An article critical of the jews written by Michael A. Hoffman, which we wholeheartedly endorse, was preceded by the following disclaimer, which we wholeheartely CONDEMN, and suggest that Stormfront take LEGAL ACTION for slander against the author of this article:


"Important note: The racist, white supremacist "Stormfront" organization has illegally appropriated this Talmud article against our wishes and without our permission. (Legal action action has been initiated and litigation is pending). We are opposed to all forms of racism, whether "white Aryan" or rabbinic. One cannot oppose racism in the Talmud and then support white racism as the Stormfront group does. We believe that Stormfront's prominent ranking on the Google search engine as the main online portal to our article, is the Cryptocracy's way of discouraging access to our information by smearing us with a libelous "white supremacist" designation. The most pernicious and fanatical racists in the world are the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism. Useful idiots in the "white movement" may be properly viewed as a covert extension of Ku Klux Judaism."


This is like sending soldiers into war against pygmies, and proclaiming that none of the soldiers should be taller than the pygmies because it would be "racist" to do so.  Every shred of sociological and stastical and historical evidence proves the inferiority of the jew, and to prohibit ourselves from SAYING so, is SUICIDAL for our White Race.

Make no mistake about it:  this useful idiot is NOT our brethren, and instead is the kikes' best friend, whether he knows it or not.