bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported to date - 1,745
bulletArlington National Cemetery Undergoes First Expansion in a Decade, Adding 26,000 Graves
Arlington National Cemetery
bulletU.S.: Special ops commando rescued in Afghanistan
bulletPutin Urges World Cooperation on Iraq
bulletAnother Small plane enters Capitol airspace * Small Plane Violates Camp David Airspace
bulletSenate's Hagel Says to `Stay the Course' in Iraq Isn't a Viable Policy
bullet Reports of Iraqi Police Abuse Concern UK
Allegations of abuse cited by the Observer included burning, strangulation, sexual abuse, hanging by the arms, the breaking of limbs and, in one case, the use of an electric drill on a prisoner's knee cap.
bulletIran: U.S., Israel Waging Smear Campaign * USA to unleash war on Iran?

bulletBuddhism Spreads Down Under as Asians Change Australia

bulletU.S. Policy Lets Illegal Immigrants Go
HARLINGEN, Texas -- Several times a day, a chain-link gate rolls open and dozens of illegal immigrants stroll out of the U.S. Border Patrol station here, blinking into the hot Texas sun as they look for taxis to the bus station and a ticket out of town. Each holds a piece of paper that Spanish-speakers call a "permiso" -- permission, courtesy of the U.S. government, to roam freely anywhere in the country.
Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, more than 118,000 undocumented migrants who were caught after sneaking over the nation's borders have walked right out of custody with a permiso in hand.

They were from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil. But also Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines, Yemen -- among 35 countries of "special interest" because of alleged sponsorship or support of terrorism. These are the so-called OTM, or "Other Than Mexican," migrants too far from their homelands to be shipped right back. More than 70,000 have hit U.S. streets just since this past October. Over the years, thousands have failed to show up -- disappearing, instead, among the estimated 10 million undocumented migrants now living in America. - (Invasion!)

bulletFear replaces fun on Greek holiday island after rape of British women
Another British woman claimed that she had been raped by an Albanian man after going to his apartment. '' Aware that tourism is the island's lifeblood, police are trying to play down the seriousness of the reported rapes. They admit that they have had problems among the island's 10,000 Albanian immigrants, some of whom see tourists as easy and rich pickings. - (UK)
bulletReport: Egyptian Imam Was a CIA Informant
CHICAGO -- Moustafa Hassan Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, a radical Egyptian cleric allegedly kidnapped from Italy by the CIA once provided the American spy agency with valuable information about Islamic militants in Albania, according to a published report.

bulletJose Mercado-Jordan charged with rape and sodomy of an 8-year-old girl
Citizenship status of suspect not reported
bulletMario Martinez raped a 9-year-old girl in Hamilton, Ohio
Citizenship status of suspect not reported
bulletAdrian Ozores raped a 12-year-old girl
Citizenship status of suspect not reported
bulletPatrick Daniel Jimenez raped a 14-year-old girl
Citizenship status of suspect not reported
bulletAdrian Ruiz Quintana arrested for rape of 14-year-old girl
Citizenship status of suspect not reported
bulletIllegal allien Jose Ramos charged with raping a 16-year-old girl
"I knew Jose did not speak

much English, so I kept telling him, 'No, no,'" read a statement from the alleged victim. "Jose said to me, 'No miedo,' which I believe means 'no fear' in Spanish. Jose also said in English, 'No fear.' Every time I said, 'No,' he said, 'No fear.' " According to police, the victim had visible marks on her neck and breasts, where she claimed she had been bitten by Ramos.

bulletLuis Garcia Villalbazo charged with rape and kidnapping of three young girls in Mexican border city of Juarez

bulletBirths to Immigrants at All-Time High; New Study Finds Large Share of Births Are to Illegal Aliens

bulletVDARE: Criminal Alien Nation - by Edwin S. Rubenstein

bulletIf you are in favor of open borders and illegal immigration... - by Paul Revere Crawford - (Invasion!)

Two women claim that Martin tortured them with pieces of wire and raped them
Anthony MartinAnthony Martin is accused of kidnapping a teen and a woman, raping them and then using one of them as a lookout while he sold drugs in Boston. One of the alleged victims, who is 16, was reportedly raped in January 2005 at the hotel, while a second victim in her early 40s allegedly suffered the same fate in the same room. Martin is accused of luring the 16-year-old in Chinatown into his vehicle on Jan. 16 and bringing her to the Motel on Rte. 9.where he repeatedly raped the teen, and threatened her with a knife and a razor. - (crime) - (forum)

Police Arrest 20-Year-Old In Rape Going Back To 2002
 Fabion Whyte
They say Fabion Whyte, 20, tried to run when he saw police, but was eventually arrested outside a store last night in Bensonhurst.
A family member screamed at the media as Whyte was taken away in handcuffs. Police say they pursued Whyte, who has a New Jersey address, after discovering his DNA matched with a 2002 Brooklyn rape case and a 2004 shooting. Whyte is charged with rape and sodomy. - (crime)

bulletHatecrimes: Black arrested for 'random' acts of unprovoked racist attacks on White males
A 25-year-old black man has been arrested in connection with unprovoked random attacks on pedestrians walking near San Diego City Hall over recent months, police said. The arrest came after witnesses saw a man board a bus following an attack of a (white) Navy enlisted man who was pushed to the ground from behind and repeatedly kicked about the head about 3:15 p.m., Hastings said. The victim remains hospitalized and has undergone reconstructive surgery. There have been five other attacks since April 5 in the same area. Two other victims also were hospitalized.
All of the attacks happened in the midafternoon on crowded sidewalks. . The victims were surprised from behind, pushed to the sidewalk and kicked. Few words were spoken by the attacker beforehand. All victims have been white males. The suspect is black. "We are investigating this as a hate crime." - (Brewski) - (black on white) - (hatecrimes)

bulletBrooklyn: Police Say Mugging Of Asian Woman Is Possible Hate Crime by a group of blacks and Hispanics
An Asian woman was knocked to the ground, robbed and beaten in Brooklyn on Friday night in what police were investigating as a possible bias attack by a group of blacks and Hispanics, police said. The 22-year-old woman was walking in the Sheepshead Bay section at 11:05 p.m. when her attackers allegedly pushed her to the ground while making anti-Asian remarks, police said. No arrests have been made.

bulletIllegal African migrant Chiekh Ndoye from Senegal caught with counterfeit goods to stand trial
Police found 95 Louis Vuitton items, 120 Oakley sunglasses, 111 Mitchell and Ness NBA game shirts and 155 rap music compact discs, all counterfeit. The estimated value of the items is $100,000.
bulletTrinidad -- A 14-year-old American girl was stabbed and killed in a quiet seaside village on the island of Tobago
Kitty Nichole Pete was killed late Friday night in the apartment she had been sharing with her mother. Police were searching for a 22-year-old local man whom the landlord saw leaving the apartment with a knife. The landlord told police he went to the apartment after hearing screams and found Pete's body on the floor. She had been stabbed in the eye and stomach. Police said they believe the girl had been dating the 22-year-old.
bulletMethodist bishops from southern Africa have warned that a potential genocide could take place in Zimbabwe.
bulletHundreds of Congo soldiers rampage - (Africa)

bulletNew York: The two black men pointed out the Lindenwood address where they had attempted to steal a Chrysler

bulletTyrone in the news!
bulletMississippi: Tyrone Antoine Hartsfield is charged with kidnapping, three counts of sexual battery and two counts of rape
bulletOak Forest police say DNA evidence connected Tyrone Everhart, 28, to a May 7 sexual assault in the city
bulletTexas: Tyrone Dwayne Blueford, a black male, approximately 31 years of age wanted for probation violation
bulletVirginia: Antwaine Tyrone Pittman, 20, was charged with breaking and entering, maiming, two counts of using a firearm

bulletHomo-faggot Sex Offender Dies In Custody
A convicted Level 1 sex offender who was arrested and accused of preying on young boys died at the Snohomish County Jail Saturday morning. Police Officers arrested David Herget, 62, Friday for Child Rape, Child Molestation, and Child Exploitation. Herget was arrested after two young boys he met at the Church of Latter Day Saints came forward and accused him of touching them inappropriately.
bulletCanada: Vatican to be named in new suits alleging sex abuse by clergy in Cornwall
Andrien St. Louis claims he was abused by a Roman Catholic bishop and priest. Retired bishop Eugene LaRocque, who lives in Windsor, Ont., and a deceased priest, Donald Scott, are named in the suit. - (Canada)
bulletWeb of a suspected perv - Internet, boat used to lure boys
Ronald Rivera - the self-proclaimed captain of a two-person boat called Bandit: The Ultimate Predator - has spent at least four years recruiting young boys to be part of his boat crew, sources and police said. - (The Bobster)

bulletJoseph Edward Duncan III , registered sex offender accused of kidnapping an 8-year-old girl
Duncan had been charged with molesting a 6-year-old boy at a middle-school playground in Minnesota. He was released on bail
The girl's 9-year-old brother, Dylan, has been missing since May 16. Authorities had information that he is dead.- (The Bobster)

bulletVermont: Numbers of Civil Unions Declining

bulletFrench Woman Genevieve Beney Ordains Herself a Priest
bulletNOW Leader Focuses on O'Connor Replacement
bulletTopless Woman Arrested While Protesting Nudity Law in Daytona

bulletBlasts Rock Kosovo Capital, Hit U.N. HQ
bulletIs Slobodan Miloševic being accused of 'ethnic cleansing' of Albanian Muslims to justify US/NATO cleansing of Serbs from Serbia?
bulletPrison Changes Milosevic, but Not His Version of Events - NY Times
Serbs were not responsible for the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, he contends, but were forced to defend themselves from aggression.

Albany Police Investigating Attempted Abduction of 14-year old girl by black man
black murder suspectPolice in Albany are on the lookout after a middle schooler was attacked with a knife while walking to school. Police said the 14-year old girl was attacked on her way to Hackett Middle School around 8:30 am. The young girl was apparently attacked by a man with a butcher knife. Her attacker is being described as a black male in his 20's. Police say the is suffering from "defensive wounds" on her arms and hands, and ran to her neighbors house who then called 911. Police are looking for a connection between this crime and the murder of 14 year-old Gretchen Perham. Perham was found murdered May 13th in a wooded area off Mount Hope Drive. She was stabbed 18 times in the chest. Perham was also a student at Hackett Middle School. She took a similar route to school by way of Myrtle Avenue. No arrests have been made in that case. - (from an NNN reader - one we missed last month) - Perham murderer still on the loose

The Emmett Till Highway
Emmett Till's father, Louis, was executed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower during World War II, for raping and killing white women. Like father, like son, Emmett started on the same perilous path, but met up with vigilante-justice in Mississippi in 1955, for whistling at a Carolyn Bryant, a white woman. After so-called civil-rights bills, Negro-gerrymandered districts, affirmative-action, voting-rights bills, invasion of Mississippi by John F. Kennedy, Negro-demands and Communist-propaganda, a small stretch of highway in a predominately-Negro area was named for Till. - (Crosstarlist) - (Commentary)

European Americans have long been arguing that many non-white assaults, robberies, etc. on white citizens are a form of Lynching that has been totally disregarded by the news media, government agencies as a grave social problem facing ALL Americans. Now, a reporter, Wendy Koch of USA Today accurately labels those attacks as Lynching. It's time to stop.

Lou Calabro President, European American Issues Forum
"Lynching refers broadly to any killings by a mob acting outside the law, not just racially motivated hangings.
Often the victims were beaten and humiliated before they were shot or hanged . " From USA Today article by Wendy Koch

bulletUS cracks open Korean sex smuggling ring in California
They arrested more than 50 people and seized millions of dollars. Around 150 women, have been taken into protective custody as agents try to establish how they were brought into the country and how they were treated. - (Norcal) - (Invasion!)
bulletBEIJING -- Thousands of students rioted on a campus in southern China
bulletWhen China Owns Our Utilities - (Svejk)
bulletUnocal purchase poses no U.S. risk, Chinese CEO says - "Well, thats nice to know. Now I feel much safer". - (Svejk)
bulletChina bans imports of cow, beef from US
bulletUS senators drop China tariffs bill

bulletGerman 9/11 Suspect Said Bahaji Says He Won't Return for fear of being handed over to U.S. authorities
bulletIslamic militants promise attacks in Moscow - Blast killed 10 in Dagestan
bulletAll Russian men between the ages of 18 and 27 are required to serve two years in the armed forces
bulletKurdish Rebels Derail 2 Trains in Turkey
bulletNew Zealand: 'Maori police' impersonators alarming - police - (Abo)


Mexico backs stamps amid race row
Mexico has defended the release of a set of stamps showing a popular black cartoon character - (Tyrone N. Butts)

bulletIn Mexico, Stamps Become Symbol of Resentment Against United States
bulletMexican President Fights Off Racist Stamp Scandal
bulletStamp Controversy: Mexican Officials Must Come Clean on Racism - (Mexico)
bulletIllegal alien Marie Gonzalez Wins One-Year Delay in Deportation
The Gonzalez family came to the United States nearly 14 years ago on six-month visitor visas, but never returned to Costa Rica

bulletWatsonville man George Casillas found guilty on groping charges
He was accused of grabbing two women as they walked near Santa Cruz High School - (Svejk) - (Norcal)
bulletNevada: Friday homicide - Enrique Garcia, 20, principal to murder - two others held
A 24-year-old Jeffrey Clayton John was killed early Friday and six men were taken into custody. Immigration holds were placed on three men at the residence. They are Antonio Garcia-Garcia, 25; Cesar Pacheo-Castendia, 21 and Artemio Perez-Solis, 24.

bulletShasta, an 8-year-old girl who disappeared with her brother six weeks ago from a home where family members were bludgeoned to death
was spotted early Saturday with Joseph Edward Duncan III, a registered sex offender at a Denny's restaurant, officials said.
He was facing charges of molesting a 6-year-old boy in Minnesota last year but was released on bail in April.

bulletPa. High Court Won't Review Race Riot Case of Robert N. Messersmith

New York: Black rapist told police he had planned to kill a white woman
The District Attorney's Office would seek a grand jury indictment charging Phillip Grant, 43, with second-degree murder as a hate crime.
Grant is black; the victim was white.
A hate-crime conviction would increase his minimum sentence. Grant, registered as a Level 3 — or high-risk — sex offender who served 23 years in Sing Sing prison on rape and assault convictions, was picked up a few minutes after police found Concetta Russo Carriero unconscious and bleeding from two stab wounds. She died less than an hour later. Abdulla Abraham, an airport shelter resident who knows Grant, said the suspect often had talked about finding a white woman to take care of him. "He was always talking about getting a white girl to live with. He got tired of living at the shelter," Abraham said. "He was obsessed with that for a while, getting a white woman who had money that he could settle down with. He was determined to find one." - (hatecrimes)

Negro charged with indecent exposure at public library
Eddie James Richardson
Police charged a man after a County Public Library patron reported he exposed himself to her twice. Eddie James Richardson, 32, was charged with indecent exposure and placed into the Rowan County Detention Center under a $500 secured bond. The 27-year-old woman was in the lower level of the library when the man first exposed himself to her, police reports said. The woman told the library staff member, who reported the incident to police. The woman then went upstairs in the library, and the man again exposed himself to her. Responding officers found Richardson in the men's bathroom and arrested him. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

Sex offender not living at address he registered - was evicted
Joseph Worley Alexander JrDeputies discovered that a convicted sex offender is not living at the address he registered with the state after finding his home empty last month. A deputy checked at the address listed for Joseph Worley Alexander Jr., 50, of 626 W. Marsh St., and found that the home was vacant. The owner of the home said that Alexander had been evicted. Alexander was convicted in 1996 for taking indecent liberties with a minor. He is now wanted for failing to register. Deputies ask anyone who may know Alexander's location to call the department at 704-636-1011. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

Religion: Honor thy father... Police Arrest Sons, 3 Friends In Death Of Slain Preacher - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)
Rufus Brooks Jr.Nicholas BrooksLamarcus Hogan
Two brothers were charged Friday with murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the slaying of their father at his northeast Jackson home. Rufus Brooks Jr., 20, and Nicholas Brooks, 21, were arrested Friday along with three other Jackson men. Rufus Brooks Sr., a 43-year-old minister, was shot in the chest and stabbed multiple times on March 26. Roger Brooks, Rufus Brooks Sr.'s twin brother, said while he's relieved arrests were made in the case, it's upsetting that his nephews allegedly were involved.

Religion: Maryland Won't Hold New Trial for Lowdown Sodomite Catholic Priest
Maurice BlackwellBALTIMORE -- The state has decided not to retry a defrocked priest who had his conviction overturned for molesting a boy who later shot him. Maurice Blackwell, 58, was convicted in February of abusing Dontee Stokes, a former altar boy who shot Blackwell in 2002, nearly a decade after the alleged abuse. Two months later, the conviction was thrown out by a judge who said testimony about other alleged victims was inappropriate.
Blackwell was stripped of his church authority in 1998 and defrocked by the Vatican last year.