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Qui Tam Statistics

(as reported by DOJ in October 1996)

Record Recovery and Filings

Total qui tam recoveries exceed $1.45 billion* since the False Claims Act was amended in 1986. This past year saw the highest qui tam recovery to date - a $182 million medical laboratory settlement. According to DOJ, more than 1,550 qui tam cases have been brought since 1986, with a record 360 cases filed in fiscal year 1996.

	FY 1987: 33 cases            FY 1992: 119 cases
	FY 1988: 60 cases            FY 1993: 131 cases
	FY 1989: 95 cases            FY 1994: 221 cases
	FY 1990: 82 cases            FY 1995: 278 cases
	FY 1991: 90 cases            FY 1996: 360 cases

DOJ reports that it has elected to pursue 225 qui tam cases. In these cases, the relators have been awarded about $200 million or 18% of the overall recovery where relator shares have been determined. Total recoveries in cases DOJ has declined to pursue are approximately $26 million. In these cases, the relators have been awarded a total of about 28.5% of the recovery.

DOJ records show that 545 qui tam cases are still under investigation.

HHS Increasingly Client Agency, With DOD Still Accounting for Large Portion

According to DOJ, DOD is the client agency in about 45% of the qui tam cases filed. However, DOD percentages of the total have decreased: Only 33% of the cases filed in fiscal year 1996 had DOD as the client agency. Of the qui tam cases still pending, approximately 80% involve DOD or HHS, and they are equally divided between the two.

DOD is the client agency as to about 2/3 of the dollars recovered in qui tam cases. HHS is the client agency as to 1/4 of the dollars, with other agencies accounting for the remainder.

* This figure includes settlements announced by the Government after DOJ's July 1996 report, which cited $1.13 billion in qui tam recoveries. (DOJ did not issue an updated recovery total as part of its October 1996 report.)

More Qui Tam Statistics

The 1986 FCA Amendments: An Assessment of Economic Impact

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