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The following is an actual convesation with two Christians from Nazareth, Rockie and Olie.  To protect the innocent, several details about their identity have been changed, but the conversation is 100% accurate as spoken.  

We begin with their impression of the destruction of Ramallah:

COM:  So Rocky, you grew up in Nazareth, but have spent much time in the US in the last decade.  I would imagine that things have changed dramatically since you came here?

ROCKIE:  Yes, I'm one of the few Christians in Nazareth as most people there are now Muslims.  Because of the long history of Nazareth, the mayor has to be a Christian, but only about 10% of the population there are Christians today.

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COM:  And Olie, you too grew up in Nazareth but now live in the US.  What do you think of the changes since then?

OLIE:  Yes, I spent most of my life in Israel, in Nazareth, but I'm not sure what changes you're talking about.  Life hasn't really changed much at all in Nazareth.  Not even the population has changed much, because Nazareth itself is very small.  There has been some growth surrounding Nazareth, but not really that much.

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COM:  Really?  With all the news we hear about Jenin and Ramallah and the suicide attacks and the war between jews and Muslims, you'd think there would have been some significant migration from Nazareth?

ROCKIE:  Why would you say that?  I keep in touch with my Mom quite frequently, and it seems that I have more news about what's happening in Jerusalem than she does.  They really don't pay that much attention to the jewish politics in Nazareth, though.

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COM:  "Politics"?  This seems to be more than just politics.  I mean, people are being killed on both sides--jews and Muslims.  You'd think something like this happening right down the street would really get your attention.  How far could Nazareth be from Jerusalem that you don't even get any news about major events there?

ROCKIE:  By camel, or by donkey?  Just kidding.  It's further than you might think.   You see, Nazareth is here, and Jerusalem is all the way over here, so it's quite a long trip.rock7.gif (173803 bytes)

It's a two or three hour drive, and we just don't keep in touch with events there.  The news here about Jerusalem is far more news than we ever get in Nazareth about Jerusalem.

COM:  Wow.  So you're saying that we know more about what's happening in Jerusalem than your own Mom, or other Christians and Muslims in Israel, because of American news?  Aren't you at all worried about what you see on the news here?

OLIE:  Naaa, not really.  It's really boring stuff.

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As I said, the politics in Jerusalem just aren't all that interesting to us, and it's strange to us that you find something happening 7,587 miles away to be more interesting than what's happening right here in your own back yard.

COM:  Yeah, but, there's a war going on over there, not here.  People are being killed by the thousands there, not here.  I can't believe you aren't at all concerned about it.  It makes no sense.

ROCKIE:  "By the thousands"?!   Are you sure about this?rock16.gif (184051 bytes)

Do you have any idea what the murder rate in the US is compared to Israel?  Don't get me wrong--anything like this is a tragedy, but the real crime is what's happening right here in the US, not what's going on in Israel.

COM:  I don't get it.  Could you clarify what you mean by that?

OLIE:  The question isn't why we know so little about several dozen Muslims who may or may not have been murdered by the jews in Ramallah and Jenin and Bethlehem just hours away.  The question is why you are so concerned about such happenings 7,587 miles away.  By what process does such news travel more quickly to your living rooms than to ours?  Why is it our perspective that these are trivial incidents when it's your perspective that jews and Muslims are murdering each other by the truckloads?

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COM:  Well, certainly far more people are being killed in Israel than in the US.

ROCKIE:  Gimme a break!

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Might you agree that a quick visit to the statistics is in order?  Would you agree that comparing the official murder rate in Israel to the US might give us a clue of some kind?  In 1993 in Israel, a year of much news about bloodshed in Israel, Israel's murder rate, which takes into account all the dead bodies of jews and Muslims and Christians, was 1 murder per 100,000 population.

COM:  Well, that's not good, is it?

OLIE:  Gag me with a spoon!

olie2.gif (171550 bytes)This was one ninth of your rate of 9.4!  If you had had a murder rate equivalent to Israel that year, there would have been only 2,606 murders in the US, which is 21,894 fewer murders than there were.

COM:  Ahh, I see.   You're beginning to make some sense.  Christians in Nazareth aren't this concerned about something this country is all up in arms about because of the way our news reports these events?  Is that why you thought it was so odd that I expressed shock over the fact that you knew nothing about it; and couldn't care less to learn any more about it?

ROCKIE:  Yes.  Use your head.  You're getting warm.  There are times when you need to think more about your own country than some foreign country full of enemy foreign agents some 7,587 miles away.

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Your "news" is tailored to take your attention away from a VERY serious problem at home by focusing on an essential non-event 7,587 miles away.  But you can't talk about it because you can't even mention the word "jew".  This is also a problem in Nazareth, by the way.

COM:  Really?  You can't discuss "jews" in public in Nazareth?  How do they manage to bottle up such discussions in Israel?

ROCKIE:  Well, it's not something we can talk about now, but just consider these words.  You've got to get some sense from this discussion of how much you've been misled, right?

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COM:  hmmm, I know that whenever two jews get into a huge public disagreement that floods American newspapers for weeks, then we have a jewish side-show on our hands.  They may or may not disagree--the point is to dominate the news with this public display in order to hide the fact that they have their hand in your pocket.  It's really easy to mislead Americans with media sound bytes because too many Americans no longer realize how they've been brainwashed by jews.   Is this what you're getting at?

ROCKIE: Verrrrry astute!

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Whenever your newsmedia focuses so much attention on 56 murders in a country 7,587 miles away while it ignores 438 TIMES as many murders right here at home, a RATE almost an order of magnitude worse, something that involves tens of thousands of dead fellow Americans right "next door" EACH YEAR, something that takes 6 TIMES as many American lives EACH YEAR as Muslims have taken in our entire national history, then you know for certain they have something to hide, right?

COM:  Well, you're right about that.  Just thinking about it makes me see red. 

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I have some pretty good ideas of what they're trying to hide, but what is it that you think is really going on behind the scenes?

ROCKIE:  Just think about it.  The gap between reality and media mania is bigger than this.

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Why do you think there's such a huge disconnect?   On average, there were 65 Americans murdered every DAY in 1993, which is more than were murdered in Israel in the entire year, but your news channels almost completely ignored the factors behind your high murder rate and instead devoted half its attention to trivial events, by comparison, occurring thousands of miles away.  Why?

COM:  Well, as you say, to take our minds off of something else.  The takeover of our Federal Reserve System by the jews, which was followed by a complete collapse of personal savings and the biggest debts the world has ever seen, was such an egregious act that heads must roll.

ROCKIE:  Now you're getting somewhere.   Let me tell you what how WE would handle this situation.  If you squeeze real hard right here, their heads pop off right over there.  It's amazing how easy and fun it is to ...

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COM:  Rockie, Rockie, hang on!  We're in public.  You can't talk like that in public, at least not in the US.  Somebody's going to accuse you of being a terrorist and lock you up just like the 1,300 Muslims who have been in prison for more than a year now, just for being Muslims.  The biggest manhunt the FBI has ever undertaken, bombing innocents in Afghanistan in the hopes that we might land one on top of bin Ladin, but not one single conviction, so you have to ...

ROCKIE:  Well, I sure do understand that problem.

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We have the same problem in Israel.  There's almost no speech that's restricted in Israel--profanity is rampant, nigger music is invading the airwaves, of course we can criticize the suicide bombers and Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Ladin, but say one cross word about Ariel Sharon and people scatter.   It's truly a pathetic situation when the biggest criminals in the land are the very ones who can't even be criticized.  And they call this "free speech".

COM:  So Sharon isn't that  popular with most people in Israel?

ROCKIE:  He's a HORSE'S ASS.  Here's what I think of Ariel Sharon!  [pffffft].

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COM:  Whew!  Let's step outside and get some air, Rockie.  You need a breather.  You need to calm down.

ROCKIE:  Yes, it just gets so irritating thinking about what the jews are doing to both countries--Israel, and the US.   They're such arrogant people that they can't  even consider how their actions affect other races and religions.

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Which is why jews are the perfect cover story for what Zionists are doing, and have done, to the US.

COM:  Cover story?  You're saying that the ...

ROCKIE:  It sure did take you a long time to catch on, didn't it?

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Shame on you.  The cat and mouse game being played by Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat, the bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon and USS Liberty and King David Hotel, the weekly news stories about suicide bombers, the occasional destruction of a bombed out building by Israeli tanks, are all designed to take your attention off of what zionists have done right in your back yard to your own culture and your own economy.  You have the highest murder rate and lowest personal saving rate in the world, bar none, but the zionists keep you preoccupied with these stories about jews in order to head off any public disclosure, much less debate, about the REAL issues.

COM:  oooh, k.  I see what you're getting at.  But what makes you so sure of yourself?

ROCKIE:  Don't just sit there looking stupid.   LOOK around you.  Everywhere you turn, you see jews manipulating the news and LYING about events and distorting facts and insulting Christians--but you do nothing.

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Why not!?  Are you brain dead?

COM:  You've got an excellent point there.   I see where you're going with this.  But what can we do about it?

ROCKIE:  You need to hear what your contrymen are saying, what the Holy Bible calls for, and take corrective action right away.

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