The American Inquisition

To claim that you want to restore families, responsible fatherhood, social stability, or childhood for our children without restoring fundamental religious principles is tantamount to claiming that you can fly to the moon without a space craft.  Both are equally impossible.  You can't find a single culture, including our very own, which survived without religion, yet most of the fathers rights organizations in this country seek to restore long term social stability by establishing joint custody for fathers without ever worrying about fundamental moral religious principles.   Impossible.  Futile.  Ignorant.  Arrogant.  Truly stupid.


American fathers have a thousand reasons why Christianity won't work in this country, each one of which requires that they denigrate and misrepresent moral principles clearly outlined in the Holy Bible and completely ignore or even embrace the damage done by Christianity's replacement, feminism or statism.  But our Forefathers disagreed--they were all Christians who established free exercise of religion in the Bill of Rights, protecting the rights of Christians in this country to practice their religion for almost two centuries, creating the highest standard of living the world had ever known with it, creating a government trusted by the people by it, and making the United States a country the world could trust because of it.  It took less than four decades, since the banning of school prayer in 1963, to completely unravel two millennia of Christian progress and two centuries of constitutional progress (a truly remarkable combination of government and religion), yet most American fathers are completely incapable of explaining what happened.  They stood by and watched as thirty two social and economic indicators took a knee jerk turn for the worse in 1963, doing multiple trillions of dollars worth of damage to our culture, yet all they could say was "hmm, look at those 49ers go".  The mere mention of Christian principles like "Wives, submit yourself to your husbands, for that is what you should do as Christians. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them", Colossians 3:18, sends most American fathers into a tizzy because they now embrace feminism's "equality" rather than Christianity's important family hierarchy.


America's social experts whine about the forty percent rate of fatherlessness, but they never show even the slightest bit of concern about the importance of religion, nor Christianity.  It would be easier to do brain surgery with a sledge hammer and a Phelps screwdriver than to correct the social condition without the reestablishment of religion.  They do more damage by making this casual observation and ignoring or refusing to even acknowledge Christianity than if they would just shut up.  The Spanish Inquisition is always mentioned as an example of religious extremism, but those mentioning it never seem to realize that our own science shows that feminism does more damage to our society, kills more Americans, causes more grief to children, in just a few days, than the Inquisition did in four centuries. Nor that it established Spain as a world power for twice as long as this nation has been in existence.  Nor that Spain's status as a world power ended at the same time that the Inquisition ended.  Nor that Spaniards were able to have free exercise of religion by ridding Spain of the religious rabble rousers who were threatening their peace and harmony.  Nor that we may be headed for the same kind of bloodshed just to be able to restore social order.


There is no culture in history which survived without religion.  There is no culture in the world today which thrives without it.  TIMSS was the greatest scientific proof of that fact, yet America's fathers consider this science to be "discriminatory", simply because zero percent of American 12th Grade girls were able to apply math principles to simple problem solving, or because our 12th graders were dead last in the world.

TIMSS Scores vs Religion

Had SAT scores not declined 98 points in the last 4 decades [read: had we not banned school prayer], we wouldn't have been dead last--we would have been ahead of Iran, Austria, and Spain and close to Germany and Iceland.  Had school prayer not been banned, and had our education quality increased as much as it decreased, we would have scored closer to the average European countries like France, Netherlands, and Belgium.   Had we banned public education and handed that responsibility over to the Catholic Church which DOES have school prayer, who easily produces students with SAT scores 100-150 points higher than public school students (at one third the cost per student) we would have spent ten trillion dollars less for education, we would have no public or housing or consumer debts, and our students would  have scored in the range Switzerland, Japan, or Korea, which would have put us in a position to compete in the "global economy".


Far more significant is that our students would also have appreciated the importance of Christianity, family, God, fatherhood, men, religion, ethics, morals, and free enterprise.   Instead, we have feminism, corrupt politicians, the world's undisputed highest divorce rate and prison population, the third highest murder and suicide rates, some of the highest illegitimacy, delinquency, crime, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse rates, the undisputed lowest TIMSS scores, and the biggest collection of ignorant moral minor bureaucrats who do exactly what it takes to make it all worse and to be sure that we don't deflect the course of our lead sled to Hell.

Those countries which score closest to the US, like Russia and Sweden, are also the countries which all but outlawed religion.  Bolshevists outlawed Christianity in Russia in 1917 and their society has been collapsing for the last 80 years, leaving Russian families with incomes of $10 per month.  Mao Tse Tung displaced Buddhism with "equality" in 1935 and already more than a billion Chinese are earning less than $20 each.  Feminism displaced Christianity in Sweden in the 1950s and the only thing keeping their economy afloat today is the foreign debt which they must continually increase in order to pay the interest on it. Canada is slightly behind the US in their haste to destroy religious freedom with "equality" and their academic standards have been dropping almost as fast as ours dropped.


Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are three of the highest scoring countries in the world and they are the countries who have been the most successful at upholding their respective religious principles--Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity.  Within those three countries, Korea has been a remarkable success story for Christianity, because as we threw God out of our schools, Korea transitioned from Buddhism to Christianity, established the Christian principles which once made us a great nation, and is now producing students who score even higher than Japanese students.  They also just had a government-sponsored purge of feminism, sending our feminist agitators the strongest message possible--stay away!  This high level of academic excellence will put all three of these countries in the technological lead for centuries to come, and they did it merely because they adhered to simple religious principles. Already, Japanese families with one working parent earn twice as much as American families with two working parents and their total Personal Savings are three times what ours were at their height of 1973.

Switzerland was the highest scoring European country which participated in TIMSS, with a geometry score 168 points higher than ours, and they are the European country which did the best job of upholding their Christian principles.


Even though "equality" is a proven catastrophe in each and every country which ever displaced Christianity (or any other valid world class religion) all the way back to Plato's time, the very nation which proved the efficacy of free enterprise [read: Christianity, family hierarchy] now seeks to displace it with "equality" [read: feminism].  That government, courts, and politicians would seek to assist them in the overthrow of the Bill of Rights constitutes treason against the US Constitution which many of us took an oath to defend from enemies, foreign and domestic.  That they would do so as brazenly as to deny Christians their right to free exercise of religion, to deny their right to free speech regarding that religion, to ban school prayer against the will of the four out of five Americans who are Christians, demand legalized abortion against the half of the population which views abortion as murder, is unconscionable. That they would now blame the Vietnam War on Christianity, even though Christians worldwide condemned it as an unjust war, even though American Christians who were conscripted as soldiers were as opposed to that war as their religious convictions would permit, even though the half of my classmates who came back from that war in silver boxes can't now describe to you what "unjust" means, is disingenuous at best.


The moral minors of this country just do not speak for the four out of five Americans who still uphold fundamental Christian principles.  In spite of four decades of incessant anti-male rhetoric by our feminized mainstream media, four out of five Americans still view fatherlessness as the most serious social crisis this nation ever faced, still want spoken Christian prayer in our schools, still want the Ten Commandments to be prominently posted in our government buildings, still oppose legalized abortions, still don't want homosexuality discussed in public schools, still oppose legalization of homosexual relations, still want adultery laws upheld, still don't respect feminists, still believe that women who lie have caused a huge judicial crisis, and still believe female criminals must be punished.


Will the US need to follow Spain's lead with the Inquisition just to preserve what's left of our culture, will that be done with a mere war of words, or is bloodshed the only option?  Are bullets the only language understood by moral minors in Washington who continue merrily down the Primrose Path, or is there some other way to stop their pandering to a radical small minority of whining feminists?  Most Americans notice that, as Congress ponders "hate crime" legislation, laws passed by Congress to undermine American family stability are the biggest "hate crimes" in our nation's short history.  Not even nuclear weapons can protect our children from the ill-effects of the forty percent rate of fatherlessness caused by Congress' own "hate crimes" against the family.


These acts of Congress are unconscionable. Ignorance is no excuse.  There is no excuse for this wholesale invasion of the privacy of the American family by its army of bureaucrats.  It is precisely the denial of free exercise of religion which our Forefathers added the Bill of Rights to prevent.  The putrid claim "I didn't know that the denigration of fathers would destroy the American family" is not a defense.  What would it take to restore the Bill of Rights?  "I did it for the feminists" is grounds for immediate exile. "I did it to achieve 'equality'" is grounds for exile to the ignorant small corner of East Siberia which accepts "equality".  "I did it for the Party" is an automatic invitation to a necktie party.  "Children never lie" is a prison sentence twice as long as the million fathers they falsely imprisoned.  For those who still persist that "we did it in the best interests of the children", summary execution on the spot.

Kidnapping is a federal offense.  There isn't a bureaucrat in Washington not guilty of kidnapping.