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> FIRST AND FINAL WARNING.   Stop the anti Semitic rhetoric or you will be
> removed from the list.
> Do not reply to this message.  Do not try to justify your remarks.  If
> you do not like it, feel free to unsubscribe.
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> p.s.  No, I am not Jewish but I have been running mail list
> for many years and I can see where this is headed.
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> > For almost two centuries, children of Christians in the US had the
> > "right"  to say a spoken CHRISTIAN prayer in PUBLIC schools.   Also during
> > this time,  the US had achieved the once-highest standard of living the world
> > had ever  known.  Even today, 70% of Americans want SPOKEN Christian prayers
> > in PUBLIC  schools.  But a jew by the name of Engel complained, and the US
> > Supreme  Court  http://fathersmanifesto.net/jewengel.htm bent over backwards
> > to  accomodate the less than 1.9% of the American population who are
> > jews to the great expense of 266 million Christians in this country.