I don't CARE!

COM:  Well, as you say, to take our minds off of something else.  The takeover of our Federal Reserve System by the jews, which was followed by a complete collapse of personal savings and the biggest debts the world has ever seen, was such an egregious act that heads must roll.

ROCKIE:  Now you're getting somewhere.   Let me tell you what how WE would handle this situation.  If you squeeze real hard right here, their heads pop off right over there.  It's amazing how easy and fun it is to ...

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COM:  Rockie, Rockie, hang on!  We're in public.  You can't talk like that in public, at least not in the US.  Somebody's going to accuse you of being a terrorist and lock you up just like the 1,300 Muslims who have been in prison for more than a year now, just for being Muslims.  The biggest manhunt the FBI has ever undertaken, bombing innocents in Afghanistan in the hopes that we might land one on top of bin Ladin, but not one single conviction, so you have to ...

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