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Damages From False Accusations

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If feminists are correct, American women are the most raped and sexually assaulted women in the world and the 1,050,000 American men who are in prison for these crimes right now, plus countless more who just haven't been caught, deserve to be there.  If Bonnie Fisher at the Violence Against Women Office is correct, then 5,168,000 American women were raped [including sexually assaulted] last year but only 376,000 men were convicted and imprisoned for rape, requiring us to believe that 4,792,000 women were raped but their rapists weren't brought to justice.  This also requires us to believe that American women are raped 1,678 times as often as Indian, Japanese, French, or Italian women.r.jpg (37880 bytes)

It's commonly believed that the drug war was responsible for our burgeoning prison population which constitutes a third of the people in the world who are behind bars, even though the US is only 4.5% of the world population.  But the real reason is an extremely high rate of false allegations of rape, justice department personnel who take the lead from people like Bonnie Fisher, and judges who just look the other way.  In legal jargon, this is called a "criminal conspiracy", and the fact that it's being conducted by our own public servants qualifies it as "treason".  Putting up to one million American men in prison on false pretenses raises this to the level of one of the most serious cases of human rights abuse in the modern world.

The news media has grown accustomed  to reporting just about every day that DNA cleared yet another man who had been imprisoned for decades after DNA tests proved their innocence.  Barry Sheck reports that a majority of the DNA studies of men in prison proved that they had the wrong man--or a non-existent rape.  But what does that tell us about the innocence or guilt of these 1,050,000 men in prison for rape?  The best way to calibrate this is to compare our justice statistics to other countries who are known to punish rapists but who haven't been under pressure from feminists to punish men just for being men and to do it by giving questionable women too much credibility.   For example, there were 594 convictions for rape in Japan last  year, which is a conviction rate of .47 per 100,000 population.  But our conviction rate is 134 per 100,000 population, which is 285 times higher.  Does this mean that Japanese men don't respect Japanese women?   Absolutely not, they imprisoned 594 men who they believe raped women.  Is Japan a unique situation?  Absolutely not--Hong Kong, Italy, Syria, Cyprus, Singapore, Greece, India, and Trinidad had conviction rates even lower than Japan.   Does any other country match our conviction rate of 134.  No. The next highest country, South Africa, has a rate of 13, which is one tenth of ours.

There is really no reason to believe that American men are more likely to be  rapists than Greek, Italian, or Japanese men, so our real rape rate is most likely in the .5/100k range, which means that we should be imprisoning 1,400 men per year for rape.  The extra 374,600 rape convictions each year is clearly due to the feminist hysteria promulgated by errant public servant feminazis like Bonnie Fisher, whose main claim to fame regarding feminism is that they've made the world safer for women.  But what have feminazis really contributed to already established and thriving cultures who already had laws against rape and punished rapists almost as severely as murderers?  In fact, the average sentence for rape in Hong Kong is 72 months, eleven months longer than the average sentence for murder.  Was this a key accomplishment of feminazis, or did Hong Kong do this as a patriarchy?

Several hundred of these 1,400 cases of rape involve extreme damages, like torture and murder.  The majority of them involve women who received an average of $20,000 in "victim assistance awards", so it's reasonable to conclude that their actual damages didn't exceed $20,000 each.   At the other extreme are men like Wil Hetherington who received a 20 year prison sentence for "rape", but whose wife benefitted by getting custody of his kids, plus his cash, his car, and his house.  In cases like the latter, not only were there no damages, but she in reality greatly benefitted from filing this false allegation against her own husband.

  1. 200 serious rape cases x $1 million = $200 million

  2. 187,900 moderate rape cases x $20,000 each = $3,758 million

  3. 187,900 known false cases x $0 = $0

  4. TOTAL = $3,958 million

Charles McDowell, an experienced Air Force Criminal Investigator, has been called "probably the world's leading expert on false rape accusations."   He stated that falsely accusing a man of rape is a crime as reprehensible as rape itself, and that the former happens about as often as the latter.  Another aspect of the damages is that it costs taxpayers and the economy $250,000 per year to imprison an American.  If the average rape conviction results in imprisonment for four years, then each false conviction costs taxpayers $1 million each.

American women who LIE must be punished, whether they lie about statistics, or about rape!


International data: http://www.uncjin.org/stats/nprison/ratoad.txt


Back up file.


Excel spreadsheet.


Responding         Rape, av    Rape, av    Rape, av
Country            effectiv    effectiv    effectiv
                      e sen       e sen       e sen
                        len         len         len
                   (months)    (months)    (months)
                     , 1986      , 1988      , 1990
AUSTRALIA             22.10       21.70       20.10
BULGARIA            1225.00     1179.00      959.00
GHANA                 36.00         .           .
HONG KONG            129.00       74.00       72.00
CROATIA               21.00       27.00       23.00
ISRAEL                  .         23.80       22.60
JORDAN                60.00       60.00       60.00
LATVIA                90.00       90.00      100.00
PANAMA                30.00       33.00       35.00
RWANDA                63.00       63.00       63.00
SWAZILAND             60.00       72.00       72.00
SWITZERLAND           16.00       29.00       30.00
SYRIA                 60.00       60.00       60.00
TURKEY                24.00       24.00       20.00
ENGLAND & WALES       26.00       30.50       30.00
VANUATU               72.00      120.00       84.00



Responding              All         All         All
Country            homicide    homicide    homicide
                         av          av          av
                   effectiv    effectiv    effectiv
                          e           e           e
                   sentence    sentence    sentence
                   (months)    (months)    (months)
                     , 1986      , 1988      , 1990
AUSTRALIA             54.90       38.20       38.90
BULGARIA            1897.00     1552.00     1446.00
HONG KONG             55.00       49.00       61.00
CROATIA               38.00       49.00       37.00
ISRAEL                  .         25.50       33.00
LATVIA               204.00      204.00      260.00
RWANDA               121.50      121.50      121.50
SWITZERLAND           33.00       33.00       42.00
TURKEY               115.00      115.00       96.00
VANUATU               78.00      144.00       84.00

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