Here you can submit your candidate for who you believe to be the worst imaginable traitor to the White Race


The first submission, and the one which shall forever remain at the top of this list, is:

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Richard C. Atkinson
University of California

As a supporter of affirmative action, I am gratified by the Supreme Court’s decision today in the University of Michigan law school admissions case. The court’s action to uphold the principles of affirmative action sends an important message that diversity can be one of many compelling considerations in admitting students to our nation’s most selective universities.atkinson.jpg (3074 bytes)

As president of the University of California, I also respect the decision of the California voters, who in 1996 eliminated consideration of race and ethnicity in state university admissions. The University of California will continue to comply with Proposition 209, and we will continue to work through other, legal means to achieve excellence and diversity on our campuses.

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