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Race Matters!

Brain Size,Test Scores, Income, Crime, & Civilization

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Gould's most inflammatory allegation consists of blaming IQ testers for magnifying the toll of those lost in the Holocaust (p. 263). Here he has followed the lead of Leon Kamin's (1974) The Science and Politics of IQ. The Kamin-Gould thesis is that early IQ testers claimed their research proved that Jews as a group scored low on their tests and that this finding was then conveniently used to support passage of the restrictive Immigration Act of 1924 which then denied entry to hapless Jewish refugees in the 1930s. Gould goes so far as to claim (1996, pp. 195-198; 255-258) that Henry H. Goddard (in 1917) and Carl C. Brigham (in 1923) labeled four-fifths of Jewish immigrants as "feeble-minded ... morons". 

It is you who have stood by me in my trials; and I confer a kingdom on you, just as my Father has conferred one on me, that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom; and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. "Simon, Simon, behold Satan has demanded to sift all of you like wheat," Luke 22:28-31

"Tribes" is the Greek word "phule" which means "an offshoot; i.e., a race or clan".

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This is the book of the generations of Adam: In the day that God created man. He made him in the likeness of God. Gen 5:1

These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. Gen 6:9

Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws. Gen 26:5

Be sure of this, that no fornicator or impure man, or one who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God Ephesians 5:5


This is not some racist group with an agenda. It is the FBI investigation agency who just so happen to notice that different races have different structure in their hair.

Douglas W. Deedrick

Unit Chief
Trace Evidence Unit
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC

Racial Determination


A human hair can be associated with a particular racial group based on established models for each group. Forensic examiners differentiate between hairs of Caucasoid (European ancestry), Mongoloid (Asian ancestry), and Negroid (African ancestry) origin, all of which exhibit microscopic characteristics that distinguish one racial group from another.

Head hairs are generally considered best for determining race, although hairs from other body areas can be useful. Racial determination from the microscopic examination of head hairs from infants, however, can be difficult, and hairs from individuals of mixed racial ancestry may possess microscopic characteristics attributed to more than one racial group.

The identification of race is most useful as an investigative tool, but it can also be an associative tool when an individual's hairs exhibit unusual racial characteristics.


The following is from a letter from a West Indian lady of mixed blood:-

'You see I am one of those people described as "nearly white" and I know the unhappiness of our kind. I therefore think it is a sin to bring people into the world who are burdened with complexes [the consequences of race mixing] which in turn give rise to positive anguish to their extremely sensitive minds. I believe it to be the work of the devil, and have been praying for a long time that God would reveal this fact to the world. I shall continue to pray for you and all those who believe in keeping the races as God made them and I hope that you will pray for us who have been so sinned against.

'We try to forget it but it remains like a hidden cancer in our minds... There is a lot that needs to be disclosed concerning the mind of the "Imperfect Race" of half breeds. One thing they do know � is that it is not true that blacks and whites are equal.'

A Caucasoid (European) hair  Caucasoid (European)
Hairs of Caucasoid or Caucasian origin can be of fine to medium coarseness, are generally straight or wavy in appearance, and exhibit colors ranging from blonde to brown to black. The hair shafts of Caucasian hairs vary from round to oval in cross section and have fine to medium-sized, evenly distributed pigment granules.


A Mongoloid (Asian) hair Mongoloid (Asian)
Hairs of Mongoloid or Asian origin are regularly coarse, straight, and circular in cross section, with a wider diameter than the hairs of the other racial groups. The outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, is usually significantly thicker than the cuticle of Negroid and Caucasian hairs, and the medulla, or central canal, is continuous and wide. The hair shaft, or cortex, of Mongoloid hair contains pigment granules that are generally larger in size than the pigment granules of Caucasian hairs and which often appear to be grouped in patchy areas within the shaft. Mongoloid hair can have a characteristic reddish (note blonde excluded) appearance as a product of its pigment.


A Negroid (African) hair  Negroid (African)
Hairs of Negroid or African origin are regularly curly or kinky, have a flattened cross section, and can appear curly, wavy, or coiled. Negroid pigment granules are larger than those found in Mongoloid and Caucasian hair and are grouped in clumps of different sizes and shapes. The density of the pigment in the hair shaft may be so great as to make the hair opaque. A Negroid hair shaft exhibits variation or apparent variation in diameter because of its flattened nature and the manner in which it lies on the microscope slide. Twisting of the hair shaft, known as buckling, can be present, and the hair shaft frequently splits along the length.


Here is the search I found this under "determining race" hair



LET'S TAKE A LESSON from President Mugabe of Zimbabwe

Niggers must be shunned, harassed, and driven out of their land. They cannot be afforded any special privileges and will be driven out of the country. Life must be made as unpleasant as possible for them to make them want to leave.

"They will not be treated like special creatures. Why should they be treated as if they are next to God?"

"If anything, they are next to he who commands evil and resides in (the) inferno"

"The operation should be thoroughly planned so that niggers are systematically harassed and mentally tortured and their property and businesses destabilised until they give in and give up."

"MLK-silencing method", a reference to Martin Luther King who was killed in a mysterious shooting.  "You know what happened to MLK" has become a widely used threat.

"The opposition should be systematically infiltrated with highly-paid people to destabilise and cause divisions and infighting."

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The Statistical Handbook on the American Family from the National Opinion Research Center reports that, compared to White men, black men are: 

  1. Three times more likely to think that marriage would make their life "much worse".
  2. Three times more likely to have grown up fatherless.
  3. More than two times more likely to have more than one sex partner.
  4. 60% more likely for their exclusive sexual relationship to be sodomy.
  5. 30% more likely to condone premarital sex.

This is evidence of a very big difference between races which has serious consequences for society as a whole.  The pop theory that these racial differences are due to socialization or environment are now scientifically disputed by the accuracy of the various methods by which to measure cranial capacity, or what the differences between races and sexes are, or how to compensate for various physical factors which influence cranial capacity:  the races are designed differently.

The proportional differences between races and sexes are equivalent from test to test (helmet size, external head measurement, length plus width of the head, and various methods for measuring the internal cranial capacity) which is proof enough that there are distinct differences between race and sex.  J. Philippe Rushton's most recent calculations for cranial volumes of East Asians, Europeans, and  Africans of 1,415, 1,362, and 1,268 cc's, respectively, excludes the measurement by sex, so assumptions must be made from other observations which show that the cranial capacity of men is an average of 8-18% larger than that for women.  Once adjusted by sex, his figures correlate well with GRE scores (Quantitative, Verbal, and Analytical), TIMSS and TIMSS-R scores, IAEP scores, and in international and US incomes.

  • In Europe, men's brains are 11.2% larger than women's brains.

    • Their TIMSS scores are 14.1% higher.

    • Their annual incomes are 42% higher.

  • In Africa, men's brains are 11.15 larger than women's brains.

    • Their TIMSS scores are 10.3% higher.

    • Their incomes are 42% higher.

  • In Asia, men's brains are 11.1% larger than women's brains.

    • Their test scores are 11.8% higher.

    • Their incomes are 42% higher.

  • Asian brains are 3.9% larger than European brains.

    • Their test scores are 12.2% higher.

    • Their incomes are 38% higher.

  • Asian brains are 11.6% larger than Africans.

    • Their test scores are 70.8% higher.

    • Their incomes are 30.6X higher.

  • European brains are 7.4% larger than Africans.

    • Their test scores are 52.5% higher.

    • Their incomes are 22X higher.

R-squared for race, brain size, test scores, incomes Beals, Not Adjusted for Height Rushton, Adjusted for Height
GRE Quantitative to Annual Incomes .9481 .6475

Brain Size to GRE Quantitative



Brain Size to 12th Grade TIMSS Science*


Brain Size to Annual Incomes by Country .7972 .6475

Brain Size to 12th Grade TIMSS Math*



Brain Size to GRE Verbal



Brain Size to 8th Grade TIMSS-R Math



Brain Size to IAEP Math



Brain Size to GRE Analytical



Note that the highest degree of correlation between cranial capacity and various standardized tests occurs when cranial capacity is not adjusted for height.

While test scores, incomes, and some crime rates are available separately for Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Other Hispanics, jews, and Indians, brain sizes are not available separately, so these other factors are interpolated to estimate where on the curve they would fall relative to their known traits.  Test scores for jews in the US are not reported separately, so the TIMSS test scores for Israel, who are mostly jews, are used to calculate their expected brain size.  Brain sizes for White Europeans, East Asians, and Africans are well known, but those for Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Indians, Other Hispanics, and Others are not, so their expected brain sizes are extrapolated from their separate GRE, SAT, ACT, and TIMSS scores, annual incomes, and known crime rates.  The brain sizes of Other Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans are so different that it's extremely misleading to include them as one category in any measurement.  Conversely, the similarity between Indians, Mexicans, and jews is so close that it just can't be a coincidence--they are all apparently one single race.  While the differences between Asians, Europeans, and Africans have gotten much press and statistical reporting, the possibility that Indians, Mexicans and jews are all one race has gotten absolutely no media coverage.


Race, brain size, and crime rates

Percent pop

Homicide rate

Brain size

SAT Math

GRE quan

Annual US Income


















































red = interpolated data point

Once brain sizes are known, the amazingly high degree of correlation between that and IQs, test scores, crime rates, and incomes becomes evident.

R-squared For Cranial Capacity, SAT and GRE Scores, Homicide Rates, and Incomes, by Race A) Cranial capacity adjusted for stature B) Cranial capacity not adjusted for stature C) A, plus estimated values for Mexicans and Indians
Each 1 cc increase in brain size = $143/year increase in incomes     .9602
Each 1 cc increase in brain size = 1 less homicide per 100k pop .9952 .9238 .9325
Each 1 cc increase in brain size = a one point increase in SAT scores .9989 .9691 .9725
Each 1.2 cc increase in brain size = a one point increase in GRE scores .9735 .9978 .9975
Each 1 point increase in SAT scores = a 1.3 point increase in GRE scores .9796 .9796 .9802
Each 1 point increase in SAT scores = a $148/year increase in incomes     .969
Each 4 point increase in SAT Scores = one less homicide per 100k pop .8837 .8837 .9185
Each 4 point increase in GRE scores = one less homicide per 100k pop .8342 .8342 .9764


The International Correlation Between Brain Size,Test Scores, & Income

Estimates in red

Brain Size cc's

Actual 8th Grade TIMSS Math Korea, Belg ium, S Africa

Actual 8th Grade TIMSS-R Math Japan, Nether lands, Israel, S. Africa

Actual 8th Grade TIMSS-R Science Japan, Nether lands, Israel, S. Africa

Actual GRE Quan '96-7

GRE Quan '97-8

GRE Quan '98-9

GRE Verbal

GRE Analy

SAT Math 1985

SAT Verb 1986

Annual US Incomes

Annual Inter national Incomes Japan, Switzer land, Mozam bique

Asian men














White men














Asian women














Jewish men







Mexican men











African men














White women














Jewish women







Mexican Women











African women














BLACKS AND CRIME: Blacks are 12.1% of the US population, while American Indians and Asians together are 3.5%. Thus, the FBI's "Whites" [Includes Mexicans, Arabs, Jews, etc.] are the remaining 84.4% of the population.. Blacks are 5.6 times as likely to commit violent crimes as are "Whites." In other words, the average Black is 460% more likely to attack someone than the average "White" is. As compared to "Whites," Blacks are 4.5 times as likely to rape, 5.2 times as likely to commit aggravated assault, and 10.3 times as likely to commit armed robbery. If you had read that Blacks were 30% more likely to be armed robbers than "Whites," you might not have been surprised. In fact, Blacks are 930% more likely to be armed robbers. The 12% of the US population that is Black commits 58% of the armed robberies.

In 1996 law enforcement agencies reported to the FBI that they arrested 14,439 murderers. Of these murderers, 7,928 or 55% were Black. The murderer rate for Blacks is more than 26 per 100,000, while the "White" rate is less than 3 per 100,000. A Black is 9 times as likely to murder as a "White" is.
HISPANIC CRIME IS HIGH: Recall that we said that what the FBI calls "Whites" is really a conglomeration of Whites, Hispanics, and others. For data on Hispanic crime, we can look at the FBI's Supplementary Homicide Report, which lists the actual data submitted by 10,000 law enforcement agencies before it is sanitized by the FBI. Five of the states-Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas-still keep track of Hispanic crime as a separate category. In one year in these five states, we find under murderers: 1,156 Whites, 2,015 Hispanics, 1,526 Blacks, 134 Asians, and 54 Indians. Adjusted for population, Hispanics are 4.8 times as likely to murder as real Whites are, Blacks are 10 times as likely to murder, and Indians twice as likely as to murder. Before we leave the subject of Hispanics, let us briefly mention what the California Department of Justice reports about murder and robbery. Of the 2,644 California murderers in 1995, 18% or 467 were White. California had 1,250 Hispanic murderers and 794 Black murderers. This data shows that in California, as compared to a White, a Hispanic is 6.1 times as likely to murder, and a Black is 13.2 times as likely to murder.

A California Hispanic is more than 5 times as likely to commit armed robbery as a White, and a Black is nearly 20 times as likely to be an armed robber as a White.

BLACK WOMEN AND MURDER: Removing Hispanics from the FBI's "White" category exposes another interesting fact. In the five states keeping track of Hispanic crime, we found that Black women are actually 5% more likely to murder than White men are. This is also true in almost all parts of the US where separate data is kept on Hispanics or where there are too few Hispanics to obscure the data. For example in seven Southern states, Black women are 15% more likely to murder than White men are.

Since we said that in the South, Black women are 15% more likely to murder than White men are, to be fair we must compare White women to Black men. In these same seven Southern states, a Black man is 52 times more likely to murder than a White woman is. Stated as a percentage, a Black man is 5200% more likely to murder than a White woman is.
OUTSIDE EVIDENCE SUPPORTS THE FBI DATA: Professor Levin [in his 1997 book, "Why Race Matters: Race Differences and What They Mean"] reviews some of the statistics on Black criminals that you may have heard. For example, a Black is 7.8 times as likely to be in prison as a "White." Over 30% of the Black men between 23 and 29 are imprisoned for a felony. In major cities, it is worse. At any one time 42% of the Black males in Washington DC are in jail, on parole, on probation, or being sought by police. In Detroit, the number is somewhere between 45% and 50%. In Baltimore, it is 56%. Another study found that in one year, 25% of the Black men in Little Rock, Arkansas were arrested for a felony. Yet, another study shows that in the District of Columbia, 85% of the Black males will be arrested at some point in their life.
INTERRACIAL CRIME: Perhaps the best place to look at interracial crime is in the South, because the media depicts the South's Whites as a bunch of violent gun-toting, Black-hating rednecks. In one year in seven Southern states, Blacks killed 226 Whites while Whites killed only 66 Blacks. After adjusting the data for population size, it shows that a southern Black is 11.2 times as likely to murder as a southern White is. Table 2.8 of the FBI's 1996 Uniform Crime Report, lists interracial crime figures for the US as a whole. It shows that adjusted for population size, a Black is nearly 16 times as likely to murder a "White," than visa versa.

Here are some of the results cited in the university studies reviewed by Dr. Levin. Note that we don't know how each researcher defined White. One study shows that in the South, a Black is 10 times more likely to murder a White than visa-versa. A second study demonstrates that proportionally, Blacks kill 22 times as many Whites as Whites kill Blacks. A third study shows that Blacks are about 11 times more likely to rape a White than a White is to rape a Black. He concludes that evidence exists to support the stereotype that Black men lust after White women.

Professor Levin cites additional research showing that less than 3% of White crime is directed against Blacks, while one-half to two-thirds of the Black wave crime is directed against Whites. In yet another study, he found that the average Black is 25 times more likely to assault a White than the average White is likely to assault a Black.



Expressions of Ethnic Animosity

Politically Correct Hate Speech

Walter Mosley (President Clinton's favorrite mystery writer, in his novel) "Dad?" "Yes?" "Why do black men always kill each other?" (Long pause.) "Practising." After repeating these lines to him, I ask, "You mean, practising to kill whites?" He smiles that crooked half-smile again, nods and says, "Yup." (added 2/3/00)

Susan Sontag (white intellectual) "The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean Algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, and Ballanchine ballets don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history." (added 1/30/00)

Buffy Sainte-Marie (American Indian folk singer) "Here the melting pot stands open -- if you're willing to get bleached first" (added 1/30/00)

John Updike (white novelist) "Americans have been conditioned to respect newness, whatever it costs them" (added 1/30/00)

James Baldwin (black novelist) "The future is" (added 1/30/00)

Louis Farrakhan (black religious leader) "The Titanic was a great ship, but is was captained by one depicted as being arrogant, and warnings of an iceberg were not heeded. America is like that great ship. Unfortunately, at the helm may be a proud captain. And black people could become the iceberg that causes the sinking of this great ship called the United States of America." (added 1/30/00)

Leroi Jones (black writer) "If you are black the only roads into the mainland of American life are through subservience, cowardice and loss of manhood. These are the white man's roads." (added 1/30/00)

Thurgood Marshall (black Supreme Court justice) "Some years ago I said in an opinion that if this country is a melting pot, then either the Afro-American didn't get in the pot or he didn't get melted down." (added 1/30/00)

Sonny Carson (black activist in New York when asked if he was anti-Semitic) "I am anti-white. I don’t limit my ‘anti’ to just one group of people." [Mark Mooney, "Ex-Dinkins Organizer Boasts He’s ‘AntiWhite’" New York Post, October 21, 1989, p. 3.]

Miles Davis (black jazz musician) "If somebody told me I had only one hour to live, I’d spend it choking a white man. I’d do it nice and slow." [Miles Davis Can’t Shake Boyhood Racial Abuse, Jet March 25, 1985.]

Eldridge Clever (former Black Panther leader on why he raped white women) "Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women . . . ." [Eldridge Clever, Soul on Ice, McGraw-Hill, 1968, p.14.]

Gus Savage (former U.S. Representative from Chicago to a white member of the press) "I don’t talk to you white motherf*ckers. . . . You bitch motherf*ckers in the white press. . . . F*ck you, you motherf*cking *sshole . . . white devils." [Marilyn Rauber, "Reporter Says Black Rep Hurled Racial Slurs," New York Post, June 27, 1991, p. 18.]

Chino Wilson (in an editorial in the Daily Collegian, campus newspaper at Penn State University) "After looking at all the evidence there is only one conclusion: white people are devils . . . . I believe that we must secure our freedom and independence from these devils by any means necessary, including violence. . . . To protect ourselves we should bear arms (three handguns and two rifles, maybe an M-16) immediately and form a militia. . . . So black people, let us unite, organize and execute." [Chino Wilson, "African American Students Should Not Trust ‘Devilish’ White People," The Daily Collegian, Penn State University, January 28, 1992.]

Khalid Abdul Muhammed (former assistant to Louis Farrakhan - current leader of the New Black Panther Party) -’Hollywood is owned by these so-called Jews. Look at the movies they make about us, Black people killing Black people. Let’s make some revolutionary movies where we kill white people in the movie. Kill ‘em so hard you have to cover up your popcorn from the blood spraying out of the screen." [Speech at San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997.]

Khalid Abdul Muhammed (on what South African blacks should do to any whites who refuse to leave South Africa): "We kill the women. We kill the babies. We kill the blind. We kill the cripples. We kill them all. . . . When you get through killing them all, go to the goddamn graveyard and kill them a-goddamn-gain because they didn’t die hard enough."[November 29, 1993 speech at Kean College in Union, New Jersey.]

Mary Frances Berry (current head of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights) - "Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them." [Civil Rights Under Reagan, San Francisco, ICS Press, 1991, p. 141.]

Augustin Cebada (Head of the Brown Berets, a Hispanic activist organization at a July 4, 1996 rally) - "We’re here today to show L.A., show the minority people here, the Anglo-Saxons, that we are here, the majority, we’re here to stay. We do the work in this city, we take care of the spoiled brat children . . . we are the majority here and we are not going to be pushed around."

Augustin Cebada "Go back to Simi Valley, you skunks! Go back to Woodland Hills! Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. . . ." [Quoted in Barbara Coe, Reconquista, The Takeover of America, California Coalition for Immigration Reform, 1998, p. 20.]

Prof. Jose Angel Gutierrez (University of Texas, Arlington) "We have an aging white America. They are dying. They are shitting in their pants with fear! . . . I love it!" - [Speech of Jan. 1995, quoted in Coe, Reconquista, p. 16.]

Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (in a conversation with Justice William Douglas about racial preferences) "You guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it is our turn." [William O. Douglas, The Court Years 1939-1975, New York, Random House, 1980.]

Bell Hooks (black professor of English at City College of New York) "I am writing this essay sitting beside an anonymous white male that I long to murder." [From her book A Killing Rage, quoted by David Horowitz in Hating Whitey, Spence Publishing, 1999, p. 31.]

Sister Souljah (rap artist and black activist) "If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people." [R.W. Apple "Jackson Sees ‘Character Flaw’ in Clinton’s Remarks on Racism, New York Times, June 19, 1992.]

Ice Cube (black rapper and actor, on the anti-Korean album Death Certificate)
"So don’t follow me up and down your market.
or your little chop suey ass will be a target.
So pay your respects to the black fist
or we’ll burn your store right down to a crisp."
[Eric Briendel, "Rap Star to Koreans: ‘We’ll Burn Your Stores,’ " New York Post, Dec. 5, 1991, p. 29.]

Amiri Baraka (black poet and writer)
"You cant steal nothin from a white man, he’s already stole it he owes
you anything you want, even his life. All the stores will open up if you
will say the magic words. The magic words are: Up against the wall
motherfucker this is a stick up!"
[Quoted in Anne Wortham, The Other Side of Racism, Ohio State University Press, 1981, p. 257.]

Mario Obledo - (1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and former head of Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund - MALDEF) "California is going to be a Mexican state, we are going to control all the institutions. If people don’t like it they should leave." [Tom Leykis Radio Show, June 7, 1998.]

Malcolm X - "The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing." [Speech in Los Angeles on June 3, 1962 upon learning of a plane crash. He also said on numerous occasions, "The white man is the devil."]

Rev. James Cone - "What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world." [Quoted in David Horowitz, Hating Whitey, Spence Publishing, 1999, p. 44.]

Art Torres (former chairman, California Democratic Party) - "Remember, [Proposition] 187 [the measure to cut public benefits to illegal aliens] is the last gasp of white America." [The Social Contact, Summer 1998, p. 290.]

Willie Brown (Mayor of San Francisco to a white parent complaining that affirmative action would penalize his children) "I don’t care about your idiot children." [The Social Contract, Summer 1998, p. 290.]

Source: American Renaissance


"Bob LeChevalier" <> wrote in message
> "John Knight" <> wrote:
> >> Nonsense.  There is no gene that "gravitates someone towards a book".
> >> It is not transmittible by descent.
> >
> >Only the race called jews adhere to, accept, practice, believe in, promote,
> >and promulgate the "principles" of the Talmud
> duh  Why would that be? I wonder.  It is part of their culture
> >But on TOP of that, the definition for "race"  that YOU provided states
> >clearly that a "race" is "a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to
> >the same stock".
> That is ONE meaning of race.  Not all usages of race fit that
> definition.  Indeed most of them don't.  Go learn how to use a
> dictionary properly.

You've claimed for a long time that jews are not a race.

Now you're arguing just as vehemently that they are a race by only ONE
definition of race?

Then you suggest someone else should go "use a dictionary properly"?

YOU provided this dictionary definition.  Nobody challenged it, not even
YOU.  By at least ONE definition that you posted, jews are a RACE.

But you STILL deny jews are a race based on the assertion that jews don't
fit EVERY definition of "race"?

No wonder "liberals" don't have the first clue about the world they live in.

Just to set the record straight, here again is the definition of race that
YOU provided:

>I have no idea what dictionary you pulled this from.  Here is
>Main Entry: 3race
>Function: noun
>Etymology: Middle French, generation, from Old Italian razza
>Date: 1580
>1 : a breeding stock of animals
>2 a : a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock b
> : a class or kind of people unified by community of interests,
> habits, or characteristics <the English race>
>3 a : an actually or potentially interbreeding group within a species;
> also : a taxonomic category (as a subspecies) representing such a
> group b : BREED c : a division of mankind possessing traits that are
> transmissible by descent and sufficient to characterize it as a
> distinct human type

You have finally agreed that jews are a race by claiming that they are an
"ethnos" [which is simply Greek for race].

But jews are also a race because they are "a family belonging to the same
stock", "a tribe belonging to the same stock", "a people belonging to the
same stock", and now "a nation belonging to the same stock", "a class or
kind of people unified by community of interests,  habits,
[AND]characteristics", "an actually or potentially interbreeding group
within a species", AND "a division of mankind possessing traits that are
transmissible by descent and sufficient to characterize it as a distinct
human type".

Every single one of these definitions for race fit the jews to a tee.

Finding a Match, and a Mission: Helping Blacks Survive Cancer

Kirsten Luce for The New York Times

After learning he had two blood cancers, Seun Adebiyi, a Yale Law School graduate, struggled to find a marrow donor.

A month after his 2009 graduation from Yale Law School, Seun Adebiyi learned he had not one but two lethal blood cancers and began an odyssey to find a bone-marrow donor. Mr. Adebiyi, 28, who came to this country from Nigeria as a child, made appeals through Yale, on radio stations, in a YouTube video and even on a trip to Nigeria to ask law students to volunteer.

In Remission and on a Mission

But finally, his doctor called, saying that a Nigerian woman in this country had donated her baby’s umbilical cord blood to a “cord-blood bank” and that the stem cells in it were a close enough match. After his own marrow — the source of his cancers — was wiped out, those cells were infused into him at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He has been in remission since.

Now he is trying to repay that debt, with an effort that experts say may save the lives of both Nigerians and black Americans. In February, he helped start Nigeria’s national bone-marrow registry, the first in Africa outside South Africa. He is now raising money to start a cord-blood bank there.

Millions of Nigerians have blood cancers like leukemia or lymphoma, and about 4,000 black Americans die annually of them. Less than 20 percent of black Americans now find the perfect donor matches that could save their lives, while more than 70 percent of whites do. Without a registry and cord-blood bank, no Nigerians do.

“This is a slam-dunk, from my point of view,” Mr. Adebiyi said. “The U.S. registries are trying to figure out how to increase the population of minority donors; this is a solution they should be interested in.”

Becoming a donor is relatively simple nowadays; only a cheek swab is needed to test for a match. Donating rarely requires the painful hip punctures that used to be routine. Instead, an intravenous blood line runs through a cell separator after the donor takes drugs to push the stem cells into the bloodstream. The process is no more burdensome than dialysis, experts say.

But for African-Americans like Mr. Adebiyi, finding matches is particularly difficult. Blacks are less likely to register as donors; while blacks are 12.6 percent of the population, only 8 percent of registered donors are black.

“It’s lack of education about it, and mistrust of the medical system after scandals like Tuskegee,” said Shauna Melius, co-founder of Preserve Our Legacy, citing the Tuskegee, Ala., experiment in which government doctors recruited black farmers for research and let those with syphilis go untreated for decades. Her organization recruits donors at Harlem Hospital and through drives featuring black celebrities.

“Plus,” she added, “people are skeptical because you’re collecting DNA.”

Complicating the problem, blacks are more genetically diverse than whites. Anatomically modern Homo sapiens existed in Africa for 200,000 years before migrating north to Europe a little over 40,000 years ago, so all Europeans descend from the shallower end of the gene pool.

Although no expert would predict exactly how many American lives could be saved, because there are so many variables, several suggested that dozens of cancer patients would benefit — and some of the 1,000 Americans a year who face life-threatening sickle-cell disease could potentially be cured as well. “It could be useful to everybody to have a lot more people lined up as donors,” said Dr. Harold Varmus, director of the National Cancer Institute. “And it could help recruit minority Americans if you could point out that folks in Africa are signing up too.”

Dr. Willis Navarro, medical director for the National Marrow Donor Program, called Mr. Adebiyi’s plan “amazing.” Susan L. Solomon, chief executive of the New York Stem Cell Foundation, said it was “a really big deal.”

Because most African-Americans are descended from slaves from West Africa, a donor pool there will help, said Dr. Pablo Rubinstein, co-founder of the national cord-blood program at the New York Blood Center.

Nigeria has 154 million people and more than 400 ethnic groups.

It will particularly help those with more African genes. Most black Americans have some white ancestors and, on average, 35 percent European genes, but individuals vary widely.

Umbilical cord blood is even more useful than bone marrow, because its stem cells are “more tolerant,” Dr. Rubinstein said. They have survived fewer bacterial and viral assaults and are less likely to counterattack with graft-versus-host disease.

Before cord blood became common in the 1990s, blacks almost never found matches. “In 1990, we only found six matches for African-Americans, and all of them had typical European genes,” Dr. Rubinstein said.

Mr. Adebiyi found out he had both lymphoblastic lymphoma and stem cell leukemia when he was working at Goldman Sachs. He had no full siblings to donate marrow and, as his search for a matching donor in the United States led nowhere, he said, “I realized that my only chance was within my own ethnic group in Nigeria.” He flew there and spoke to 300 law students. Most agreed to have their cheeks swabbed, “and I carried the saliva back with me on the plane,” he said.

But before the testing was done, the cord match turned up.

Back in 2003, he missed making Nigeria’s 2004 Olympic swim team by 0.12 seconds. Now, while on temporary disability retirement from Goldman because of the neurological effects of his chemotherapy, he is trying for the 2014 Winter Games in the skeleton luge, which flings competitors headfirst down an icy track. He has no Nigerian rivals, but he still has to make minimum qualifying times to compete. (And, yes, he said, one of his coaches did train Jamaica’s famous bobsled team.)


He has spent $32,000 of his own Goldman money on computers and software for Nigeria’s donor registry. The University of Nigeria’s medical school does the DNA testing. He is now trying to raise enough to start the cord-blood bank. It needs liquid nitrogen storage and backup generators. Ideally, the operation would also have at least two apheresis machines, which extract stem cells from blood, so Nigerians would not have to travel to South Africa or London to donate. All together, he estimates, it could be started for $75,000 and in total would cost less than $300,000.


Nigeria’s national bone marrow registry officially opened Feb. 24 with donations from several hundred medical, nursing and laboratory science students. Two University of Nigeria medical professors are donating their time as administrators.

Ultimately, the program should be able to support itself easily, Mr. Adebiyi argued, because American insurers commonly reimburse registries up to $35,000 for the costs of finding the donor and extracting the cells.

Direct payments to donors are illegal under American law; there is no Nigerian law yet. Mr. Adebiyi said he would not mind donors being paid modest fees.

Dr. Ifeoma Okoye, a radiologist and one of the administrators, said cord blood should be easy to get, given Nigeria’s high birthrate. “There used to be cultural superstition around the cord, and families would demand it be buried,” she said. “But that practice is no longer held on to. We dispose of cords as medical waste every day in our hospital.”

The administrators are aware that large reimbursements from Western insurance companies could make cord-blood banking a tempting target for corruption, which is endemic in Nigeria. To reduce that temptation, said Dr. Sunday Ocheni, another administrator, the bank will be registered as a nonprofit organization.

Mr. Adebiyi said he did not intend to ask for even a salary. “I personally don’t plan to accept a penny from this; I’ve already been paid,” he said, referring to the donation that saved his life.

“It’s unfortunate that someone just as deserving of life as me might die when the cure might be in the woman sitting next to them on the bus.”



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