The Bureau of Justice Statistics' "Sex Offenses and Offenders", page v., reports that 15,158 American men received a prison sentence for sexual assault (including rape) in 1992.  It also reports that the average time served for such crimes was 48 months, which would have put 60,632 men in prisons for sexual assault in 1992.  But their "Inmate Survey" reports that 13% of the 711,000 state prison inmates in 1991 were sentenced for sexual assault, which is 92,430 state prison inmates.  There were another 505,665 Americans behind bars that year in jails and federal prisons in 1992, and if 13% of them were imprisoned for sexual assault, then an additional 65,736 inmates (a total of 158,166 inmates) were imprisoned for sexual assault that year.

Where the BJS believes that only 60,632 American men were in prison for sexual assault in 1992, and thus reports to the American public that our conviction rate for sexual assault was "only" 6 per 100,000 population (a conviction rate already 14 times higher than Japanese or Italian or Greek men are convicted),  2.6 times as many inmates themselves reported in 1991 that they were imprisoned for sexual assault.   This would have required a conviction rate of 15.6 per 100,000 population, which is a rate 37 times higher than Japan, Italy, or Greece.

But the number of Americans behind bars increased two thirds since then, with two million Americans now behind bars, putting more than a third of the citizens of the world who are imprisoned in a country which contains only 4.5% of the world's population.