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Why should white americans want their children to dumb down? I've
posted this before -

Reference: Udry JR, Li RM, Hendrickson-Smith J: Health and behavior
risks of adolescents with mixed-race identity. Am J Public Health
2003, 93:1865-1870.

Total sample size: 83,135 + 18,924, based on the National Longitudinal
Study of Adolescent Health from grades 7 through 12 during 1994-1995.

Sample size is therefore HUGE.

Now, look at the results. Can someone tell me why anyone would like to
mix with a black? Look at the GPA scores of the child, especially
between Asian and black. The child's achievements in most cases become
becomes virtually black. Likewise for other groups. Just look at it
yourself if you don't believe me. Here, I type it out for you:

Percentage of children reaching the 75th percentile (if distribution
is average or 'normal' it should be 25%) -- i.e. higher the better:


   White - 32.27  Black - 15.45  American Indian - 14.97  Asian 43.16


   White/black 24.19
   White/American Indian 27.10
   White/Asian 37.58
   Black/American Indian 18.79
   Black/Asian 18.57
   Asian/American Indian 21.82

Now, let's control for parental education:

Controlling for a college-educated parent, the percentages of students
who score over the 75th percentile are (i.e. higher number the better,
baseline should be 25%):

"Pure" race adolescents:

   Asian 60.8%
   White - 41.3%
   Black 35.39%

Mixed race adolescents:

  White/Asian 52.36%
  White/Black 39.46%
  Black/Asian 35.81%

More importantly, from the SAT, children from black households that
make over $100,000 score LOWER than children from white households
that make less than $10,000.  Amazing isn't it?