Purdue "simulation"



There are a number of SERIOUS flaws in this simulation, and your video report of it:

  1. Using a jew accent starts you out on the WRONG foot.
  2. If you're trying to build credibility for this report, this is the WRONG way to do it.
  3. The simulation shows only the extreme right side of the building where the plane hit, and leaves out three quarters of the surface to the left.
  4. The trajectory shown on live TV suggests it exited the SIDE of the building, not the other side.
  5. At this angle of entry, it completely missed the core, whereas your "simulation" suggests this was a direct hit on the core which destroyed it.
  6. The simulation suggests that the aluminum TAIL of the aircraft knocked out solid, welded, and riveted steel beams, a STUPID "simulation".
  7. To suggest that STEEL beams caught on fire just because the protective coating was knocked off means only ONE thing: you REALLY think the American public is *stupid*.
  8. The ONLY thing in such an aircraft that MIGHT break some beams are the titanium engines, but there were only TWO of them which MIGHT have taken out a dozen steel beams.
  9. If the structural damage was as severe as the simulation suggests, and IF this is all it takes to knock down a STEEL building, then it would have collapsed IMMEDIATELY, not almost an hour later.
  10. ALL of the fuel was consumed instantly in the EXPLOSION, so what could possibly have been burning for almost an hour?
  11. No building materials burn at a temperature high enough to WEAKEN, much less MELT, steel.


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