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Moving and Renaming the Forum Database
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Don't let your forum be hacked! Follow the instructions below to secure your database now!!!

For higher security it is highly recommended that you at the very least rename the forum database and if possible move the location of the database to a folder above the root directory of your web site where it can not be accessed using a web browser, good web hosts will have a directory set up for this usually called private. (If you don't you leave yourself wide open to hackers!!)

  1. Locate the file wwForum.mdb found in the database directory in the admin directory (this is the forums access database).
  2. Rename and/or move the location of this file on your web space.
  3. Edit the two files called common.asp with a text editor like notepad. One common.asp file is with the main files and the other should be in a directory called admin.
  4. In these two files you will find the following line of code: -

    strDbPathAndName = Server.MapPath("admin/database/wwForum.mdb")

  5. Change the part marked in blue (admin/database/), to the new path to the database relative to the common.asp file you are editing, if you are editing the common.asp file from the admin section you won't have, admin/database/ written in front of the database name, don't worry, just enter the path to the database infront of the database name shown above in red.
  6. Change the part marked in red (wwForum.mdb), to the new name of the Forum's Access database.
  7. For even higher security remove the part 'Server.MapPath' and use the physical server path to the database, eg. "C:\Inetpub\private\wwForum.mdb"
  8. Save the amended files.
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