One Third of the World's Prison Population

Two Thirds of the World's Rapists

Only OneTwentieth of the World's Population


Banning school prayer and failing to uphold adultery laws put more US citizens in prison than any other nation, 780,000 more than Russia and half a million more than China.


Up to 470,536 of the 470,000 American men now in prison for rape may have been falsely accused.


If the US had an incarceration rate equivalent to China's, 1,943,000 of the 2 million men currently in prison wouldn't be there and Americans would have spent 30 million fewer manyears behind bars since 1940.


Finally:  the mainstream media takes note.


Each 2 years in prison shortens a man's life expectancy by one year, so 30 million manyears in prison is a total shortened life expectancy of 15 million manyears, the equivalent of 205,500 lives.


Feminist jurisprudence caused a ten fold increase in the US incarceration rate, even as violent crimes like murder decreased.


While most rates decreased between 1985 and 1995, no country's incarceration rate increased as rapidly as ours.


The number of Americans in prison already exceeds the number in 57 different countries and will increase to 2.2 million at the current rate of growth by the year 2001.


If the US incarceration rate were equivalent to Japan, there would be 1.9 million fewer American men in prison--our rate is TWENTY TIMES (20X)  & our violent crime rates are 5 times (5x) higher than Japan's.


If the US incarceration rate were commensurate with our 5x higher crime rates than many countries, there would be 1.3 million fewer Americans in prisons.


False allegations filed by women against men are the main reason--DNA evidence frees an additional 12 convicted prisoners in Illinois.


Incarceration rates in contiguous states vary due to women in law?


Women in law in Illinois.


Why so few women are incarcerated.


False allegations are the feminists' "Silver Bullet", making feminism, an abomination before God, responsible directly for most of our excess prison population.


U.S. jail population hits record 6.5 million

                 August 26, 2001 Posted: 11:26 AM EDT (1526 GMT)

                                             WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The U.S.
                                             federal, state and adult correctional
                                             population rose 2 percent in 2000 to a
                                             record 6.5 million people, a
                                             Department of Justice report showed

                                             The department's Bureau of Justice
                                             Statistics said the United States, which
                                             has the largest prison and jail population
                                             in the world, added 117,400 more
                                             people to its "correctional community" a
                                             year ago.

                                             The total number of adults under
                                             correctional supervision includes
                 incarcerated inmates as well as those on parole or probation.

                 The report said 3.1 percent of adults in the United States are part of the
                 country's correctional population.

                 The 2 percent increase in 2000 was below the annual rise of 4 percent averaged
                 each year during the last decade. Overall, the nation's correctional population
                 has soared 48.7 percent from 4.35 million in 1990, the data showed.

                 At the end of last year, women made up 22 percent of those on probation, and
                 12 percent of all parolees.

                 Some 66 percent of the people on probation and half of those on parole were white,  while the comparative numbers for blacks were a third and 40 percent.

                 The states with the largest percent of their adult population under correctional
                 supervision were Georgia at 6.8 percent, Texas at 5.0 percent and Idaho at 4.9
                 percent. West Virginia, New Hampshire, and North Dakota reported the lowest at 0.9 percent.

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The US divorce rate increased 50 fold in one century.

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At current growth rates, there will be two million American men in jails and prisons by 2001, compared to only 50,000 Japanese in Japanese prisons--an incarceration rate 18 times higher than Japan.

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The US has 782,628 more jail and prison inmates than Russia, more than any other country in the world.

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Only Russia has a higher incarceration rate, but the rate in many countries is less than 1/10th that of the US, and the current growth rate of the US rate will put it ahead of Russia within a few years.

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The US has a murder rate 5 times higher, a rape rate 20 times higher,and 18 times as many citizens per capita in prisons and jails, than Japan.

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Countries with higher incarceration rates also have higher murder rates, suggesting that both high crime rates and high incarceration rates result from some factor other than being "easy on crime".  In other words, while politicians have been very vocal about "fighting crime" to justify the quintupling of the incarceration rate, crime continued to increase while the REAL problem was ignored.

The international data shows that each 40 additional prison inmates per 100,000 population parallels an increase in the murder rate of one per 100,000 population.

World Murder vs. Incarceration Rates

World Homicide Rates World Populations

Between 1985-1995, the incarceration rates of many countries decreased at the same time that the rate in the US almost doubled.

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Better education is more effective at reducing crime than large prison populations--the international data shows that each 2 1/2 TIMSS math point increase in scores parallels a reduction in prison populations by one inmate per 100,000 population.

TIMSS Scores vs. Incarceration Rates

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bulletExcel Spreadsheet of US divorce & incarceration rates by state vs. percent of men teachers and principals.
bulletFeminism--an abomination before God!