House not home: Foreigners buy up American real estate - (reader link with comments below)
"In contrast, Americans are FORBIDDEN by nationalistic laws from buying a house in nearly every other country on the planet!"

bulletChina to send pig sperm to space!
bullet"Experts: China's century is taking shape"
If the 20th was the American century, the 21st may belong to China. Just five years into it, China has become the world's third-largest trader, one of its fastest-growing economies, a rising military power in northeast Asia and a global player extending its influence in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

bulletSeveral relatives of the bombers were under police protection last night,
including Tanweer's parents and Lindsay's English-born wife, Samantha Lewthwaite, who has one child and is eight months' pregnant.
bulletU.K. defends lax 'open door' policy on Muslim refugees
Britain’s government rejected criticism that lax policies toward Muslim political refugees helped facilitate terrorist recruiters - (UK)
bulletBritain's adulterous love affair with Muslims was dramatized by Princess Diana taking her Muslim lover playboy Dodi Fayed
Princess Diana and her Muslim lover Dodi Fayed Diana's Lovers: When she married Prince Charles in 1981, Diana, Princess of Wales, was a virgin
Pakistani Doctor Hasnar Khan was one of ten on the list...
"What if she'd married him and turned Muslim? What if they'd had children? The thought of Prince William, the future King of England, with a brown-skinned Muslim half-brother or sister was the worst possible scenario for them. In their eyes, Diana would single-handedly destroy the fabric of the nation they were pledged to defend.

bulletHow the British opened their society to Muslim immigration from 1947 onwards, to make the Muslim a threat to civilized life
in Britain preparing the making of Britain in to an Eurabia (European Arabia)
bulletBritish Sunni Group Condemns Bombings
bulletBeheadings Raise Tensions in Muslim-majority south of Thailand
Two gunmen walked in at noon, coldly shot a Buddhist cloth vendor, cut off his head and left it in a sack outside.
Buddhists were packing and fleeing the worsening violence in Thailand's Muslim-majority south.
bulletIndian Forces Kill 17 Islamic Rebels

bullet"The false pagan religion of Allah and the Arab world that follows this religious faith are almost unexplainable in their darkness. The adherence to these beliefs is by nature of their doctrines, demonic and possessed. How do you stop millions of adherents to a religion that makes glorified martyrs out of murderers?..." - Joseph Chambers - (Good quote but Editor disagrees with author's theology)

bulletExposing Diversity: The Mexican Invasion * The Muslim Menace * The Cult of Equality

bulletGroups Fighting Illegal Immigration Spread - (Invasion!)
bulletGroup launches civilian border patrol
bulletHispanic Gunman rapes 16-year-old girl on bridge
Cops are looking for a Hispanic man who is about 5-feet-7 and 200 pounds. - (The Bobster)
bulletMoises Gonzales faces eigth DWI charge
who in 1985 pleaded guilty to driving drunk in a crash that killed three teenage girls.
He was arrested on July 1 after he swerved on a road and almost hit a police car.
bulletSpanish-language funeral service for 19-month-old toddler used as 'human shield' by her father, Jose Pena
bulletRacist Hispanic Group National Council of La Raza Meets in Phila.
La Raza, was founded in Phoenix in 1968 as a Mexican-American civil rights group
bullet2 men arrested on hate crime charge against Hispanic day laborer in Farmingville - (Svejk)

bulletQueens Hispanics Roberto Melchor and Carlos Carpio charged in cemetery purse thefts - (The Bobster)

Tyler police said they arrested the man they believe stabbed and beat to death a 93-year-old woman
Clifton Lamar WilliamsCecelia SchneiderClifton Lamar Williams
, 21, was arrested at the Tyler Police Department. Officer Doyle Lynch declined to say how detectives connected Williams with the slaying of Cecelia Schneider. Williams has been arrested six times since 2002 on misdemeanor charges.Firefighters arrived at Ms. Schneider's house to find her bedroom engulfed in flames and her body on the floor. Her car had been taken from the residence and abandoned with traces of blood in it. - (aryan_barbarian) - (black-on-white) - "She was a precious lady, someone's grandma, if you will,"

Review Sought Over Jurors' Bible Reading in case of convicted black kidnap-rape-murderer  
Robert HarlanRhonda MaloneyColo. -- Prosecutors have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a case in which a convicted murderer's death sentence was overturned because jurors went beyond the evidence and consulted a Bible during deliberations. Robert Harlan, who was convicted in the 1994 killing of White cocktail waitress Rhonda Maloney, is serving a life sentence since the Colorado Supreme Court in March agreed with a lower court's ruling that the jury's action was improper. - (crime) - (black-on-white) Give Him Death - by Erik Rush - (Gman)

Black killer of White grocer opts to waive sentence by a jury
Damian Justin HarrisJim DidierA 20-year-old Fort Wayne man waived his right to have a jury determine sentencing factors when he is resentenced in the shooting death of a well-known, longtime south-side business owner. Damian Justin Harris was convicted of felony murder and attempted robbery by a jury in the February 2000 shooting death of Jim Didier, 69, at his meat market.. The standard sentence for felony murder is 55 years in prison but 10 years can be added or subtracted based on certain factors, resulting in a range of 45 to 65 years. Witnesses said Harris fired a second shot at the grocer as he lay on the floor. The 69-year-old Didier died several days after being shot. His family had operated the grocery, which has since closed, for more than 40 years - (Kickdrum) - (crime) - (black-on-white)

bulletNigeria Jails Amaka Anajemba Woman in Bank Scam Case
bulletJefferson, Slave Sally Hemings Descendants Reunite
bulletMugabe wants $1bn from SA - (African Crusader)

5-Year-Old Girl Raped; Relative Charged
Ledarius TrowellKy. -- A local 5-year-old girl allegedly was raped, and investigators are saying one of her family members is a suspect. A Hardin County hospital alerted Kentucky State Police of the alleged crime and the suspect, Ledarius Trowell, was taken into custody. Kentucky state police investigators said Trowell has a slight mental disability. The alleged attack took place when Trowell was baby-sitting the girl and her five siblings in Radcliff. The alleged victim's father said when his wife returned home, she realized something was wrong. - (aryan_barbarian) - (crime)

Attempted Murder Man Hunt
Jonah ValrieLafayette police are looking for a man wanted for attempted murder. Police say 24-year-old Jonah Valrie intentionally struck his wife's vehicle head-on as she was leaving a Lafayette business. Valrie is six-foot-one and weighs 185 pounds. Officials have issued a warrant for his arrest. If you have information about valrie, call 232-TIPS - (aryan_barbarian) - (crime)

12-year-old Juvile Delinquent Struck, Killed While Running From Pursuing Car
Mario Haley
A dangerous children's prank ended with a 12-year-old boy dead. The two young cousins, hiding in nearby bushes, began firing bottle rockets at passing cars. One of the cars that the boys fired a bottle rocket at stopped and the passenger, Tyrone Sherrod got out and grabbed one of the boys, Garnet Wilis II. The second boy ran when the driver of the car Mario Haley, began chasing Garnet with the vehicle before jumping out to chase him on foot. Garnet was running across the road in an attempt to get away and he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. The boy died instantly. The suspects drove off. - (White Boy)

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,764
bullet4 bombers kill 22 in Iraq, mosque toll rises above 90 * 99 dead in Iraq suicide bombings
bulletBritain May Pull Troops From Iraq in Year
bulletGovernors Voice National Guard Concerns
bulletPakistani tribesmen vent anger over US killing - Mourners chanted "Down with infidel America" and "Long Live Islam"

bulletDeaths linked to birth-control patch use
bulletWhite House panic over spy scandal * Bush aide Karl Rove 'is source of CIA leak'
bulletSenate to Vote on Hawaiian Self-Rule Bill
It would grant Native Hawaiians the same rights of self-government enjoyed by American Indians and Native Alaskans, and would lead to U.S. recognition of a native governing entity. - (and more casinos?)
bulletNews from the Confederacy Confederate sons hit town headed in new direction - (Tyrone N. Butts)

bulletSharon: Disengagement is the future of Zionism
bulletTrue Torah Jews Against Zionism

bulletBeijing Downplays General's Threat to Nuke U.S.
bulletChinese military delegation leaves for United States
bulletU.S. senator vows to try to stop China-Unocal deal

bulletNorth Carolina: Yang charged with kidnapping Ly
Davey Yang, is charged with second-degree kidnapping, probation violation and breaking and entering.
Yang entered the residence of May Ly and took her against her will Wednesday afternoon. - (Svejk)

bulletJamaican-born migrant, Muslim convert, was to be father again
Samantha Lewthwaite, Jamaican-born Lindsay Jamal and offspringTHE Piccadilly Line suicide bomber, Jermaine Lindsay, was revealed yesterday as the second teenager in the terrorist cell. Lindsay, who was born in Waterford, Jamaica, was 19 and the father of a one-year-old son. His wife, Samantha Lewthwaite, 21, with whom he lived in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is eight months pregnant with their second child.
I want to see DNA proof

Samantha Lewthwaite, 22, is reported to be struggling to understand how Jamaican-born Lindsay Jamal could have caused the deaths of at least 26 people, and says she wants proof that he is guilty.
bulletSamantha Lewthwaite, 22, said her world had fallen apart on discovering that her lover was in fact a suicide bomber
bulletGermail had lived with his partner, Samantha Lewthwaite, and their baby in the small red bricked house in Aylesbury ...
bulletHe is said to have and married a local woman called Samantha Lewthwaite who had converted to Islam about a year before
bulletHe is said to have met his wife - who now chooses to be known as Sherafiyah - in Luton, where Miss Lewthwaite was at university.
bulletThe couple alienated locals by playing loud Asian music day and night. "It would drive us mad, blaring out from the house," a neighbour said.
When people came to complain they refused to come to the door. "They didn't really mix..."
bulletLindsay, who was born in Waterford, Jamaica, was 19 and the father of a one-year-old son, Abdullah Shaheed Ibn-Jamal. One source said yesterday that Lindsay had once been a follower of Abdullah el-Faisal, a Jamaican Islamist preacher in prison in Britain for inciting his followers to kill non-Muslims.

Ms Lewthwaite, who was born in Northern Ireland when her father was serving in the British Army, was drawn to Lindsay partly because of her longstanding interest in Islam. A former school friend said that Ms Lewthwaite had been fascinated by Islam since the age of ten when she lived among Asian neighbours on a housing estate. She converted to Islam when she was 17, taking the name Sherafiyah, before she met Lindsay, who used the Islamic name Jamal.
The couple held a wedding ceremony but Samantha’s mother, Christine, is said to have refused to attend.
- (forum)

Ezr 9:12 Ezr 9:12 Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons
Neh 13:25 Neh 13:25 And I contended with them, and cursed them, and smote certain of them, and plucked off their hair, and made them swear by God, [saying], Ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their daughters unto your sons, or for yourselves.

Samantha Lewthwaite
, 21, smiles as she their son Abdullah, one, in a family snapshot. Another snap shows Samantha as a typical English schoolgirl wearing uniform aged 16.
Hasina Khan, 27, wife of Mohammed Sidique Khan
, 30, looked bewildered as she was helped into a police car, her 13-month-old daughter Maryam held tight in her arms. Unsuspecting Hasina, who is four months pregnant, had reported her husband missing. He exploded his bomb at Edgware Road. When she converted to Islam she cut off most of her family and wore a traditional burqa. Old friend Jamie Muir, 22, said: "She was a normal, popular girl before she met that idiot. She used to be fun and outgoing. Then she converted to Islam and changed completely."

bulletBritish National Party commentary on the Islamic threat to Britain
bulletThe size of the threat to Britain * The State Lie Machine kicks into action * Madness from the media's ivory tower
bulletBlair: Beware of 'Evil Ideology'
bulletCanada: Top General calls Islamic terrorist enemy "detestable murderers and scumbags"
"We are the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people."
bulletMuslim Asians Shun Integration in London
bullet Pakistan Probes Ties to London Bombings * Madrasas mix football with support for jihad
bulletA British woman died in a suicide bomb attack on a minibus at a resort in Turkey - Five other Britons were hurt in the attack

bulletThailand: Buddhist-Muslim Violence Raises Tensions - beheadings and bombings
bullet Suspected Spain al-Qaida Leader Beaten
bullet Sikh NYC Transit Workers File Complaints - humiliated by ordering them to wear MTA logos on their turbans
bulletNew Zealand: Teenager of European origin accused of damaging mosques appears in court
A teenager accused of vandalising mosques in seven attacks around Auckland may also be charged with inciting racial tension. Six mosques were desecrated. Windows were smashed and walls daubed with graffiti with variations of "RIP London" in apparent retaliation to the London bombings.

bulletEgypt not ready to give Britain detained 'bathtub' biochemist
Magdy Mahmoud el-NasharPolice in Egypt questioned a biochemist about the bombings in London, but Egyptian security officials said they were not prepared to hand Magdy Mahmoud el-Nashar over to British investigators after authorities in this northern town reportedly found traces of explosives in his bathtub.

Manuel Saijas Accused Of Exposing Himself On I-10
Manuel Saijas
NEW ORLEANS -- The St. John Sheriff's Office has arrested a man on charges that he exposed himself to women while driving on the interstate. Manuel Saijas was booked into the Parish Jail on two counts of obscenity. Bond was set at $1,000. Deputies received two complaints from female drivers in mid-June. The women reported that while traveling westbound in separate vehicles on Interstate 10 near exit 209, a man in a gray Dodge Neon exposed himself to them. Saijas confessed to the crimes. - (White Boy)

bulletSuspect in Lebanese Migrant Smuggling Ring Freed in Another Embarrassment for Mexico
bulletMexico will not help the U.S. keep out terrorists unless the U.S. declares an amnesty for all illegal Mexican aliens
MexicanMexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing: "No border security is possible without Mexican cooperation" defined as amnesty for all Mexicans living illegally in the U.S., the admission of some 5 million additional Mexican citizens to the U.S. over the next 10 years, and massive increases in U.S. aid to that country. - (Gmanjunior)
bulletHospitals 'Mugged' by Illegal Aliens - (Svejk)
bulletIllegal Aliens Getting Home Loans
bulletIdaho County Sues Over Illegal Immigrant Workers
Robert VasquezBOISE, Idaho -- Faced with the costs of coping with illegal immigrants, one county is looking to the courts for help -- by filing a racketeering lawsuit against the businesses that hire these workers. The legal theory: that a pattern of immigration violations by employers is costing Canyon County millions for law enforcement, education and social services. "Their presence lowers the labor wage for American citizens and removes employment opportunities," county Commissioner Robert Vasquez, an ambitious politician who just started a bid for Congress, said of the illegal workers. "Certainly it uses tax dollars to provide them with educational services, medical care, unemployment compensation for those that are injured on the job. They are a drain on the taxpayers of Canyon County, the state of Idaho and the U.S. in general."
- (Invasion!) - (American Worker)
bulletRape Spurs Anti-Hispanic Backlash in Ohio
HAMILTON, Ohio — It started with the spray-painted, misspelled "Rapest" on the house of a Hispanic man accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old white girl. Then the house went up in flames in a suspected arson. Confrontations, name-calling and threats against Hispanics followed. Men roamed the streets wearing pillowcases with eye holes, and Ku Klux Klansmen in hoods and robes showed up to pass out pamphlets. There were rumors of assaults and beatings. Now this small Ohio river city's booming Hispanic population is cowed, the streets in their neighborhoods nearly deserted... For the most part, the immigrants had settled in without much controversy in Hamilton, whose mayor in the 1990s was of Cuban descent. But life here was transformed on June 19, when a 9-year-old Caucasian girl was raped, allegedly by a Hispanic man who has apparently fled the city. Ref: Police Search For Hispanic Accused Of Raping 9-Year-Old
Ref: Vigilantes Torch House Where Girl Was Raped by Hispanic Man

bulletNew Mexico: Sheriff's Deputy Simon Martinez Charged With Hate Crime
Kraylin Begaye, an American Indian, was handcuffed when the alleged beating took place. - (Abo)
bulletCalif. Authorities Seize 800 Pounds of Pot - Servondo Villa, 22, was booked
Citizenship status of suspect not reported
bulletOregon: Illegal migrant Antonio Sanchez pleaded guilty to shooting his roommate - will be deported in ten years
The victim, Gerardo Banuelos, remains in a nursing facility in the Portland area and requires a feeding tube and round-the-clock care.
bulletNorcal: 11-year-old Spanish-speaking Maribel Cuevas was arrested in April for rock attack - (Norcal) - (Svejk)
Her family says Maribel meant no harm when she accidentally hit Elijah Vang, the 9-year-old neighborhood boy, in the forehead with a rock.

bulletPineda and Ramirez members of the vicious Salvadoran gang MS-13 - accused of blowing away a female pal
Ramiro Pineda and William Ramirez
slapped with murder charges in the shooting death of Maria Rubio for the hell of it - (kickdrum)
bulletMexican driving SUV slams into family of 6 on international bridge, 2 children killed
The Hispanic family was struck by a Ford SUV on the Mexican side of the bridge traveling at a high rate of speed toward the American side. The driver, identified by police as 19-year old Rafael Perez, was immediately taken into custody. He is being held by El Paso police. It is unknown whether the driver will be extradited to Mexico. - (Svejk)

bulletCFR's Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada - by Phyllis Schlafly - (kickdrum)

Juan Covington Charged in 1998 Murder of Minister
Patricia McDermottJuan Covington
was charged Thursday with fatally shooting Patricia McDermott while she was on her way to an early shift as an X-ray technician at Pennsylvania Hospital in May. He was ordered held without bail. During the investigation, authorities found evidence that led to the charge filed against Covington on Friday in the unsolved death of his cousin, the Rev. Thomas Lee Devlin. Devlin, 49, was shot a half-dozen times by a masked gunman who entered the Divine Shepherd Baptist Church while he was holding a prayer meeting in August 1998. "The gunman appears to have dark skin" in the video.

80-year-old White man robbed at Sarasota church by Black
George AbrahamSarasota, Florida - Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputies are looking for the suspect who robbed an elderly man at a church. 80-year old George Abraham says he turns on the lights and unlocks the doors every day at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church on Magellan Drive in Sarasota. He’s been volunteering his time for the last 42-years. Abraham gave him 13-dollars. It was all he had. When the suspect began talking about robbing other parishioners, George quickly closed the lobby door. He called 9-1-1 after walking back into the church. The suspect is a black male, about 5’10. He was riding a black beach cruiser bike with wide chrome handlebars. - (aryan_barbarian) - (black on white)

Veteran Chicago Cop Charged With Murder, Murder For Hire - (reader link) - (crime)
 Edward Leak A 14-year veteran Chicago police officer is charged with first-degree murder in the death of a 35-year-old man on the South Side, officials said Friday. Edward Leak, 42, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Fred Hamilton, 35, fatally shot at 7947 S. Prairie Ave. on Feb. 3, 2004. Leak, a Central District officer since November 1991, is the third man charged in the crime, and is accused of hiring two other men to carry out the slaying. Leak is the nephew of the owner of the Leak Funeral Home on the South Side. The victim worked as a limousine driver at that funeral home. Leak was stripped of his police star.

bulletAffirmative action plan curbed
A Hamilton County judge threw out as unconstitutional parts of Cincinnati's affirmative action program for construction contracts Wednesday but stopped just short of ordering a halt to work on the $145 million convention center expansion. - (Tyrone N. Butts)
bulletBlack Farmers Miss Chance to Appeal Bias
bulletMinnesota Police looking for three dark-skinned sexual assault suspects, one whigger
Black male, 16 to 20 years of age, 6’ tall, muscular build, dark black complexion, big nose and lips
Black male, darker complexion, 5’11” tall, muscular build, 16-20 years of age, a black doo rag
Third black male and a white whigger, four days growth of beard, small goatee under bottom lip, blondish-colored hair - (Svejk)
bulletAlton Man Convicted Of Killing 2-Year-Old Daughter of his girlfriend
Michael Green A jury took 22-minutes to return with a guilty verdict against an Alton man standing trial for the beating death of a 2-year-old girl.
23-year-old Michael Green was charged with first degree murder in the March 2004 beating death of 2-year-old Zariah Harrison. Autopsy results showed the child had severe brain damage from head trauma, a lacerated liver and abdominal bleeding. A co-defendant in the crime is the victim's mother. 25-year-old Sharina Smallwood pleaded guilty earlier this year to a reduced charge. - (aryan_barbarian)

bullet3-Year-Old Dies After Suspected Child Abuse by African-american mother and her black boyfriend
Lawanda Cooper, 19, and her boyfriend, Osborne BennettLawanda Cooper, 19, and her boyfriend, Osborne Bennett, 23, were charged with the first-degree murder of Cooper's 3-year-old son, Jaheim Cooper. Jaheim's father, Jamal Wooten, said that he had not seen his son for several months."I'm surprised at her because they said he was burned so bad his skin was coming off," Wooten said.- (Tyrone N. Butts)

Search for man suspected of beating and sexually assaulting an 89-year-old woman
Sidney Wayne Howell Investigators have been frustrated in their search for a man suspected of beating and sexually assaulting an 89-year-old woman. Authorities have had arrest warrants for Sidney Wayne Howell ever since an armed robbery in April, but he was not a top priority until he became the suspect in the attack on the woman in her Norcross home. Howell was stopped in the victim’s car shortly after the attack, but fled, police said. Authorities believe Howell, a homeless man with a lengthy criminal record, is bouncing from abandoned homes to shelters to the woods. - (Aryan Barbarian) - (crime)

40 armed black inmates attacked 20 unarmed white inmates in a recreation area of the prison
Eric Johnson Tulsa Man To Stand Trial In Death Of An Inmate At A Cushing Prison. Payne County judge has ordered a convicted Tulsa County killer to stand trial for a fatal stabbing at the Cimarron Correctional facility in Cushing. Eric Johnson is charged with murder in the stabbing of Adam Lippert. The stabbing happened March 22nd. During a preliminary hearing, an inmate testified he saw 40 armed black inmates attack 20 unarmed white inmates in a recreation area of the prison. Authorities have said all along the riot was racially motivated. - (another angry white) - (black on white) - Prisons must be segregated.

Ex-jail guard sentenced for having sex with his 'harem' of four female inmates under his supervision
LeShawn Walker
A former Allegheny County Jail guard was sentenced Tuesday to 10 to 28 years in prison for having sex with four female inmates under his supervision. "You told each of these women they were different, that they were special, that if you were their boyfriend you'd take care of them," Common Pleas Judge Donna Jo McDaniel told LeShawn Walker. "And then you abused them, not only physically, but you abused them mentally." McDaniel sentenced Walker, 33, of Duquesne, to four consecutive prison terms of 2 1/2 to 7 years for his convictions on four counts of institutional sexual assault. - (JesseGibson)

Norfolk Police Search for Black Murder Suspect named 'White'
Christopher WhiteNorfolk police are asking for the public's help in locating a suspect wanted in connection with a murder on June 26. Officials have secured arrest warrants for 22-year old Christopher White. White it wanted for the murder of Gary Howard Cole, Jr. Cole's body was found in the parking lot of a night club on Hampton Boulevard. He has a tattoo skeleton on the upper portion of his right arm. Anyone with information on White's whereabouts is asked to call the Crimeline at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.- (Svejk)

Alleged mall gunman Taylor was out on probation for robbing a man at gunpoint
Christopher Joseph TaylorGregory Keith HolidayThe man accused of gunning down a couple - killing the woman and seriously injuring her boyfriend - inside the Aurora Mall had been released from an Oklahoma prison seven weeks earlier. Christopher Joseph Taylor, 19, received permission to move to the Denver area, to serve his three-year probation for robbing a man at gunpoint. Ref: Police Identify Victims, Suspects In Fatal Mall Shooting - Police said that Krystal D. Martinez, 19, was killed as she was trying to break up a fight between her boyfriend and the two shooting suspects, Taylor, 20, and Gregory Keith Holiday, also 20. - (Tyrone N. Butts, Aryan Barbarian)

Sports: Arena football player sentenced for DUI and manslaughter
TAMPA, Florida -- A Tampa Bay Storm arena football player learned his punishment for killing a man while he was driving under the influence of alcohol. A jury found Darion Conner guilty of DUI and manslaughter. At Conner's sentencing the victim's mother wanted to make sure the judge didn't let this repeat offender off easy. "One time DUI is a mistake maybe, but four is a disgrace to the state of Florida." After four DUI convictions in Georgia in the 1990's, the 37-year-old lineman was found guilty of being intoxicated when his sport utility vehicle hit a bicyclist, killing Jonathan Michael Conklin. - (aryan_barbarian) - (sports)

Sports: Falcons' defensive lineman charged with disorderly conduct
Rod ColemanJust more than a week from his second training camp with the Atlanta Falcons, defensive tackle Rod Coleman was arrested by DeKalb County police early Friday after arguing with officers during a traffic stop on a freeway, according to a police spokesman. "I wish you would touch my [expletive] truck. Do you know who I am? I play for the Falcons," Coleman said, according to the police report. According to the police report by Officer A.C. Francis, Coleman's "insults continued . . . until the only choice was to take him to jail." - (Svejk) - (sports)

Warrant Issued For Naked "Corn Oil" Flasher
Larry BookerOVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A man who police said drove around naked and covered in corn oil was wanted Friday. Larry Booker, 50, was found guilty of lewd and lascivious behavior and was scheduled to be sentenced Thursday, but he never showed up in court. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Police found him naked and slicked up in corn oil in his van in March, they said.
- (White Boy)

Village People 'Cop' in Trouble With Law
Victor Edward Willis"Village cop"The original policeman in the 70s group The Village People just learned it's not necessarily fun to play near San Francisco. The real cops busted Victor Edward Willis after pulling his Corvette over and allegedly finding a gun and drugs inside. Police say Willis was driving without a license and lied about his name and address. The Village peep also had an outstanding $15,000 felony warrant for narcotics possession. Helped write hits
Macho Man and YMCA. He was convicted of possessing drugs in 1990 and acquitted later of raping a former girlfriend. (Rasp)

bulletKevin Teed, 23, is accused of sexually assaulting two teenage boys
bulletCatholic Senator Rick Santorum 's Office Infested With Sodomites?
bulletYouth Pastor Christopher Fouts Arrested On 'Gay' Molest Report
A Redwood City youth pastor is suspected of molesting two local boys. Authorities believe Fouts met two of his alleged victims, ages 13 and 14, while he was working as the director of youth ministries at Peninsula Covenant Church. - (Norcal)
bulletSeattle man died from injuries sustained while having sex with a horse
Arabian stallionDeputies don't believe a crime occurred because bestiality is not illegal in Washington state and the horse was uninjured. The farm was talked about in Internet chat rooms as a destination for people looking to have sex with livestock. - (Svejk)
bulletVideotapes show bestiality, Enumclaw police say

bulletBlind man allegedly had sex with his guide dog
Yellow Labrador - file photoFlorida, like many other states, has no bestiality statute - that is, a law specifically prohibiting sexual contact between humans and animals. So Alan Yoder, 29, originally was charged with felony animal cruelty, but court records show that charge was dropped last Friday and replaced with a misdemeanor - disorderly conduct. Yoder, who lives in a local apartment complex, last month asked a female acquaintance to join him in a sex act with the dog, a male yellow Labrador named "Lucky."
bulletLev 20:15 Lev 20:15 And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. - (Svejk)
bulletBroward School Board rejects Anti-Defamation League-produced video promoting " homosexual agenda", "diversity"
The Broward County School Board's diversity committee rejected the Anti-Defamation League-produced video. Board members said the video promotes a "homosexual agenda" and might confuse children about who their families are. - (Aryan Barbarian)
bulletCanada: Woman says she will be ordained as Canada's first woman Roman Catholic priest

bulletEx-KKK head: Shootings were self-defense

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — A former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan took the stand at a public hearing Saturday and said those who fired on people at a "Death to the Klan" march more than 25 years ago did so in self-defense.

bulletFour Serbs May Get 20 Years for Killings
bulletNebraska: two suspected hate crime incidents this week
According to police, Brandon Hill, armed with a shotgun, approached a Native man who was smoking a cigarette outside a residence across from Hill's home. Police suspect Hill pointed a shotgun at the man and called him a racial slur. Also, in another incident, Stanley Sparling, who is white, is suspected of pointing a shotgun at two black women and referring to them with a racial slur.

bulletChristian adoption agency snubs Catholics
bulletCreationist Condemns Catholic Cardinal's Compromise on Evolution
bulletAir Force guidelines on religious tolerance expected after Aug. 1 says Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff - (aryan_barbarian)
bulletChiron Cuts European Vaccine Supplies After Finding Sterility Problems at German Plant

bulletKillen's Attorneys File Appeal Bond - (Tyrone N. Butts) An Open Letter to Edgar Ray Killen
bulletMayor faults Killen-lawyer for cutting him off - by Richard Barrett

bulletI take great pleasure in presenting the Danish People’s Party’s party program - Pia Kjaersgaard - (Madkins)
bulletYahoo Groups: ethniccrime � Ethnic Crime Against Whites - (registration required)

bulletNNN Guest Columnist C. von Hoffmeister declared 'enemy' by Nation of the Aryan Union some language

"The N.A.U. is a secret, international fraternal organization that promotes the interests
and welfare of white Aryan people from around the world. Aryans are white people
that believe in racialism, superiority, and seperatism of the white race. The Nation
of the Aryan Union is a theocratic organization that practices what we call Neo-
Aryanism. We are primarily influenced by Adolf Hitler's National Socialism, and
Ben Klassen, of the Creativity Movement..."

bulletRef: Index of C. von Hoffmeister essays and poetry
bulletNNN Editor note: I do not necessarily support the viewpoints of NNN guest columnists, nor the NAU
but would hope to generate discussion of the topics presented.
bulletThe Werwolf Organization by Russ Folsom * The werewolf symbol

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,762
bulletBomb kills three UK troops in Iraq
bulletU.S. charges 11 troops with assault on detainees
bulletCoast Guard set to protect capital airspace
bullet Vet Buried Nearly 55 Years After His Death in North Korea
bulletPoll: Bush Approval Rating at 42 Percent
bulletTenn. Teen Jailed for Burning U.S. Flag

bulletWMD: Chinese general said Friday China will use nuclear weapons against the United States
if Washington attacked his country over Taiwan. - (Svejk) - What if the U.S. stopped buying Chinese stuff... would that be an 'act of war'?
bulletA Chinese general offered to vaporize Los Angeles in 1995

bulletChina's Espionage Network Concerns Canada
bulletChinese spy exposes Chinese Communist Party Espionage Network in Europe
bulletUS House rejects bill on China arms sales
WASHINGTON - The US House of Representatives rejected a measure that would have imposed stiff penalties on European firms selling weapons technology to China. US business groups reportedly expressed concerns that they would be hurt by the measure.
Democrats introduced a bill aiming to cut the massive trade deficit with China by targeting what they called unfair trade practices.
bulletChina to launch manned spacecraft in Oct.

bulletLondon Probe of July 7 Bombs Leads to Chemistry Student's Arrest in Cairo
bulletEgyptian Magdy el-Nashar Took Grad Courses in N. Carolina
bulletUK: Islamic bookshop raided by police
bulletJurors Hear Tapes in Fla. Terror Trial
bulletBassam Khalaf, 21, an amateur rapper nicknamed the 'Arabic Assassin,' was fired recently
from his job as a baggage screener at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. His unreleased CD, "Terror Alert,"
includes rhymes about flying a plane into a building and descriptions of himself as a "crazy, suicidal Arabic ... equipped with bombs."
bulletPoll: U.S. Thinks Transit Attack Likely * Americans believe transit attack inevitable

According to investigative journalist Paul Williams, terrorists with links to Osama Bin Laden are using the US/Mexican border to smuggle into our country nuclear suitcase bombs. He claims that Bin Laden already has thousands of “sleeper” agents in this country.

bulletHawaii: Micronesian migrant Yomeo Eieta accepted a plea agreement yesterday in the rape of an 8-year-old Waianae girl
Through an interpreter, Eieta briefly described raping the girl, knowing she was younger than 14. - (Svejk)
bulletForeigner Homaidan Al-Turki accused of keeping illegal migrant sex-slave from Indonesia
Turki faces 12 counts of rape, two counts of kidnapping and one count each of false imprisonment and extortion. - (Svejk)

bulletSenate shuns attempt to add agents
The Senate voted yesterday against fulfilling its pledge from last year to hire 2,000 more Border Patrol agents and fund 8,000 new detention beds for illegal aliens in fiscal 2006, as some potential presidential candidates weighed in on border security and illegal immigration.
bulletMexican, US border states try to stem drugs war
bulletInjured Mexican Iraq veteran is naturalized a US citizen
bulletDead Mexican boxer's body returns home

Sports: Girl's basketball coach is accused of raping one of his players
Steven MoodyForty-year-old Steven Moody pled not guilty to the rape and gross sexual imposition. Xenia police say the local Amateur Athletic Union coach gave alcohol to one of his 17-year-old players and then sexually assaulted her during a sleep over at his home. Moody will remain free on a $10,000 dollar bond. His trial date has been set for October 26. - (White Boy) - (sports)
Coach Accused Of Sexual Assault Appears In Court
Girl's Basketball Coach Could Face Possiblity Of Prison Time

UK: Paranoid African witchdoctor jailed for only five years for beating his English bride to death
Hibiekoun Hien, 53, admitted manslaughter of Linda Hien, formerly MacDonald, at an earlier hearing at Exeter Crown Court. Hien, originally from Burkina Faso, told the court he believed his wife was going to "sell him to buy another car." He was a village elder and a healer and spirit medium in the local Dagara religion. She married him in Africa to make it possible for them to live together at her terraced home in the Dartmoor town. Mr Justice Steel described the case as extraordinary, saying Hien's attack on his wife seemed to be connected to his arrival in the UK and "enormous cultural gap" that involved. "You appear to have become totally paranoid," the judge told Hien, who had an interpreter to translate the proceedings into his native Djoula language. The judge recommended that Hien be deported to Burkina Faso when he was eligible for release. Hien killed his wife with two blows with a heavy iron bar as she lay on the sofa at their home, suffering a fractured skull and multiple facial fractures. - (reader list)

Nashville: Black gunman shoots White police officer
MarShawn LytoleDaniel AlfordThursday morning 33 year-old Metro Police Officer Daniel Alford was shot in north Nashville while trying to apprehend a suspect. Officer Alford was shot around 11:45 a.m. while working routine drug enforcement. The suspects fled and the officer gave chase. The suspects fled into a vacant apartment building. Police cleared the first floor then went to the second floor. In a bedroom of a second floor apartment the officers found one of the suspects, 21 year-old MarShawn L. Lytie, who was armed with a gun, police spokesman Don Aaron said. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (BW)

bulletThree black men invaded the Econo Lodge and one of them, a man with dreadlocks in his hair,
pulled out a silver handgun and stuck it in the face of one of the motel’s female employees. - (reader link)
bulletKenya: 76-year-old Italian Roman Catholic Bishop Luigi Locati Was Killed During Robbery - (Madkins)

Crack troops seek Kenya killers - Some 2,000 elite soldiers have arrived in northern Kenya to seek those responsible
for this week's massacre of 76 people, 22 of them children.

bulletBody of Haitian Journalist Jacques Roche, which had signs of torture, found shot to death
bulletCHICAGO -- Black state senator James Meeks said he was the victim of racial profiling when a white officer pulled his car over
The officer issued four tickets, including one for failure to stop at a stop sign and another for an unfastened seat belt, the senator said.

bulletA religious Jewish protester accused of stabbing three people taking part in a gay pride parade in Jerusalem
has been charged with attempted murder. Yishai Shlisel told police he had come "to kill in the name of God". The march faced fierce opposition from Orthodox Jews including the mayor. Muslims and Christians had joined peaceful protests against the march. - (reader list)
bulletThe Abortion Clinic Rapist
The owner of a modeling agency was charged Thursday with sexually assaulting three teenagers he recruited to be models. When one, a 14-year-old girl, expressed concern that she was pregnant, police said agency owner Michael Britt took her into the adjacent Summit Women's Center, where he allegedly had intercourse with her under the guise of giving her an abortion.
bulletPedophile's roommate faces molest charges
SAN JOSE - Fred Everts, a convicted sex offender who lived with a man alleged to be one of the most prolific child molesters ever has been charged with eight new felonies, including accusations he photographed himself molesting a 3-year-old boy.
bulletJames Lee Trujillo, 43, detectives said, singled out a 5-year-old girl from the group and led her by the hand
bulletThe family of a brain-damaged woman has filed a lawsuit alleging she was sexually assaulted at a nursing home and is now pregnant
bullet Gay Retirement Home to Open in Calif.
bulletCanada: Church to restrict baptism of gay couples' children
bulletSoldier John M. Parks Returns to U.S. for Rape Charges to face accusations he repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl.

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,761
bulletFive Car Bombs Target U.S., Iraqi Troops
bulletOfficials: Marine arranged shooting to avoid service * Marine had cousin shoot him to avoid Iraq
bulletGerman Challenger Angela Merkel Says She Won't Deploy Iraq Troops

bulletAnti-Defamation League Upset National Socialist Movement, Lauded for participating in a park cleanup two months ago.
bulletLong Island: A sport utility vehicle was set ablaze and painted with racially motivated comments about African-Americans
bulletCrosstarlist: Byron De La Beckwith - Filling in the blanks for Killen
Beckwith blames corrupt politicians for imposing Negro-tyranny upon the South and nation.
bulletWill KKK fade into history? - (Tyrone N. Butts)

bulletBritish bombers likely recruited at government-funded centre - (reader list)
bulletUK: Police release bus bomber images
Hasib HussainPolice have issued a CCTV image and a photograph of the man who they say carried out the Number 30 bus bombing in London last week, which killed 14. Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist Branch urged anyone who had seen Hasib Hussain, 18, last Thursday to call the anti-terrorist hotline 0800 789 321. London bombers: Key facts - (UK)
UK: Revealed: fourth bomber Jamaican
British Sky TV claimed that the fourth bomber was a Jamaican-born Briton called Lindsey Germail.

bulletKnife-weilding Hispanic climbed in window and raped woman in her home . - (Svejk)
bulletMexifornia: Six in custody in alleged gang rape of 13-year-old girl - (Svejk)

Trial Begins In Triple-Homicide Case - Spence Accused Of Killing 3 White Students 'Execution Style'
Vernon SpenceTodd BensonhaverErik HlassAaron GrexaKayla HurstCOLUMBUS, Ohio -- The trial began Wednesday for a man charged with the execution-style murders of three people near The Ohio State University campus two years ago. Prosecutors said Vernon Spence, 30, killed three people during a robbery at an alleged drug house. Kayla Hurst, 21, Aaron Grexa, 23, and Erik Hlass, 22, were found shot in the back bedroom of a house on July 23, 2003. Investigators said they were either killed that day or the night before. Their bodies were discovered tied up execution-style and shot to death at the home. The three young adults were bound with stereo wires. The other suspect, Todd Bensonhaver, pleaded guilty earlier this year to three counts of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and three counts of kidnapping. The prosecutor said Spence, the alleged triggerman, told his friends, "I have to get rid of them because they know my face." The prosecutor said Bensonhaver and the other man, Rodell Kareen Rahman, ran from the house and heard gunshots. Prosecutors said that Spence shot Grexa and Hurst twice in the head and Hlass once.
Bob Hlass The judge in the case admonished Hlass' father, Bob Hlass, for a letter he wrote to Spence while the suspect was in jail. Bob Hlass
In the letter, Bob Hlass wrote, "How I wish I could get a hold of you and kick your (expletive) to a bloody pulp, before I ram my shotgun down your chicken-(expletive) throat and pull the trigger."- (White Boy) - (black-on-white)

UK: Face of the school rapist - Dwayne "Dark Beast" Best - Rape pupil 'needs help' - victim
Dwayne BestThe teacher, whose identity is being protectedA 'SCHOOLBOY" jailed for raping a teacher yesterday lost his High Court bid to remain anonymous. Dwayne Best, 16, was named for the first time after being jailed for life over the assault on the 28-year-old in her classroom. In a 12-minute attack, he ripped off her clothes, butted and bit her, grabbed her by the throat and repeatedly threatened to kill her. He tried to make her have sex with him, then throttled her as he forced her to engage in oral sex — classified as rape. - (JesseGibson) - (UK) - (reader link) - (black-on-white)