bulletRussia Lawmaker Seeks Adoption Moratorium
bulletFarmingville Harrassment Viewed as Hate Crime - for the harassment of a Hispanic day laborer
bullet"Hate crime is increasing in Sweden"
bulletVandal Leaves Graffiti with Racial Slurs on Cars
Antoine, who is married to a white woman, says he does not think he was a random target however Antione and his wife were not the only people whose vehicles were vandalized - (reader link)

bulletBritish National Party founder John Tyndall, 71, has been found dead at his home in Hove, Sussex police have said.
He was due to appear in court this Thursday in Leeds alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin on race hate charges. - (reader link)
bulletJohn Tyndall succumbs at 72 - Most-uncompromising British politician
Richard Barrett said that he would have liked to attend the funeral, but was subject to arrest by the Tony-Blair regime.

bulletEnoch Powell, the Prophet Who Saw 'Rivers of Blood' Flow in London's Subways and Streets - (Rense.com)


EX-FBI agent who had adulterous affair with Chinese "Parlor Maid' sentenced as spy case closes
James. J. SmithKatrina LeungLOS ANGELES - A former FBI agent who failed to tell his superiors about an affair with an informant later arrested as a double agent for China was sentenced on Monday to three months' home confinement. The sentencing of James. J. Smith was a low-key conclusion to a case that started as a high-profile prosecution of a supposed spy and ended with the dismissal of all charges against the main defendant.
Smith pleaded guilty in May to lying to the FBI about his adulterous 18-year affair with FBI informant Katrina Leung. Leung, who was known as "Parlor Maid," was arrested in 2003. Prosecutors portrayed her as a double agent for China, but she was ultimately charged only with taking classified documents from Smith.


Ref: Sun Tzu on The Art of War * The Use of Spies
3) Double agents - Having double agents means getting hold of the enemy's spies and using them for our own purposes;

bulletChina automakers gear up to expand overseas
bulletGM Plans to Cut 25,000 U.S. Jobs by 2008

bulletTerror Group Threatens War Across Europe
bulletBlair 'anxious' to stop hard-line Islamic schools
bulletPakistan Nabs Militants in London Blasts
bullet15 killed in Chechnya bomb attack by suspected Islamic extremists
bulletIslamic rebels tighten grip on Dagestan
bulletCongressman: US could retaliate against Islamic sites * Turkish official condemns Tancredo's remarks
bulletSouth Australia state not to close Islamic bookstores * Australian police probe Islamic ‘hate book’
bulletAustralia: 'Deport the clerics of hate'

bulletConvicted Australian terrorist Zekky Mallah sought the blessing of senior Islamic cleric Sheik Abdul Salam Zoud
to become Australia's first suicide bomber
bulletCalifornia: Planning commission to vote on Farooqia Islamic Center
bulletQuestions hang over Guardian reporter with extremist Islamic links
bulletParis: Extremists Orbit Around Islam's Rebirth

bulletCanada: Hunger-striking Syrian terror suspect Hassan Almrei still a risk to national security, CSIS says
bulletDoes multiculturalism cultivate intolerance?
bulletLatin American Islamic centers call for Cultural dialogue
bulletLondon bomber visited Israel - Israeli official - (Svejk)
bulletThe London Conspiracy-Theories: Here We Go Again

bulletAustria to Tighten Immigration Laws on Concern Crime, Jobless Rates Rising
bulletNo apology from Colorado lawmaker Tom Tancredo for his 'Nuke Mecca' comments - (reader list)
The apology was demanded by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the largest Islamic civil rights group in the United States

bulletEach Arrest on Mexican Border Now Costs Taxpayers $1700
That would be $1,700 interest on the national debt - ed. - (Crusader) - (Invasion!)
bulletBorder initiative gets OK to gather signatures - (reader link)
bullet Assemblyman Ray Haynes And The California Border Police Initiative
bulletPolice searching for sex-offender Juan Ontiveros-Carreon - (reader link)

bulletThe Shooter Was An Illegal Alien, OK? Just Say It! - by Bryanna Bevens

Gunman Attacks Statue Near Queens Church, Then Critically Wounds 2 Officers
Kevin DavyDavid HarrisDominick Romano
A shotgun and sword-wielding madman wounded two cops at close range yesterday after they caught him blasting the head off a century-old statue of St. Anne and the Virgin Mary outside a Queens church. One officer was hit in the head and the other in the leg by shrapnel from police hater Kevin Davy's shotgun. But at least one of the cops managed to return fire and end the 2 a.m. spree outside Saints Joachim and Anne Church in Queens Village. "I'm a hustler! I'm a warrior!" ranted Davy, 25, who used a sword to lop off the granite statue's arms and blew the head off with a 12-gauge shotgun before ambushing the police from less than 8 feet away. "I'm warning you, m-----------s," yelled Davy, who once made an anti-police and anti-government DVD with his brother. Officer Dominick Romano, 29, was hit once in the head and eight times in the back by projectiles, but his bulletproof vest saved him. His partner, Officer David Harris, 40, was struck in the leg five times - shattering his femur - and also hit in the arm. - (Rasp) - (BW)

DNA database links man charged with killing three to rapes in western states
Kevin L. HamptonTanette "Toni" DickisonDianna Lehman DNA database has linked a Terre Haute man charged with the murder of three local women to two rape cases in western states. Kevin L. Hampton, 43, is being investigated in San Diego and Las Vegas after an FBI database showed DNA samples from crimes allegedly matched Hampton's DNA profile. Hampton was charged with murder, rape and criminal deviate conduct in connection with the 2000 death of Dianna Lehman, 18, of Terre Haute. He also was charged with the 2004 murders of Tanette "Toni" Dickison, 18, and Cassie Harris, 48, both of Terre Haute. All three women were strangled. - (Brewski) - (black on white)

Ex-convict sentenced to death for record producer’s death * Judge rejects claims that man is not a 'monster'
Delano Hale
CLEVELAND -- For only the fourth time in a decade, a man is being sent to death row. Delano Hale's fate was sealed. The 38 year old was given the death penalty for the murder of record producer Douglas Green. Hale shot Green four times in the back of the head, 'execution style' during a singing audition. He then stole Green’s SUV and his credit cards. The victims daughter talked about how devastating his death has been on their family.. Her mother has M.S. and her father worked and took care of her. "I must put aside my last year of college, my last year of college, to take care of my mother, no one else is, my sister is too upset, she can't even come here," Christian Green said. - (reader link) - (crime)

Officer Dies After Shooting Outside Newark, New Jersey School
One of two Newark school police officers wounded in a shooting Monday afternoon has died. Officer Dwayne Reeves died at 5:25 p.m., according to Rogers Ramsey, spokesman for University Hospital in Newark. The officer had been shot in the head. A second officer, Akhia Scott, 27, was treated for a gunshot wound to the hand and released, Ramsey said.
The first suspect, Omar Tindell, 26, of Newark, was shot in the stomach during a confrontation with the officers. He was listed in fair condition.
The second suspect, who had fled the scene is described as a black man... - (The Bobster) - (crime)

Man acquitted in earlier robbery now charged with attempted murder
John M. RayJohn M. Ray had a chance to start over when he got out of prison earlier this year, after serving 16 years on robbery charges. But his luck ran out. He's now charged in the July 4 beating and carjacking of a Tallahassee mother and her 2�-year-old daughter in the Toys R Us parking lot on Apalachee Parkway. Ray, currently charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, armed carjacking and kidnapping, likely faces a life sentence if convicted. - (JesseGibson) - (crime)

Holly Springs Man Killed During Party; Suspect In Custody
Maurice Andre DeLoatch The Wake County Sheriff's Office have arrested a suspect who they believe killed a Holly Springs man during a party near Apex Saturday night. Deputies said they received a call about shots fired during a party on Arrowhead Drive, near Apex, at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday. When authorities arrived to the house, they discovered the body of 33-year-old Larry Leach on the driveway. A spokeswoman for the sheriff's office said Leach died at the scene. Deputies have charged 22-year-old Maurice Andre DeLoatch with Leach's murder. He later turned himself in to authorities. - (JesseGibson)

Park Murder Probe Intensifies
Authorities on Monday released the sketches of two persons of interest wanted for questioning in the weekend death of an attendant at Stone Mountain Park who was fatally shot. The sketches are part of an intensifying effort to find the killers of Anita Redmon, 63, who was gunned down at 12:30 a.m. Saturday during an apparent robbery attempt. - (Gman) - (crime)

bulletEbonics suggested for district - Blacks make up the second largest racial group in the district. - (Brewski)
bulletFears of Witchcraft Lead to Widespread Infanticide in Remote North Africa
bulletKENYAN police have arrested two more people in connection with last week's murder of an Italian bishop
bulletChinese national Feng Yuening killed in S.Africa by bandits
This is the 22nd death case of Chinese nationals there in the past two years.
- (Africa)
bullet603 "visitors" to NNN from the 'Black Voices' forum yesterday

bulletReport: Retarded man sodomized by group
Reader comments: "Moultrie is a majority-black village in the USA. Felonies by GROUPS are overwhelmingly non-white.
This one has to be another case of T.N.B.!"
1Ki 14:24
1Ki 14:24 And there were also sodomites in the land: [and] they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.
bulletGirl, 12, Sexually Assaulted at Universal Resort
The girl told investigators she bit the man. She and her family recently arrived in the United States from the Ukraine.
The girl had taken a self defense course just two weeks ago, which police credited with helping her end the attack.
bulletDefense Wraps in French Pedophilia Trial
of 65 people accused of participating in a pedophilia network that raped and prostituted children in western France

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,769
bullet'25,000 civilians' killed in Iraq * Iraq war takes heavy toll on civilians
bulletU.S. Soldier Found Dead in Kuwait Base

bullet"Odin's Reich is a community of individuals who yearn for a safe haven from the discrimination and censorship that prevails on other internet websites such as MySpace and Friendster. We consist of varying religions, political and organizational affiliations and all sincere folk and groups are welcome here...." - (reader link)
bulletA few more links recommended by an NNN reader - I haven't had time to check them out yet. - ed.
bulletViva Malta forum * National Anarchist site * national-anarchist campaign

bulletEric Rudolph sentenced to life in prison for abortion clinic bombing
Rudolph, an anti-abortion extremist remained defiant when he admitted setting the deadly explosions.
bulletItalian City Renovates Mussolini Villa
bullet NRA Moves Convention From Columbus, Ohio because of the city's ban on so-called assault weapons

bullet Vietnamese ghoul arrested for mailing human skull to a relative in the United States to be used as a prayer idol
Doan Ngoc Phang, 37 and Huynh Thai Son, 49, were arrested in Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday and accused of "encroaching on graves and remains," the Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper said.
bulletGen. MacArthur Statue Spawns Korea Protest
bulletChina to revise Criminal Procedural Law for preventing confessions by torture
bulletClaim defector's documents support China spy allegations
Chinese defector Hao Feng Jun has provided further alleged evidence about the claims of surveillance and monitoring of Australian citizens and residents by China. A second Chinese defector, former diplomat Chen Yonglin, backs Mr Hao's claims.
bullet China Spy Report Focuses on Vancouver Falun Gong Appeal
A report written in January by a Chinese spy in Canada indicates that the Canadian government had pressed the City of Vancouver to remove display boards depicting the persecution of Falun Gong from in front of the Vancouver Chinese consulate. - (Canada)

bulletLawmaker suggests that "U.S. could take out Mecca"
Rep. Tom Tancredo made his remarks on WFLA-AM in Orlando, Fla. His spokesman stressed he was only speaking hypothetically.
bulletExperts Say Suicide Mission in United States Is Inevitable
bullet"US to clamp down on foreign researchers"
bulletMuslim scholar barred from US receives apology
bulletMoscow Subway to Install Cameras in Cars
bulletGermany Blocks Extradition of dual national terror suspect
Monday's ruling upheld an appeal by al-Qaida suspect Mamoun Darkazanli, a German-Syrian dual national, accused by Spain of providing the terror network with logistical and financial support. Germany Frees Terror Suspect From Prison
bullet London bombs spur Congress to rethink visas - (reader news list)
bulletEastern Europe: Paroubek dismisses multiculturalism as cause of terrorism
The excessive openness of the West to immigrants from other cultural environments facilitates attacks by radical Islamists at targets in western countries, Klaus said... In Germany there are three million Turks and in France five million Muslims. - (reader news list)

bulletImmigrant Births Put Pressure on Hospitals
UTICA, N.Y. -- Almost one in four American births is now to a foreign-born mother, according to a recent report by the Center for Immigration Studies. The result, medical experts and advocates say, is a growing pressure on American health care centers to not only deliver babies, but deliver them in more languages than one. - (Invasion!)
bullet Immigrants live in squalor in illegal homes
Police charged owner Rosalina Dias with criminal contempt and criminal nuisance
bulletSharpton Urges Calm During Probe of LAPD
while authorities investigate the death of a 19-month-old toddler killed by police during a shootout with her father Jose Pena

bulletFemale Teacher Debra Lafave Claims Insanity in Sex Case with 14-year-old student
NNN Reader comments: "45% of students are black at the middleschool where the blonde teacher had sex with a 14-Year-Old
student....... story also notes that this teacher drove him to basketball practice, had sex with him while his cousin drove them around, and got to know him while the boy was serving detention" - Ref: Greco Middle School

bullet Bikers Empty Their Pockets for Idaho biker's daughter Shasta Kay Groene who survived a horrific abduction by gay pedophile killer
bullet Cops: Pair caught having sex on top of middle school as people watched from street level

bulletAfro-american Ivy League student Meleia Willis-Starbuck from Berkeley slain - Victim, 19, was longtime activist, volunteer
A group of about seven young men walked by Willis-Starbuck and her friends and asked the women to party with them.
When rebuffed, they called the women "bitches"
and an argument between the men and women ensued. Police are looking for the killer, described as a black man of thin build in his 20s, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, and last seen in a car heading east on Dwight Way.
A double-major in sociology and African American studies, Willis-Starbuck continued her volunteerism while at Dartmouth, joining the African American Society, the Dartmouth Alliance for Children of Color and the Dartmouth College Greens. - (Norcal)
bulletAfrica: Bill Clinton Dedicates New Lesotho AIDS Clinic

bullet"Black Voices" forum links to NNN dark crime page - "One Racist Website! Be Warned! - Someone try to take this one down"
Another poster comments: "I should keep my mouth shut but I will proceed anyway. 
I will only say this..........the sad part is that there is some truth to information on the site."

bulletU.S. Iraq military WMD casualties officially reported - 1,767
bulletUK rejects Iraq link to London bombs, seeks new law
bulletPower Blackouts Hit Rome; Cause Unknown
bulletU.S. to Resume Guantanamo Suspects' Tribunals After Ruling, Rumsfeld Says
bulletBush says he will fire anyone who breaks law

bulletCanada: Descendants of U.S. fur trader apologizes to natives near Tofino, B.C.
B.C. - Descendants of a U.S. fur trader who burned a native village and kidnapped the son of a local chief 200 years ago have apologized for their forefather's actions. William Twombly, a direct descendant of Capt. Robert Gray, forged a new relationship with the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations by just saying sorry. - (Abo news)