Rate of Fatherlessness Factor

The ROFF (Rate of Fatherlessnes Factor) provides fathers' rights activists a statistical model of the relationship between "fatherlessness" and "social pathology" in the last 3 decades. Developing such a model does not prove that each social and economic statistic is directly related to divorce, illegitimacy, and fatherlessness, but it does provide a starting point for quantifying what we all know is a serious problem -- fatherlessness -- which between 1965 and 1995 increased by 27%, from 9% to 36%.

The first column is a statistical "social pathology" as reported by various federal government departments -- Departments of Labor, Justice, Treasury, Commerce, Transportation, etc. These figures have been verified by other independent and international sources and while they are conservative relative to the other sources they are close enough to make the point that fatherlessness is an expensive proposition. The second column is the quantity or percent of that particular pathology in 1965, and the third column is for 1995. The fourth column is the factor or percent by which that item changed in the previous 3 decades, and the fifth column is the AMOUNT of that increase or decrease. The last column is the "ROFF" or "Rate of Fatherlessness Factor", which is the "amount" divided by the 27% increase in the rate of fatherlessness. Thus it is a rough meaure of how much that factor changed for EACH PERCENTAGE POINT INCREASE IN THE RATE OF FATHERLESSNESS.

For example, it shows that illegitimate teen births increased 2% for each 1% increase in the rate of fatherlessness, and that the percent of the world auto market serviced by the US declined by 1.48% for each one percent increase in the rate of fatherlessness. Similarly, the number of hours per day that children watch TV increased .11 hours for each 1% increase in the rate of fatherlessness, national health care costs increased $30,814,814,820 for each 1% rise in fatherlessness, "unsubstantiated" child abuse reports increased 83,296 per 1%, substantiated child abuse reports increased 23,889 per 1%, the number of justice system employees increased by 51,222 for each 1% rise, the US prison population increased 41,296 per 1%, the value of the dollar against an ounce of gold DECREASED by $14 per ounce per 1% rise in fatherlessness, cancer deaths increased 8,926 per 1%, GDP per Worker decreased $444 for each 1%, the public debt increased $173,555,555,600 for each 1%, SAT scores declined 3 points for each 1%, and the value of the dollar decreased by 11.1 yen for each 1% rise in the rate of fatherlessness.

This is a "short list" of the problems created by the record high US divorce and illegitimacy rates, but it is complete enough to give politicians a sense of what the relationship is. If they see this and continue to fail to act, on the day of judgement they will not be able to use the excuse "I didn't know". So hold their feet to the fire. Mail a certified copy to your legislators and local judges and Governor and President Clinton. Prove to them that we both sense and know what problems they are creating with OUR tax dollars. Leave them no room for excuses later. Make them aware of the seriousness of both the problem and our intentions to resolve it.

1965 1995 Factor Amount of Change ROFF
Rate of Fatherlessness 9% 36% 4X 27% 1
Illegitimate Teen Births 15% 69% 4.6X 54% 2%
US Percent of World Auto Market 60% 20% 0.33X -40% -1.48%
Hours Per Day Children Watch TV 4 7 1.75X 3 0.11
National Healthcare Costs (Dollars) 52,000,000,000 884,000,000,000 17X 832,000,000,000 30,814,814,820
Unsubstantiated Child Abuse Reports 241,000 2,490,000 10.3X 2,249,000 83,296
Substantiated Child Abuse 449,000 1,094,000 2.44X 645,000 23,889
Number of Justice System Employees 442,000 1,825,000 4.13X 1,383,000 51,222
US Prison Population 385,000 1,500,000 3.9X 1,115,000 41,296
Dollar per Ounce of Gold 34 418 12.3X 384 14
Cancer Deaths 273,00 514,00 1.9X 241,000 8,926
GDP/Worker (Dollars) 56,000 44,000 .8X -12,000 -444
Public Debt (Dollars) 314,000,000,000 5,000,000,000,000 15.6X 4,686,000,000,000 173,555,555,600
SAT Scores (Points) 984 902 .9X -82 -3
Japanesse Yen per Dollar 400 100 .25X -300 -11.1