It’s no secret to those on the internet, or others who’ve even heard of Ron Paul through other sources, that there’s a literal blanket blackout by the “news” media of any aspect of the Ron Paul Revolution.  We’ve watched the jewsmedia back flipping and arm waving and rooftop shouting and stomping up and down about the most trivial of events for the sheer purpose of shutting their eyes and closing ears to block the volume of this Revolution [read: Rloveution].



How do we explain such palpable FEAR!?  And HATE!?  They accuse him of being an anti-semite and a racist and a misogynist and a nazi and a neo-nazi JUST because he stands for exactly the same principles our Founding Fathers stood for.  WHAT can be so frightening about THAT that they’d use their control of the news to MISLEAD us with ERRONEOUS and FABRICATED polls?


It’s not at all an exaggeration to call those who would deny free speech to “we the people” in such an egregious manner “traitors”, particularly since their agenda is obviously to destroy this nation.  Their continuing to pound the drum about a war with Iran, contrary to the will of 75% of Americans, contrary to our Constitution, contrary to international laws and treaties, makes them guilty of treason of the death penalty sort. 


Yes, we do have free speech—until mega-corporations who make up a tiny extremist minority in this putative Christian nation use that right to DROWN OUT our free speech with an evil agenda which is contrary to law and humanity.