Senate Accountability

For America's Public Servants

Nineteen out of twenty Americans no longer believe that this United Sates government, and in particular its public servants, adequately represents the American people nor their families.

We deserve to know why.

It is past time for the government of we the people of these united states, those who took an oath to uphold the Constitution and its amendments, to live up to their most elementary moral and ethical responsibility:

You should publicly proclaim that the Senate shall pass no new laws until we understand why.
You should accept 100% responsibility for your failure to act responsibly by acknowledging that the Constitution, in harmony with the Holy Bible, enabled this once moral nation to achieve a standard of living unparalleled in human history, and that banning prayer from public school ended that harmony and created a catastrophe of incomprehensible proportions.
You should immediately describe completely, but in the simplest language possible, that:

You recognize this as the most serious threat to national defense that we have ever faced, a threat as grave to America as Mao Tse Tung to China and Stalin to Russia.

You acknowledge that you understand as well as we the people that this caused a fundamental breakdown of our constitutional government.

You have a theory for why you believe our Constitution failed, how the fundamental religious rights and beliefs of ALL of two generations of Americans have been so successfully thwarted by a small radical minority of feminists, and how you believe the error should be corrected.

With no further delay, in a full scale open public investigation, you should immediately commit the entire resources of the Senate to discover and disclose specifically which individuals are responsible, and make their names known to all.
You should review all existing laws, analyze them for both intent and effect, immediately repeal those which violate the religious rights of the 85% of us who are Christians, and prohibit laws which don't meet minimum cost/benefit criteria.
You should outlaw "absolute judicial immunity" and establish a procedure to severely punish our public servants for violating citizen's Constitutional rights.

In the typical American classroom of 30 students today:


25 are Christians.


24 have parents who want school prayer.


22 have parents who want the Ten Commandments in school.


21 have parents who want spoken daily prayer and want the Bible to be used for classroom instruction.


20 have parents who want creationism to be taught in public schools and who oppose legalized abortions.


15 have parents who view abortion as murder.

To satisfy the whims of a radical small minority of feminists, you sacrificed the most fundamental religious beliefs of ALL of two generations of Americans by banning prayer in public school and legalizing abortion.  This denial of the fundamental First Amendment right to free exercise of religion caused this national disaster:
bulletEven though nineteen out of twenty Americans believe we are headed the wrong direction morally, and nine out of ten Americans pray regularly you continue to prohibit school prayer
bulletEven though the Bill of Rights protects the rights of Christians to practice their religion, you destroyed the American family by establishing feminism as a state religion smh.htm
bulletEven though two thirds of Americans oppose legalized abortions and half of them consider abortion to be MURDER, you allow abortions
bulletEven though it is still very much against the law, four out of five Americans condemn it, and it is a violation of the Ten Commandments, you continue condone adultery
bulletEven though more than half of male voters support the existing second amendment, independent polls show that 97% oppose gun control laws, and private gun ownership prevents crime, you pass 20,000 gun control laws.
bulletEven though four out of five of your constituents recognize fatherlessness as the most significant social problem of this nation's short life you continue to ignore it.
bulletEven though the Gallup Poll shows that less than half of Americans agree with legalizing homosexual relations , the Statistical Handbook on the American Family (Oryx Press, 1992) shows that three quarters believe it is always wrong, and less than 5% want this issue discussed in schools, you legalize it anyway.
bulletEven though it is well documented that women have a four fold higher accident rate than men and that putting women in charge violates basic Christian principles, you risk the entire space program by appointing Eileen Collins as a "commander" of the Space Shuttle womenpilots.htm and womendrivers.htm
bulletEven though federal meddling in education created a nightmare which left zero percent of American girls able to answer the simplest math and physics questions and placed the United States DEAD LAST in the world in test scores timssgirls.htm you fail to end the Department of Education.
bulletEven though you allowed a known liar and adulterer to remain in the office of highest public trust feminism.htm you continue to imprison fathers like Steve Willner for the act of going to their own daughter's school function.
bulletEven though you condemn China for human rights violations, you placed more American men in prison than at any time in the nation's short life, 35 times more per capita than China and five times more than South Africa incarceration.htm
bulletEven though scientific DNA evidence proves the innocence of ONE THIRD of American men you imprison dna.htm YOU STOOD IDLY BY AND DO NOTHING.
bulletEven though Sandra Day O'Connor single-handedly destroyed thousands of years of Christian progress sandradayoconnor.htm you did nothing to stop her.
bulletEven though 85% of us are Christians, even though we were founded by Christians as a Christian nation, your corrupt fellow public servants, senators in Kansas, can't even sit through a simple prayer.
bulletEven though your failure to act almost tripled the murder rate, you created SWAT Teams which did more damage to society than most criminals.
bulletEven though your own data shows that banning school prayer increased our increased murder and suicide rates and caused an extra 350,000 American men to be murdered and 670,000 to commit suicide suicide.htm you did nothing.

Rather than accept responsibility for your own failure, you pretend that controlling how Americans think with "hate crimes legislation", the Orwellian nightmare of mind control, is the solution.

This is not a breakdown of public morals.

This is a breakdown of government.

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it."

Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861 (1809-1865)

"If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. ... Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of its own existence." 

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, 1928 (Olmstead v. United States)

"That to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical."

Thomas Jefferson wrote in his most cherished document

Senators, your nation is at stake.

If you don't act today, tomorrow will be too late.


You should immediately acknowledge that the constitutional provision for separation of powers was intended to provide checks and balances to prevent precisely the government micromanagement of private family and business affairs which we are now enduring; that the legislative branch is supposed to represent we the people by passing laws necessary to adhere to these constitutional principles; that the executive branch is supposed to implement those laws in such a way that nobody’s free exercise of religion, free speech, right to bear arms, freedom of assembly, etc., were infringed; and that the judicial branch is supposed to assure that all laws are constitutional and are implemented constitutionally.

You should immediately acknowledge that the current construct of federal government bears no resemblance to that constitutional provision, and that nine of ten Americans know it. You should immediately acknowledge that cross pollination of lawyers [read: the American Bar Association] into both the legislative and executive branches created a conspiracy to protect only one "class"—the "lawyer class"—at the expense of everybody else, even though "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States" Section 9, Article 8, US Constitution prohibits it. You should fully inform your constituents how failure to uphold this simple Constitutional provision caused three quarters of the world’s lawyers to be in the US; why we have sixty times as many lawyers as countries like Japan; why countries like Japan have four times as many engineers as us; why each additional US lawyer reduces GDP by a quarter of a million dollars (Stephen P. McGee); how banning school prayer & allowing women to enter law quintupled our already high incarceration rate at the same time that it tripled our already high murder rate; why we have been distinguished for several decades as having the world’s highest divorce rate; why the nation’s children continue to be placed into single-mother households (SMHs) where they are KNOWN from NIS-3 to be three times more likely to be fatally abused [read: murdered] than children in father-only households.

You should acknowledge that you couldn’t design a more fragile society if you set out to do just that.

You should acknowledge that the conflict of interest created by ABA lawyers’ penetration of all three branches of government banning school prayer & the entry of women into law in the 1960s set the stage for the judiciary to apply "absolute judicial immunity" to itself in the 1970’s, in spite of two centuries of prior case law to the contrary, in violation of the will of we the people, without the required ratification of the US Constitution by the three quarters of the state legislatures, even though "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States", and contrary to all common sense. You should acknowledge that a society cannot survive which relies upon its moral, legal, and ethical standards to be upheld by the very "class" which declares itself to be not responsible [read: irresponsible], particularly when that class fails to uphold the very Constitution which it swore before God to uphold. You should acknowledge that they empowered themselves with the authority to make moral judgements about everyone else, while removing any responsibility from themselves for the errors they would inevitably make--firmly establishing themselves as moral minors. You should acknowledge that all other individuals, companies, and corporations are held accountable for their actions, yet none of them are empowered to make moral judgments about anyone else, as the judiciary is. You should acknowledge that placing two out of five children in fatherless households is abundant proof of their ultimate failure to uphold validated moral principles and of their collective status as moral minors.

You should condemn the moral minors who now make judgments about industry’s economic decisions: awarding four billion dollars in damages for GM’s gas tank decision which they fraudulently claim caused an injury accident; awarding millions of dollars to a secretary because someone dropped M&Ms down her blouse; awarding eighty million dollars to a female engineer based on her claim that she wasn’t promoted due to "sexual discrimination" while ignoring that zero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to answer simple TIMSS math and physics questions. You should warn us that they do this, not to uphold some egalitarian concept of gender equality, but merely to protect their titles of nobility and enrich the lawyer class--that if the judiciary truly believed in gender equality, then it wouldn’t itself be practicing the nation’s worst form of discrimination--that it would instead be screaming from the rafters that:
bulletMen are acquitted one fifth as often as women.
bulletOnce convicted, men are sixteen percent more likely than women to be sentenced to prison.
bulletOnce sentenced, men receive prison sentences 3 times longer than women for the same crime.
bulletMen receive a statistical zero percent of custody of their children of divorce, with more than nine out of ten going to mothers.

You should acknowledge that this unholy alliance of moral minor lawyers claims the authority to judge how we the people "think" about each other [read: "discriminate against"], while they themselves operate the most discriminatory organization in the world, one which their own practice would demand be immediately hauled before court and disbanded. You should acknowledge that the operators of this bastion of anti-male bias don’t possess the collective credibility to sell used cars, which is why we hold used car salesmen and lawyers in equal regard and why nineteen out of twenty Americans believe we are heading in the wrong direction morally. We the people know that this elaborate, systematic, pervasive, destructive, anti-family, ungodly, biased, and most discriminatory court in world history put two fifths of the nation’s children in precisely the environment in which it is KNOWN triples their probability of being fatally abused, just as Michael T. Manthie’s [email protected] son, Marvin, was.

You should acknowledge that children raised in SMHs are more than three quarters of murderers, rapists, juvenile delinquents, of prison inmates, and of the victims of gun-related deaths, making these moral minors responsible for the killing of thirty times as many children as guns.

You should discover why a judiciary, a Congress, and a Presidency, all sworn to protect US citizens, whose highest calling is to save human lives, who are so concerned about American lives that they wouldn’t even put a soldier on the ground in Kosovo out of fear that he might be shot at, place children in SMHs which are thirty times more deadly to them than guns, while pressing for futile gun control laws which could only obscure or accelerate the problem.  You should acknowledge that if we the people know this, then you, with all of your statistical resources, know it in spades. You should acknowledge that it is the subject of every single back room meeting on the subject in Washington, that even though citizens may not know all of the reasons children are three times more likely to be fatally abused in SMHs, that that their representatives in Washington DO, because they discuss it behind the scenes, daily.

You should carefully explain what is so important that you would knowingly permit so many children to die--why you would pretend to be so concerned about our children while expanding the role you play in killing them.  You should carefully describe what happened to the Constitution which once placed the world’s highest value on human life--an issue far more important to the vast majority of Americans than Kosovo, health care, social security, the President’s adultery, Congress’ failure to remove him for adultery, Chinagate, and even Waco, combined.  You must admit that Americans deserve to know why political candidates, politicians and the mainstream media continue to avoid this issue like the plague, thus preserving the status quo.

You should issue a report entitled "Judicial Conflict of Interest: which describes this most serious conflict of interest in world history, one even more dangerous than our failure to keep the three branches of government separate, even more dangerous than allowing the "lawyer class" to turn our cast-in-concrete Constitution into a "living document". Dr. Daniel Amneus in "The Case for Father Custody" cfc.htm documents how and why the same judiciary which set out to consciously destroy families also benefits [read: grows] from the crime they are permitted to accelerate in divorce courts. You should acknowledge that putting family law and criminal law under the same judiciary is akin to asking children to watch the candy store while putting them in charge of the cash register, or asking the fox to guard the hen house while putting him in charge of the menu.

You should acknowledge that our Forefathers warned us that our constitutional concept of limited government would work only in a God-fearing nation, which meant at the time Christians who understood and appreciated the power and creativity of strong families, made strong only when the father has sole authority over that family. You should acknowledge that for almost two centuries, "free exercise of religion" gave the eighty five percent of us North Americans who are Christians the right to instill moral and spiritual values in our youth, in public schools, in every arena of their lives, creating the strong, independent families which gave us the highest standard of living the world had ever seen by the 1960’s, abundant evidence of the brilliance and power of this alliance of the Constitution with the Holy Bible.

You should accept that moral minors who were too incompetent to comprehend the Constitution, who falsely claimed to be able to "interpret" it better than our Forefathers or we the people, who confounded centuries of prior case law and millennia of Christian progress, who banned prayer in public schools in 1963, who condone and even embrace feminism (the "right of the wife to commit adultery", an abomination before God), lost their moral compass, once and for all. You should condemn them for slapping the faces of our Forefathers, our ancestors, veterans who spilt the blood which enabled them to exist, our children, our children’s right to inherit the fruits of the Constitution, and of God.  You must admit forthwith that they discredited our once credible judiciary; impoverished Christian fathers with unprecedented taxation and draconian laws only to enrich sluts, whores and whoredom; conducted wars illegal under our Constitution and unjust in the eyes of billions of Christians worldwide; aborted thirty six million fellow citizens under the false pretense of birth control, leaving more than half of us Americans considering them to be mass murderers; created an unnecessary gender war with the sole intent of expanding corruptible political power at the expense of religious rights; caused thirty social and economic statistics to take a knee jerk turn for the worst; and that the biggest majority of Americans ever to grow up without fatherly love have yet to be unleashed upon society.

You must admit that they can't produce one single citizen who can legitimately claim to have benefited from slapping God.

You must condemn them, for they abandoned their right to rule.

Twenty million divorced and disenfranchised American fathers have the collective power, and the right, authority, and moral & civic duty, to terminate this judicial conflict of interest. All Christian fathers have the legal right and moral duty to support all other fathers by removing "absolute judicial immunity" from these moral minors; by making them personally liable for the damages they caused; by excising their titles of nobility; by firing them en masse; by demanding that they be punished as severely as fathers like Steve Willner were punished for going to their own children’s school functions; by assuring that they are held personally accountable for restoring all children, all religious rights, all Constitutional rights, all possessions, all money, all careers, all incomes, all personal savings, all tax dollars, all health, and all else these moral minors took—one hundred percent—to the natural fathers from whom they were removed.

You must acknowledge that these moral minors will resist. You must acknowledge that they won’t resist because they don’t know how much the entire nation, particularly the children, will benefit from restoring free exercise of religion to two hundred and thirty million Christians. You must acknowledge that they won’t resist because they don’t know this will allow the release of one million six hundred thousand men from prison, at the same time that it will save eighteen thousand lives per year from murder, eighteen thousand from suicide, and one million six hundred thousand from abortion. You must acknowledge that they won’t resist because they don’t know this will increase SAT Scores ninety eight points, quintuple workers’ incomes, restore faith in American government, cut government spending in half, & reestablish Personal Savings. You must acknowledge that they won't resist because they truly believe in gender equality.

You must acknowledge that moral minors will resist only because their profits depend upon a continuation of the social pathology they set in motion. And you must tell them: "Too bad".

WE, the following Signatories; the natural heirs of the Constitution of the united states; the natural fathers of these united states; recognizing that moral minors have subjected our children to mortal dangers to body and soul; having exhausted all legal remedies to right this wrong, all the way from sheriffs to the Supreme Court of these united states; in juxtaposition to the politically correct mindset that fathers "don’t care"; in accord with our heritage, our fundamental religious beliefs, our First Amendment right to free exercise of religion, the Holy Bible, the Magna Charta, the Constitution of the united states, each state constitution, common law, and God’s Law; hereby demand:

  1. Every public servant whoever took the oath to uphold the Constitution, but who failed to uphold that oath by infringing upon fathers’ free exercise of religion, be terminated forthwith, without pay and benefits.
  2. The doctrine of parens patriae be immediately suspended.
  3. That legal authority for all children be unconditionally restored to their natural fathers.
  4. That any politician, political candidate, or public servant who still maintains "I didn’t know", thus proliferating his willful denial of religious rights, be declared an enemy to the Constitution and subject to immediate exile.
  5. That feminism, "the right to commit adultery", be officially declared an abomination before God.
  6. That any Congressman or other official who fails to recognize or understand what "separation of powers" means, or who, consciously or otherwise, interferes with the separation of powers, be immediately recalled.

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