Michigan’s ballot included Prop 2 to amend the state constitution to ban affirmative action programs that give preferential treatment to groups and individuals for public employment, university admissions or contracting for jobs. Special treatment for race, gender, skin color, ethnicity or national origin would be banned. And Michigan’s Prop 4, like Nevada’s proposal, was among the strongest anti-eminent domain measures among the states with such measures.

On Prop 2, voters in Michigan sent a clear message that affirmative action policies are biased. About 58%, or 2,131,488, said “yes” to amend the constitution to outlaw affirmative action. The “no” votes totaled 1,539,431, or 42%. And Michigan voters gave no quarter to land-grabbers—a whopping 80% of the voters, or 2,896,521, said “yes” to stop government from taking and transferring property from the original private owner to another for alleged “economic development” or to “increase tax revenue.” The “no” votes totaled only 716,738.