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[TWOMIFTG] Nazi Ghoul Dick Eastman Masquerading as a Fake "Jew From Brooklyn"

3:56 PM June 27, 2007

Re: -- "Yaacov ben Shmuel" -- "jewish_from_brooklyn_[email protected]com"

Yaacov who rhymes with Faacov; is another MPD persona concocted by the post- or currently medicated sociopath and deranged Nazi-infatuated ghoul "Dick Eastman" who is a threat to society and to his children.  

Most Nazi's and their anti-Semitic, infatuated coven supporters are abusers of women, drug addicts, rapists, involved in criminal activities to support their habits and cults existence, sex perverts and child molesters. 

If you know where limp DICK lives, please advise any NGO, policing authorities, or government workers if they are able to investigate his hate speech and abnormally "strange behaviour." 

He vomits hate speech and hate propaganda 24/7 on the IdiotNet; how is this affecting his children?  Does he take his hate and sociopathic rage out on them, as many Nazi-infatuated cultists do?

Limp, flaccid DICK Eastman, I did not give you permission EVER to SPAM, invade my Privacy, or use my private e-mail address to deposit your UNSOLICITED, filthy, anti-Semitic slobber, your Jew-hate faeces, or Nazi-Hate propaganda;  you filthy, disgusting pervert.

So FUCK OFF --and go eat your own shit;  do not try and force your depraved mental disorders like Coprophagia onto others, you geriatric degenerate.

Use whatever forums are daft and rancid enough sewers to take your malodorous, puke-evoking effluent!   Stay the fuck out of my PRIVATE e-mail account you contemptible piece of stale dog turd.

Any further invasion of my Private e-Mail and you will be reported to any and every conceivable authority, that your account to be suspended, and financial compensation or penalties be applied!!!

You are a dangerous and fucked-up lunatic.

Seek professional care and medications.

That goes for Nazi-infatuated SPAMMER "Gavin Oughton" whoever the fuck you are -- GET THE FUCK out of my PRIVATE e-mail box, CEASE and DESIST C/C-ing me with your UNSOLICITED NAZI HATE MAIL and sociopathic drool!!!  and stay on whatever forum will eat your Nazi hate faeces and vice-a-versa.