RAPE LIAR Jun 12 2004

Jail for 'revenge' girl

By Stephen White

A GIRL given the brush-off after a one-night stand told the man she had sex with: I'm going to do you for rape.

Emma Armstrong, 21 - who invented a story about being dragged into a car, raped and forced into another act - was jailed for a year for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

She had described to police one of the three men she claimed had assaulted her in a park.

He was arrested and had DNA tests but denied any attack. Days later Armstrong told police she had lied, Sheffield crown court heard.

Armstrong had met the man in a Sheffield pub. After having sex, she became upset when he asked her to leave to avoid a confrontation with his girlfriend.

She warned him of her "rape" plot and went to police. She agreed to DNA tests which proved that sex had taken place.

An inquiry began, prompting calls from hundreds of women worried about their safety.

The man she accused, who was never charged and had never been in trouble, was said to have been left anxious and ashamed over the allegation.

Armstrong's defence lawyer said she was a loner who used sexual contact "to bolster her low self-esteem".

Judge Alan Goldsack, QC told her: "You were alleging a grave offence. It is easy to make a false allegation of rape. Offences like this undermine justice."