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Five different and independent testing methods (IQ, ACT Math, SAT Math, NAEP Math, and IAEP Math) demonstrate a similar difference between blacks in America and Africa, and Caucasions [read: Whites] in IQ and academic skills.  They also show that the $7.7 trillion extra expenditure for education to attempt to educate the uneducatables has been a collossal failure--this gap hasn't narrowed a single point by any of these measures.  The data which shows that the scores for "blacks" has increased is the result solely of classifying the offspring of mixed race marriages between blacks and Whites as "blacks".

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To show all of these scores on the same graph, and to compensate for the "base scores" in NAEP and SAT, 200 points were subtracted from the NAEP score, 300 points were subtracted from the SAT score, and the ACT score was multiplied by 10.  The objective is to graphically illustrate that multiple independent tests produce very similar differentials between blacks and Whites, even between Africa and the US.  The percent correct on the  IAEP math test for the US and Mozambique shows that the differential between blacks and Whites in the US is similar to the differential between Africa and the US.


Every test in every subject shows that blacks in both the US and Africa are on the low end of the performance scale, which is the main reason that the median earnings of full-time American black working women is $18,830 while that for White men is $30,270, or 61% more.  It is also the primary reason that blacks as a group are net non-contributors to the federal tax base, and in fact get about $50 billion back in "tax credits" directly from the IRS, while White men pay 115% of all federal taxes.  This results in White men working 42 days of each year just to pay the taxes which fund welfare payments to blacks.

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This extra $7.7 trillion cost is the result of the cost of education as a percent of GDP increasing from 4.9% in 1959 to 7.9% in 1999, mostly in order to attempt to narrow this racial gulf.  It is a failure of collossal proportions that dedicating an entire year's worth of America's GDP to educating the uneducatables was unable to accomplish even a one point decrease in this gulf.

To make matters worse, the $180 billion per year that blacks cost this country in welfare is used primarly by black mothers to achieve an average 23% increase in her standard of living when she goes on welfare and tosses the father of her children onto the street. This caused the acceleration of the rate of fatherlessness in the black community to 75%, which accelerated the crime rate of blacks, which put more than one million black men in American prisons, which is almost twice as many as are in all of Africa's prisons.   This is another $180 billion per year cost which White men must pay.

At their current level of productivity, American blacks are not just non-productive in the labor force--they are counter productive.  If four decades of experimenting in education failed to narrow this racial gulf, plus cost an extra $7.7 trillion in education, plus contributed to the 98 point drop in SAT scores, then how can a continuation of this experiment over the next four decades be expected to produce a different result?  It can't.  It will most likely be even more costly over the next four decades than it was over the last four because of the accelerating rate of crime and incarceration, plus produce workers who are even more unqualified to enter the labor force than they are today.

If the $180 billion which the 33 million American blacks cost in welfare ($5,454 per black man, woman, and child) were instead used to repatriate blacks to Liberia, they might achieve incredible things there.   Bringing $180 billion plus the knowledge they gained in the US about education, art, architecture, science, technology, government, law