bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported to date - 1,744
bulletBush slammed for Iraq link to 9/11
bulletAfghan Rebels May Have Downed Copter

bullet11 million strong Mexican invasion force occupying U.S. will now be able to vote in Mexican elections
Fox says he'll sign bill allowing those outside the country to cast ballots by mail.

At least 11 million Mexicans are thought to be living outside the country — almost all in the United States - (Invasion!)
bulletNorcal: Patrick Daniel Jimenez, 25, is accused of raping a girl, who was 14

bulletN.Y. Terror Case Defendants Tarik Shah and Dr. Rafiq Abdus Sabir Deny Charges
bulletDutch authorities have ordered the release of a 22-year-old Chechen man
arrested two months ago in relation to the killing of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.
bulletCalifornia Mosque Fires Islamic Leader - (reader link)
LODI, Calif. -- A mosque has fired Shabbir Ahmed accused of speaking out against the United States and supporting Osama bin Laden

bulletCanada approves sodomite gay marriage - (Gman)
bulletApostate United Church of Christ Leader Endorses Gay Marriage
bulletJeremy Daniel Cockerham accused of impregnating 10-year-old, charged with child rape

bulletU.S. Senate Panel Backs Central American Trade Pact, Clearing Way for Vote
bulletRightist Jews, Palestinians clash in Gaza * Gaza settler chaos strikes Israel
bulletPope Meets Orthodox Officials, Urges Unity

Pomona rape suspect's trial begins - Prosecution says suspect's DNA matches evidence
James Winslow DixonChristina BurmeisterThe mother of slain Cerritos resident Christina Burmeister took the stand in Pomona Superior Court Tuesday, recalling the last moments she saw her daughter alive.
It was the first day of testimony in the preliminary hearing for James Winslow Dixon, the man accused of kidnapping and murdering the Cal Poly Pomona student. Rosie Burmeister, the first of several people to testify, said her 20-year-old daughter asked for permission to leave their Cerritos home to go to a get-together at a Pomona fraternity house. - (forum) - (Black on White)

Newport News Police Issue Warrant for Roanoke Police Chief
Joe GaskinsRoanoke Police Chief Joe Gaskins' estranged wife has sworn out a warrant accusing him of simple assault, Newport News officials said Tuesday. V.W. Gaskins obtained the warrant Tuesday, a day after officers responded to a call about a verbal confrontation that had become physical. Neither Joe Gaskins nor his wife wanted to press charges Monday, Thurston said, but V.W. Gaskins apparently changed her mind. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

bulletBlack Soldiers, Sheriff's Deputy Clash in Fla
Some Army reservists say they were "disrespected" by a sheriff's deputy who made racially derogatory remarks during a confrontation in a national forest. The incident in the Apalachicola National Forest ended with three of the 12 soldiers getting $50 tickets. The soldiers, most of whom are black and all but one of whom was in uniform, immediately filed a complaint. The interaction between the soldiers, the sheriff's deputy and the Forest Service officer began when the soldiers drove by a drop box for a $3 entrance fee. The soldiers "blew" through a stop sign as they entered the recreation area and "immediately became argumentative, combative and rude".
bulletCanada Court Clears Way for Deportation of former Rwandan government adviser helped incite the 1994 genocide
bulletBelgium -- Two Rwandan businessmen were found guilty of war crimes
bulletRussia to write-off bad debt of African nations

bulletChina's new bishop may mend ties with Rome
bulletFormer nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee espionage case contempt findings against four journalists upheld
Wen Ho Lee

Ref: Google search for "Wen Ho Lee" + espionage

bulletNetherlands: Immigrants Feel Pressure From Aruba Case
In an effort to curb crime and unemployment, the Dutch government has proposed deporting young people from the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba who neither have jobs nor are in school. Young immigrants would have three months to find a job, enroll in studies or return home.
bulletMasked black man wanted for armed robbery of Quick Change in Valdosta - (reader link)

bulletFilipino Who Killed U.S. Colonel Freed
Donato Continente, 43, denied any role in the April 21, 1989, communist guerrilla ambush on Col. James Nicolas Rowe, whose car was raked with bullets near his office in the Manila suburb of Quezon City, killing him and wounding his driver.

bulletLULAC President Returns to Migrant Origins
Hector Flores was an 11-year-old migrant worker picking watermelons. Flores received a call from the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
bulletStudy Finds Gap in Hispanic Growth, Voters

bulletOuted Spokane Mayor James E. West Appeals Ruling on Recall
bulletSuspect Indicted For Brutal Brooklyn Anit-Gay Hate Crime - The young victim was beaten into a coma. Police say the attack occurred after Prince allegedly made sexual, flirtatious comments to Pomie, who was wearing his girlfriend's pink tank top while walking down the street.

bulletIllinois governor signs hate crime bills
bulletBakersfield: Man arrested in hate crime connection - The beating left 49-year-old Jesus Lopez Sr. in a coma.
bulletFdL man who allegedly pointed gun charged with hate crime - accused of making several racist statements
bulletHate Crime in Delaware? - Dried up and brown grass forming the letters KKK showed up
bulletCanada: Hate crime investigated - two people - one a "visible minority" - were walking when they were approached by a male and female who made racial slurs against the one victim. - (Canada, hatecrimes)
bullet Winnetka, Green Bay men accused of hate-crime attack
Patrick Langballe, a Winnetka man with ties to white supremacist Matt Hale has been charged with attacking two teenagers after they told him they were lesbians, prosecutors said.

bulletAir Force Names Rabbi to Bias Post
bulletTop court to decide anti-abortion group lawsuit
The U.S. Supreme Court announced it would consider for the third time a 19-year-old federal racketeering lawsuit that says two anti-abortion groups engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to shut down health clinics
bulletResidents Angry at Commandments Ruling

Police Seek Negro "Person of Interest" In White Professor's Beating Death
"person of interest"Peter D'AgostinoCHICAGO -- Oak Park Police released a composite sketch of a man being sought for questioning in the death of a University of Illinois professor. The man, who is not considered a suspect, might have been in the area when Peter D'Agostino, 42, was attacked, an Oak Park Police news release said. The man was described as black, in his mid 20s to mid 30s, 5 feet 10 to 6 feet tall, with a medium complexion and a thin build. He was last seen wearing a white baseball cap or do-rag, white T-shirt and white nylon running pants with a black stripe on the leg. - (Gman)

Cold-blooded black terrorist killer captured in El Cajon - prepared for black race war against white people
Malaika Griffin Jason Horsley
June 6, 2005 - One of the FBI's most wanted fugitives was captured in El Cajon after she was profiled on "America's Most Wanted". Authorities arrested 34-year-old Malaika Griffin in connection with the 1999 killing of her neighbor in Colorado. In 1999, Griffin was renting a room in a house next door to 25-year-old Jason Horsley. Griffin came out and started yelling at him then came out with a 9 mm gun equipped with a laser sight and fired one shot into Horsley's back at point-blank range, piercing his heart and killing him instantly. She then carjacked a friend's car, which was later found abandoned in Iowa. Denver authorities found a cache of weapons inside Griffin's room, including an assault rifle and grenades, according to "America's Most Wanted." They also found terrorist literature about a coming race war and journals in Griffin's handwriting about killing white people. - (Alex) - (black on white)

14-year-old girl raped and murdered - stepfather to be charged
Roger Lamont SuttonThe body of a 14-year-girl was found by Wayne County lawmen early today and her stepfather is expected to be charged with her rape and murder. Jonneka Nikki Spencer was found in a wooded area off Church of God Road before dawn by detectives with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. Roger Lamont Sutton, 32, was taken into custody and was expected to be charged. Sutton was out on bail after being charged with stabbing two people in April, officials said. - (Brewski) - (crime)

Shedrick Adrian Young, a gym and health teacher arrested on sex assault charges involving a 17-year-old student during gym
Shedrick Adrian YoungPolice arrested 33-year-old Shedrick Adrian Young, a gym and health teacher at the Chelsea School in Silver Spring, on sex assault charges involving a 17-year-old student during gym class. Young is accused of inappropriately touching the student in March as well as watching her change clothes in the locker room through the blinds in his office. Further investigation alleged that he also pulled down the victim's clothing, revealing her undergarments. Young, who was released on $25,000 bond, was charged with child abuse, fourth-degree sex offense and second-degree assault.
- (Svejk)

Mother of five beaten to death with metal pipe by father of youngest
Joannes Pierre
FORT LAUDERDALE � Five children are motherless, and the father of the youngest is charged with murder after police said he beat the mother to death with a metal pipe. The sounds of yelling startled residents of a triplex apartment in Fort Lauderdale around 6:15 a.m. Outside their homes, Joannes Pierre, 39, beat Camille Wilson with a pipe, according to police. Pierre fled before police arrived, but they arrested him three blocks away on a charge of first-degree murder. Pierre was the father of their 8-month-old daughter, Angel. - (reader link)

55-year-old black man in police custody for murder of 27-year-old white woman with whom he fathered a child
Walter Fudge Tina Campbell
Police discovered 27-year-old Tina Campbell's body Saturday night, after concerned neighbors who hadn't seen her in a while called police to check up on her. Police say she had a "domestic relationship" with the suspect. The suspect is 55-year-old Walter Fudge of Madison. Campbell died of multiple gun shot wounds. Campbell was a devoted mother who loved her son, Marcus Fudge, fathered by the suspect Walter Fudge. Tina Campbell was involved in the SEIU's Justice for Janitors campaign. "She played a central role in drawing out other janitors". - (reader link) - (B/W)

Man Accused Of Setting Girlfriend On Fire Back In Wisconsin
Tommy WellsThe man accused of burning his girlfriend to death has been returned to Milwaukee. Tommy Wells is accused of setting Helen Clark-Finch on fire last month, during a fight. She died a few days later. Wells was arrested two weeks ago in Arizona, and brought back to Wisconsin. Bond was set at $100,000. - (forum) - (Burned Alive!)

bulletBeijing devoted to weakening 'enemy' U.S., defector says
bulletBeijing 2008 Games: One World, One Dream
bulletJapan's Emperor Visits WWII Battlesite - tiny U.S. territory, the Northern Mariana Islands, to pray for thousands of combat dead

Manhunt for Mexican migrant child killer Cornelio Rivera Zamites continues
Cornelio Rivera ZamitesCornelio Rivera Zamites is charged with the kidnapping, molestation and murder of 4-year-old Esmerelda Nava. Esmerelda, who accompanied her parents in visiting Zamites Saturday night, disappeared early Sunday morning. Her body was found seven hours later in woods near Zamite's trailer. Authorities spent Sunday searching for the 24-year-old roofing man from Vera Cruz, Mexico. Near Esmerelda's pink and white Reebok sneaker was a red bandanna that a neighbor, Manuel Arellano, said is often worn by Zamites. - (reader link) - (forum) - (Invasion!)

bulletWritten language of the Maya shocks scientists with its brutality
Scientists found out that the Maya used severed human heads as soccer balls to play games with
- (Mexico)
bulletSix people killed at Yuma home - Police looking for a Hispanic man seen running from the scene
bulletMexico: The Civil War Next Door - As illegal aliens continue pouring in massive numbers across the U.S.-Mexican border,
the region on the Mexican side of the frontier has turned into a war zone - (Svejk) - (Mexico)

bulletUK: Ethnic minorities 'will be targeted by ID cards'
The Muslim Council of Britain will issue a statement expressing concern about the legislation today while the Commission for Racial Equality warned that the scheme could have an "adverse impact on different racial groups".
bulletRussia Raid Hints at New Ethnic Conflict
Masked Chechen soldiers apparently avenging the killing of a woodcutter raided a tiny village, beat and killed residents and set homes afire in an onslaught threatening to touch off new ethnic conflict in the region. The raid pitted ethnic Chechens against ethnic Avars.
bulletNew Zealand: Maori Party confident of clean sweep

bulletEricsson to reportedly lay off 130, move jobs to China
bulletWachovia to move some US technology jobs to India
bulletLear to cut 7,700 jobs, move some operations overseas
bulletAlcoa Cutting 6,500 Jobs
bulletFord mum on which plants will lose jobs - 1,700 salaried jobs in North America
bulletTRW plant in Cookeville to close, costing 390 jobs
bulletTennessee Air Bag Plant to Close, Costing 390 Jobs
bulletInterstate Bakeries Cutting 350 Jobs
bulletTeamsters Mobilize Against CAFTA in Fight to Protect U.S. Jobs
bulletNNN American Worker Betrayed
American unemployed

Black Girl, 12, Arrested After Chase - ramming police cars and attempted murder of Police officer
De'Kyra BushA Polk County sheriff's deputy fired several shots into a car driven by a joy-riding De'Kyra Bush, a 12-year-old girl, whose 6-year-old brother had tagged along for the ride. Two sheriff's vehicles were also damaged when the 12-year-old driver rammed themas she sped away from an intersection, deputies said. The deputy shot at the car when the Cavalier driver sped at him, sheriff's Chief Rick Sloan said. Sheriff's officials said the deputy fired "several" shots that struck the car. Sharon Bush, her mother, stood outside her apartment shaking her head. De'Kyra will be charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder, two counts of aggravated battery against a law enforcement officer, two counts of felony criminal mischief, and one count each of auto theft, felony fleeing to elude a police officer and driving without a valid license. - (Brewski) - (crime)

bulletRacist Flyer Implies Problems At Summerfest
It used racist language to state that blacks aren't welcome at the festival and implies there would be violence. - (Tyrone N. Butts)
bulletRef: In past years at the Summerfest - whites were targeted by rampaging racist black 'youths'
bulletStudent Shot During Robbery by gang of 'African-americans' - (Svejk)
bulletBlack Market Alcohol Poisoning Kills 49 in Kenya - (Gman)
bulletTeachers union vigorously defending white social studies teacher who required his 8th-grade students to write 'nigger'
- (Tyrone N. Butts)
bulletThe vindictive Nigerian military despot who stole billions
The prize for greed in Nigeria's festival of corruption probably goes to Gen Sani Abacha, the late military dictator, who personally stole between �1 billion and �3 billion. The British-educated despot made off with these huge sums despite holding power for only five years. Abacha's rule came to an abrupt end when he suffered a fatal heart attack while cavorting with three Indian prostitutes in 1998. - (Mogly)

Prosecutors Say Judge Green 'Sold His Office'
Alan GreenNEW ORLEANS -- Two very different portraits were painted of State District Judge Alan Green Tuesday in the first day of his trial for racketeering, mail fraud and mail fraud conspiracy. Assistant U.S. Attorney Mike Magner told the jury that Green "sold his office" to a bottom-feeding bail bondsman so he could afford luxuries such as a Lexus automobile and Toyota Sequoia sport utility vehicle. Magner said Green even took money meant for his niece's political campaign. - (White Boy)

Sports: NBA player Chris Wilcox arrested in Maryland on handgun charge
Chris WilcoxThe officer found a .357-caliber revolver and a spent casing. Live ammunition and two spent shell casings also were in the car, police added. - (Svejk) - (more sports)
Ref: Chris Wilcox Bio and Notes

Sports: Former Packer Accused Of Ransacking Woman's Apartment - Pissed on personal photos
Torrance Marshall Police in two states are looking for a former Green Bay Packers player. Pittsburgh police said 28-year-old Torrance Marshall ransacked his ex-girlfriend's apartment after the two had a falling out. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant and believe he is in Wisconsin. When officers arrived they said they found the woman's apartment destroyed, her clothes soaked in bleach, her and her children's mattresses sliced and photos urinated on. Marshall's former girlfriend told police she's convinced it was Marshall. She said he left his Packers helmet with No. 51 on her television. - (forum) - (more sports)

bullet Man Arrested in Protest at L.A. Cathedral
during a service to protest the church's handling of allegedly abusive priests.
bulletCanada: Same-sex marriage bill on its way to adoption, despite Tory rear-guard action
bulletJudge rules against worker who had sex change
Tracy Nichole Sturchio, formerly known as Ronald Sturchio, sued the Department of Homeland Security, alleging a hostile workplace, retaliation and sexual discrimination.

bulletRussia Examines Jewish Religious Texts to see if they provoke religious hatred
Prosecutors have launched an investigation into whether a Russian translation of an ancient Jewish religious text incites national and religious hatred, a move condemned by many Jewish organizations as anti-Semitic.
bulletIsraeli military court convicts soldier Taysir Wahid in killing of pro-Palestinian British activist Tom Hurndall - (Svejk)
bullet Israel Apologizes to New Zealand for Fraud
Israel's apology for two of its citizens who illegally obtained New Zealand passports is proof the pair were secret agents, Prime Minister Helen Clark said Monday, a day after the two nations restored full diplomatic relations.
bulletAussie detained in Kenya over cult abduction
A 42-year-old Australian member of internet cult Jesus Christians has been detained in Kenya over the alleged abduction of a young single mother who visited his cult for a trial stay.
bulletHigh court bars display of Ten Commandments at courthouses
bulletBear Kills Couple at Campsite in Alaska
bulletIndian Tribe Sues to Regain Land in Ohio - (Abo)

I Am Proud To Be White - from an NNN reader