PurrfectClause (co-admin): Hi the title you created

PurrfectClause (co-admin): has to move to religion or social issues

moshehall: why is that?

moshehall: House of Israel is a Christian forum

moshehall: Asherah is referred to in the Holy Bible

moshehall: 50 times

PurrfectClause (co-admin): Ahereah refers to Idolatory

PurrfectClause (co-admin): Aherah

PurrfectClause (co-admin): and the implivcation of your title

PurrfectClause (co-admin): implication

moshehall: we are not supporting idolatry

PurrfectClause (co-admin): is that your title

moshehall: we are discussing it

PurrfectClause (co-admin): you a re infering Judaism does

moshehall: something that Christians need to do

moshehall: no, House of Israel is not Judaism

moshehall: if you don't believe me, try to open a room in the jewish section called "house of Israel

moshehall: they told us once we had to do that, and we were permanently banned from the jewish section

PurrfectClause (co-admin): and the discussion will take place in Religion or Social issues

PurrfectClause (co-admin): the reason why you wer taken out of Judaism is that you are Christians

moshehall: the House of Israel is Christian, not religious, and not jewish

PurrfectClause (co-admin): this is not negotaible

PurrfectClause (co-admin): this has been discussed with my Boss

moshehall: who is your boss?

PurrfectClause (co-admin): PaltalkAdminD

moshehall: we've been shut down 52 times, and are anxious for you to do it 53 times

moshehall: fine with us

moshehall: we are keeping track of this, don't you think?

PurrfectClause (co-admin): well I will suggest that in this case not only will the room close but your admin will be with drawn as will anyone bring up that room in that catg.

PurrfectClause (co-admin): have a nice day