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Vote Fraud in Miami-Dade? Count On It!


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Vote Fraud in Miami-Dade? Count On It!
by Jack Thompson

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2000

In the frightening book "Votescam: The Stealing of
America," the authors proved that crooked poll workers in
Miami-Dade County secretly punched holes in the computer
punch card ballots before the election in order to
predetermine the result. The authors had clandestinely
videotaped the punching, and they had grabbed the boxes
of ballots when the workers left them unattended.

The authors took the ballots and video to then State
Attorney Janet Reno to give her evidence with which to
prosecute these crooks. Instead, she prosecuted them for
"stealing" government property! On the day of their trial
for "theft," Reno dropped the charges because she knew
the trial would blow the lid off the practice in
Miami-Dade of stuffing the ballot box with fraudulent
computer cards.

She subsequently consistently used her office to protect
vote fraud rather than prosecute it.

However, in the wake of "Votescam's" revelations, the
governor of Florida appointed well-known Miami attorney
Ellis Rubin as an ombudsman to investigate the vote
fraud. Rubin's report concluded that massive vote fraud
had occurred. The fraud was so bad, said Rubin, that it
"shocked and sickened" him.

When I ran against Reno in 1988, I called on her to join
me in my campaign pledge to get rid of these computer
punch card ballots, hanging chad and all. She refused.
She knew something.

Today, amidst Republican charges that 'funny things' are
going on with the computer cards during the crucial hand
recount in Miami-Dade, the Republicans need to know
something immediately. I was dismayed to find how far
behind the fraud curve Bush's Florida team has been ever
since I uttered, 12 days ago, to Bush's Florida general
counsel a phrase he had never heard before: "hanging chad."

Dade's supervisor of elections when the above-related
pre-punching ballots was going on, who participated in
Reno's prosecution of the whistleblowers rather than the
criminals, was a man by the name of David Leahy. Guess
who is presently the supervisor of elections overseeing
the hand recount right now? Right. David Leahy.

You can bet that a man who did nothing to stop
pre-election punching of ballots is going to do nothing
to stop post-election punching of ballots.

Reno's non-prosecutors are still in place here to protect
the scam. Before Reno went off to Washington to serve as
Clinton-Gore's firewall at Justice, she handpicked her
first lieutenant, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, to replace
her. State Attorney Rundle will not prosecute vote fraud,
because her mentor Reno will not countenance her doing so.

It is time for Gov. Bush to say something about what is
going on in Miami-Dade County.

I stated on national TV, in a debate between Alan
Dershowitz and myself on CNN 10 days ago, that I and
others could prove vote fraud in Miami-Dade right now.
CNN found the charge so scintillating that I have
received reports from overseas that CNN ran my charge
repeatedly on their overseas broadcasts.

It is now time for Bush himself to step up to a
microphone and aver that there is a history of vote fraud
in Miami-Dade and this time it may steal the election. I
and others can make the charge stick. If he doesn't, it
will cost him the presidency.

Book/Video: "Votescam: The Stealing of America"
Jack Thompson Exposes Janet Reno's Vote Fraud Cover Up:

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