacher Darryl Swygert raped two 9-year-old girls who were family friends
Darryl Swygert
Authorities are asking for help finding a school teacher accused of molesting two young girls. Polk County investigators believe 50-year-old Darryl Swygert molested two 9-year-old girls who were family friends. Swygert had sexual intercourse with the two girls. There is a warrant for his arrest charging him with two counts of sexual battery on victims under 12 years of age.Deputies believe Swygert, who teaches at Dundee Ridge Middle School in Dundee, may be trying to leave the country. A travel agent said Swygert looked into information about traveling to Thailand or South Africa. The agent says he became suspicious and contacted the sheriff's office. - - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

Mother accused of drowning, beheading girl found competent for trial
Samara Spann
A judge ruled yesterday that a woman accused of drowning and beheading her 6- year-old daughter is mentally competent to stand trial. Samara Spann, 30, pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder. According to court documents, Spann told investigators she drowned 6-year-old Kyeimah about seven months ago in a bathtub in their White Center home, decapitated the child with an ax, then dropped her remains from a bridge into a river. - (Svejk)

Neighbors React to Serial Rape Suspect Ron Young's Arrest * "Exclusive Video: Serial Rapist Suspect Arrest"
Ron YoungIt took police from two states to finally catch up to and arrest suspected serial rapist Ron Young, and they caught it all on tape. Police say raped half a dozen women in Georgia and South Carolina. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

Police Think Covington Could Be Linked To 6 Shootings
Juan Covington
Philadelphia police believe accused killer Juan Covington might be a deadly one-man crime wave. Covington has admitted to killing three people and now he is suspected in three more crimes. Covington has already been charged with killing X-ray technician Patricia McDermott on May 17 and his cousin, the Rev. Thomas Devlin, in 1998. Investigators said that ballistics prove that Covington, 43, used his own gun to shoot and kill 32-year-old Odies Bosket on March 7 at the Logan subway station. - (The Bobster) - (crime)

Nashville Teen May Be Tried As An Adult
Lavender Howse

Lavender Howse is accused of a shooting spree that took the life of a security guard on June 20th. Howse waived his right to a transfer hearing.  His case now goes to the Grand Jury, and in court on Friday, the judge told the 15 year-old it is highly likely he will end up being tried as an adult in Criminal Court. Among other things, police say Howse stole a pair of shoes at a Shoe Carnival store and shot and killed the security guard who asked him about it. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (crime) - (TNB)

Teen Rape Suspect Indicted by Grand Jury
Jeremy Quinn TOLEDO -- A Lucas County grand jury has indicted a man for kidnapping and raping a 16-year-old Sylvania Township girl. Jeremy Quinn is now facing six felony charges of rape, and one felony charge of kidnapping after police arrested him earlier in the week. Quinn is accused of taking a teen-age girl at knife-point from outside her house in the Deerpointe subdivision. Police and family continue to call the 16-year-old victim in this case a very brave kid. She testified before the grand jury and told them about what happened to her. Then later on, her father talked with News 11 by phone, calling for justice. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

Denver: Black serial rapist sought in serial sex assaults * Six rapes in the Denver area have been linked by DNA
Law enforcement officers from Denver, Aurora and Arapahoe County today revealed details of an investigation into a serial rape suspect, involved in at least six attacks since last November. The man is described as a black male in his thirties, with a muscular build. - (Brewski)

bulletBlack Activist's daughter arrested for racial hate crime assault on two White police officers!
while denouncing them with racial slurs. The commotion began when Holly Tucker, daughter of Barbara Fair, an organizer for People Against Injustice, apparently failed to pay her bus fare and then threatened the driver when told to get off the bus. Two officers called in to defuse the situation found an angry Tucker on the bus. Rather than responding to repeated requests to leave, Tucker, 22, began attacking the officers. Police then attempted to arrest Tucker when she became combative, kicking an officer in the leg and scratching an officer's arm during the struggle to resist arrest," Before getting off the bus, Tucker scolded the two officers and the bus driver, all of whom were white, with racial epithets. Tucker faces three counts of intimidation based on bigotry and bias - (another angry white)
bulletSouth Africa: US film-makers shot by robbers
In yet another attack in the Muldersdrift vicinity, west of Johannesburg, two American film-makers were wounded on Wednesday evening when they fell victim to three robbers. The men, only known as Eric and Chris, are from Los Angeles and were working in the area on a film production for the Videovision company. Both are lion experts and would have worked in South Africa until September to complete the project. The Americans had been in the country just 10 days when the attack took place. - (African Crusader) - (Africa)
bulletMOGADISHU: Clan Fighting in Somalia Kills 20
bulletPriest Gerard Jean-Juste Allied to Ex-Haiti President Jailed
bulletMiss. Probes 1964 Murders of 2 Black Men

bulletJudge Overrules Mother's Religion-Based Medical Wishes for Son
The boy's mother, Leslie Raymond, is a Jehovah's Witness - a religion that believes the Bible forbids transfusions.
She is Haitian
and does not speak English; she participated in the hearing by telephone, and assisted by Creole interpreters.

bullet"And these coons are proving  the KLAN and SKINHEADS  right...".language
bullet"It hardly sounds like a racist site.  We all know for a fact that race is often misrepresented or completely left out of news stories thanks to politically correct policies of the media.  That's even if the stories are reported.  The left doesn't want America to see the diversity training and multi-culturalism is a failure. " See: "The Clueless NAACP" - by Star Parker
"I am sad because black America has real problems, and the NAACP and its leaders either don't care about them or are so out of touch with reality that they are incapable of honestly seeing them. As result, the challenges facing blacks are far greater than they might otherwise be. "
"Racism does not cause an AIDS epidemic, family breakdown, 50 percent high-school dropout rates, widespread out-of-wedlock births or the destruction of millions of unborn black babies. "

University of Georgia Footballer Faces Sanctions for Alleged Test Cheating and manhandling female instructor
Tavares KearneyA University of Georgia instructor says the 6-foot-1, 210-pound linebacker Tavares Kearney twisted her wrist after she confiscated his camera cell phone because she suspected him of using the device to cheat on a nutrition exam. A battery charge instructor Dawn Penn filed against Kearney was dropped Wednesday, but the freshman player could still face school discipline for the incident. His football eligibility is uncertain pending the outcome of the university inquiry. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (more sports)

S.C. Department of Corrections officer arrested for attempting to buy drugs to bring into prison
Elroy White, JrElroy White, Jr., 37, of Columbia, was arrested Thursday in the parking lot of the Toys-R-Us on Two Notch Road. White is employed at the Broad River Correctional Institution in Richland County. Warrants accuse White of trying to buy marijuana and crack cocaine from an undercover SLED officer with the purpose of furnishing the drugs to an inmate. White has booked into the Richland County Detention Center. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

African offered to pay 20 head of beef cattle and 40 goats to the Clintons for their daughter Chelsea
Godwin Kipkemoi ChepkurgorChelsea ClintonGodwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor says he has some social business with Clinton that started in 2000, but of which the former American President has no clue. He seeks the former president’s only child’s hand in marriage. In 2000 when Chelsea, her father and mother, now Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, visited East Africa, Chepkurgor, then at Moi University, tried to make his intention clear. He wrote to Clinton, offering himself as a suitor for Chelsea. He offered to pay 20 head of beef cattle and 40 goats to the Clintons in accordance to African traditions. - (reader link) - (Africa)

Update: Ex-Navy recruiter will serve 12 years for homosexually molesting male recruits
Joseph SampyJoseph Sampy Jr got four years on each of three counts of sexual battery. One of the victims said Sampy told him to disrobe at a recruiting office in New Iberia, saying it was part of a physical examination, and touched him inappropriately. - (aryan_barbarian) - (reader link)

bulletOrlando: Sex Offender Steven Knowles Caught Exposing Self At YMCA Pool - (Svejk)
bulletJournalist Sues Iowa Archdiocese for Abuse
DALLAS -- An NBC News correspondent has accused the Catholic archdiocese in Iowa of covering up sexual abuse he suffered while an altar boy.Jim Cummins said he was abused by three priests in 1962, when he was 17, while an altar boy in Cedar Rapids, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Iowa.
bulletOre. Catholics Defendants in Abuse Suit
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A federal bankruptcy judge on Friday joined together an estimated 389,000 Roman Catholic parishioners in western Oregon as defendants in a massive lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by priests. More than 240 abuse claims are pending against the Archdiocese of Portland, seeking at least $400 million in damages. More than 100 cases have been settled, while others are headed to mediation.
bulletLesbians say police ignored hate crime attack

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,774 - bring the boys and girls home to defend the homeland
bullet'Raging Grannies' want to enlist, go to Iraq
bulletU.S., Iraqi Forces Shoot at Syria Border Guards
even as they've tried to stop militants from infiltrating into Iraq.

bulletConvicted Spy Pollard Loses Appeal

bulletJudge Rejects American Indian's Appeal
FARGO, N.D. -- A judge has rejected an appeal by imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, who argued the U.S. government had no right to try him for crimes that occurred on a South Dakota reservation. - (Abo)

bulletHate crime reports at 10-year low
bulletOrangetown police investigate hate crime
a racial epithet was scratched onto an Orangeburg resident's 1996 Honda Civic
bulletRacial graffiti seen as hate crime
The resident’s vehicle was found with designs painted down the length of the driver’s side, the words "Go Away" along the length of the passenger side and the racial epithet -- the"N" word -- on the hood
bulletLocal man claims graffiti was hate crime
When Wanda Bowser looked at her truck, racial slurs and the letters KKK were written on the windows. In addition to that, a pair of swastikas were drawn on the windows. On the back tailgate, a Klansman was drawn next to a roughly-drawn burning cross. One of the vandalized vehicles belonged to a Hispanic family, while the other belonged to a Caucasian family. Antione Bowser, an African-American, said it was his wife Wanda, a Caucasian woman, who actually discovered the graffiti, as it was her truck.
bulletMan pleads guilty in cross burning
Collin Sargent, 19, faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for his role in burning a wooden cross at the Edmonds home of an Arab American family - (Svejk)
bulletNY: Police: Teen Spray-Painted Movie Theater With Racist Messages

bulletPossible 'hate crime' probe is under way - following the smashing of watermelons
Police Chief Richard Rosenthal said he suspects the actions were directed at the store since the owner, who does not work there, is Jewish. But he said he does not know how the young people would know this. - (Svejk)
bullet Man Charged in Hate Crime
A Burbank resident alleged of a 2003 bombing of an Arab-American family’s van was charged by federal agents July 11 with a hate crime for the same incident
bulletA recent car theft in Baldwin has evolved into a hate-crime report
The car was stolen in late June. When it was found by Baldwin police, it had been severely damaged, including "MLK" spray painted on the car numerous times. It is owned by a 19-year-old Baldwin man who is a minority. - (Svejk)
bulletHate crime law challenged -Fire chief Terrence J. Stapleton disputes charge leveled in confrontation with black fisherman
The charges stem from an encounter the two men, both of the Town of Merton, had on April 19 with Mark Bratton, who is African-American. - (hatecrimes) - (Svejk)
bullet'No real suspects' in cross burnings
The Ku Klux Klan is still being investigated as the possible culprit of three cross burnings that occurred in May, but Durham police said Thursday the act doesn't fit the Klan's profile. - (Tyrone N. Butts)
bulletSikh Sues for Hate Crime Attack
A lawsuit has been filed against 5 white males who were charged with assault after they beat a 55 year old Sikh taxi driver unconscious. The attack took place in Queens last year after Mr. Rajinder Singh Khalsa, a leader at his temple, was  taunted for wearing a “dirty curtain” on his head. - (Svejk)
bulletNazi salute leads to night in jail
An Illinois man has been charged with disorderly conduct for giving a Nazi salute during the court appearance of a man charged with a hate crime. Richard Mayers, 33, is being held on $20,000 bail in Lake County, Ill., after being charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, the Chicago Tribune reported. Mayers may also be charged with contempt of court.
As he was being led away, he directed a racial slur at a 12-year-old black girl on a tour at the court, an official told the Tribune. - (Brewski)
bulletSupremacist Admits Gutting Holocaust Videos
Richard Mayers, 33, was arrested July 12 and charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal damage to property in the July 5 destruction of Holocaust-themed holdings including Anne Frank Remembered and a documentary about the November 9–10, 1938, Nazi-led pogrom known as Kristallnacht. Several weeks earlier, Mayers announced at a city council meeting that he would be seeking a park permit for a White Aryan Supremacist Party rally, according to the July 14 Chicago Tribune.
bulletRef: Mayers is a one-time follower of imprisoned white supremacist Matthew Hale's defunct World Church of the Creator

bulletArmstrong poised for seventh Tour triumph

bulletNews from the Confederacy Future of Confederate White House Unknown
bulletSouthern Heritage Group, The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Faces Division

bulletSome miscellaneous links from NNN readers
bulletRussia: 15,000 Sign to Ban Jewish Organizations
Thousands of Russians are continuing their attack on the Shulchan Aruch, a centuries-old guide to Jewish law that has recently fueled rage among ultra-nationalists for its own alleged racism.
bulletCentral American Jews Lead Way as Countries Consider Trade Pact
Members of Central America’s small Jewish communities have played an uncommonly pivotal role in pushing for the approval of the United States-Central America Free Trade Agreement.
bulletThousands Peruvians protest FTA with US
bullet80,000 police mobilized to cope with protests in Lima against the proposed Free Trade Agreement

bulletChina Denounces U.S. Report on Military
The Pentagon report said Chinese military planners are looking at expanding beyond their immediate goal of dominating Taiwan. It said that in the long term, an increasingly modern Chinese military could pose a threat to U.S.
bulletChina Builds Military for Battles Beyond Taiwan, Pentagon Says
bullet"White House: China not considered a threat" - White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters.
bulletChinese space program rocketing ahead
Russian space experts are well aware of possible benefits from space partnership with China. China today is a strong space power and, judging by the amount it invests in space exploration, it may soon become an absolute leader in some respects.
bulletNASA to try shuttle launch ... again
bulletSinologists: Chinese language becomes more important globally * (Not related) Scientology: Getting in Touch With the Inner Thetan

bulletVietnamese immigrant Tuan Phuoc Le is facing possible deportation after being arrested
for allegedly punching a Vietnamese government official, who he says killed his father, during protests in Washington.

bulletUK: White man repeatedly kicked in the head in what they believe to be a racially-motivated attack by a gang of 'Asians'
- (another angry white) - Editor note: 'Asians' are what immigrants from Pakistan and environs are called in the UK.

bulletUK seeks Pakistani tied to Oregon case
James UjaamaPakistani national Haroon Rashid Aswat, a British-born citizen of Indian heritage, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case in which the U.S. government alleged the "jihad training camp" in Oregon was going to be built. The U.S. Justice Department in August 2002 charged a Seattle, Washington, man, James Ujaama, with material support for terrorism for allegedly proposing to establish the camp. Pakistan questions Briton on 'key role' in bombings - Haroon Rashid Aswat was carrying a belt packed with explosives, a British passport and a substantial amount of cash when he was seized.
bulletTerror Suspect Hilal Abdul-Razzaq Ali al-Jedda Makes Plea to British Court
Al-Jedda, 47, who has both British and Iraqi citizenship, was detained in Iraq by U.S. forces and handed over to British troops.
bulletBritain's Muslim leaders demanded a judicial inquiry into what motivated the four "homegrown" suicide bombers
bulletPope to Meet With Jews, Muslims in Germany
bulletDCF Drops Baby Neglect Case Against Woman visiting from India in Tampa
bulletCanada: Hate investigation on South African-born Younus Kathrada turned over to national security squad
A local Muslim teacher under investigation by a top-level national security squad for allegedly anti-Semitic remarks and promoting holy war said police have never talked to him. He lectures at the Dar al-Madinah Islamic Society's centre on Vancouver's east side.
bulletNew Zealand: Sender of Muslim hate mail convicted

bulletAuthorities Disrupt Counterfeit ID Ring
MexicanDENVER -- Federal authorities said Wednesday they had disrupted a far-flung ring that made counterfeit immigration and identification documents, and they hope to extradite the alleged leader from Mexico. An indictment accuses Pedro Castorena-Ibarra of Guadalajara, Mexico, of overseeing cells in more than a dozen cities across the country. - (Invasion!)
bulletPeople in Mexico are often reluctant to report kidnappings to police, out of fear that corrupt officers may be involved in the abductions or that authorities might kill the victim along with the kidnappers in any rescue effort. - (Mexico)
bulletPaul Christian Rentas-Rivera, 29, of Orlando, was charged with two counts of attempted murder
wounding his girlfriend who was driving and killing her 13-year-old niece,
bulletMichael Gomez charged with Ocean Park rape of 14-year-old girl - (White Boy)
bulletOmar Lezama-Dela Rosa arrested in connection with the assault and rape of a woman at a subway station - (The Bobster)
bulletMagdalena Lopez questioned in death of two of her children - (White Boy)
bulletAdopted boy from Guatamala murders his white adoptive mother when forced to speak only English - (Brewski)

bulletUnderfunded, undermanned Border Chief Reaches Out to Citizen Volunteers
LOS ANGELES -- The top U.S. border enforcement official said Wednesday that his agency is exploring ways to involve citizen volunteers in creating "something akin to a Border Patrol auxiliary" -- a significant shift after a high-profile civilian campaign this spring along the Arizona-Mexico border.
bulletBorder vehicle barrier allowed to go ahead at Yuma - The 'Great Wall' of Arizona
Construction crews are expected to begin building a reinforced concrete barrier along sections of the U.S.-Mexico border - (Rasp)
bulletMinuteMen Threatened by Brown Berets on CA/MEX Border - (kickdrum)
bulletDemocrats, GOP Try to Woo Latinos at La Raza Conference - (kickdrum)

bulletExhumation Mulled in another Civil Rights Case
grave robbersThe conviction last month of an ex-Ku Klux Klansman in the 1964 slayings of three civil rights workers in Mississippi may not be the end of the case. One victim's brother is weighing the possibility of exhuming his body to recover bullets that might show whether more shooters were involved -- and could still be alive to prosecute. Ben Chaney, the brother of James Chaney, said.
Five of the acquitted defendants are deceased.
bullet150,000 face starvation in Niger
bulletUganda -- A lawmaker is offering to pay university fees for girls who are virgins - (African Crusader)
bulletBlack Panther Foundation Seeks to Sell 'Burn Baby Burn' Hot Sauce - (Norcal)

bulletDonald Trump is considering a team of black contestants competing against a group of white participants - (Tyrone N. Butts)
bulletMurdered Man's Family Cries for Help
Police say the only description they have of the killer is a black man who was wearing blue jeans - (Rasp)
bulletAtlantic City: Sexual assault of a four-year-old girl at a playground by an African-American man 
A skinny balding black on a bike grabbed the girl and took her to a school playground on North Martin Luther King Blvd. - (Gman)
- Will Nancy Grace of CNN feature this story? - How about Greta Van Susteren of Fox News?

Necrophiliac black serial killer guilty of slaying 5 women by strangling during sex * Sentenced to death
Cory MorrisCory Morris sat so quietly during his murder trial that he was almost unnoticeable. The sisters of three of his victims somehow sat through the gruesome details of how he had systematically strangled five women during sex, then kept their decomposing corpses on the floor of his sordid camper truck parked behind his aunt's house in the Garfield neighborhood of downtown Phoenix. He then would defile the dead bodies again and again before tossing them into the alley like so much garbage. Julie Castillo's body was still on the floor of the camper when Morris was arrested, covered with maggots, her eyes and part of her face gone. Evidence showed that someone was still having sex with her corpse.  - (crime)
Other known victims were: Barbara Codman, Shanteria Davis, Jade Velazquez and Sherry Noah.
Ref: African-American Serial Killers *
Google: 'Black Serial Killers'

Sex offender (rapist) arrested for alleged rape claims he's "not guilty"
Rodney Fry A convicted sex offender accused of raping a woman at gunpoint says he didn't do it. Rodney Fry is charged in the aggravated rape of a woman inside her own home. Fry allegedly attacked this same victim earlier this month. And it's not the first time he's been charged with a sexual offense. Fry, then 22 years old, was sentenced in June, 2001 on charges of attempted rape. For whatever reason, the judge gave him six years supervised probation, and he had to register as a sex offender. Four years later, he's back in jail charged with numerous sex crimes, all of which he denied. - (White Boy) - (crime)

Freed inmate charged in rape, kidnap of teen
Jeremy Quinn, JrJust days after his release from a state prison, Jeremy Quinn, Jr., was charged with kidnapping a 16-year-old girl at knifepoint from the driveway of her home and raping her. Quinn, 22, was arraigned on one count of kidnapping and six counts of rape. The teenage girl had just gotten into her car outside her home about 4:15 p.m. to go to work when she was confronted by a man with a knife. The attacker forced the girl onto the floor of the passenger seat of the car, drove to an undisclosed secluded area nearby, and sexually assaulted the teenager. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (crime)

Woman Raped In Elyria Motel Room
Miguel UrenaPolice say a 28-year-old woman was held down by one man and raped by another in an Elyria motel room. One suspect has been arrested but his accomplice remains at large. Police arrested 29-year-old Miguel Urena, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and charged him with rape and abduction. Police said a second man held down the victim while Urena sexually assaulted her. Police say they were able to track Urena to the Red Roof Inn because he used his driver's license to book the room. - (Gman)

Education: Ex-Teacher Pleads Guilty to Having Sex with Minor
Robert Sutton A judge has sentenced 32-year-old Robert Sutton of Columbia to seven years in prison. The former Ridgeview High School teacher was arrested in July of 2004 after authorities say he had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female student from January to July of 2003. He was charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Richland County Sheriff's deputies say the girl told another Ridgeview High School teacher who then reported the relationship.
- (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

Black Brooklyn Rapist Sought
Brooklyn rapistPolice say a man in his mid-to-late 20s approached the 19-year-old victim early Sunday morning in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn. The suspect allegedly threatened the woman with a knife and then raped her. The woman describes her attacker as a black man, 5'7" tall, and about 200 pounds. He was wearing an all black baseball cap. Detectives in the 67th precinct are investigating. Police ask anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. - (JesseGibson) - (crime)

Three Charged With Murdering Cab Driver - Neighbor Says She Saw Trio Laughing As They Ran Away
Ohio -- Police have charged two 19-year-old men and a 23-year-old woman with aggravated murder in the fatal shooting of a cab driver in Covedale. The three are: � George R. Williams, 19. Williams fired the shots, according to the Sheriff's Office. . � Andre Woodcock, 19.. � Mary Rosemond, 23. Robbery was the motive, but nothing was taken, the sheriff's office said. - (sharpshooter, White Boy)

Entertainment: A judge deciding whether prosecutors have enough evidence to try rap artist Cassidy with murder
Cassidy, whose real name is Barry ReeseCassidy, whose real name is Barry Reese
, was charged with murder and related offenses in the April 15 shooting in the city's West Oak Lane neighborhood. Desmond Hawkins, 22, was killed and his friends Bobby Hoyle and Daniel Irvin were wounded. Cassidy's debut CD, "Split Personality," peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard album chart. - (The Bobster)

bulletDay care director, son of the church's pastor, charged with molestation
Fla. -- The former director of a church-run day care center has been charged with molesting 10 children, some of them during what investigators say was a twisted game of "Truth or Dare." Joshua Palin, the 25-year-old son of the church's pastor, was originally charged in June with molesting two girls, 12 and 13. The new charges were added after authorities interviewed children who had attended two Kid's Palace day care centers near Jacksonville. Palin used games of "Truth or Dare" to "dare" children ages 5 to 14 to fondle him or each other or to perform oral sex on each other.
bulletAccused Molester Was Former Teacher
A man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in a resort hotel elevator this week is a former middle school teacher who has faced groping allegations in the past. Carl Moore, 36, had worked at an Osceola County middle school before losing his license for failing to report within 48 hours a 2002 arrest for allegedly groping a 17-year-old girl at a hotel pool, according to documents from the Florida Department of Education.
bulletCanada legalizes gay marriage

Father Who Molested Infant Daughter Takes Own Life
Benjamin Nephi Wright had called himself a monster when he confessed to his wife that he had attempted intercourse with their 22-month-old daughter last September.


Jeffery Johnston Allegedly Headed To Mexico For Sex With Children

bulletUS charges Renton firm, 6 others in porn spam case - (Rasp)

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,770 - bring the boys and girls home to defend the homeland
bullet3 British Troops Face Iraq Abuse Charges
bulletDefense: CIA Operative Shouldn't Be Tried in Civilian Court for Afghan Beating Death
bulletU.S. Soldiers in Iraq Report Low Morale

bulletBritish National Party chief Nick Griffin facing race hate charges
Nick GriffinNick Griffin
, 45, was due to be joined in the dock at Leeds Crown Court by the party's founder, John Tyndall, but the 71-year-old was found dead at his Brighton home on Tuesday.Both men were charged following a West Yorkshire Police investigation into a BBC documentary on the BNP. Another activist, Mark Collett, is also due in court for the plea and directions hearing charged with similar offences. - (UK)
bulletNorthern Ireland:: "Hate crime statistics just 'tip of the iceberg"

bulletFDA Warns About Rare Infection Risk With Abortion Pill
bulletBrain-dead woman's fetus hits milestone

bulletGermany Remembers Hitler Coup Plotters * 1944: Hitler survives assassination attempt - (Madkins)
bullet Italy Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrants for U.S. CIA agents
accusing them of helping plan the "Mossad-style" kidnapping of an Egyptian radical Muslim cleric.
bulletFTC Unveils New E-mail Address for Deceptive Spam: [email protected]
bullet"The Coming Attacks On America" - (Aryan Barbarian)

bullet'White Peoples Party' forms in Nevada
CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - A new political group, called The White Peoples Party, whose goal is to eliminate affirmative action and other government programs that help minorities, is trying to form in Nevada. - (Tyrone N Butts)