The Rothschild Bloodline

(The numbers behind some sentences and words (...) are references to
the bibliography list at the end of the article of course)

Two neighbor horse farmers came together one day to talk business.
The first farmer sold his horse to the second for a quarter million
dollars, and then bought it back for about $20 more. He could now
advertise his horse (actually worth $20), as a horse he that he had
paid over a quarter of a million dollars for.

We can laugh over such schemes. And perhaps we should laugh at
ourselves for having been fooled, for if there is one area in life
that exceeds the religious in deception, and touches all of us it is
the financial. What else can we do about it except laugh? The famous
poet Lord Byron describes the archtype of our two farmers in 1823,
Who keeps the world, both old and new, in pain Or pleasure? Who makes
politics run glibber all? The shade of Bonaparte's noble daring?

Jew Rothschild and his fellow-Christian, Baring. You'll learn about
some other ,,neighbor horse traders" in this chapter too.


Lord Rothschild in his book The Shadow of a Great Man quotes a letter
sent from Davidson on June 24, 1814 to Nathan Rothschild, ,,As long
as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your
brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you,
to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can
undertake and perform more than any house in the world."(1) The
closeness of the Rothschild brothers is seen in a letter from Saloman
(Salmon) Rothschild to his brother Nathan on Feb. 28, 1815, "We are
like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential. (2) This
closeness is further seen in that of the 18 marriages made by Mayer
Amschel Rothschild's grandchildren 16 were contracted between first


In 1974, in the summer after the Yom Kippur War this Author toured
Israel, and got the chance to personally visit many of the buildings
like the Knesset that the Rothschild's money has built. The Knesset
is the Israeli equivalent to our Congress's Capitol building. One of
the Rothschilds in his will left money for ongoing building projects
in Israel, and the Rothschilds are honored with a Street named after
them in Jerusalem.

The people of Germany and Turkey have been very close. I can recall
meeting Turkish ,,Gastarbeiter" (guestworkers) in Germany. The reader
will remember that Turkey fought on Germany's side in W.W. I. A few
powerful Jews, including the Rothschilds were responsible for the
wording of the Treaty imposed on Germany that ended W.W. I (3) The
treaty gave the Rothschilds the German owned railway rights in
Palestine (which had been part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire), thus
paving the way for the Rothschilds to have a sure leverage to dictate
policy concerning Palestine. The Rothschilds had made loans to Turkey
which amounted to almost one hundred million pounds. When the Turkish
government collapsed after W.W. I because they were on the losing
side, the Rothschilds had a claim on Palestine because of those
unpaid Turkish loans.4 The British government followed the dictates
of the Rothschilds. The British were given a mandate over Palestine,
and the Rothschilds were able to through their proxies in the British
government, to create the steps that led to the nation of Israel.(5)


One item stands out as a person listens to the International Bankers
and reads their books. They believe money is what makes the world go
round. If you have money, you can do anything. Money is "God", and it
is worshipped and served. Even after these families accumulate more
than can be spent, these devotees continue selling their souls for
this false but powerful god. The great poet-philosopher Heinrich
Heine (a Banker's son) said, "Money is the god of our time, and
Rothschild is his prophet."6 Following the cue of the Rothschilds,
Heinrich Heme, a Jew, signed his name by drawing a Seal of Solomon.7
Amsel Rothschild is reported to have said, "Give me control of the
economics of a country; and I care not who makes her laws. (8) Today
his descendents meet twice daily in London to dictate to the world
what the world price of gold will be. They also dictate what
the "Federal Reserve System" will do with America's finances.


According to eye-witnesses, who were prominent enough to visit one of
the British Rothschild homes, the Rothschilds worship yet another god
too, Satan. They set a place for him at their table.(8a) The
Rothschilds have been Satanists for many generations. The Rothschilds
are an important part of the history of the Seal of Solomon (also
known as hexagram, Magen David, six-pointed star, Star of David.) The
Seal of Solomon, the hexagram, was not considered a Jewish symbol
before the Rothschilds began using it.9 Throughout the Middle Ages
the Seal of Solomon had been used by Arab Magicians, Cabalist
Magicians, Druid witches and Satanists. One of the few ancient uses
of the symbol was on the floor of a 1,200 year old Moslem Mosque
found where Tel Aviv is today.10 In the twelve century an Ashkenazic
Jew Menahem ben Duji, who thought he was the Messiah, used the
magical symbol.11 Because the Rothschilds were Satanists they adopted
this powerful magic symbol in 1822 for their coat- of-arms.

The name they adopted for their family actually comes from the fact
that in the 17th century Mayer Amschel Bauer began hanging out a red
hexagram in front of their house to identify it. Mayer Amschel then
decided to take the name red-schield (Rothschild in German) after the
red Seal of Solomon that they used. Alice Bailey in A Treatise On
White Magic, p. 412, claims that the Hierarchy has a special group
which she calls "the financial group" ,,controlling all that can be
converted into energy, and constituting a dictatorship over all modes
of intercourse, commerce and exchange." According the Luciferian
Alice Bailey, the "financial group" is the latest group directed by
the Hierarchy. In 1836 Zevi Hirsch Kalischer approached Rothschild
and proposed Rothschild buy all of Erez Israel. It took many years
for the Rothschilds to finally create Israel. The Rothschilds have
been a primary force behind the creation of Israel, and so it is
appropriate that the nation carries their magical Seal of Solomon as
the state logo. The Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel will not serve in
the Israeli army because they know that Almighty God was not behind
the creation of modern Israel, but rather the rich ungodly apostate
Jews. They refuse to serve the ungodly. They are more wiser than men
like Jerry Falwell who run around proclaiming Israel is God's nation.
Men like Falwell are the type that this Author finds reference to
repeatedly in Jewish documents that speak of their power within the
Fundamentalists. God is ultimately in charge, he has allowed Hitler
to come to power, Stalin to come to power, and the Rothschilds to
come to power. In the same sense that God rules over and blessed
Stalin's Russia, he rules over America and Israel.

To twist scriptures about God seating the rulers and then to apply
them to bless one Satanic secular communist nation and not another is
inconsistent and not correctly using the Word of Truth. Some people
object that the conspiracy of Power is labelled Jewish rather than
Satanic by certain concerned citizens. This objection is valid--
however, will these objectors then take the obvious next step and
admit the nation of Israel which the Rothschild's created is Satanic
and not Jewish? But then who knows precisely why people do what they
do? If you ask someone why he does something, he will give you one
answer today, another tomorrow, and another the next day. Does he do
what he does for a real reason, or a single motive? Perhaps to label
the Power as only Satanic or only Jewish or only Masonic is to
neglect the personal human dimension. This personal human dimension
is godless. Being godless it fills that void, by pretending its men
are gods. This brings us right back to the Gnostic religions and
Satan. Most Jewish people do not concern themselves with learning the
occultic significance to their treasured Magen David (Star of David).
King David did not have anything to do with the hexagram, although
his son Solomon did when he began worshipping Ashtoreth (star, also
known as Astarte, Chiun, Kaiwan, Remphan, and Saturn).12 Solomon
built altars to Star (Astarte, aka Ashtoreth). The god Saturn is
associated with the Star but both Saturn and Astarte also been
identified with a number of other names. Saturn is an important key
to understanding the long heritage this conspiracy has back to
antiquity. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City
of Saturn. The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn
worship in its ritual. Saturn also relates to Lucifer.'13 In various
occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil. Saturn was
important to the religion of Mithra, and also the Druids.

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD --connections to JWs, Mormons, and Judaism

It has been said all roads lead to Rome. For this book, it could be
said all paths of investigation lead to the Rothschilds. Charles T.
Russell, in a 1891 letter to Baron (Lord) Rothschild, mailed from
Palestine, outlined possible courses of action that could be taken to
establish the Jews in Palestine. Russell's letters praised the
Rothschild's money which established Jewish colonies in Palestine.
Russell writes Rothschild, ,,What is needed here, therefore, next to
water and cleanliness, is a good government which will protect the
poor from the ravenous and the wealthy. Banking institutions on sound
bases, and doing business honorably, are also greatly needed "
Russell continues, "May the God of Jacob direct you, my dear Sir, and
all interested with you in the deliverance and prosperity of Israel,
and blessed will they be who, to any extent, yield themselves as his
servants in fulfilling his will as predicted."(14) When the Mormon
Church needed financing in the late 19th century, they went to Kuhn,
Loeb Co.15 To explain the Rothschild's control of Kuhn, Loeb Co. here
is some background information. The method that the House of
Rothschild used to gain influence, was the same that Royalty had used
for centuries, marriage. The Rothschild children, girls and boys,
have had their spouses chosen on the basis of alliances that would
benefit the House of Rothschild, but since consolidating world power
they generally have married cousins these last two centuries.'16
Jacob Schiff grew up in the house that the Rothschild's had at 148
Judengasse, Frankfurt. Jacob Schiff came to the United States with
Rothschild capital and took over control of a small jewish banking
concern founded by two Cincinnati dry goods merchants Abraham Kuhn
and Solomon Loeb. He even married Soloman's daughter. In 1885, Loeb
retired, and Schiff ran the Kuhn, Loeb Co. for the Rothschilds until
1920 when he died.17 During Russell's and Brigham Young's day, Lord
Rothschild was considered the "lay leader of world Jewry."18 Edmund
Rothschild was President of the Jewish Colonization Assoc,19 which
was a major Zionist group. Amselm Rothschild indicated that his
grandfather Amschel Mayer Rothschild had insisted in Clause 15 of his
will to his children, "may they and their descendants remain
constantly true to their ancestral Jewish faith."(20) However, the
will has been secret and there is no way of knowing what it says.

The Rothschilds have not remained true to the Orthodox faith. If this
was actually what Clause 15 said then something is amiss. The Jewish
world has showered the Rothschilds with praises, "The Rothschilds
govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice.
They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna,
from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to
Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king
of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for
by this extraordinary people... .The lion of the tribe of Judah,
Baron Rothschild, possesses more real force than David--more wisdom
than Solomon." (21) The Prieure de Sion-the Elders of Sion22 also
relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a jewish
council of Elders of Sion.23 The Rothschilds have "helped" the Jewish
people the Rothschild's own way. For those who admire stingyness, the
Rothschilds will be greatly looked up to. For instance, the extent of
James Rothschild's charity in France to poor Jews was 5 francs (the
equivalent of $1). Their dynasty has destroyed honest Jews along with
Christians. Today, few dare criticize the Rothschilds.

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD--connections to secret societies

The Rothschilds had played a major role in the Bavarian Illuminati,
(25) and it is known that a least one of the sons of Amsel was a
member. As the reader remembers, Amsel placed his sons in the major
European capitals, where they each set up the principal banking
houses. By their own secret intelligence service and their own news
network they could outmanouver any European government. (26) The
large amounts of voluminous correspondence by Rothschild couriers
attracted attention, (27) but no one ever stopped their personal
intelligence and mail services. After the Bavarian illuminati were
exposed, the central occult power over the European secret societies
shifted to Carbonarism a.k.a. the Alta Vendita,(28) led by another
powerful Rothschild, Karl Rothschild,29 son of Amschel. In 1818, Karl
participated in a secret document that was sent out to the head-
quarters of Masonry from the Alta Vendita.

The Masons were quite distressed when a copy of this was lost, and
offered rewards to anyone who could return the lost copy. It was
originally written in Italian. Its title translates ,,Permanent
Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the
Highest Grades of Masonry."(30) The Masonic reference book 10,000
Famous Freemasons, Vol. 4, p.74, indicates two other sons of Amschel
were Masons, James Meyer Rothschild, and his brother Nathan Meyer
Rothschild. James Rothschild in Paris was a 33 degree Scottish Rite
Mason, and his brother Nathan in London was a member of the Lodge of
Emulation. And Jewish Freemason Katz indicates Solomon Meir
Rothschild, a third member of the five brothers, was initiated into
Freemasonry on June 14, 1809.(31) The Rothschilds became powerful
within Freemasonry. We find the Saint-Simonians, the occult religious
millenialist forerunners of communism, praising Baron de Rothschild
in their magazine Le Globe, "There is no one today who better
represents the triumph of equality and work in the nineteenth century
than M. le Baron de Rothschild... .Was this Jew born a millionaire?
No, he was born poor, and if only you knew what genius, patience, and
hard work were required to construct that European edifice called the
House of Rothschild, you would admire rather than insult it." Lionel
de Rothschild (the de was added by the French Rothschilds) was
involved with the first communist Internationale. The Mason Mazzini
who helped start communism praised Rothschild, "Rothschild could be
King of France if he so desired."32 Adoiphe Cremieux, was a french
Jewish Mason (see chap. 1.4 for his credentials). The Rothschilds
gave at least � i ,000 to Cremieux to go to Damascus with Salomon
Munk, and Sir Moses Montefiore to win the release of Jews imprisoned
there, and to convince the Turkish Sultan to declare the charges of
ritual murder false.33 According to the three Jewish authors of Dope,
Inc. the B'nai B'rith was a spin-off of the Order of Zion and was
organized as a ,,covert intelligence front" for the House of
Rothschild. It is highly probable that the B'nai B'rith was used as a
Rothschild intelligence cover. The Rothschilds are prominent in the
Bilderbergers too. The Rothschilds were closely related to the
Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

Although many people today would not view the CFR as a secret society
it was originally set up as part of a secret society and it was kept
secret for many years, in spite of its awesome power. Carroll
Quigley, professor of International Relations at the Jesuit
Georgetown University, exposed the Round Table Group with his book
Tragedy and Hope.(34) The Rothschilds supported Rhodes to form De
Beers. (35) Later, Rhodes made seven wills which established a secret
society modelled after the Jesuits and Masons to help bring in a One-
World- Government centered upon Britain, and the Rhodes
Scholarships.36 The inner group was established in Mar. 1891 and
consisted of Rhodes, Stead, Lord Esher (Brett), and 33* Mason Alfred
Milner.(33bb) A secondary circle of "potential members of the Circle
of Initiates" consisted of the Jew Lord Balfour, Sir Harry Johnson,
Lord Rothschild, Lord Grey and others. Initially, Lord Rothschild was
part of the inner group of Rhode's secret society, but was replaced
by his son-in-law Lord Rosebury who wasn't as conspicuous.37 The
Fabian Socialists dominated the staff at Oxford when the Rhodes
Scholars began arriving. These scholars then received indoctrination
and preparation to become part of an international socialist New
World Order.(38) The Round Table Group developed from the inner
executive circle of Rhode's secret society. The outer circle was
established after the start of the 20th century. The Round Table
Group was extended after W.W. I by organizing a front organization
the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council of Foreign
Relations was the American part of this front. The inner circle
continues to direct the outer circle and its two front organizations
RIIA and CFR. The CER in turn set up a number of fronts including the
Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR).

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD--management of the Catholic and Czars' wealth
and the capture of the Orthodox Church's wealth.

Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow
money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one
journalist to sarcasticly say "Rothschild has kissed the hand of the
Pope...Order has at last been re-established."39 The Rothschilds in
fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican's wealth.
The Jewish Ency., Vol. 2, p.497 states, ,,It is a somewhat curious
sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the
Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the
guardians of the papal treasure." Researcher Eustice Mullins writes
that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the
worldwide Catholic Church in 1823.(40) Today the large banking and
financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system
interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International
Banking system.

The great wealth of the Russian Czars was entrusted to the
Rothschilds, $35 million with the Rothschild's Bank of England, and
$80 million in the Rothschild's Paris bank. The Rothschilds financed
the Russian Revolution which confiscated vast portions of the
Orthodox Church's wealth. They have been able to prevent (due to
their power) the legitimate heirs of the Czars fortune to withdraw a
penny of the millions deposited in a variety of their banks. The
Mountbattans, who are related to the Rothschilds, led the court
battles to prevent the claimants from withdrawing any of the fortune.
In other words, the money they invested in the Russian Revolution,
was not only paid back directly by the Bolshevists in millions of
dollar of gold, but by grabbing the hugh deposits of the Czars'
wealth, the Rothschilds gained what is now worth over $50 Billions.


Chapter 2.11 gives the names of a Witchcraft Council of 13 which is
under Rothschild control and in turn issue orders to various groups.
One of the purest form of Satanism can be traced to the Jewish
Sabbatain sect and its Frankist spinoff. The leaders of this up to
the Rothschilds were:

Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676)

Nathan of Gaza (16??-?)

Jacob Frank (1726-1791)


Three connections between Satanism, evil, and money.

Money naturally attracts itself to evil. For instance, if a woman
prostitutes herself she may receive a great sum of money, but who
will pay her for keeping her virginity or her dignity? If you are a
hit man a large amount of money is yours if you kill your target, who
will pay you if you would miss your target?

Second, evil men believe in where there is a will there is a way, and
they are willing to sell their souls for their God money. They will
employ evil to gain money.

While most people are quite aware of these last two connections, a
third may likely have escaped their attention. Thirdly, the principle
group of men who cranked up International Banking were Satanists from
the beginning. These Satanists now are the ones who run the Federal
Reserve and are responsible for the creation of U.S. Federal Reserve
notes. Just having total control over the supply of U.S. paper money
almost gives them leverage over the world's finances, without
mentioning they control the world bank. It is no accident then, that
once they established world financial control, they would do all in
their power to divide and conquer and destroy both the Christian and
the Moslem faith in God. These powerful Bankers relate to faith in
God as Cain related to his brother Abel. That they may be related to
the Jewish people, does not mean they have the Jewish people's best
interest at heart. Initially Sabbetai Zevi was rejected by many Jews.
His sect gained momentum in second half of the seventeenth century in
southeastern Poland.(42) In 1759-60, 500 Jewish
Sabbateans ,,converted" to Christianity.43 In 1715, 109 of the 415
Jewish families in Frankfurt were engaged in moneylending. The rest
were merchants of various kinds. The concepts that Satanism holds to
were a natural shoe in to justify for many of these Jewish bankers
the type of behavior they were engaged in." (44)


Many divisions and battles between religious elements in the world
have been encouraged and supported by the Power's wealth.
Unfortunately, many have been fooled into thinking that being devout
and faithful to God is the source of religious fighting. In some
areas of the world, Moslems, Christians, and others have gotten along
fine for centuries. Religious tensions do spring to some degree from
within the religions themselves, but the fuel to keep those fires
burning and to light up conflicts often come from the Power's wealth.
An obvious example is the Iran-Iraq war.


When Germany fell, not only did Rothschild agents draft the treaty,
prepare the idea of the League of Nations, but Max Rothschild was one
of 11 men who took control over Bavaria. Max Rothschild was a
Freemason in Lodge No. 11, Munich, Germany.

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD--connections to MI5, Rockefellers, J.P.
Morgan, CFR, et. al.

Victor Rothschild, who worked for J.P. Morgan & Co., and was an
important part of MI5 (British Intelligence). Victor Rothschild was
also a communist and member of the Apostles Club at Cambridge.45 Lord
Rothschild was one of the original members of Rhode's Round Table
group which developed into the CFR. It was the Rothschilds who had
financed Cecil Rhodes, beginning in Africa. The Rothschilds' have
several agents which their money got started and who still serve them
well, the Morgans and the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers were Marrano
Jews. The original Rockefeller made his money selling narcotics,
(they weren't illegal then). After acquiring a little capital he
branched out in oil. But it was the Rothschild capital that made the
Rockefeller's so powerful. "They also financed the activities of
Edward Harriman (railroads) and Andrew Carnegie Steel."(46)

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD--Power within Christendom

The Rothschilds also wielded much influence and power not only in
Secret Societies, but also in Christendom's churches. The Salvation
Army under the suggestion of the Rothschilds adopted the Red Shield
(Roth-red Schild-shield) for their logo. One history of the
Rothschilds remarks, "The Rothschilds had rapidly propelled
themselves into a position of immense financial power and political
influence. They were an independent force in the life of Europe,
accountable to no one and, to a large extent, reliant on no one.
Popular lampoons depicted them as the real rulers of
Christendom..."(47) Some of the Rothschilds have been involved in the
campaign to loosen public morals. The first executive Secretary of
the National Student Forum was John Rothschild. This National Student
Forum changed its name like articles of clothing. Speaking about
clothing, one of the aims of this Socialist group was to promote
public nudity, and free love. This organization had the following
constituent groups Radcliffe Liberal Club, Union Theological Seminary
Contemporary Club, Yale Liberal Club"(48) to name just a few. A
further development of this was the Youth Peace Federation which
consisted of the League of Youth of Community Church, Methodist
Epworth League, NY District, Young Judea, and Young People's
Fellowship of St. Phillip's Parish49 to name a few. American
religious men have ties to the Rothschilds especially through their
various agents.

Harry Emerson Fosdick, who was Pastor of Rockefeller's church was
also among the Presidents of the Rockefeller Foundation. John Foster
Dulles, CFR, was chairman of the board of the Rockefeller Foundation,
and married a Rockefeller, Janet Pomeroy Avery. Remember John Foster
Dulles was an important Federal Council of Churches of Christ
official. (See chap. 2.9) Every road leads back to the Rothschilds.
There are more items than what have been mentioned above linking the
Rothschilds to the various tenticles. Each of the various tenticles
that conspiracy theorists have put forth,--the Jews, the Masons, the
Intelligence Communities, the International Bankers, the Prieure de
Sion, the Catholics, the Trilateral commission, the CFR, the New Age,
the Cults-- each ties back to the Rothschild's power.


According to one source "it was estimated that they controlled half
the wealth of the world."(50) The Federal Reserve Bank of New York
was controlled by five banks which owned 53% of its stock. These five
banks were controlled by Nathan M. Rothschild & Sons of London.
Control over the U.S. Fed is basically control over the world's
money. That fact alone shows how immense the Rothschild Power is. If
one examines who has been appointed to head the Fed, and to run it,
the connections of the "Federal" Reserve System to the Rothschilds
can further be seen. Another private enterprise using the name
Federal that the Rothschilds also direct is Federal Express. Any one
else might be taken to court for making their businesses sound like
their are government, not the Rothschilds. It is appropriate for them
to appropriate the name of Federal, because by way of MI6 via the CIA
they instruct the U.S. government. Senators are bought and paid off
by their system, as investigators of the BCCI are discovering. The
Rothschilds have been intimately involved in witchcraft and the
Illuminati since its early known history. The Kaiser of Germany seems
to refer to them when he said, "the magic powers of money as wielded
by the Lord of Lucre are powers of Black Magic at its blackest."51

If only half of the wealth is controlled by the Rothschilds, it
indicates that if they are to be part of the world's rulership, they
must have allies.


The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are only two of thirteen controlling
families of the Illuminati. (52) Two Jewish families that appear to
be prominent are the Oppenheims and the Oppenheimers. A. Oppenheim
was situated in Cologne. The Oppenheimers were early members of the
Bavarian Illuminati. The Bund der Gerechten (League of the Just) was
an illuminati front run mainly by Jews who were Satanists. This Bund
financed in part by the Rothschilds paid the Satanist and Mason Karl
Marx to write the Communist Manefesto. The Jew Gumpel Oppenheim was
in the inner circle of the Bund. His relative Heinrich Oppenheim
masterminded the communist revolution of 1848 in Germany. The
Communist Party's official histories even accept the Bund as the
predecessor of Communism.

The Oppenheimers apparently are close to the Rothschilds. J. Robert
Oppenheimer of the CFR was exposed as a communist. Harry Oppenheimer,
an international banker, is chairman of the Jewish De Beers world-
wide diamond monopoly, and chairman of the Anglo-American Corp.
Oppenheimers can be found in important financial positions in the
U.S. They help run around 10 large foundations, including the
Oppenheimer Haas Trust of NY for the care of needy Jewish children.

The Jewish Ency. Vol. 2, p. 496 indicates other Jewish
families "adopted the Rothschild plan." These were the Lazards,
Sterns, Speyers, and Seligmans. The Rothschild plan was to place
family members in the 5 largest European capitals to coordinate their
activities. One of Germany's largest magazines is the Stern, and
Ernst Stern is second-in-command of the World Bank."(53) The Jewish
families that established the Frankfurt Judenloge (this was the
Masonic lodge the Rothschilds belonged to in Frankfurt) included the
Adlers, Speyers, Reisses, Sichels, Ellisons, Hanaus, Geisenheimers,
and Goldschmidts. Isaac Hildesheim, a Jew who changed his name to
Justus Hiller is credited as being the founder of this Frankfurt
lodge. Michael Hess, principal of the Reformed Jewish school
Philanthropin was an important figure in the lodge too, as was Dr.
Ludwig Baruch (later Borne) who joined in 1808. Most of these
Frankfurt Jewish Freemasons engaged in commerce.(54) Those Freemasons
from 1817-1842 were the leaders of the Frankfurt Jewish community.55
A gentile Mason in Frankfurt Johann Christian Ehrmann began warning
the German people that the Frankfurt Jewish Masons wanted a world
republic based on humanism. In 1816 he came out with a warning
pamphlet Das Judenthum in der M[aurere]y (The Jews in Masonry). A
powerful ally of the world's jewry can be seen beginning with men
like Oliver Cromwell, who was considered a Mason.

Cromwell was financed by Jews, and helped the Jews gain power in
England. Cromwell was willing to go along with the Jews, because he
became convinced of British Israelism. Since the core of the
conspiracy of power is Jewish, the attitude of those allied with it
hinges on their attitude toward the Jewish people.

The religious idea that the British people are descended from the
tribes of Israel doesn't automatically place people into the camp of
the conspiracy. Some of the British-Israelites realize that the so
called Jewish people in general have no claim over the promises of
God. For that reason, they realize that it is not the Christian duty
to bow and scrape at their every move. When Christians can be
arrested in Israel and abused, and Christians will not even stand up
for their own kind, we can see how much hold the idea of the "Chosen
Race" theory has over Christendom. Some of the British Israelites
such as the Mormons, the old New England wealthy families such as
make up the Order, some Masons and New Agers, and the non-Jewish
members of the Priuere de Sion are collaborating with the One-World-
Power. The anglican church which is run by the Freemasons is strongly
British Israelistic.


In contrast, a hodge-podge of groups which are opposed to the
conspiracy like some Neo-Nazi groups, and various Churches unrelated
with them are also believers in British Israelism. These various
groups are sometimes all lumped together as the "Identity" movement,
which is misleading because of their vast differences. It is
important to diferentiate between those groups that are trying to
approach things from a Christian perspective and place themselves
under the authority of God, and those who are setting themselves up
under the New Order's authority, or under their own authority.


Eustice Mullins has published his research in his book Who Owns the
TV Networks showing that the Rothschilds have control of all three
U.S. Networks, plus other aspects of the recording and mass media
industry. It can be added that they control Reuters too. From other
sources it appears CNN, which began as an independent challenge to
the Jewish Network monopoly, ran into repeated trickery, and ended up
part of the system. Money from B.C.C.I., (B.C.C.I. has been one of
the New World Orders financial systems for doing its dirty business
such as controlling Congressmen, and is involved with INSLA, the Iran-
Contra Scandal,

Centrust, and other recent scandals) which has tainted so many
aspects of public power in the U.S. has also been behind CNN. Perhaps
nothing dominates the life of some Americans as does the television.
Americans sit themselves before the television set and simply absorb
what it projects to them. On a day to day basis the biggest way the
Rothschilds touch the lives of Americans are the three major networks
which are under Rothschild direction. To illustrate this we will
examine who run the networks. This list is not current, and no
attempt was to provide that. The length of writing a book insures
that some material will be dated anyway.




John Brademas
Dir.Rockefllr. Fdtn. chrm

Fed. Reserve Bank of N.Y. which
controls all other Fed.R.Bks. Humanist of
the Yr 1978

Cecily B. Selby nat. dir. Girl Scouts (the occult is now
part of the to Girl Scout program), dir.
Avon Products and Loehmann s (dresses).
Husb. James Cole, pres. Bowdoin College

Peter G. Peterson frmr head of Kuhn-Loeb Ex-Sec. of commerce

Robert Cizek dir. First City Bancorp dir. RCA, chairmn Cooper

Thomas O. Paine Pres. of Northrup- large defense contractr. Dir.

of Strategic dir of Inst. of Studies, various

munitions assoc.

Donald Smiley dir. of several Morgan Firms dir. of Ralston- Purina,
Irving Trust, Metro-Life and U.S.

Steel and chrm of Macy Co.

David C. Jones Pres. Consolidated Contr., dir. U.S. Steel, Kemper


Thornton Bradshaw, dir. Aspen Inst. of Humanistic Studies, Atlantic-
dir. Rock. Bros. Fund

Oil, Champion Paper Co., chairman of RCA

Brandon Tartikoff
(head of NBC entertainment) Jewish


Harold Brown,  Jewish. ex-Sec. of Air Force and ex-Sec. of Defense.
Ex. dir. Trilat. Com.

Roswell Gilpatric, dir. Fed. Res. Bk.NY.
Kuhn Loeb firm C.S.& M

Henry B. Schnacht, dir. Chase Manhattan, dir AT&T, chnmn Cummins
CFR, Brookings Inst

Engine Co., Committee for Economic Develop

Michel C. Bergerac,   chrmn. Revlon
dir. Manufacturers

James D. Wolfensohn
frmr.hd. J. Henry Schr�der Bank

Walter Cronkite

Newton D. Minow
dir. Rand Corp

Franklin A. Thomas, head of Ford Found.

Marietta Tree,  dir. Winston Churchill Found., dir. Salomon Bro.,
Foundation & dir.,  dir. U.S. Trust, granddgtr of fdr. of Groton,
hsbd in  Br. Intell.,
assoc. w/ Ditchlcy


Jewish writer Anka Muhlstcin wrote a book Baron James The Rise of the
French Rothschilds. I prefer paraphrase and make short quotes from
her book, because I am trying to document for the reader the mindset
and history of thc Rothschilds. Anka Muhlstein has nothing against
the Rothschilds, so it will be easier for the reader to accept what
shc says about them than from me. I can't require the reader to read
her book, but I can try to summarize some of the appropriate
thoughts. Other books also relate many of the things Anka does, but
again if I write a footnoted article, it will not carry the weight as
my paraphrase will. The reader is recommended to read the book first
hand if he has the time and is interested in the details of James'
life. The Jews in the 18th century were restricted to living in
Ghettos. Mayer Amschel Rothschild lived in the Frankfurt ghetto.
(p.22) The Jews were repressed by outsiders. (p.23) They lived in
geographically isolated and self-contained communities (p. 24). The
Jewish communities in Europe used a secret relay system between all
the Ghettoes. Hebrew characters were one effective code. (p.24)
Because of the persecution and repression, the Jewish communities
were very tight- knit and highly organized. (p.23) They were deeply
hostile to the Christian people. Christians had restricted their own
people from money-lending with interest, so lending money on interest
had become a Jewish enterprise. The German princes of Thurn and Taxis
in the 16th century initiated a postal service.

Mayer Amschel loaned them money. (p.21) "Certainly they [the
Rothschilds] discovered the latitude that the Thurn and Taxis allowed
themselves in unsealing letters, possibly divulging their contents,
and according to their own interests, delaying or accelerating
delivery. "(p.22) When it profited Mayer Amschel, he would hire
Christians, but in general his business and banking were conducted by
his close knit family. For instance Mayer Amschel hired a young
Christian woman to write his letters for him. (p. 25) Mayer Amschel
Rothschild and his family were wholeheartedly Jewish. (p.27) Mayer
Amschel Rothschild picked his sons' wifes for the business gains the
wives would bring the family. The oldest son was not happy with this
(actually he was bitter because he was denied marriage to the woman
he loved), but he complied with his father's choice. (p.26) Amschel's
daughters all married bankers--in Worms, Sichel, and Beyfus. (p.26)
Mayer had ten children and they were all employed in the family
business. (p.25) The Jews were taught from childhood up, that the
Christians were to blame for all their woes, and that the Christians
were to be feared and detested. (p.24) Mayer Amschel had secret,
underground passages. (p.22) His carriage was honey-combed with
secret drawers. (p.27) The Napoleonic War greatly helped the
Rothschild business. (p. 27) Rothschild even outsmarted Napoleon--
because the Rothschilds had such good connections. (p.38) The
Rothschilds smuggled during the English blocade of Napoleon's Europe,
and made millions. (p.33) "The Rothschilds changed course constantly
during this period, always manuevering to avoid any kind of political
commitment. "(p.34) One of the things Mayer Amschel set up, was to
disperse his 5 sons to the major capitals of Europe. Anka attributes
the respectibility of Jewish money lending to the help it gave
merchants and entrepreneurs. [See chap. 3.2 -this Author's view is
that merchants had been borrowing for centuries prior to interest
taking becoming acceptable by society in the 19th century.

It was greatly in part due to who owned and controlled the major
newspapers in the 19th century--Jews and Masons--that led the public
to change.] "The obligation to reimburse a loan and to pay interest
became less onerous to men whose affairs had flourished as a result
of the borrowed money. The Jewish lender ceased to be a bloodsucker;
often, indeed, he became an associate of the borrower." (p.31) [The
Bible says a borrower is a slave to the lender, hardly an association
to be desired.] The business of financing Monarchs was lucrative. The
Rothschilds had developed several traits in the ghetto that made
their family hard to stop. "The great gift the Frankfurt ghetto
bestowed upon him [James Rothschild] was adaptibility, a quality
matched by the driving force of his ambition, his prodigious energy,
tremendous powers of concentration, and determination to get even
[with Christians]. James set out to make his place in the world."
(p.40) The five Rothschild brothers, each in the five major European
capitals set up their own private courier system which was faster
than the regular mail. (p.47) The Rothschilds had news whether
political or economic faster than anyone else including the
monarchs. "Thus the Rothschilds had news before anyone else,
including ministers [govt.]; they also understood how to make use of
it." (p.47) [Somewhat akin to how money could be made off of knowing
the future.] The Rothschilds nomal correspondence to each other was
in code.(p.46) Their world was one of finance, politics and secrecy.
In the anti-Napoleonic time period, the Rothschilds increased their
wealth ten-fold. (p.47) "...James. He enjoyed, moreover, a rock-solid
strength and stability, built up by his family, that family
simultaneously closed tight like a fist, united by mutual confidence
and an invisible wall of secrecy, yet wide open to the outside world.
Such was the cohesion of the Rothschilds that the removal of one or
more of them left no gap in their common defenses."

The Rothschilds carried out espionage with their own intelligence
service, and other questionable subversive activities but none of
these could be tracked. "Whenever Mayer Amschel and his sons were on
the verge of being caught out, some highly placed person stepped in
and stopped the investigation." (p.36)

The made their money doing technically illegal activity. The original
large sum of money made was to take the Elector of Hesse's large sum
and instead of investing it into government bonds as directed--to put
it to use at investments of higher returns, and giving the elector
the return from the government bonds. Anka writes, "The Elector was
never the wiser, but even if he had been, he could hardly have
complained of disobedience." (p.34) In summary, the Mafia-like
closeness of the Rothschild family, along with their tactic to
situate themselves in all the major capitals, along with their own
quick secret personal news/intelligence/mail service gave them the
contacts and the power to manipulate all kinds of business

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showed up at the Rothschilds was that Satan appeared as an extremely
beautiful man, except his

hoofs would be cloven. He would wear a black tuxedo to gamble and
play cards (winnings were

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Let me briefly recap what some of the plan was . And while you read
these plans that I am relaying to you from my intensive research on
high level Satanism, see if you don't see the irony in the Satanic
plans . How very ironic it is that in all the twisted thinking and
reasoning of the leading Satanists for why they must do things, it is
surprising they do not catch on that this plan of Satan's is going to
achieve God's revealed plan . How pride does blind us! (For the sake
of brevity I will dispense with my normal method of documenting
everything; I suggest that my book Be Wise As Serpents be read for
documentation, and further questions be written to me . Otherwise
this article would be way to bulky for the newsletter.)
The "brilliant" plan given in detail to the Illuminati was to create
a thesis and its opposite called the antithesis . The process would
repeat itself until the desired outcome . Out of the battle between
the two would emerge the synthesis . Out of the battle of chaos would
come a new order reminding us of the Masonic slogan "Order out of
Chaos." If the thesis were like a hammer and the antithesis like an
anvil, what was caught in between would be broken or reshaped . Three
world wars would enable the plan to work. The hammer would be
constructed and then given a homeland, a secure base in Russia . It
is what we call communism. The first anvil would be created out of
economic chaos in Germany . It would be called National Socialism .
That anvil would be destroyed in a Second World War, but another
anvil would replace it called democracy. The first two world wars
accomplished exactly what they were intended to accomplish. Out of
the first world war came:

(1) A secure Satanic dictatorship in Russia, a secure base to carry
out further world subversion.

(2) The Satanic family of Rothschilds gained partial control over
Palestine, preparing the way for Satan to rule from Jerusalem some day

(3) Weapons of mass destruction and terror.

(4) The League of Nations.

Out of the second world war came

(1) The enlargement of their secure base in Russia into a world power.

(2) complete control over Palestine by the Rothschilds.

(3) airpower, including long range missiles, jets, secret flying
saucers, and powerful submarines, all items that individuals could
not produce . Those in control of production would therefore control
all air and sea ways of the earth.

(4) The cold war and an era of terror to convince the people of the
need for Satan's One World Order.

(5) the United Nations .

Out of the third world war would emerge a new religious system . The
third world war would have to be tailored to be like the Bible's
Armaggeddon, Satan told his highest slaves, because- if it resembled
Armaggeddon, then the people would believe he was the Messiah when he
came after its end . It would have to be terrible, so that he could
step in and bring miraculous order out of a world beaten into chaos
by the worst war in history. Again it would be "Order out of chaos",
as the Masonic documents repeatedly proclaim. The third world war
would come during a period of seven years of tribulation starting in
1992 and running until 1999. Just like the Second World War emerged
out of the great world-wide depression. Satan told his followers this
1992-99 tribulation would repeat on a larger scale the plagues of
Egypt, for he would wreck revenge for what was done to Egypt by God
(and Moses) by giving back in a bigger way to the world what happened
to ancient Egypt . To a demonic controlled mind it makes sense to
wreck such revenge, especially when the end result is held out to be
the salvation of the world by the Lightbearer, the Morning Star, also
known as Lucifer. For most of us, the idea of such pain and
destruction seems like demonic madness- - which it is .

At the core of the One-World-System is Satanism. It hides itself
behind fronts such as Jewish Finance, Socialism, Aryanism, British
Israelism, Zionism, and Freemasonry which are tools to get the broad
masses to serve the Plan. The "conspiracy" to create the One-World-
System has enlisted the help of almost everyone. That is because most
of the religious systems at the top are controlled by Satanists who
know what they are doing and direct the people's religious efforts.
(Read the research in Be Wise As Serpents for the documentation on
this.) Nazism was a Pagan Gnostic religious system whose High Priest
Hitler knew what he was doing in relation to Satan's mission. (More
about this further down.) The Jewish people (1 use the term in its
broadest sense) are being used. Actually the allegiance of the
Satanic hierarchy is not in the least concerned with Judaism,
although it appears that at first the plans are to create a religious
leader that will have the apparent credentials of the Jewish messiah.
How sad, because the actions of the Rothschilds and other
Satanic "jewish" bloodlines during W.W. II show that their first
allegiance is not to the Old Testament and not to even Orthodox
Judaism, but is purely to Satan. At some point in the future the
Orthodox Jews and the Conservative Jews will find that this Messiah,
who is already alive waiting to play his role, will only give them
temporary relief. They are being taken for a ride and then they will
be dumped by the New World Order's dictatorship.

Constance Cumbey correctly notices that the New Age movement
resembles Nazism exactly to a T . For those students wanting to get a
detail by detail parallel go to pages 114 to 120 in The Hidden
Dangers Of The Rainbow.

In 1952, James Larratt Battersby in England published The Holy Book
of Adolf Hitler for the German World Church in Europe . Except for
some of his pro-German ideas, obviously thrown in to make the book
enlist the intended audience's favor, the book is an exact
description of what would happen in the next 50 years to bring in the
New World Order. The reason some of the prognostications of pro-
German ideas are not valid is that the Satanic hierarchy is not
really concerned for the German people either, except to harness
their help in their plans . Batterby's Holy Book of Adolf Hitler was
given to him "in the spirit" . According to Battersby the book was
written in order that "May God open the eyes of the Gentiles to
Truth, and carry his Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth" . The book
is an excellent synopsis of what Satan had planned in 1952 and has
carried out since to a large degree. The Rothschilds (and other top
Satanic families in a lesser way) financed a jewish Mason and devote
Satanist named Karl Marx to write his Das Kapital . The Satanists
controlling key Masonic groups (along with some other groups they
controlled) got Communism started. The original idea came from Satan,
and was given at a Feast of the Beast in meticulous detail to those
highest in the Satanic Hierarchy . Albert Pike, and Guiseppe Mazzini
were two men in strategic positions of control that were let in on
the plans.

After creating International Socialism (communism) a temporary
antithesis was created called National Socialism (nazism). The
process to create National Socialism was to turn again to the Masonic
Lodges and other esoteric secret Societies to get it done. Therefore,
the secret esoteric gnostic and satanic societies along with the
Illuminati helped create "the Thule Gesellshaft" (in English the
Thule Society) . Adolf Hitler was some type of member of this occult
Thule Society, along with many other men who later began leading Nazi
leaders such as Rudolf Hess. The Thule Society used the Masonic/Hindu
symbol the Swastika, which the Nazi party then also used as its
symbol. In other words the grandmother of the Nazi Party was the
Masonic Lodges in Germany. The Vril was another secret occult group
that many of the Nazi leadership belonged to. Hitler also was a
member of the Theosophical Society, which has strong Satanic and
Masonic ties. Both Bailey and Hitler studied from Tibetians, Hindus,
occultists, and black magicians. They also both studied the Gnostics,
and every major Pagan/Occult religious system. A example of how
valued the Swastika was for Freemasons before Hitler ruined its
image, is a quote from Joseph Fort Newton, a Baptist Minister and
high ranking Mason, "The second of these volumes also contains an
essay. . . by Thomas Carr, with a list of Lodges, and a study of
their history, customs, and emblems- -especially the Swastika .

Speculative Masons are now said to be joining.., seeking more light
on what are called the Lost Symbols of Masonry." After promoting and
using the Swastika for years the Freemasons quit using it after
Hitler. The Holy Book of Hitler provides the answer as to why the
Theosophical Society worked so hard to destroy the British Empire. It
had always at first mystified me why the Theosophical Society
Presidents who connected to the Satanic hierarchy would want to ruin
the British Empire. The reason it seemed strange is that the mother
country of Satanism and Witchcraft is Great Britian. The center of
secret political power is geographically in England. And further, one
of the largest and most powerful secret fronts for Satanism is
Britism-Israelism. The reason why the British Empire was destroyed
was that Satan had already determined even before 1870 that the steps
to world government would include setting up around 9 or 10
Continental blocs . The Union of Europe into one country (or bloc)
could not be accomplished while Great Britian had most of her focus
on her empire. Great Britian as long as she had an empire would never
want to join up with Europe. In fact all the European nations would
have to be convinced to give up their colonies, that is why the World
Power got everyone they could get to help fight Portugal in Angola in
recent history, everyone including the large masonic-controlled
Christian denominations who donated millions of dollars to the NCC
and WCC which moneys were then passed on to the guerillas to buy
weapons and ammo.

The Theosophical Society is mostly to blame for India's independence
from Britian . First, the Theosophical Society managed to change
British policy so that the British became unpopular. Then
Theosophical President Besant, who published the largest English
paper strongly criticized British rule in her newspapers and
eventually was arrested . Gandhi and other Indian leaders were
involved in Besant being made the President of the Indian Congress
Party. And that political party still rules Indian politics . The
Theosophist Mahatma Gandhi, foilowing in the steps of Theosophical
President Annie Besant, led the Indian people against British rule.

But the final blow to the British Empire was done by another
Theosophist--Adolf Hitler. It is common knowledge that the powerful
blows of Axis attacks in W.W. II struck the death blow to the British
Empire, or so we are told. The truth is that the elite wanted the
Empire to die, and pulled every string to convince the British public
and indigenous natives that the Empire was too weak after W . W . II
to save the empire and prevent her colonies from independence. It is
hard for people to grasp that the Illuminati controlled Russia, Great
Britian, Germany and France during World War II, but they did.
Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were all Masons . DeGaulle of France
was closely linked with several esoteric groups, and the Priere de
Sion and Grand Orient Masons helped him to power in the 50s .
Churchill was a Zionist and pro-Fabian Socialist . Stalin was a
closet satanist . Roosevelt was a Zionist, pro-communist and
socialist . Both Churchill and Roosevelt came from important elite
blood lines . Apparently, Stalin was somewhat independent, but
basically did what was expected of him. As the previous paragraph
indicates the people of the world weren't ready for a world
government, and most not even a united Europe. W.W. II was carried
out to adjust people's thinking toward wanting European unity . Satan
already ruled the world through his secret chain of command, but he
wanted to openly rule the world's hearts and to be publicly hailed as
ruler and savior.

Who was Hitler? Hitler's father was the offspring of the Rothschild's
secret breeding program which impregnated his grandmother. It appears
from the details available, Hitler was groomed for his role, without
realizing his heritage at first . It appears that Hitler learned of
his ,,jewish bloodline" after taking over Germany. Hitler had
romances with many beautiful women. Although Hitler was very strict
with his New Age religious practices such as being a vegitarian, that
did not include being celebrate . He did have sex contrary to the
deceptions of the Establishment. Hitler's seed (the Rothschild's
powerful generational occult bloodline) was hidden in an Askenazim
bloodline, at least part of which has come to the U.S. In fact,
Hitler's generational occult power was passed on too . This was most
likely done by thrusting a knife into his heart, and the person who
received his occult power then gulped his last breath with the kiss
of death to receive his occult power . What I am telling you is that
Hitler's offspring are alive and well and that his terrifying Anti-
Christ spirit was passed to someone and is not dead. Let me remind
you of some of Hitler's own prophecies about himself and his
goals. "At the time of supreme peril I must die a martyr's death for
the people. But after my death will come something really great, an
overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission." The world was to
witness his divinity . Further, "My spirit will rise from the grave,
and the world will see that I was right." Von Ribbentrop on Apr. 30,
1945 was told this same thing, "You will see that my spirit will rise
from the grave . " National Socialism "is even more than a religion;
it is the will to make mankind anew." "All creative energy will pass
to the new man." Hitler claimed to be the real fulfillment of Marx's
socialism. "I am not only the conqueror, but also the executor of
Marxism, of that part of it which is essential and justified,
stripped of its Jewish-Talmudic dogma." In essense, he is saying
whatever veneer of Jewishness that Marx's satanic plan had, he
disagreed with it and would destroy that veneer . These type of
statements reveal that the essence of the message of various elite
men like Hitler is the same Satanic plan if stripped of their
variously decorated veneers .

Hitler is viewed as the Messiah, the Holy Spirit, the martyred Savior
of his people by his followers today. The blasphemous Holy Book of
Adolf Hitler states, "All hail to God's Christ and Chosen, Adolf
Hitler...Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, the Eternal Adolf Hitler."
Such blasphemy . Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
Hitler's Demonic Spirit and Hitler's descendents both live on today.
(By the way, some Rothschild descendents such as Hitler's have come
to Christ as their Lord and Savior!) Will this powerful occult branch
of the Rothschild's be used again by the New World Order? Whatever
the case it is clear that Hitler's Anti-Christ spirit will get plenty
of demonic help. The demonic forces that have manifested themselves
in National Socialism and International Socialism (aka Communism)
demonized much of Europe. So much so that Europe officially portrays
itself as a beast with Venus on it on a stamp commemorating the
Second election of the European Parliament, and also as the same
forces that tried to build the Tower of Babel on an official poster.
Not only are the same demons that led communist leaders and nazi
leaders operating in Europe's leaders, but there are armies of demons
trampling over anything of moral value in Europe . It can be said
without a doubt that the ,,man" who rules the One-World-Government
will derive his power from a demonic supernatural source . According
to Revelations, God is going to have an angel open up a key to the
abyss and teeming hordes of demonic spirits shall be decending upon
the earth . My conclusion is that Satan has so many Anti-Christs
available that Hitler's personal occult power is not necessary for
the New World Order's success .

I rarely like to comment on the end times from Scriptures because I
feel like most people are thoroughly confused about the clear
teachings that the Scriptures give. 2 Thes. 2:3 and other Scriptures
make it clear that the Christians must witness a great apostasy and
the Anti-Christ being revealed before Christ returns . We can live
everyday as if it may be our last, but Scriptures are clear that the
Apostles did not live each day as if Jesus could return that day.
They knew that certain things had to happen first . The church has
been going through tribulations since Pentecost . The church will go
through the "great tribulation" according to the Word of God . We
will if we are that faithful remnant we will be spared from the Wrath
of God, but we will not be spared from the tribulation of Satan which
shall include martyrdom . The New Age leaders are fully ready to
cooperate with this "cleansing" from the earth of us bothersome
disciples of Truth. In this respect, their thinking will resemble the
Nazi's rationalizations that people must pay their Karmic debt, and
shall benefit from being killed . How truth can be stood on its head!
The Plans are already drawn up how to use rail lines to move large
groups of civilians to labor camps . When we compare Nazi Germany
with today's New World Order plans, Nazi Germany can be seen to be
the basic model of what Satan's timetable includes for us these next
few years .

To illustrate that the Pagan religion of Nazism is an example to the
Satanists and New Agers, let us ponder Anton LaVey's (head of a
visible Church of Satan) trip to the sacred initiation castle of
Hitler's Black Order the SS . The SS apparently brought the Holy
Grail to Germany, and hid it before the end of the war . On May 2,
1945, a select group of SS officers, those initiated into the higher
mysteries of the Nazi Pagan religion, hid the Grail in the
Schleigeiss glacier at the foot of 3,000 meter high Hochfeiler
mountain . Seekers in the area have been found decaptitated, and
mutilated . The area is still guarded by the Black Order in
anticipation of the day that the Grail can be revealed to the world .
It has been speculated 1995 might be the date, but this is pure
speculation . The important thing for us is to begin to experience
the Kingdom of God right now . Let us prepare ourselves for Almighty
God's New World Order as the Satanists launch their counterfeit New
World Order.



INTRODUCTION by Fritz Springmeier

The Rothschilds are one of the most well-known of the thirteen
families. David J. Smith of Portland was asked to prepare an article
on the Rothschilds for this newsletter. His article follows this
introduction. Satan's selective breeding program has been continuing
down through the ages hidden from the eyes of the public. One of the
most powerful Rothschild bloodline families in America are the
Springs. The Springs were originally the Springsteins when they came
to America in the mid-I 1700s and settled in NY and NJ. They later
changed their name from Springstein to Springs to hide their
identity. Leroy Springs was hired by LC. Payseur. Now most American's
have to ask, who is L.C. Payseur? One of the most secret and most
powerful families in North America has been the Payseurs. They have
been so powerful that they could hide their wealth and power, and use
other Satanic families as proxies. The Payseurs are part of the i 3th
top Illuminati family. The first Payseur to come to America was the
former crown prince of France Daniel Payseur (1785-1860). He came
over about 1805 to the U.S. and married Susannah Kiser c. 1814. They
had two boys Adam and Jonas (1819-1 884). Jonas married Harrietta
Smith and they had Lewis Cass Payseur (1850-1939). It was this Lewis
Cass Payseur who hired the Rothschild bloodline of the Springs to run
a number of the Payseur's companies. The Payseurs were one of the
original big railroad families along with Issac Croom and William H.
Beatty. Isaac Croom's wife was a sister of William Beatty's, so the
reader can see how all these elite bloodlines intertwine. Remember
that LC. Payseur hired Leroy Springs to operate a host of his
companies. Leroy Springs father was A.A. Springs and A.A. Springs was
the secret father of Abraham Lincoln.

In 1808, Nancy Hanks, of the lineage of the McAdden Scottish family
visited some of her famIly at Lincolnton, N.C. Nancy Hawks visited
the Springs family and that is when A.A. Springs impregnated her, and
her child when born was named Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln's
Rothschild blood was kept very secret, but he did grow up to be a
famous lawyer, a secret leader of the Rosicrucians, and President of
the United States. It is believed from the evidence that the
establishment conspiracy concocted the person of Thomas Lincoln out
of thin air. The actual early history of Abraham Lincoln is shrouded
in myth and mystery, and as one encyclopedia puts it, "We know little
about the family of his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln." While a lawyer,
Abraham Lincoln had a sexual liaison with Elizabeth who was the
illegitimate daughter of German King Leopold, who is also of elite
blood lineage. Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth had two twin daughters
Ella and Emily in 1856 who were adopted out. Lincoln in fact had a
fairly large number of illegitimate children. Now A. A. Springs, who
was both the biological father of Leroy Springs and Abraham Lincoln
left an enormous amount of land in what is now Huntsville, AL to his
son Abraham Lincoln. Huntsville, AL by the way has become a hotbed of
NWO activity. Some of the mind-control research the intelligence
community has been conducting has been done at Huntsville.

The Rothschilds even named one of their boys after Abraham Lincoln,
his name was Lincoln Rothschild. Although Abraham Lincoln secretly
had powerful occult blood, he was a great man in his own right. And
just like JFK, he had the strength of personality to refuse to bow to
the Illuminati's instructions. Lincoln refused to go the path that
his distant European International Banking Rothschild relatives
wanted for the United States. The Illuminati goal had been to split
the U.S. into two easier to control nations. And just as with JFK,
who also came from a top 13 family, a large scale conspiracy
Involving many government officials including the Secretary of
Defense was put into place to assassinate Lincoln. There are numerous
indications that show that the Rothschilds were in part behind the
assassination of Lincoln. Some of the men who worked for the Payseurs
of the 13th top family were Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, the
Vanderbilts, Giftord Pinnchot, and John D Rockefeller. These men were
selected to run Payseur companies because they belonged to the
satanic elite. The Leroy Springs family got Payseur family companies
in the early 1920s. It was Leroy that managed to get the Rothschild's
involved with the Federal Reserve. Two companies that have come out
of the Payseur's old Lancaster Manufacturing Co. ins Weyerhaeuser and
Crown-Zellerbach. I have long know these were companies tied to the
elite, but it wasn't until i found the secret Payseur family at the
very top of these companies that I really understood the full story.
The Payseurs have gone to extreme lengths to corrupt government
documents, such as courthouse records. They have hidden the births of
many of their descendants, and have covered over with extreme secrecy
most of their monetary holdings.

Remember the Beatty family was an early railroad family with business
ties to the Payseur family. Bartholomew F. Moore, who was the private
attorney for years to President Abraham Lincoln, was a blood relative
of the Beatty family. It was Bart Fingers Moore who co-authored the
14th amendment for the conspiracy. The Beatty family continually
resurfaces when doing research on the conspiracy. Shirley MacLaine,
the famous New Age leader/author is from the Beatty family. She
credits her start to Edgar Cayce by the way, who in turn was
interested in Blavatsky. Blavatsky was a student of the Mason Anton
Mesmer, who introduced the world to hypnotism. Hypnotism had been
secretly practiced by the Mystery Religions for thousands of years
before Mesmer taught Blavatsky and others about it. Charles Beatty
Alexander, who is an Illuminati ,, prince"/Pilgrim Society member is
an example of a Beatty in recent times who was within the elite.
Quantrill, who was a famous Confederate colonel and guerilla leader,
whose band of raiders evolved into the Jessie James gang was married
into the Springs (Rothschild) family

The recent lala Madelyn Payseur Gatling Fulghum (1876-1972) was the
late head of the Payseur family. The documentation on the above
families is extensive, but much of the evidence that has been
photocopied out of the few documents left intact have been destroyed
since the documents were photocopied. The amount of tampering with
official documents is incredible, and further Illustrates the
enormous power the Rothschilds and the Payseurs (the 13th family--the
Holy Blood line) have. The researchers who wrote Holy Blood, Holy
Grail got a taste of the power of the 13th blood line to manipulate
documents held by libraries and governments in Europe. The same type
of thing has been happening in the United States. The researcher into
the Satanic elite has a hard row to hoe because the Satanic families
have tried to cover their tracks through history. They have also
tried very hard to cover up what their financial assets are. Those
Rothschilds who have carried on the Rothschild name have had a higher
visibility. It is this group of Rothschilds which have gained the
public's attention, even though they too are very secretive.

The origins of the Masonic and Rosicrucian movements lie with the
medieval alchemists. Manly P. Hall, Freemasonry's greatest
philosopher writes, ,,During the Middle Ages, alchemy was not only a
philosophy and a science but also a religion. Those who rebelled
against the religious limitations of their day concealed their
philosophic teachings under the allegory of gold-making. In this way
they preserved their personal liberty and were ridiculed rather than
persecuted. Alchemy is a threefold art, its mystery well symbolized
by a triangle." (The Secret Teachings of All Ages, pg CLIV-ul) --
Manly P Hall also states in his book on magic entitled Magic, "...
[the] pentagram. This was known to medieval alchemy as the sign of
the cloven hoof .... (Hall.. Magic, Los Angeles, CA: Philosophical
Research Soc., pg. 46) QuicksIlver (which was one of the things the
early Astor family traded in) was one of the primary items employed
in the aichemical trarismutations. The oxide produced using
quicksilver was considered magical and mystically identified with the
god Osiris. As the reader may have already figured out, alchemy
practiced Hermetic magic from ancient Egypt. Alchemy was really a
front for the mystery religion of Satanic witchcraft. The leading
alchemist was a german Richard Bauer who was alive sometime in the 14
or 15 hundreds. Richard Bauer is said to have been the only alchemist
who was successful in transforming lead to gold. Whether that report
is meant in an allegorical way, or some other way I do not know What
I am trying to communicate is that the Bauer family was a leading
alchemical family which secretly practiced Hermetic magic during the
late Middle Ages. David's article on the Rothschilds is meant to be
an extension of what I have already put out on the Rothschilds. for
instance my chapter 3.3 in the Be Wise As Serpents book. Chapter 3.3
is entirely devoted to the Rothschilds.

I chose them to write about in the book, because the family is the
most renown of the Satanic families and the easiest to expose to
people just becoming acquainted with what is going on. The other
family which has a chapter devoted to it is the Russell family, which
is described in chapter 1. 6. The Russell family has yet to be
covered in this series, but was covered in the Be Wise As Serpents
book because of their importance to the Watchtower Bible & Tract
Society. I am aware of intense secret meetings that have been going
on in Frankfurt and Moscow between World Bank officials. These secret
meetings have been going on now for two months which gives some of
the scope of their importance. Undoubtedly the Rothschilds are
playing a role in these secret meetings, even while I write this.
There has been a great deal of misinformation put out that the
Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are fighting for control of the
world. It is true that they are in intense competition in some areas.
It has also been true that they have been in intense cooperation in
many areas. One of the difficulties for people to sort out what is
going on, is that they don't know about the Satanic spiritual
dimension of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. For instance, to
make an analogy, if I am a minister and one of my brothers-in-Christ
is my upline on a multi-level marketing distributorship, then he is
my business head, but I could be the spiritual leadership that he
looks up to. The point is that essentially all researchers trying to
expose the NWO are drawing conclusions about occult power on the
basis of business relationships, and it doesn't always work.
Sometimes the business boss may be in a secret satanic leadership
position over someone else, but it may also be that both men are on
equal footing when it comes to occuft power and status within the
Illuminati. So far I have seen only one book advertised (and I
haven't read it) which claims to expose the conflict between the
Rothschilds and the Rockefellers as a sham. If It really does show
this, then the book has contributed greatly toward helping people
tear down their isunderstandings about the Illuminati power structure.

Part I


If one looked on the backstage of history, he would find the House of
Rothschild. They have indebted Kings, manipulated kingdoms, created
wars and molded the very shape of the international world. Among the
hierarchy of the Illuminati they are revered as a powerful satanic
bloodline. They are "living legends."

Said one biographer: "In America a boy wants to become President. In
Europe he would rather be a Rothschild.... To be `a Rothschild' is to
be a modern Croesus, a twentieth-century Midas." They are a dynasty
of enduring power; a "magic" bloodline In Satan's Empire. We will
probably never know exactly when occultism was introduced to the
Rothschilds. Several of their ancestors have been rabbis, so the
occultism probably came in the form of Jewish Cabalism, Sabbatism, or
Frankism. The House of Rothschild practices gnostic-satanism (the
Rothschilds would probably not call themselves satanists, but by our
standards they are, considering the sacrificial and spiritual worship
involved). The truth is sometimes hard to tell. The stories the
family weave are hard to distinguish from the truth. Myths are one of
their best weapons, and a researcher must be wary. The family began
in Frankfort, Germany (the city where paper money was popularized).
The oldest known Rothschild went by the name of Uri Feibesch who
lived in the early 16th century. His descendants lived in the House
of Red Shield. His great, great, great, great Grandson was Moses
Bauer, who lived in the early 18th century. The family was mostly
made-up of Jewish retail traders, and lived in the Judengasse, or
Jew's Alley in Frankfort. Jew's Alley was the product of the anti-
semitic bent in Europe, and did not have very good living conditions.

Most Ashkenazim Jews of that time did not use sir-names, instead they
preferred the Chinese custom of using a symbol as the family
identity. These symbols were sometimes used on signs outside Jewish
houses as an address. Some Jews had taken on sir-names, to fit in,
but the use of symbols was more popular. The early Rothschilds chose
the sir-name Bauer (meaning farmer in German. Why would a family of
retail traders call themselves Bauer? Perhaps to remain un-noticed).
The Bauer line continues today, but in the 1700's one man re-named
his branch of the family after its symbol and address - the Red
Shield or the Seal of Solomon.

Mayer Amschel Bauer was a well-off coin trader in Frankfort. In front
of his house hung a sign with the family's symbol, which was a red
hexagram. The hexagram (also known as the Seal of Solomon, the Magden
David, or the Star of David) is very occultic. It is used today as
the symbol of Israel, but It is not ,,Jewish." In his excellent book
THE SIX-POINTED STAR, O.J. Graham explains that the hexagram was used
in the ancient mystery religions. It was the symbol of Moloch,
Ashtoreth, and others. In fact, the hexagram was used to represent
Saturn, which earlier newsletters have discussed. The six-pointed
star is considered the equivalent of the Oriental Yin-and-Yang
symbol, which is the Luciferian concept of balancing good and evil.
The symbol appears to have been used by King Solomon when he
apostasized, and was thereafter called the Seal of Solomon. Later on,
Jewish Cabalism (or Occultism - different name, same game) picked it
up as a magic symbol. Through the promotion of the Cabalists and the
Zionists it has become the symbol of Jewish identity, although the
occult circles know better. The Bauer's use of a hexagram as their
family sign points to their involvement in Jewish Cabalism.

In fact, the six-pointed star was so significant to them that Mayer
Amschel Bauer decided to adopt it as his new name - Mayer Amschel
Rothschild (Rot-schildt = Red Shield). I believe this was done to
identify his family with occultism and the likes of Saturn or
Ashtoreth (whom the Astors are named after). Mayer was sent to be a
rabbi when he was 10, in 1753. A year and a half later his parents
died. Mayer was brilliant and was encouraged by relatives to continue
his studies but coin trading was his love. He left the school and
when 13 was sent to Hanover to be an apprentice at the Illuminati
Oppenheimer bank. He worked there for 7 years, learning the ins and
out of money. The big question is why he left the Oppenheimer bank.
It was a good situation, both financially and socially (Hanover was
less antagonistic towards the Jews than Frankfort). Why leave this
security and head back home to an uncertain future? Because the
future wasn't all that uncertain. While in Hanover Mayer made the
acquaintance of General von Estorff, a numismatist who was impressed
by Mayer's knowledge of the subject. In 1763 General von Estorff left
Hanover and joined the Court of Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau,
whose territory included Frankfort. Mayer knew that through his
connections he would be able to get some business with the Prince. It
appears Mayer's stay at the Oppenheimer bank was used to establish
himself in Illuminati circles and to find a way to get close to the
Illuminati royalty. General von Estorff was his key.

Prince William of Hesse-Hanau was tied into the Illuminati. He was
the son of Landgrave Frederick or Hesse-Cassel, of the royal family
of Hesse. Prince William was a Freemason, and his younger brother
Karl, was according to JEWS AND FREEMASONS IN EUROPE, 1723-
1939, `accepted as the head of all German Freemasons.' Members of the
Hesse dynasty have been described as the leaders of the Strict
Observance (in 1782 a Masonic Congress in Wilhelmsbad, a city in the
Hesse province, dropped the name `Strict Observance' and changed it
to "Beneficent Knights of the Holy City"). The Hesse dynasty is
totally connected to the Illuminati. Prince William was the grandson
of King George II of England. The Hesse-Cassel's were one of the
richest royal houses in Europe. Their income came mainly from the
loaning-out of Hessian soldiers to foreign countries. (The elite
loves to makes profit off of "peacekeeping" troops, which is exactly
what the Hessians were called. This "peacekeeping" always adds up to
imperialism. The Hessian troops were used by England in the American
Revolution, in fact the colonial armies fought more Hessian soldiers
than English. The House of Hesse-Cassel made a lot of money off the
American Revolution.) Another example of the Hesse-

Cassel's ties to the Illuminati is the enigmatic figure St. Germain,
who is hailed as a New Age Messiah-figure. Many researchers believe
that St. Germain was the son of Francis II of Transylvania. Francis
II's second wife was Charlotte Amalie of the House of Hesse, he
married her in 1694. St. Germain was either her son, or the prior
wife's, this point is debated. His name was Leopold-George and they
staged his death in 1700 to save him from the deadly collapse of the
Transylvanian dynasty. Prince Karl of Hesse, Masonic leader of
Germany, wrote that St. Germain had been sent down to Italy to be
raised by the Medici family. Later on St. Germain appeared out of
nowhere to work with the elite. There were questions as to his
identity and Napoleon Ill had a dossier gathered on him, but the
house holding the dossier was mysteriously destroyed in a fire. St.
Germain was an alchemist and he claimed to have the alchemical Elixir
of Life, the secret formula of immortality (which the Rosicrucians
also claimed to have). He was a guest of William and Karl of Hesse in
1774, and in 1779 returned to Karl to spend the last years of his
known life. Helena Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society
claimed that St. Germain was one of the Hidden Masters of Tibet who
secretly controlled the world's destiny. In 1930 Guy Ballard claimed
that he met St. GermaIn on Mount Shasta. This supposed meeting led to
the creation of the `I AM' movement.

The Hesse Dynasty has lasted clear up to the 20th century. During
WWII they were on Hitler's side. Prince Philip of Hesse was a
messenger between Hitler and Mussolini. He was still alive in 1973
and was reported to be the richest prince in Europe. The House of
Hesse is still a powerful force in Germany. In 1763 Mayer left
Hanover to build his fortune in Frankfort. His main objective was to
become a financial agent of Prince William of Hesse-Hanau. Prince
William was an intelligent man who loved to make money. (His passions
went beyond money. His wife did not please him so he became an
adulterer and almost every woman he slept with became pregnant. He
fathered between 70 to 21 illegitimate children. His main mistress,
Frau von Lindenthal, bore him 8 children and ran his household.)
William loved to loan money at high interest rates. He was the
perfect man to aid Mayer's quest for riches.

Mayer began bribing Prince William's servants to become informants.
At that time he was an antique dealer, trader, coin collector, and
exchanger (the country was divided and as a result the separate
currencies made money exchanging very profitable) . General von
Estorff convinced Prince William of the value of a rare coin
collection and then recommended Rothschild. Thus began the
relationship between the Prince and the Rothschilds. Mayer would sell
rare coins, precious stones, and antiques to the Prince at
ridiculously low prices. Then, in 1769, after a significant amount of
sales, he wrote the Prince asking for and receiving the
designation `Crown Agent to the Prince of Hesse-Hanau" (a great
commercial advertiser. Tities and honors were important in that day,
they opened doors). Mayer then married Gutle Schnapper, daughter of a
respected merchant, Wolf Salomon Schnapper, in 1770. He then set up a
money exchange bureau. His two brothers worked in this bureau with
him untIl 1785 when Kalmann died and Moses quite. Some researchers
contend that Adam Wieshaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati was
financially supported by the Rothschilds. The Bavarian Illuminati was
founded in 1776, and the Rothschilds were not necessarily a financial
power at that time. I may be wrong, but I do not believe Mayer was in
a financial position to support Wieshaupt. It is possible, though,
that when, in 1782, the headquarters of the Illuminati moved to
Frankfort, that it began to be controlled by the Rothschilds.

In 1785 Prince William's father, Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Cassel,
died and William became the new Landgrave. This made him the richest
prince in Germany and possibly Europe. He left the small province of
Hesse-Hanau to become ruler in Hesse-Cassel. Around this time Wolf
Schnapper, Mayer's father-in-law, introduced Rothschild to Carl
Buderus who was the Prince's chief financial advisor. Through either
coercion, friendship, or occultic ties Mayer was able to convince
Buderus to become an agent for him. This was a big mover for Mayer.
The Landgrave William of Hesse-Cassel was to be the `steppingstone"
to power.

Until then Mayer had only done meager business with William, but by
1789 Buderus managed to get some royal bills for Rothschild to
discount. This wasn't much, but it was a start. Carl received a cut
of the profits when he did William's business through Rothschild.
This was the beginning of a long financial relationship that would
benefit both parties.

Mayer Amschel Bauer-Rothschild was a shrewd man, but his quick rise
in social status shows the power of money, for Mayer was not
cultured. He could never master the German language and so he and his
family spoke a strange Yiddish German mixture (which benefitted their
secret network). He enjoyed

discussing the medieval world and coin collecting. When it came to
business he was ruthless and naturally adept. His occult side was
well hidden. He was most likely a Cabalistic Jew. Although it is not
known if he was a Freemason, he did accompany the Landgrave on
several trips to Masonic lodges (after the two had become better
friends). He had 5 daughters and 5 sons, plus several children that
died young. He moved from his old house, the ,,Haus zur Hinterpfann",
to a new one, Green Shield, when he started making more money. Green
Shield was a dual residency and the other half was occupied by the
Schiff family who were to play an important role later on as agents
of the Rothschilds. Every passage of Green Shield held hidden shelves
and cupboards, and the backyard countinghouse's walls had a number of
secret shelves and a secret underground room which was connected to a
neighbor's house for a quick getaway if necessary (the house was
built to protect Jews from the dangerous pogroms that would sweep
Germany, it was a great place to secretly practice their gnostic-
satanic rituals, if they were yet involved in that form of worship).
His five sons have been called the Mayer brothers because they all
shared that middle name: Amschel Mayer, Salomon Mayer, Nathan Mayer,
Kalmann (Carl) Mayer, and Jacob (James) Mayer. Each son entered the
family business at the age of 12. The humorous side of studying an
elite IllumInati family is the

biographer's insistence on owing the family's ability to profit from
circumstances as "luck.' They never seem to put two and two together.
Many of these circumstances happened by design. They always say
things like `... the infant opportunity seemed to be the child of
coincidence." They never attribute a family's wealth to well planned
extortion, cheating, or thievery, which is exactly how families like
the Rothschilds attain their riches. The French Revolution is an

The Illuminati fueled French Revolution got under way in the 1790's,
and Prince William began to get nervous. He was afraid the
revolutionary riots would reach Germany and he would lose his gold.
So he invested his money in a magnificent new palace called
Wilhelmshoe, which was built from 1791 to 1798. Although the French
Revolution frightened William it was a delight for Mayer. The war
helped his sales. When the French ended up pitted against the Holy
Roman Empire, the prices of imported goods skyrocketed, and importing
goods from England was a Rothschild specialty. In fact Mayer's
English trade helped him secure a deal with the Landgrave (through
Buderus, of course) in which he became a middleman in England's
payments for the hire of Hessian soldiers. `...every ill wind of the
1790's seemed to blow good to the Rothschilds." The winds were so
good that by the end of the decade they were established as a rich
and independent family. In 1800 they were the 11th richest family in
Frankfort's Jew Alley (not counting the wealth in proxy). Around the
turn of the century Mayer decIded to send his most clever son, Nathan
to England to establish another Rothschild House. The family tells a
silly story about Nathan leaving for England to best an annoying
English cotton trader, but I believe that Nathan was sent by Mayer
with a specific purpose - to establish power with the Rothschild
network in that country. Nathan arrived in England with no knowledge
of the language but a great amount of money. He would soon be the
most powerful man in Europe. Many more profitable events occurred at
the turn of the century. Many of these events revolve around the
Rothschild infiltration of the Thurn and Taxis postal system. The
House of Thurn and Taxis was of the Black Nobility. In 1516 Holy
Roman Emperor Maximilion I (of the Merovinglan bloodline and husband
of a member of the Black Nobility)

commissioned the House to create a mounted postal service between
Vienna and Brussels. The service eventually included all of Central
Europe. The head office of the system was in Frankfort, which was
rather convenient for Mayer who proceeded to do business with them.
His relationship with Thurn and Taxis became so close that the
service began to inform him of any pertinent Information found among
the letters (that they had a habit of covertly reading). This mail
fraud system was also used by the Emperor Francis to keep abreast of
his enemies. While Mayer was receiving stolen news from Thurn and
Taxis he was busy setting up his own postal service so that no-one
could secretly discover his dealings. This system was eventually so
effective that the Rothschilds became the best and fastest informed
individuals in the world. The system was so good that many prominent
men began to send their letters through the Rothschilds, who of
course, always snuck a peak at the contents. The business with Thurn
and Taxis helped Mayer receive the title ,,Imperial Crown Agent" in
1800. This title served as a passport that allowed him to travel
throughout the Holy Roman Empire. It also provided the right to bear
arms, and it freed him from having to pay the taxes and obligations
upon the Jews of that period. Mayer began to get even more titles,
including one from the German Order of St. John. His sons Amschel and
Salomon were also busy getting various titles. In 1801 they became
crown agents of the Landgrave William of Hesse-Cassel. All these
titles were wonderful, but most important was the Landgrave's. The
Landgrave was the richest Prince in Europe and the Rothschilds were
determined to take advantage of his wealth.

The relationship with the Landgrave improved greatly in 1803. A
Danish King, and cousin of William, asked the Prince for loans but
William declined because he did not want anyone to know how rich he
had become. Rothschild learned about it and through Buderus, proposed
lending the money anonymously. William thought the idea was splendid.
The loan was sent through Mayer and a Hamburg Jew. The interests were
paid to Rothschild who, after taking commission, forwarded the money
to the Landgrave. The event was a great triumph, after 36 years,
Mayer had finally done a significant job for the Prince. Six more
Landgrave loans to Denmark were negotiated by Rothschild. Many more
loans ensued (although they required some teeth pulling on Buderus'
part), Including loans to the Order of St. John. This negotiating of
the Landgrave's loans greatly increased the reputation of the House
of Rothschild.

By this time Napoleon had come to power in France. This caused a
distress in Europe, but brought great profits to the House of
Rothschild. As one biographer put it "Napoleon seemed bent on
Improving the Rothschild's lot in life." Even though Napoleon was not
purposely doing It, the conditions he created were of great benefit.
Napoleon tried to get the Landgrave as his ally, but Prince William
squirmed and politely as possible refused. William's goal was to wait
untIl the winning side in the Napoleonic conflict was clear so that
he could join without any risks. The pressure of the situation gave
the Landgrave a very bad temper. By this time half the crown heads of
Europe were in his debt. Napoleon grew tired of the Landgrave's
games. His troops Invaded Germany and the province of Hesse
to "remove the House of Hesse-Cassel from rulership and to strike It
out of the list of powers." Wllhelmshoe became frantic as William
attempted to hide his riches. After the scramble to conceal his
wealth he fled the province and went to live in exile in Denmark. The
French immediately found most of his treasures. Buderus and Mayer had
to act fast to preserve the wealth of the Landgrave. Some of the
valuables had already been sold.

They quickly bribed a French General, Lagrange, who turned over 42
trunks to Hessian officials and lied to Napoleon about the Prince's
true wealth. Lagrange's deceptive act was eventually discovered and
he was dismissed, but much of the wealth was preserved. During the
frantic moments before Hesse-Cassel's Invasion, the Landgrave gave
Buderus the right to collect the Interest payments due from Holy
Roman Emperor Francis. Buderus eventually transferred this right to
the Rothschilds. Mayer began doing the Landgrave's business behind
Napoleon's back. These secret dealings were greatly boosted by the
man Napoleon appointed to rule the area -Karl von Dalberg. Dalberg
was a friend of Mayer and Buderns and had done business with them
(his connection to them may have also been occult). Napoleon made
Dalberg Primate of the new Confederation of the Rhine, which included
Frankfort. As ruler of the region Dalberg protected the Rothschilds
from being exposed as traders of contraband and as agents of the
House of Hesse-Cassel. When the French cut off trade with England
prices on Imports soared. The Rothschilds smuggled goods in and made
large profits, with Dalberg keeping guard. "It was certainly most
remarkable," said one biographer. "That the Archbishop and Lord of
the Confederation of the Rhine, who ruled over sixteen German
princes, and stood so high in Napoleon's favor, should have shown so
much good-will to the Jewish Mayer Amschel Rothschild at Frankfort,
who, although now a rich man, had no daim to move in high and
influential circles." Despite Dalberg's protection Mayer kept two
sets of books, one inspectable and the other secret. By 1807 Buderus,
as proxy for the Landgrave, was almost exclusively using the
Rothschilds for Hesse-Cassel business. Mayer himself would visit the
Prince in exile, but since he was getting old he soon had to give up
these trips and sent his sons on the journeys. The House of
Rothschild was collecting the income of the wealthiest prince in
Europe less than half a century after Mayer had begun building his
fortune! The satanic House of Rothschild's IllumInati dealings at
this time are well exemplified by their involvement with the second
Tugenbund League. The first Tugenbund League (or Virtue League) was
formed in 1786 as a kind of sex society.

The group would meet at Henrietta Herz's home (her husband was an
Illuminati Jew who was the disciple of the powerful occultist Moses
Mendelssohn). Many Illuminists attended this "Virtue" League. A
number of young Jewish women whose husbands were always away on
business would come to the Herz's house to participate in the
immorality (two members were daughters of Moses Mendelssohn).
Frequenters of this `salon" included revolutionary Freemason
Mlrabeau, William von Humbolt, and Frederick von Gentz who was to
become an important Rothschild agent. Later on, I will discuss Gentz
in further detail. In 1807 the second Tugenbund League was formed.
This League pursued `moral-scientific" and political aims. The main
aim being the deliverance of Germany from French occupation. The
League was formed by Baron von Stein who was its
principle "protector." Thomas Frost wrote in SECRET SOCIETIES OF THE
EUROPEAN REVOLUTION that `The Initiations [into the second
Tugendbund] multiplied rapidly, and the League soon numbered in its
ranks most of the Councillors of State, many officers of the army,
and a considerable number of the professors of literature and
science.... A central directorate at Berlin, presided over by Stein,
had the supreme control of the movement, and exercised, through
provincial committees, an authority all the more potent from
emanating from an unknown source, and which was obeyed as implicitiy
as the decrees of Emperor or King.' The Landgrave William of Hesse-
Cassel held an important position in the second Tugendbund. Buderus
was also involved. It appears the Rothschilds were members and they
were ,,go-betweens for the [Landgrave's] correspondence on this
matter, and made payments in favor of the Tugendbund." This put Mayer
Rothschild at the head of the propaganda system against Napoleon.

Napoleon tried to suppress Tugundbund but it went underground,
concealing itself under the protection of the English Masonic Lodge
at Hanover, It as sisted many anti-Napoleon causes physically and
financially. Tugendbund was eventually dissolved, but many of its
members moved on to other Masonic

societies such as the `Black Knights,' `The Knights of the Queen of
Prussia," and `The Concordists." In 1818 the second Tugundbund was
revived as the Burschenschaft (Association of Boys or Fellows). The
Burschenschaft was a revolutionary group of students who introduced
martial exercises into the universities. The Burschenschaft
eventually fell apart. After a few years the exiled Landgrave came to
totally trust the Rothschilds. `...[Prince William] got more and more
accustomed to following [Mayer] Rothschild's advice, and scarcely
took any important financial step without consulting him.' This
princely steppingstone was working out perfectly. It was paving the
way towards Rothschild financial freedom. Mayer wanted to become a
creditor, and his goal was soon achieved. In 1810 the Rothschild's
firm became `Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Sons" (Nathan was not a
public partner of this firm). That same year Mayer loaned his own
money to Denmark and when Dalberg took out a big loan to go to the
baptism of Napoleon's son, the financial security of the Frankfort
bank was set in stone.

The House of Rothschild needed a new steppingstone. The old one, the
Landgrave, would not be discarded, but they needed a younger, more
political man who could be their key to controlling Europe. That man
was Prince Clemens Metternich who in 1809 became the Austrian
Minister for Foreign Affairs. He became the leading opposer of
Napoleon, and the Landgrave moved in his exile to Austria, hoping the
powerful up-start would get Hesse back. So the Rothschild network
increased its operations in Austria - the land of the Hapsburgs.
Around this time Mayer Amschel Bauer-Rothschild got sick. Before his
death he wrote a Will that

would dictate the structure of the Rothschilds. Although the exact
content's of Mayer's Will have been kept secret, one edict is clear.
It completely excluded the daughters and their husbands and heirs
from the business, and all knowledge of it. The Will totally exalted
the importance of the family circle. On Sept. 19, 1812 Mayer died. A
bogus legend about his death maintains that his five sons gathered
around his deathbed and he split Europe between them. Only Amschel
and Carl were in Frankfort when he died. Nathan was in England, and
Salomon and James were on the road (the brothers were constantly


When Mayer died, headship over the family fell on Nathan Rothschild
of England. Even though Nathan was not the oldest, the 5 brothers had
voted unanimously that he was the most capable to lead them. Nathan
was an intelligent, uneducated, self-absorbed jerk. Though he was an
impolite, foul-mouthed man (`...he could swear like a trooper.') his
money got him into the high society of England. His cold view on life
and power is seen in his response to an English Major who was being
sentimental about the horrible deaths of the large number of soldiers
that had died in the war. `Well,' said Rothschild. `If they had not
all died, Major, you presumably would still be a drummer.' There is a
story that says one of Nathan's sons asked him how many nations there
were in the world and Nathan replied: `There are only two you need to
bother about. There is the mishpoche [Yiddish for family] and there
are the others.' This story may be false, but the attitude is real.

Nathan first settled in Manchester, England, the center of cloth
manufacturing. In 1804 he moved to London. As his wealth and his
reputation began to grow he was able to marry Hannah Cohen. The
Cohens were a wealthy Jewish family from Amsterdam, and Hannah's
father, Salomon Cohen was a respected merchant in London. Nathan
served with him as Warden of the Great Synagogue (the Rothschilds
relationship to the Jews will be discussed later on in this article).
Hannah's sister, Judith, married the powerful Jewish Freemason Moses
Montefiore (the Montefiore's were of "ancient" and
extremely `aristocratic Jewish stock', probably another Cabalistic
family), who was friends with Nathan (Nathan's sister Henrietta
married a Montefiore, so did his second son, Anthony, and his
brother, Salomon's great grandson, Aiphonse married a Sebag-
Montefiore in 1911). Nathan's social life revolved around the Cohens.

Nathan was a Freemason. He was a member of London's Lodge of
Emulation. Nathan's accumulation of wealth was incredible. His money-
making exploits were unbelievable. He was smuggling English goods
past the French blockade during the Napoleonic conflict, and making
great profits. This smuggling required an agent in Paris, so Mayer,
through his Dalberg connections, got his son James a passport and
James went to live in Paris. A large amount of the Landgrave's money
was sent to Nathan in England, on the advice of Buderus, for the
purpose of buying stock. But Nathan, as he and Buderus had planned,
used the money as capitol for other ventures. When the exiled
Landgrave began asking for a proof-of-purchase, Buderus and the
Rothschild brothers had to come up with all sorts of excuses to
protect Nathan's thievery. Eventually the Landgrave demanded to see
receipts, so Nathan quIckly bought some stock (the Landgrave had told
him to buy the stocks at 72, but their price when be ended up buying
them was 62, Nathan pocketed the savings) and they snuck the receipts
through the French blockade to the exiled Prince. The Landgrave was
satisfied, he had no idea what had really been done with his money.
Nathan began making connections in the British government. Probably
his greatest early connection was to the Treasury official John
Herries. Herries aided Nathan's rise to power in every way possible.
He became an intimate friend or Nathan's and eventually a proxy for
Rothschild in the British government. Their dealings were kept secret
and the public had no idea as to the enormity of Nathan's power. The
most incredible example of

Nathan's devious schemes is a job he would later describe as the best
business he had ever done. Through Nathan's connections in the
treasury he learned of the plight of the English army in Spain. The
Duke of Wellington (soon to become Nathan's friend) had British
troops in Spain ready to attack France, only they lacked one thing -
hard cash (the army's financiers would not take paper money), but the
government was very short on gold at the time. Nathan knew how to
profit from this situation. The East India Company was trying to sell
gold that, of coarse, the government wanted to buy, but the price was
so high that officials decided to wait until it dropped. Nathan
stepped in and bought up the gold (using some of the Landgraves money
as well as his own). He then proceed to raise the price. When the
officials realized the price wouldn't drop they bought the gold and
Nathan made a great profit. But the deal didn't stop there. Nathan
offered to deliver the gold to Wellington (this was a heavy
responsibility because of the French blockade).

Hemes went to bat and got Rothschild the job. Nathan's plan was
incredible, one biographer said his scheme was `comparable to
burglary in broad daylight.' Nathan's brother, James went to
Napoleon's government and told them that Nathan would be importing
gold into France and that the British government was upset at the
move because it would financially hurt England. Napoleon's government
believed his lie and any French police who might have uncovered the
plot were bribed. So Nathan was able to ship the gold to Paris with
the approval of both the English and French governments. In Paris the
gold was exchanged in French banking firms for cash Wellington could
use, and then the Rothschild network carried the money into Spain as
France allowed Nathan to fund the war against itself. Eventually some
French officials grew suspicious, but Napoleon ignored their reports
(why?). The plan went smoothly even though the same officials
secretly watched James Rothschild and his brother Carl (who was in on
the plot). Wellington eventually defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. The
Wellington smuggle was one of the greatest scams in history! In order
to better understand the Rothschild's involvement in the defeat of
Napoleon we must look at the role played by the Rothschild's second
steppingstone - Metternich. Metternich was the Austrian Minister of
Foreign Affairs and he led the opposition against Napoleon.

Metternich was a fierce enemy of the revolutionary fires that were
spreading through Europe. The Rothschild's got to him through a
member of the first Tugendbund (the sexual one), Frederick von Gentz.
Gentz was Metternich's right-hand man. Metternich was not financially
minded and he relied on Gentz's advise concerning economics (Gentz's
ability to handie his private finances was terrible, but he had a
knack for political economy). John Herries brought Gentz and the
Rothschilds together. The family proceeded to bribe the man into
their service. Gentz is an interesting character. He was a Freemason
so he was probably occultic. His involvement in the first Tugendbund
League points to Immorality. Another interesting fact is that I found
most of his visits to the Rothschilds occurred on occultic

holidays, such as Winter Solstice. This may be a coincidence, but it
is interesting non-the-less. Gentz called the Rothschilds `a special
species plantarum with its own characteristics.' Gentz steadily
brought Metternich into the Rothschild's web. By at least 1814
Metternich was an ally of the House of Rothschild. His goal was to
protect the power of the old aristocracy. His plan was simply to
extinguish revolution, and he began with Napoleon. Austria declared
war on France and allied Itself with Russia. England Joined them to
form a powerful coalition against Napoleon. The battle of Waterloo in
1815 decided the war. Metternich had led Europe to victory with the
help of Nathan's delivery network which funded the overthrow. The
victory made Metternich the most powerful man in Europe. Due to his
speedy courier system, Nathan knew of the outcome of the Waterloo
battle before the news reached any other Englander. A persistent myth
is that he made the bulk of his fortune by manipulating the stock
exchange with this knowledge. First of all, he did manipulate the
market, but he already had a fortune, this only added to It. Second
of all, he might not have even made a significant profit (the issue
is complicated and debatable. I will not go into it). Two years
before his defeat, Napoleon had pulled out of Germany. In 1813 the
Landgrave William of Hesse-Cassel returned to his province. Said one
biographer: `Earlier it had been the Rothschilds who had asked for
favors, now it was the (Landgrave] and Buderus who tried to maintain
a close connection.' In 1818 Buderus died. By 1815 Nathan controlled
England's finance. He did a large amount of direct business with the
English treasury. John Hemes was allowing deals that would hurt
England but fill the pockets of the House of

Rothschild. The following quote by one of Nathan's contemporaries
describes his eerie countenance: `Eyes are usually called windows of
the soul. But in Rothschild's case you would conclude that the
windows are false ones, or that there was no soul to look out them.
There comes not one pencil of light from the interior, neither is
there any gleam of that which comes from without reflected in any
direction. The whole puts you in mind of an empty skin, and you
wonder why it stands upright without at least something in it. By and
by another figure comes up to it. It then steps two paces aside, and
the most inquisitive glance that you ever saw, and a glance more
inquisitive than you would have thought of, is drawn out of the fixed
and leaden eyes, as if one were drawing a sword from a scabbard...'

This description is disturbingly similar to either MPD or demonic
possession. A Prussian official said that Rothschild had `an
incredible influence upon all financial affairs here in London. It is
widely stated ... that he entirely regulates the rate of exchange in
the City. His power as a banker is enormous.' `When Nathan ... (made]
a fuss, the Bank of England trembled.' Once he tried to cash a check
from his brother Amschel at the Bank, but the Bank refused saying it
cashed only its own notes. Nathan's volcano-like temper exploded. The
next morning he and nine of his clerks arrived at the Bank and began
exchanging bank notes for gold. In one day he had reduced the Bank's
gold reserves by a substantial amount. The next day he and his clerks
arrived with more bank notes. A Bank executive nervously asked how
long he intended to keep this up. Nathan replied something to the
effect of `The Bank of England refused to take by bills, so I will
not keep theirs.' A meeting was quickly called and they decided that
from then on the Bank of England would be pleased to cash any
Rothschild check Nathan's firm was named N.M. Rothschild and Sons.
The firm met in the New Court building and for the sake of brevity
will be referred to as New Court. New Court was so powerful that it
even became a gold broker for the Bank of England (whose price I
believe they still fix at will, though I may be wrong). He also
founded the Alliance Insurance Company in England. The Illuminati has
the Luciferian belief system that one's evil acts must be balanced by
one's good acts. This belief system has led to the philanthropy of
the truly evil elite (although much of this ,,charity" money goes to
fund their objectives).

Nathan hated the common masses but his duty called. `Almoners,
particularly those acting on behalf of the poor Jews of London,
reported that they got thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of
pounds out of Rothschild, but hardly a word and never a courtesy.'
Nathan did not enjoy charity. He was good friends with Thomas Buxton,
the anti-slavery leader. The famous musicians Mendelssohn and Rossini
taught his daughter to play the harp. When Mayer died in 1812, his
oldest son Amschel took over the Frankfort firm. Although Amschel was
not the head of the family, he was its spokesman to the aristocracy.
He was the one who would apply for the honors and titles for his
brothers. He has been described as a crotchety worrier who clung to
the past. He was socially odd, yet held great dinners that were the
talk of the elite. Religion was a big part of his life, to the point
of being called ,,monkish." Even though he lived on a grand scale
Amschel had no joy. Much of this distress came from the fact that he
had failed to have any children. After Napoleon exited Germany a
German Confederation was set up, of which Amschel became the
treasurer. In a sense this made him the first finance minister of the
Prussian Empire which was created by the Confederation. Amschel's
sorrow over his lack of children led him to pick prominent young men
to treat as his sons. One such man was Otto von Bismark, who would
later become the Iron Chancellor of Germany. Amschel was the
protector of his mother Gutle, who was the Matriarch of the family.
No one could receive full admission into the House of Rothschild by
marriage unless she approved. Gutie smiled little and had a harsh
tongue. One legend has it that a neighbor asked her whether there was
to be peace or war. ,,War?" Gutle replied. "Nonsense. My boys won't
let them."

Saloman was the second oldest son of Mayer. Along with the other
brothers he was constantly travelling through Europe. What separated
him from his brothers was his gift of diplomacy. He was more stately
and complimentary than the others. Said one banker of
Salomon: "Nobody leaves him without being comforted." in other words
he knew how to kiss up. It was this fact that led the brothers to
send him to Vienna, Austria to establish a relationship with the
painfully aristocratic Hapsburgs and with vain Metternich. Although
the Rothschilds had attempted to enter a close business relationship
with the Hapsburgs and Austria, the Austrian royalty kept putting
them off. Then Salomon came along. He rode in on a wave of new found
Rothschild power. Their name had become famous. One person described
it as the "two magic syllables." The brothers had become, as one
biographer put it, "the Archdemons of Progress." Salomon began to vie
for Austrian ties through Gentz and Metternich. Eventually Salomon's
diplomacy, Metternich's lobbying, and the below-cost method earlier
used on the Landgrave broke down the wall between the House of
Rothschild and the Illuminati Hapsburgs. Austria began to employ the
Rothschilds on a regular basis. Salomon moved into Vienna and bought
a Hotel and a house. Salomon knew how to play Metternich like a
piano. He knew the right thing to say at the right time. He knew
Metternich's quirks and prejudices, such as his vanity which Salomon
easily manipulated. Pretty soon Metternich and Salomon became close
friends. The same goes for Metternich's right-hand man, Gentz. Gentz
and Salomon were "inseparable." Salomon was also a Freemason. It came
to the point where Austria became so controlled by the Rothschilds
that the government did not want to refuse the brothers anything. In
1816 Amschel, Salomon, Carl, and James received a title of nobility
from the Hapsburgs.

In 1818 the Aix-la-Chapelle Congress met to discuss the future of
Europe. Salomon, Carl, Metternich, and Gentz all attended this
Congress. It was here that Metternich first met the Rothschilds.
Gentz kept the minutes of the Congress, he was called the "Secretary
of Europe." A Rothschild scheme at this Congress totally shook the
financial institutions of Europe, there was no denying the power of
the Rothschilds. "The divine right of kings had been overthrown by
the divine right of money.." At Aix-la-Chapelle the Rothschilds
widened their circle of influence in the Illuminati. Salomon set up a
new firm in Vienna. He financially supported Metternich's fight
against revolution. Metternich had established the "Vienna System"
which controlled Europe after Napoleon's defeat. The Austrian leader
began doing what the elite love to do - sending "peacekeeping" troops
Into conflIcts. 1814-1848 has been described as "The Age of
Metternich", but since the Rothschilds financed and controlled him it
would be more accurate to call it "The Age of the House of
Rothschild." The Order of Vladimir was conferred upon Salomon for his
work with Russia. Gioacchino Rossini, the Italian opera composer who
wrote Cinderella and the William Tell overture became a good friend
of both Salomon and his brother James.

In 1822, he, Metternich, Gentz, James, and Cari attended the Verona
Congress. This Congress was totally manipulated by the Rothschilds.
They profited Immensely by its outcome. Salomon financed the first
important Central European railways. The Austrians began saying that
they had an Emperor Ferdinand and a King Salomon. When it came to
Austrian finances Salomon got the last word. The people would show up
at his office and beg for a royal "laying on of hands." He only had
to touch a bond or a stock, and its owner went away certain of its
rise. Uke the other Rothschilds he gave immense charity donations. He
bought the huge coal and iron works of Vitkovitz. In 1843 he received
permission to purchase inheritable agricultural real estate (many
people were against Jews buying private property), and he proceeded
to buy up large amounts of land. He obtained the lease of Austria's
mercury mines. This and the only other mercury deposit in Spain were
controlled by the Rothschilds, creating a world monopoly on a key
metal. Salomon was incredibly powerful.

The next son, Cart was the family's chief courier. He was the least
intelligent of all the brothers. He was awkward when he spoke and he
had a nasty temper. One biographer described him as "punchy". In 1821
Carl was sent to Naples, Italy to oversee loans there that were meant
to finance Metternich's forces who had arrived to quell a rebellion.
While in Italy the Rothschild "mantle" came upon Carl and he made a
series of ingenious deals with the Italian government that forced
Naples to pay for its own occupation. He also helped Luigi de Medici
of the Black Nobility to re-gain his position as finance minister of
Naples, and later did business with the powerful man. Due to his
success it was decided that he would stay in Naples and set up his
own bank. He became financier to the court, the "financial overiord
of Italy." Carl "...wound the Italian peninsula around his hand." He
did business with the Vatican, and when Pope Gregory XVI received him
by giving him his hand rather than the customary toe to kiss, people
realized the extent of his power. The Pope conferred upon him the
Order of St. George.

It appears that in Italy Carl became a leader of Carbonarism. After
the Bavarian IllumInati was exposed, Carbonarism (or the Alta
Vendita) became the major European occult power. Carl's leadership in
this group is very significant. In 1818 a secret Alta Vendita
document, that Cari had participated in preparing, was sent to the
headquarters of Masonry. A copy of this document was lost, and the
Masons got very upset, and offered rewards for the return of this
copy. The title of the document translates "Permanent Instructions,
or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades
of Freemasonry. "

Last, but absolutely not least, was the youngest son, James. During
the Napoleonic conflict James had spent his time between London and
Paris, supporting the Rothschild's network of illegal trade with
England. After the Wellington smuggle and the defeat of Napoleon,
James became an established figure in France. He founded a bank there
and began the French branch of the Rothschild family. James was a 33
degree Scottish Rite Mason. At this time the French House

was the center of operations for the Rothschilds. Even though
successive revolutions would de-throne ruler after ruler, Rothschild
power kept the family in control. James was good friends with the
leading minister of the Bourbon court, Count de Villele, and
he "owned" King Louis Philippe. He also secretly funded Spanish
revolutionaries (his agent in Madrid was Monsieur Belin). James
yearned for social status. The pursuit of which was second only to
money. He had gown so powerful that the French exchange was deeply
affected by all his decisions. Like his brother, Salomon, he
pioneered the railroad business in France. He also bought the great
Lafite vineyards. His bank, de Rothschild Freres was in a league all
its own. No one in France could even wish to be as powerful as James.
As Salomon had, James received the Order of Vladimir for his work
with the Russian dynasty. He also became a member of the Societe de
Antiquites. In the Rothschild tradition (as

constituted by Mayer's Will) of trying to keep everything within the
family James married his niece, Betty Rothschild, the daughter of
Salomon. The Rothschilds main advantage was their incredible courier
system. It kept the 5 Houses connected. In fact, the Hapsburgs used
this system quite often. All evidence points to the Rothschild
brothers being very powerful within Freemasonry. They were one of the
leading families in occultism at that time in Europe. Many prominent
Masons of their day praised the brothers. In 1820, due to
Metternich's lobbying, Nathan was made Austrian consul in London, and
two years later he was made consul-general. James was also made an
Austrian consul in Paris. Metternich's promptings also provided
something else very important to the family; in 1822 all the brothers

and their descendants of either sex were made Barons. This
established social position for the Rothschilds. The Gentz-Metternich
team was very beneficial to the House of Rothschild. By this time a
few papers had run some upsetting articles about the family. Salomon
asked Gentz to censure any more unkind reports and he also
commissioned the Illuminist to write a bogus biography on the family
that would portray them in a good light. Gentz, now called the "Pen
of Europe", proceeded to write legends for the Rothschilds, and the
family fully encouraged the propaganda in their social circles. The
brothers had a system (based on Mayer's Will) where only family
members were partners or owners of the banks. This system is still in
use today. The Rothschild banks bought everything up, from mining
corporations to national debts. For instance, New Court has been
controlling Brazil's debts since 1824. In 1836 Nathan Rothschild,
head of the House of Rothschild, died (he may have been poisoned).
The headship was passed on to his younger brother, James, by a vote
of all the brothers. In 1830 the signs of masonic-fueled revolution
began to appear again. Metternich's "peace of the world" (they always
call imperialism ,,peace") was being threatened. A new king was set
up in France, the House of Orange was dethroned in the Netherlands.
The fires of revolution were spreading through the masonic network
and Metternich began to lose his grip on Europe.

The Revolution of 1848 in France de-throned yet another royal house.
James went along with the masonic agenda and financed this
revolution, even though he was a friend of the court. The revolution
marked the end of Metternich's "Age" and that same year insurrectors
chased him and Salomon out of Austria. Neither returned, but a Vienna
House had already been established, others would carry it on, under
the direction of Salomon's son, Anselm. Metternich's descendants are
still close to the House of Rothschild. After this the power of the
Rothschilds weakened. By 1855 all five brothers were dead except
James. Napoleon III was now in power in France and his advisors were
the enemies of James. But Rothschild ingenuity came through again
when James got Napoleon Ill to marry a Rothschild agent. James died
in I 868 and the family headship went to Alphonse, his son.


Three cousins now ran the show - Alphonse of the French House, Uonel
of the English House and Anselm of the Vienna House - "the new
trinity". The three banned together to destroy an enemy bank, French
Credit Mobilier. Anselm set up a new firm, Creditanstalt in Vienna to
combat the French bank. With the help of Lionel and Alphonse he
attacked Credit Mobilier until it collapsed. The new head of the
House of Rothschild was Baron Alphonse de Rothschild. Alphonse was a
suave, socially elite man. After the rail of France's Credit Mobilier
Napoleon ill stepped onto the Rothschild bandwagon. Alphonse was
powerful, he had "access" to men like Napoleon III and Bismark of
Prussia. The Illuminati decided to get rid of Napoleon Ill, so
English Prime Minister Gladstone (friend of the Rothschilds) set
things up so that Prussia and France would go to war. Napoleon ill
proceeded to attack Prussia and Bismark responded in a furry,
defeating France and banishing Napoleon III from the throne. The war
indemnities were paid to Bismark (who had a dislike for Alphonse,
despite his connections to the family) through the Rothschilds.
Alphonse's brother, Edmond, was the one who helped create Israel
(this will be discussed further on in the article). Alphonse married

Rothschild, but his love for her was not very strong. The Comtesse de
Castiglione was a beautiful woman who was a Marylin Monroe of her
day. She was the mistress of Alphonse, his brother Gustave Rothschild
(whose daughter married a Sassoon), and Napoleon III. Anselm
Rothschild of the Vienna House was a shrewd playboy. He destroyed
Credit Mobilier with Creditanstalt, and in 1861 he became a member of
the Austrian Imperial House of Lords. Anselm had many mistresses and
his wife left him because of his adultery. He died in 1874. Lionel
Rothschild of the English House inherited New Court. He financed
England's Crimean War, Cecil Rhodes' South African kingdom, vast
copper and nitrate mines, and the purchase of the Suez Canal.
Lionel's younger brother, Anthony was knighted by the Queen. Another
brother, Nathaniel, bought the renowned Mouton vineyards near
Bordeaux. Lionel was a good friend of Prime Ministers Disraeli (who
was controlled by Rothschild money) and Gladstone. He also probably
paid for Lord John Russell's election as Prime Minister. Lord
Tennyson (whose poems are used in programming) attended his house
parties. Lionel has been described as "grouchy" and "crotchety." In
1858, Lionel became the first Jew in House of Commons. After eleven
tries, the British Parliament gave in and allowed Rothschild to take
his seat. Not a single significant political move by Lionel was
recorded during his stay in Parliament. He was a member for 15 years.
in 1879 he died. After Amschel of the House of Frankfort died without
an heir, two of Carl of Italy's sons came to take over the business.
But they also remained heirless, bearing only daughters. When the
last brother died in 1901, the Frankfort bank was liquidated (I
believe they did not try to continue the original bank because they
knew that Germany was about to be caught up in the turmoil of the
world wars, they eventually set up another Frankfort bank after
Germany's turmoil).

The House of Italy ended the same way. The one son of Carl who had
stayed in Naples produced only daughters, and when Geribaldi's Red
Shirts unified Italy this remaining son (out of character for a
Rothschild) chose not to accommodate the new powers and moved to
France. Thus ended the Italian branch.


This subject is so massive that it will only be touched on. In 1837
August Belmont came to the U.S., during the Panic of 1837. August
Belmont appears to have been a Rothschild proxy. Belmont bought up
government bonds in this Panic and his success eventually led him to
the White House where he became the "financial advisor to the
President of the United States". His policies helped pit the North
against the South for the Civil War. Judah P. Benjamin, who according
to A. Ralph Epperson was the Clvii War campaign strategist for the
House of Rothschild held many key positions in the Confederacy. He
was apparently connected to John Wilkes Booth. J.P. Morgan has been
called a Rothschild agent. His father was one of the many elite who
made their fortunes by shipping supplies past the North's blockade
and into the Confederacy. J.P. was a major supporter of an American
central bank (Interestingly enough, he is reported to be related to
Alexander Hamilton). In 1869, J.P. Morgan went to the House of
England and formed Northern Securities as an agent for New Court in
the U.S. Then, in 1907 J.P. Morgan

shuttled back and forth between London and Paris, presumably getting
orders from the Rothschilds. He returned to America and instigated
the Panic of 1907, which led to the ,,need" for a central bank.
Another man who appears to be connected to the Rothschilds was Thomas
House, who also made his fortune slipping supplies past the North and
into the South. His son, Colonel Edward M. House was one of the main
Illuminati figures to control America during the early 20th Century.

Some of the Bauer line of the Rothschild family moved to America and
took up Important positions in the hierarchy's network.


The Rothschild relationship to the Jews is deceiving. The family
stance is publicized as "pro-Jewish", and they have given abundant
charity to Jewish causes. But their support of the Jewish race has,
in most cases, been used for the sole purpose of controlling the
direction and profiting from the Jews. The Rothschilds have been
described as the royal family of the Jews. Many leading Rothschilds
have been dubbed "King of the Jews". But what kind of Judaism do the
Rothschilds support? Do they support the orthodox Jews who believe in
the Old Testament and are waiting for the return of the messiah? No.
Do they support Messianic Jews who believe Jesus Christ was the
messiah who came to save all men? No. The Rothschilds support those
Jews who have fallen prey to the deceptive gnostic and occultic
teachings of Cabalism, and in turn support the Illuminati controlled
Zionist movement.

Not all Zionists are part of the conspiracy, but their leaders are,
and the ultimate leaders of the Zionists have been the Rothschilds. I
am disappointed by some researchers, who automatically coin the
conspiracy a ,,Jewish" one. This unfortunate stumbling block has
polluted their work, making it just as misleading as the information
put out by the popular media. These researchers seem blinded by the
fact that the conspiracy has abused and manipulated the Jewish race
more than any other group in the history of the world. The hierarchy
of the Jews has sat back and allowed the attack on, and control of
the Jewish masses for the furtherance of Satan's agenda. I am saying
this to let you see that I am not anti-semitic. I believe that there
are people who call themselves "Christians" who are part of the
conspiracy, at the same token there are people who call
themselves "Jews" who are part of the conspiracy. To call the
conspiracy "Jewish" is ignorant. I believe the Rothschilds to have
been involved in Cabalism, Jewish Sabbatism, or Frankism, all of which

are involved in witchcraft. This belief is strengthened by the
Rothschild's use of the occultic Seal of Solomon as a family symbol.
The city in which the Rothschilds originated, Frankfort, was deeply
anti-Semitic. The Rothschilds were constantly striving to overcome
the boundaries put on them because of their culture. It is very
likely this berthed a bitterness in their hearts towards "Christian"
society. This bitterness, and the need to facilitate more profit and
power were most likely the reasons why they excepted the idea of a
Jewish state. (I will assume that the readers understand that the
Zionism / restoration of Israel concept is an unbiblical sham.)

The following quote will help you understand the Rothschild attitude
towards the Jews. ,,... the first principle of the House of
Rothschild was to amass wealth, [and] the liberation of the [Jewish]
race from oppressive restrictions contributed Indirectly to this end,
since it would facilitate intercourse with the rest of the world, and
thereby increase the possibility of financial gain, which in turn
would serve to increase its power." (The Rise of The House of
Rothschild by Count Egon Corti, p. 124-125) Amschel of the Frankfort
House was constantly harassed by anti-semites. As a result "He became
the grand almoner and grand protector to the German Jews; he helped
sweep away the chains of Jew Street; he pressed, in the end
successfully, for the Jews' enfranchisement as free citizens of
Frankfort." One of the main Rothschild agents used to promote the
emancipation of the Jews in Frankfort was Frederick von Gentz, the
evil "Pen of Europe". At this point I must clarify something for the
reader. There are 3 Baron Edmond Rothschilds, and all 3 have been
involved with the nation of Israel. To avoid confusion I will number

#1 Baron Edmond de Rothschild -(1845-1934) House of France. Son of
James and brother of Alphonse.

#2 Baron Edmund "Eddie" L de Rothschild - (1916- ) House of England.
Son of Uonei Nathan and great, great grandson of the infamous Nathan

#3 Baron Edmond de Rothschild -(1926. ) House of France. Son of
Maurice and grandson of #1 Edmond.

The story begins with #1 Edmond, the "Father of Israel". During the
Crimean War (which was funded by the Rothschilds) the small Jewish
community in Jerusalem became cut off from all outside support. This
resulted in "semi-starvation". #1 Edmond's father, James, set up the
James Mayer de Rothschild Hospital in Jerusalem in response to this
problem. #1 Edmond picked up his fathers interest in Palestine. When
the Russian Jews fled the Czar's pogroms in the 1880's Edmond began
to finance the Russian Jew's attempts to establish colonies in
Palestine, It is clear that #1 Edmond was a fan of Zionism, his
charities were not only aiding the persecuted but were promoting the
concept of a return the "homeland". "The Baron's money drained
swamps, dug wells and built houses. It founded industries ranging
from scent factories to glass works, form wine cellars to bottle
manufacturers. The Baron established his own administration in
Palestine and his overseers dictated to the farmers exactly what
crops were to be grown and where."

The man who set up the first Zionist Congress was Theodor Herzl. He
attempted to get the support for his plans to "restore the Jewish
state" from the Rothschilds but many members of the family were
opposed to Zionism (the Rothschilds supported those causes which they
could profit from and the Integration of Jews into the European
culture was profitable for them. One Rothschild told Herzl he was an
Englishman and proposed to remain one. #1 Edmond on the other hand.
was leading a Rothschild plan similar to Herzl's that slowly created
a Jewish state controlled by the family). #1 Edmond did not oppose
Zionism, in fact he supported Herzl's cause, yet he felt Herzl's
plans should not be implemented so soon (they were "to be
accomplished quietly, stealthily, not by shouting from the roof-
tops"), plus he was concerned that Herzl would take away too much
Rothschild power over the slowly forming Jewish state. The Baron
continued to support his own colonies and though Herzl was socially
supported, because his Ideas facilitated Rothschild power in
Palestine, he was not allowed to implement his plans. #1 Edmond did
not want Herzl in control. Later, after Herzl had died and was no
longer a threat, #1 Edmond "admitted" that Herzl had been right, and
went right on pouring money into the Jewish "Homeland". #1 Edmond had
a tight-fisted control of the colonies. ,,... the Baron was a
dictator who expected the colonists to obey him unquestionably."

In 1901 the Jews in Palestine sent a delegation to the Baron who told
him ,,... if you wish to save the Yishuv [the -83 Jewish settlement]
first take your hands from It, and ... for once permit the colonists
to have the possibility of correcting for themselves whatever needs
correcting ..." This upset the Baron. He replied: "I created the
Yishuv, I alone. Therefore no men, neither colonists nor
organizations, have the right to interfere in my plans." Herzl was
succeeded as President of World Zionism by David Wolffsohn. Wolffsohn
got the full support of the Baron. Wolffsohn's successor was Otto
Warburg. Another prominent leader of the Zionists was Chalm Weizmann.
Weizmann was on better terms with #1 Edmond than his predecessor,
Herzl. He made this observation of the Baron after their first
visit. "In manner be could be both gracious and brutal; and this was
the reflex of his split personality; for on the one hand he was
conscious of his power and arrogant in the possession of it; on the
other hand he was rather frightened by it, and this gave him a touch
of furtiveness." The Baron Rothschild told Weizmann be would finance
a Hebrew University in Palestine. With Weizmann's appearance on the
scene the Baron became closer to Zionism.

In 1914 #1 Edmond traveled to Palestine. "Edmond could scarcely
believe his eyes. Tel Aviv had become a city and his miserable
windswept colonies had been transformed into lush gardens..." His
journey to Palestine was hailed as the "prince returning to his
people". Later the Baron Rothschild told Weizmann: "Without me
Zionism would not have succeeded, but without Zionism my work would
have been struck to death." Another Rothschild embraced Zionism
through Weizmann - Lionel Walter, the second Lord Rothschild
(apparently this upset some relations). The Balfour declaration,
which declared England's support of the creation of a Jewish
homeland, was addressed to Lord Rothschild II. Lord Rothschild also
received the documents of support from the League of Nations. Charles
T. Russell sent a letter to Lord Rothschild that praised him for his
work towards a Jewish homeland. After World War I Britain ruled
Palestine, and the Rothschilds ruled Britain. Also, a bulk of unpaid
debts to the Rothschilds by the failed Ottoman Empire gave the family
more control over Palestine. Then came Hitler. According

to Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst who wrote the book THE MIND OF
ADOLF HITLER, the demonic German leader was a grandson of a
Rothschild. ,,Adolf's father, AIls Hitler, was the illegitimate son
of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the
father of Alols Hitler was Johann Georg Hiedler....

"There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler
was the father of Alois.... [an Austrian document was supposedly]
prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at
the time she conceived. "At that time she was employed as a servant
in the home of [a] Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered
her pregnancy she was sent back to her home ... where Alois was
born." It is believed that Hitler (who was totally created by Satan's
Empire) attacked Austria first, in order to destroy the Austrian
records that proved his Jewish ancestry. As Hitler's demonic attack
on the Jews progressed, one would imagine that the Zionists would
come to the rescue and offer Palestine as a safe haven. Not so. Many
European countries shut their doors to the Jews, including the
Palestine colonies. The Zionist controlled immigration laws in
Palestine were very strict and it was near impossible to escape to
the Jewish homeland. In fact, the ZIonists refused to admit there was
a Holocaust going on although evidence points to them knowing! I
suppose in their minds it was ok to sacrifice a great number of
Jewish lives in order to promote the idea of a Jewish state. To the
elite the Holocaust was like shooting dead a herd of cattle to
receive the insurance payment. Said Michael Seizer in his book.
ZIONISM RECONSIDERED: "Not even the events of 1933 aroused their
[Zionism's] political interest. They were naive enough to see them as
a God-sent opportunity for an undreamt of wave of immigration to

When the Zionist Organization against the natural impulses of the
whole Jewish people, decided to do business with Hider, to trade
German goods against the wealth of German Jewry, to flood the
Palestine market with German products and thus make a mockery of the
boycott against German-made articles, they found llttle opposition in
the Jewish National Homeland, and least of all among its aristocracy -
the so-called Kibutniks." Hitler forced the Jews to wear the six-
pointed star as a sign of shame. It was this same symbol that the
Rothschilds were named after and the same symbol that the Zionists
promoted as a symbol of Jewish national identity. Do you see the
contradiction? Said Jewish author OJ. Graham in THE SIX-POINTED
STAR: "Not all the concentration camp victims were Jewish people.
Many were Christians. Spiritually, a parallel can be seen in the
rituals to Ashteroth and Moloch, where the victims were burned as
sacrifices to these false gods. Were the victims of the Nazis
someone's sacrificial offerings?" I believe they were. Remember the
six-pointed star was the symbol of Moloch and Ashteroth.
Unfortunately, few Jews will tolerate a discussion of this subject.
After World War II, the U.N., spurred on by the IllumInati created
horrors against the Jews, panted Israel its statehood. Weizmann was
the first president of Israel's Knesset (which was built with
Rothschild money). The occultic hexagram is on the Knesset, and is
also displayed on the Jewish flag. "...the six-pointed star [had]
made its way from Egyptian pagan rituals of worship, to the goddess
Ashteroth and Moloch, to King Solomon when he went into idolatry,"
say, Graham. "Then it progressed through the magic arts, witchcraft
[including Arab magicians, Druids, witches and Satanists], astrology
(in which It was no new thing), through the Cabala to Isaac Luria, a
Cabalist, in the 16th century, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed
his name to this symbol, to Zionism, to the Knesset of the new State
of Israel, to the flag of Israel and Its medical organization
equivalent to the Red Cross." What is the ultimate goal of Zionism?
David Ben-Gurion, a Zionist leader, tells us: "Weth the exception of
the U.S.S.R. as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will
become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an
International police force.

All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In
Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a
Shrine of the Prophets to serve thi federated union of all
continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to
settle all controversies among the federated continents." Simply
stated, Zionism (with Rothschild support) promotes a New World Order.
The Rothschild control of Israel is Immense. #1 Edmond established
Trusts that make massive donations to Israel. Biographer Virginia
Cowles explains: "Originally the principle Trust was known as Pica -
Palestine Jewish Colonization Association - but when it became clear,
after the establishment of the State of Israel, that colonization
would be handled by the Government, Its functions were changed.
Edmond's son, James, renamed it ,Hanadiv' the Hebrew word
for `benefactor' by which his father was known throughout Palestine;
and at the same time rechannelled the Trust's funds to the promotion
of education, science and culture. When James died in 1957 his widow,
Dollie, assumed the presidency which she still holds. For many years
she has been powerfully assisted by Lord [Victor] Rothschild, and
recently she has enlisted the help of the latter's son, [Lord] Jacob.
The Trust knows no boundaries. In the 1960s it carried out James'
wishes by providing money for the Knesset, the new Parliament
building in Jerusalem. Today its beneficiaries range from
universities, hospitals and public libraries to archaeological digs;
from the board of the Weizmann Scientific Institute to the organizers
of Instructional Television."

#2 Edmund is the most "race-conscious" of all the Rothschilds. He is
on the board of many Jewish philanthropies - including president of
the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, joint treasurer of
the Council of Christians and Jews and treasurer of the Friends of
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1967 he sent a letter to THE
TIMES magazine suggssting Great Britain, Russia, and the U.S. all
chip in and build de-salinization plants for Israel so that the
desert could be turned into a lush garden, with plenty of food and
nothing to fight over (I have found that #2 Edmund loves to come up
with cock-a-maime scientific suggestions towards the solution of
world problems. For example, in an address to the organizers of the
U.N.'s Earth Summit, he suggested building massive dry-ice machines
on the polar capes to prevent their melting in the face of global
warming). #2 Edmund is also a warden of the Great Synagogue in
London. He is the senior member of New Court in London and is a
member of the Illuminati's Pilgrim Society. #3 Edmond is an
entrepreneur. He is very involved in tourism, and has funded many
luxury resorts in Israel. He controls Compagnie Financlere, which is
his holding company in France. He owns Banque Privee in Switzerland,
and a merchant bank in Paris. He controls the largest toy company and
the largest frozen food company in France. He is a director of
Belgium's Banque Lambert, and of DeBeers Consolidated Mines in South
Africa. He is on the Steering Committee of the Bilderbergers. And his
interests extend into Israel, where he is the chairman of Tri-
Continental Pipelines. Chairman of the Israel Corporation, and
chairman of Isrop, which controls the Israel General Bank. The list
continues. #3 Edmond is on the board of the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem. He directs the Middle East Peace Institute, which he
founded in 1967.

He regularly donates money to the Biological-Physio-Chemical
Institute, which was founded by his grandfather, #1 Edmond. Hesits on
the boards ofa dozen or so hospitals and scientific institutes. #3
Edmond is considered the richest Rothschild. He has massive power,
and this includes control of much of Israel. The Rothschilds have
even had a street named in their honor. The First International Bank
of Israel is located at 39 Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Bank
Hapoalim, "Israel's fastest growing bank", is next door at 50
Rothschild Boulevard. The satanic Rothschilds simply dominate Israel.
Apparently Israel has served as the meeting grounds for the French
and English Rothschilds. The French and English Houses contributed
over $1 million to Israel around the time of the Six-Day War. It is
reported that when Baron Alain of the French House visited Israel
he "burst into tears" at the sight of the walling wall. Baroness Alix
of the French House is the World President of Youth Aliyah, which
deals with the emigration of Jewish children to Israel. Evelyn of the
English House is chairman of the Board of Governors of the Technion,
Israel's Institute of Technology. The satanic Rothschilds simply
dominate Israel. The Rothschilds help Satan's Empire control the
world's resources, the world's nations and the world's religions.
They are an institution in the conspiracy and, if one looks
carefully, the path of their destructive reign can be followed
through the history of the past 3 centuries.

This article will be continued in the next newsletter, where It will
discuss the House of Rothschild in the 20th century.


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by Fritz Springmeier

Lenin said that the establishment of a central bank was 90% of
communizing a nation Lenin himself (and Trotsky) were required to
place MI6 operatives in key positions during the Russian Revolution.
and these operatives were in turn controlled by the Satanic elite
back in London, England. It is no secret that the Rothschilds play a
major rode in International Bankers, and that various Rothschilds
like Lord Victor Rothschild have played major roles in MI6. I mentIon
these two items to drIve home what should be an obvious condusion,
the Rothschilds are major players in the control of the world and the
New World Order.

There is so much activity on the part of the modern-day Rothschilds,
that the controlled news media's censorship which protects the
Rothschilds have not been able to screen out everything, there are
stIll tidbits here and there that filter through the controlled
media's censorship. Still my search continues for descendants of the
Rothschilds who are willing to expose what the Rothschilds are all
about. I have found a few. One who I have not had the opportunity to
interview yet, is the husband of Rebecca Brown. It is reported that
Rebecca Brown's husband was an Illuminatus of the Rothschild
bloodlIne, and that he escaped them and has been attemptIng to do
some exposure of their Satanic practices. According to what I have
been told, they wanted to skin him alive. I have unfortunately not
been able to interview Rebecca Brown Yoder's husband, who has been
called by the Lord to strengthen the end time church.


Peter Rupert Lord Carrington, who is the chairman of the
Bilderbergers. has been the Rothschild's director of their Rio Tinto
Zinc Corp. He also is director of Barclay's Bank and part of the
Trilateral Commission. Francois Mitterand, who has led France, is an
extremely close friend of the Rothschilds. I point these two men out
just to portray to the reader the extensive power the Rothschilds
wield behind the scenes. WHAT THEY CALL THEIR BLOODUNE IN THE

During IlluminatI ceremonies, when candidates are presented for
approval at the Sisters of Ught and the Mothers of Darkness levels
the bloodline of the Rothschilds is actually called ,,the Rothschild
bloodline." Although It was orIginally went by the name Bauer (and
many of the descendants today continue to be Bauers and Bowers, the
name ,,Rothschild" was the occult name that the Bauers personally
chose for their bloodline to be POWER BROKER IN LATIN AMERICA

One of my friends from South America got to personally witness the
destruction of South America by Rothschild interests. One item that I
am familiar with from history, and which I can't help thinking about
is how the nation of Bolivia in 1908 had the fine distinction of
having absolutely no foreign debt. However, in 1908 the Morgans of
America loaned Bolivia money, and in 1917 Chandler & Co. loaned them
$2.4 millIon. Thus began the plunge of a free nation Into economic
slavery to the Illuminati's international Bankers. The point is that
nations like Bolivia, if left alone would have been far better off.
People don't realize that the problems these "banana republics" have
is to a large degree beIng cause by powerful outsiders lIke the
Rothschilds. who then direct organizations like the IMF to ,,save"
these poor nations.

When the Rothschilds set themselves up in Brazil, they set up to be
there permanently. They came in during the 19th century. The
Rothschilds and other british Interests played a major role in
Brazil's railway system, which became a law unto itself. Just as the
secret history of the railway tycoons reveals a great deal about the
secret elite in the United States, so it also does in Brazil. Later
Henry Kaiser and Nelson Rockefeller moved into South America (incl.
Brazil) to promote their capitalistic visIons. They promoted the
light industrialization of LatIn America and its economic
interdependence in the 1950's and 1960's. The Scroll & Key Society is
one of the illuminati's secret entry points at Yale University. The
Scroll and Key Society financed a book by Elizabeth A. Cobbs entitled
The Rich Neighbor Policy: Rockefeller and Kaiser in Brazil. This book
(Yale Univ., 1992, p. 248) states that Brazilians have looked to
Rockefeller as their connection to the United States. Other elite
families besides the Rothschilds have also substantial Latin American
economic control, such as the DuPonts.


One of the principle points that should be borne in mind, is that the
actual occult power of the Rothschild bloodlIne is hidden in secret
lineages. Although the Rothschilds make up part of the Rothschild
bloodline, people should also watch out for names such as Bauer,
Bowers, Sassoons, and many other last names. People within the
illuminati who have Rothschild blood are aware of their secret
ancestry, but outsiders in the world are more often than not are
never going to be told that they carry such ,,powerful" occult blood.


The story of what happened to BankCal, which was the oldest bank in
California, illustrates how powerful the Rothschilds are in the
United States. (The details of this story come from the San Jose
Calif Mercury News, Jan. 12. 1992. I was somewhat surprised that the
article appeared considering the strength of the Rothschilds.
Sometimes corruption at the top stinks so bad, that It can't be
suppressed entirely.) The United States has the Securities Exchange
Commission (SEC) in place to protect the American public from stock
fraud. During the 1980's there were 3 highly publicized cases of
fraud that the SEC uncovered. These three cases created widespread
confidence within the american public that stock market trading was
in general honestly traded. The story of what Edmond Rothschild (full
name is Edmond Adolphe Jules Jacques Maurice Baron de Rothschild) did
with BankCal expose to the world that men like the Rothschilds do not
have to play by the same rules as everyone else. They are literally
above the law. The powerful Illuminati control the law. In 1973, the
CEO of BankCal, De Bretteville sold Edmond Rothschild 300,000 shares
of Bancal Tristate Corp., 22% of the holding company for the Bank of

De Bretteville had originally asked two English Rothschild cousins if
they wanted to purchase the stock. These two cousins then called two
French Rothschild cousins, who then called Edmond in Geneva,
Switzerland for assistance. Edmond told them he would help them buy
it, and that after he purchased it. he would turn around and divide
it with his relatives. He lied. And over the next few years, he would
continue to lie to numerous people about his intents for the bank. De
Bretteville says, "He lied to his family and he lied to me, it was a
dirty deal all around." Bank of California had the only banking
franchise at the time which was in all three Pacific rim states (OR,
WA, CA). It turned out that the Bank of California was like a piece
of art to Rothschild. He had no Intention of improving the bank, he
simply wanted it for his collection of companies. Edmond already
owned companies in Brazil, toy companies, 10% in De Beers mining in
So. Africa, joint business ventures with Robert Vesco, and 30% of
Club Mediterranean which Edmond co-founded. Club Mediterranean was
created out of the idea that others of the elite would enjoy seaside
playgrounds like those he and his mother cavorted at when he was a
youngster. Edmond went on to marry a chorus girl named Nadine
Actually, sources indicate that the Baron Edmond had wanted to give
the Bank of California to his only son. Bengie (Benjam in de
Rothschild) as a graduation present. But Bengie who was going to
Pepperdine University was more interested in partying. Bengie lived
high on the hog at a fabulous California beach house while flunking
school and living wildly. Apparently, his father decided his son
wasn't ready for a graduation present. In fact, he left Pepperdine
Univ. after 4 years with 31 credits (97 short to graduate) and went
back home to Chateau Pregny on the shore of Lake Geneva near Geneva.

It wasn't until 1989, that Benjamin stepped forward into the world of
finance, by launching his La Compagnie de Tresorerie-Benjamin de
Rothschild. The San Jose Mercury. Jan. 12, 1992 reported, ,,The
longtime chief executive of the blue-blood San Francisco bank invited
Rothschild to invest. Banking regulators encouraged Rothschild to
take charge. Securities investigators ignored the frenzy of trading
overseas, and later, the documentation of insider trading. The bank's
directors fawned while the baron used it as a personal
plaything. ,,This is not what made this country great." says Bill
Miles, a former BankCal vice president. "This is greed, all the way
through." Edmond Rothschild only purchased a mInority of BankCal's
shares, but he was still able to totally control the company. He was
also able to manipulate its stock prices and carry out insider
trading without the Securities and Exchange Commission watching it.
Edmond named two representatives to the board of directors. The first
was George Coulon Karlweis, a patrician Swiss Banker who worked for
Edmond. The other was George Shapiro. a New York lawyer who knew
nothing about banking. Edmond has called George Shapiro
his "godfather and his "guardian angel." Then Edmond replaced De
Bretteville as CEO with his man Chauncey Schmidt. Edmond had agreed
to leave DeBretteville in his position as a condition to purchase
BankCal shares, but when he chose to renege on his agreement he did
without compassion. Bank board meetings became a game of ,,What does
Edmond think?" Edmond on his part threw parties that enamored him to
San Francisco's high society. Edmond carried out a series of actions
which dropped the value of BankCal's stock drastically. Financial
advisors and securities analysts convinced small stockholders to sell
their BankCAl stock which they then did for rock bottom prices as
little as $16 a share. Rothshild bought some at that price. Some of
Rothschild's secret proxies paid slightly higher prices.

Most of the stock went to anonymous investors trading through private
banks protected by secrecy laws. Nearly 20% of the bank's stock was
sold by misled shareholders, and was sold to secret European bank
accounts. The Baron and his friends secretly began buying the Bank's
stock after It had hit rock bottom prices. During 1979 to 1981 more
than 15% of Bank of California's stock was sold in Europe. Such an
abrupt shift in a stock's trading pattern is supposed to set off
alarms with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Instead the
Securities and Exchange Commission turned a blind eye to all the
insider trading. The European buyers bought their cheap stock as
secretly as possible. They did not openly shop through American
brokerages. Instead, they bought small (and therefore. unremarkable)
blocks of stock through dozens of private banks in Switzerland, the
Netherlands. Germany. Luxembourg. The Baron told his friends that he
would sell BankCal, while he publicly gave the appearance that the
company was not for sale. For instance, publicly It was announced
that David Rockefeller. as well as the elite's front man for BCCI
Ghaith Pharaon had both taiked with Edmond Rothschild about the
purchase of BankCal. According to what the public was led to believe.
Rothschild said he would not sell his shares in the bank. Jean Marc
Vemes, a buddy of Edmond. bought 310.000 shares through a defunct
Asian mining company. He was anonymous until Edmond Rothschild
nominated him to the bank's board of directors. After gathering up
shares at rock bottom prices, Rothschild announced an official change
of heart to sell the bank at $50 a share. Rothschild then sold this
supposedly American bank to the Japanese, Mitsubishi, to be exact,
and ,,made a killing" off of his manipulations and insider trading.
In Mar. 1982, Mitsubishi began secret negotiation to buy the bank
which they codenamed ,,Snoopy." Over the years, stockholders had
watched various companies offer $74 a share, $60 a share and other
good terms only to be rebuffed. When Rothschild finally sold for $50
a share to the Japanese, it was clear that his whole goal had been to
cheat stockholders to Insure a big cash reward for himself. Richard
Freemon, a large stockholder who had sold. sued Rothschild and the
directors for cheating him on his stock. The $25 million dollar
lawsuit was settled out of court, with all parties swearing not to
disclose how much Freemon got for having lost money due to
Rothschild's stock manipulations.


David Smith who has written the following article on the Rothschilds
for this newsletter asked me to explain in this introduction about
Rothschild and the Round Table Group. The men who formed Milner's
Round table group from the various clues in their lives were by and
large secret satanists. Rhodes and Stead created a secret society
which had a ,,circle of initiates." This circle included such names
as Albert (Lord) Grey, Arthur (Lord) Balfour, Sir Harry Johnston, and
Lord Rothschild. Milner was on the executive committee of this secret
group. Carroll Quigley dates the start of the group as March i 891.
Apparently, the Rothschilds helped finance this secret society. In
1909-1913, this secret society in turn formed Round Table groups in
British dependencies and the U.S. Eight of these round table groups
were still functioning into the 1970s. Sir Abe Bailey supported the
Round Table groups quarterly magazine called The Round Table in 1919,
Sir Abe Bailey and the Astors financed the creation of the Royal
Institute of International Affairs which in turn created daughter
organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations in the United
States. The RIIA is also sometimes called Chatham House. The first
Round Table group of the Rhode-Milner group were sometimes called the
Cliveden Set because they often met at the Astor's Cliveden Estate.
Terence O'Brien's biography describes Milner's relationship to the
Rothschild's as very close Lord Alfred Milner (1854-1925) frequently
visited the Rothschilds, stayed overnight with various Rothschilds,
and even had some sleepless nights with them. without explanation as
to why. Milner also worked for Rothschild as a director of Rio Tinto.
Three Illuminati families stand out in the creation of the Round
Table groups, which then became the RIIA and the CFR and related
groups. These are the Rothschilds, Astors, and Greys. The Bailey
family also shows up an important generational satanic family. The
RIIA and its various branches such as the CFR are very powerful
today. In my Be Wise As Serpents book readers can find a chart
showing the role the CFR plays in the Policy Process of the U.S.



The Rothschild family reached a peak in Its power during the Age of
Metternich (1814-1848), but as the century waned, so did Rothschild
power. They still held a considerable amount of influence but
their ,,veto power" was not as strong as It had been before the
Revolutionary overthrow of Metternich's Europe. This lagging power
was nothing that could not be reversed though, and last half of the
19th century was spent manufacturing another incredible climb upward.
The new rise in power came about during the reign of the "New
Trinity" - Alphonse (France), Lionel (England), and Anselm (Vienna).
The succeeding generations of these three family leaders were the
catalysts of new family order. An excellent example of Rothschild
power in the late 19th century is the families dealings with the
Illuminati Habsburgs. In order to be courtworthy for the Habsburgs
you had to have four ancestral lines of nobility and you had to be
baptized. Yet Emperor Francis Joseph gave the Rothschilds ,,a special
act of grace" in 1887. From then on, the House was allowed to be on
close terms with the Habsburgs. This was a considerable act. The
European nobility are very serious about their aristocratic rules.
(Francis Joseph was not very close to the House, but his wife was a
good friend of the Rothschilds). Another great example of Rothschild
influence is their direct Involvement on both sides of the Austro-
Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars. Bismarck., dictator of Prussia,
was a sort of son to fatheriess Amschel of Frankfort.

After Amschel died Bismarck remained close to the Rothschilds
(although he had occasional quibbles with the family). Bismarck's
banker, Bleichroder, was a Rothschild agent and the richest man in
Berlin. He was invaluable to Bismarck as the financier of the
dictator's wars with Austria and France. In Austria, the Hapsburgs
were at least publicly Implored by Alphonse and Anthony of Paris and
Anselm of Vienna to avoid a war with the ambitious Prussian dictator
at all costs. Of all the international banking families, the
Rothschilds appeared to be in favor of peace the most, although this
was probably a ruse. ,,We want peace at any price," said Anthony de
Rothschild. "What do we care about Germany, or Austria or Belgium?
That sort of thing is out of date." But the Austrians gave in to
Bismarck's provocations and embarked on a war with Prussia in 1866
(the Rothschilds had all congregated in London for a family wedding
the year before; it is possible the wedding was used as an excuse to
assemble the family together to discuss a plan of action concerning
the up-coming events) . Austria had been warned. In seven weeks the
war was over, Bismarck had crushed the Austrians. The war had been
financed by Rothschild agent, Bleichroder. Then Bismarck began to
provoke France. Napoleon III was in the pocket of the head of all the
Rothschilds, Alphonse de Rothschild of the Paris House. In fact, the
two even shared the same mistress. Alphonse also had "access" to
Bismarck. He was on both sides of the track, so to speak. Then, (very
possibly under Rothschild direction) Bismarck began to try to put a
German prince on the Spanish throne. Napoleon III responded by
telling Alphonse that France could not allow such a thing, and unless
England intervened diplomatically he would have no choice but to go
to war against Prussia.

The Emperor wished to use the Rothschild's courier/agent system to
reiay this message to England. Baron Alphonse did so, sending the
message to Nathaniel de Rothschild at New Court who relayed it to a
close family Mend, and former Prime Minister Gladstone (England
happened to be without a Prime Minister at that time). Gladstone
(shedding. I believe, a light on the family's own opinions) answered
the message with a refusal to intervene. The stage was set. Although
Bismarck withdrew his SpanIsh candidate, the frictions between France
and Prussia had become irreconcilable. Napoleon III declared war on
Prussia in 1870. Explained one biographer: "No one foresaw the fall
of France. Indeed crowned beads and statesmen alike believed that at
long last Bismarck. had taken on an impossible task." Despite
everyone's confidence in France, Alphonse sent his family to England.
He apparently knew better. Napoleon III suffered a terrible defeat.
His empire came to an end. This war was also financed by the
Rothschild agent, Bleichroder. Here comes the great puzzle concerning
the whole affair. Biographers, using diaries and such, seem to think
the Rothschilds were very distraught over Napoleon III's loss. But It
also appears they were behind the whole mess. Perhaps the fear of the
unpredictability of the new revolution caused this dismay. Perhaps It
is just Rothschild disinformation. Perhaps their pan was to keep
connections on both sides of the conflict and ride out the storm, but
they were upset because their philosophical loyalty was to France
(although I find this hard to believe). The family had their hands in
both sides of the conflict, it even appears they manufactured the
conflict, why the outcome might have upset them I have no idea. I
personally believe the House of Rothschild wanted to get rid of
Napoleon Ill and his empire, which is exactly what happened, the
third republic was set up in France. After the war the French economy
was devastated. The Rothschild agent, Junius Morgan was brought in to
help restore the French financial situation. He made a large profit.
As you can see the Rothschild's involvement in the Austro-Prussian
and Franco-Prussian Wars was significant, even though they were
crying peace.


Alphonse, of the "New Trinity", was the 4th bead of the House of
Rothschild. He was an aristocratic man and friend of many prominent
leaders of his day. He was also an adulterer, his most notable affair
being with the Comtesse de Castiglione. He and his wife were
called "the most lavish entertainers of their day." The sophisticated
Alphonse was even friends with Belgium's King Leopold and England's
Prince of Whales. He also improved upon his Inherited network of
Rothschild agents, an underground system that would continue to grow
well after his death. He was one of best Informed men of his day. His
older sister Charlotte married Nathaniel of the English House. His
brother Gustave also had an affair with the Comtesse de Castiglione.
His youngest brother, Edmond #1 was a genius and a main figure in the
creation of a Jewish homeland in Israel. He helped divide the world's
oil between Shell and the Rockefeller's Standard Oil. His other
brother Salomon James married a Frankfurt Rothschild and is the
subject of a weird circumstance described by biographer Virginia
Cowles. "In 1864 Baron James' third son, the brilliantly clever
Salomon [James], dropped dead.

The boy had become a compulsive gambler which had caused his father
great anxiety, as anyone with the Rothschild name was given unlimited
financial credit. Apparently Salomon died of a heart attack which
fascinated the Goncourt brothers. ,,Cabarrus, Rothschild's doctor,'
one of them wrote, ,,told Saint-Victor that the young Rothschild who
died the other, day really died of the excitement of gamblIng on the
Stock Exchange. Imagine it; a Rothschild dead of a paroxysm over
money.' "However, If the Goncourt brothers had known the details of a
previous heart attack suffered by Salomon they would have been even
more enthralled. Three years earlier Salomon had `dropped dead'. He
had been placed in a comn and, according to Jewish custom, carried
into every room in the house. One of the pall bearers had stumbled,
the coffin had crashed Into a door and -Salomon had woken up! Not for
another three years was he well and truly buried." This story could
lead to all sorts of speculation. De Rothschild Freres, the French
House bank, was very powerful. It got its hands Into electrical
Industries, the development of the Mediterranean Railway and North
African business. It also controlled, with the British House, the
Baku oil fields in Russia, which made the Rothschilds the main
competitors of the Rockefeller trust. The oil business was principly
run by Edmond #1.

When Alphonse died in 1905, the new generation of the French House
came under the charge of Baron Edouard, a quiet and very rich man.
Edouard was a director of the Bank of France. Baron Edouard also ran
the de Rothschild Freres with his cousin, Robert (who married a
Beer), son of Gustave (Robert's sister, Alice Caroline married Sir
Edward A. Sassoon). These two carried de Rothschild Freres through
the tumult of the first world war. Their policies were passive, as
they extremely protective of the family wealth. Baron Edouard and
Robert had close business dealings with J.P. Morgan. One of the
operations of the Morgan-French Rothschild combine involved economic
manipulation that allowed the Vienna House to almost fully regain the
losses that the Austrian Rothschilds had incurred during WWI. The son
of Edmond #1, James Armand de Rothschild, carried on the Israel work
of his father after Edmond #1's death in 1934. James Armand's brother

Maurice was the black sheep of the Rothschild's new French
generation. Maurice was a banker and a Senator in the French
Parliament. Maurice was a very scandalous figure in the aristocratic
scene. He was known as Don Juan de Rothschild. Said one
biographer: "Some peopie went as far as to claim that ... one had to
be seduced or at least pinched by Baron Maurice if one was a woman,
or affronted by Baron Maurice, if a man. No other personage surpassed
him in enriching the delicious scandal of his times." Thus a new
french generation began the 20th century, the undynamic Baron Edouard
leading the way.


Uonel de Rothschild, of the "New Trinity", brought the British House
into the late 19th century. Uonel was a very powerful man. He ran New
Court shrewdly, and financed many promInent ventures, such as Cecil
Rhodes' gold and diamond mines, and the purchase of the Suez Canal.
He was also the first Jewish member of Parliament. His sister,
Charlotte married another member of the "New Trinity", Anselm of
Vienna. Another sister married into the soon-to-be extinct Italian

Lionel's brother Anthony - who described the Rothschilds as "complete
slaves to business - married a Montefiore, and was knighted by the
Queen - thus Sir Anthony de Rothschild. Lionel's next brother,
Nathaniel, was the father of the Mouten Rothschilds. Nathaniel,
though of the British House, loved France and moved to Paris in 1851.
In 1853 he bought vineyards that became known as Mouton Rothschild,
and he lived at these vineyards several months of the year. His
descendants, the Mouton Rothschilds, are citizens of France but are
of the British House (except that their mother was a French
Rothschild, but the male lineage is the most important in the
Rothschild family). Another of Lionel's brothers, Baron Mayer,
married a Cohen. Mayer built a spectacular house, Mentmore Towers.
Said one woman: "I do not believe that the Medicis were ever so
lodged at the height of their glory." The Mentmore Towers were turned
over to Mayer's daughter, Hannah, when he died. Hannah married the
Earl of Roseberry in 1878. The Earl of Roseberry became Prime
Minister of England in 1894-95. The Mentmore Towers are still owned
today by the son of Hannah, the current Earl of Roseberry.

The Baron Mayer de Rothschild was a member of Parliament (never made
a speech), and loved horse breeding and racing. He was the "sporting"
member of the family. When Lionel died in 1879 a new generation of
British Rothschild appeared on the scene led by Lionel's aristocratic
son, Nathaniel "Natty" de Rothschild. Natty took control of New
Court, the Rothschild's British banL He was elected to the House of
Commons in 1865, and then, in 1885, Queen victoria made hIm a Lord
and he entered the House of Lords - the first Lord Rothschild. The
Intelligent and extroverted Natty was an ornate speechmaker, unlike
his father, Lionel, and uncle Mayer. Lord Natty has been described as
exclusive, lofty, humorless, "one of the three rudest men in
England," selective, blunt, aloof, powerful and a man with an
explosive temper. A perfect representative of the ruling class. Said
one biographer: "Although Natty lacked the soaring Intelligence of
his rough, unsociable grand father [Nathan, 2nd head of the
Rothschilds] he had a strong personality and the authoritative air of
a man who is not accustomed to being contradicted." Lord Natty was a
good friend of Prime Ministers Disraeli and Gladstone. He played the
philanthropy game of the rich very well. The powerful head of New
Court was known for his charities, especially to the Jews - he was
called ,,King of the Jews" as have many other Rothschilds.

The haughty Lord Rothschild was even chairman of the British Red
Cross. Lord Natty won the hearts of the London police (an effective
measure when one is in the Illuminati). Every Christmas he presented
them with a "handsome cheque," and any officer could receive a four
course meal at his home. Hence, Rothschild carriages were always
given the right of way in traffic. In business Lord Natty was very
conservative. He did not take very many risks and looked only for
safe family investments. His self-confidence told him to manage his
wealth himself and not trust his Investments with people who might
strike a painful blow to his riches. "Natty was brusque and humorless
and did not suffer fools gladly." Nor could he allow his money Into
the hands of a fool, caution was a necessary device as far as he was
concerned. According to the writer Frank Harris the Lord Rothschild
told him: ,,I go to the bank [New Court] every morning and when I
say `no' I return home at night without a worry. But when I say `yes'
Its like putting your finger Into a machine - the whirring wheels may
drag your whole body in after the finger."

New Court was very powerful at this time, for example It controlled
the Ruby Mines in Burma, and the banks operations covered most of
South America. Brazil was the Rothschild's "preserve" in South
America, as Argentina was the "preserve" of London's other major
banking family - the Barings. While Lord Natty's two brothers, Alfred
and Leo, helped run New Court, Natty was almost totally calling the
shots. "Natty stood for finance, Alfred for the arts, Leo for sport."
Son of the Queen, the Prince of Whales Albert College, Cambridge.
They became good friends and soon the Prince was close friends with
most of the British House and others of the Rothschild clan,
Including Natty's brothers, Alfred and Leo. The group of friends
became known as ,,The Marlborough Boys", named after the Prince's
Marlborough House at which they regularly gathered. ,,The Marlborough
Boys" were intent on having fun. The small circle of partiers were
living a life where "wit took precedence over etiquette..." The
Prince probably had a hand in convincing the Queen to grant Natty
peerage. The Rothschilds were suspected, rightfully so, of financing
the Prince's investments and paying off his debts. The Prince later
became King Edward VII of England. As you can see, Rothschild
influence extends far and wide. Alfred, Lord Natty's brother, was an
eccentric man. He had a zebra four-in-hand, a pet gont, a private
philharmonic which be conducted and a private circus which he would
ringmaster. Needless to say, the Baron Alfred was a man with
flair. "He loved music, clothes, furniture, paintings, beautiful
women and, above all, luxury." He was also Involved in business - he
worked at New Court and was the first Jewish Director of the Bank of
England. The Baron was among those in charge of the last rites over
Disraelis' dead body (Queen Victoria might have had an affair with
Disraeli that the Rothschilds covered up). Alfred's demeanor was like
that of a diplomat and was very Interested in foreign affairs. He was
instrumental in easing the English - German tensions around the turn
of the century. It was not to the Rothschilds benefit to have war.
Alfred parted with tradition when he gave, in his will, his great
wealth to his daughter. His daughter, in turn, used some of that
Rothschild money to fund the expedition into Egypt that discovered
Tutankhamen's grave.

Lord Natty's other brother, Baron Leopold de Rothschild, was not much
of a businessman. He much more preferred horse racing and
automobiles. He had the reputation of being a kind man. His wife,
Maria Perugia, was the sister of Mrs. Arthur Sassoon. The first world
war supposedly hurt the British House financially (although it
appears their missing riches only went underground), but as always
they bounced right back (in the eyes of the public). Thus a new
British House of Rothschild began the 20th century, lofty Lord Natty
leading the way.


Baron Anselm von Rothschild, of the "New Trinity", brought the
Austrian House to the close of the 19th century. Anselm lived under
the reputation of his father, Salomon, and his uncle, Amschel (with
whom he spent a good deal of his time). But be did not necessarily
ride their coat tails, he proved his worth, so to speak. His most
notable act being the creation Creditanstalt, which destroyed the
financial challenger of the Rothschilds, Credit Mobilier. As a young
man Anselm was a bit wild and frivolous, so hi. father sent him away
to apprentice. Anselm ended up working under his uncle Amschel in the
Frankfort bank (which was doomed to future liquidation). Frankfort
mellowed hlm, and he lived there for 30 years. When his father died
in 1855, Anselm returned to Vienna to take his father's place. He
became a very active businessman. Anselm had influence in the
Habsburg court. Baron Anselm's "name was inscribed in the Golden Book
of the capital and in 1861 he had been made a member of the Imperial
House of Lords." He also knew bow to incur his wrath. One club in
Austria refused him membership because be was a Jew. Baron Anselm
simply bought a sewage disposable unit and installed it right next to
the club. The smell was horrible. The dub then tried to give him a
membership card, to mend the problem, but he returned the card doused
in perfume and informed them that he would not move his sewage unit.

The Rothschilds set off the financial crisis of 1873 in Vienna. S.M.
Rothschild und Sohne totally controlled Hungarian finance. And
Creditanstalt was the financial powerhouse of the Habsburg realm.
Anselm's children carried on in Vienna after he died in 1874. Ills
eldest son Nathaniel was an aristocrat, who was not interested in
banking, only fine art and history. Anselm's second son, Ferdinand,
moved to England. Only Baron Albert von Rothschild, Anselm's youngest
son had a business inclination and be was chosen to take over
Creditanstalt. Baron Albert and Nathaniel were the two richest men in
Austria. Baron Albert "held controlling interest in innumerable
industries ranging from coal to railways; and when, in 1881, he
converted the famous six-per-cent Gold Loan to Hungary the bank was
recognized as the greatest financial force in the empire." Albert was
afraid of the common people and he built a mansion that was more of a
dtadel than a house. Its wails were seven het high, and on top of
that sat another eight feet of iron fencing. Anselm's second son,
Baron Ferdinand, was a member of Prince Edward's "Marlborough Boys."
He remained in England, becoming a naturalized citizen. ,,Ferdy" as
he was called was an intellectual socialite. He built an Incredibly
grandiose mansion named Waddeson

Manor; one of the most awesome of all the Rothschild homes. The Manor
was so marvelous that the Queen herself paid it a visit. Visitors to
its halls ranged from the Empress Frederick to the Shah of Persia.
Ferdinand also had a zoo. One of Anselm's daughters also moved to
England - Alice. The unmarried Alice was a very "tyrannical" person.
In fact, she even yelled at the Queen when she saw her Inadvertently
trampling a flower-bed. The Queen and Alice remained friends, and the
Queen nicknamed Alice ,,The Al Powerful" "Alice ... reigns
absolutely," wrote a cousin. "There is nothing constitutional about
this monarchy. No wonder the Queen has named her `The Al
Powerful'..." When Ferdinand died Alice received Waddeson Manor. Head
of the Austrian House, Albert died in 1911. His son (none of his
brothers had any children), Baron Louis became the head of the house.
Louis' brothers, Alphonse and Eugene, were "gentlemen of leisure."
Baron Louis and his two brothers both served in the Austrian army
during World War I (the war supposedly split the Vienna House from
the French and English Houses, I don't believe this). The Austrian
House's wealth had to go underground during the war. After the war
ended the French and English Houses put the Austrian House back "on
their feet again." Thus a new Austrian House began the 20th century,
powerful Albert and suave Baron Louis leading the way.


George Peabody, a Massachusetts's trader, set up a banking house -
George Peabody & Co. - in London in 1837. He became regarded as
a "financial ambassador in London. Carrol Quigley attributes the use
of tax-exempt foundations for manipulation of society to Peabody,
seen in his IllumInati Peabody foundation. Daniel Colt Gilman, a
member of the Skull & Bones and first President of the Carnegie
Institution, was involved in the establishment of the Peabody
foundation. He was in such high regard by the elite that they have
erected a statue of him across from the Bank of England. Peabody was
getting old and needed a younger partner. Junius Morgan, of Hartford,
Connetticut, was recommended to Peabody. In 1854 Junius and his
family arrived in London to join George Peabody & Co. When the
elite's concocted American Civil War broke out, Peabody and Junius
Morgan raised loans for the North. It appears JunIus played both
sides of the war. Ralph Epperson claims Junius was one of the
Rothschild agents who shipped supplies to the South.

When Peabody retired in 1864 Junius took over the business. The firm
was re-named JS. Morgan & Co. That same year Junius' son, J.P.
Morgan, became a junior partner in the firm. A year later J.P. left
for America to represent the firm in the New York. After the end of
the Franco-Prussian War, Junius Morgan was called on to help restore
the French etonomy. Around this time his bank was talked of as a
rival to the Rothschild's New Court, but Junius was a Rothschild
agent, when he prospered so prospered the Rothschilds and the
Illuminati. J.S. Morgan & Co. was one of the Rothschild's great power
tools in the United States. In 1869 JunIus' son, J.P. Morgan went to
London to met with the Rothschilds. They laid out the plans to form
Northern Securities, a company that would act as an agent for New
Court in the US. J.P. ruling as a proxy for the family. In 1871
Junius' son, J.P. Morgan, made an alliance with Tony Drexel, heir to
the powerful Philadelphia bank. Their firm - Drexel, Morgan & Co. -
resided in an extravagant new building on Wall St., which is still
Morgan headquarters today. After the Europeans got over their lack of
confidence at the end of the CIvil War, money began to stream across
the ocean to the US., providing massive profit for the firm. It set
out to finance the growing number of industrial projects in America.
The House of Morgan was getting extremely rich.

Junius retired in 1879 and J.P. took over JS. Morgan & Co.,
reorganizing It under the title J.P. Morgan & Co. "J.P. Morgan soon
became a symbol of the growing centralization of American money." He
was very monopolistic. His agents would create cartels
through `Morganization." By 1896 the IllumInati families Payne,
Whitney and the Vanderbilts all bad money in Morgan-Guarantee Company
which was run by the "J.P. Morgan and Guggenheim outfits."

At a certain point he controlled neariy half the American railroad
system. He established the United States Steel Corp. ("based on
Andrew Carnegie's Pittsburgh Steel mills") In 1901 by raising
the "unprecedented" amount of $1.4 billion. J.P. was adept at
creating financial syndicates for the Illuminati, joint efforts to
further the "Great Plan." President Welliam Mckinley began
prosecuting the Rothschild's Morgan-run Northern Securities under the
anti-trust laws in 1900. In 1901 Mckinley ran for a second term and
appointed a new vice-president, Theodore Roosevelt, a lock, stock and
barrel Illuminatus. Less than a year later he was assassinated.
When "Teddy" became president the prosecution of Northern Securities
stopped. For this reason some people think Mckinley's death was
ordered by J.P. Morgan and the Rothschilds. He was able to set up a
syndicate, with the help of Rothschild agent, August Belmont, Jr.,
that bailed the U.S. out of a Treasury depletion. The syndicate
raised $65 billion in gold. The sum would be repaid by an issue of
bonds. J.P. received some criticism for the strict terms of the deal.
For 5 months in early 1907, J.P. Morgan was in Europe, traveling back
and forth between London and Paris, presumably visiting the
Rothschild House's there. A. Ralph Epperson writes: "Apparentiy the
reason Morgan was in Europe was because the decision was being made
to have Morgan precipitate a bank panic in America. When he returned,
he started rumors that the KnIckerbocker Bank in New York was

Panic ensued. People began a mass withdrawal of their deposits - a
run. The Knickerbocker run had a domino effect, other banks had runs
and the Panic of 1907 ,,was complete." J.P. Morgan oversaw the
banking communities response to the Panic of 1907. The whole Incident
helped the elite push for a central bank. One man who knew of the
plot was historian Frederick Lewis Allen, who wrote in LIFE
magazine: ,,...certain chroniclers have arrived at the ingenious
conclusion that the Morgan interests took advantage of the unsettled
conditions during the autumn of 1907 to precipitate the Panic,
guiding It shrewdly as it progressed, so that it would kill off rival
banks, and consolidate the pre-eminence of the banks within the
Morgan orbit." The Panic of 1907 made people want a powerful central
bank that could "protect" the common man from the "abuses of the Wall
Street bankers." This whole thing eventually led to the creation of
the Federal Reserve. One of the men with the Morgan financial groups
was Harold Stanley. Stanley was a member of the Skull & Bones. After
J.P.'s death a Morgan firm became Morgan, Stanley & Co. J.P. Morgan
died in 1913. HIs son, Harvard educated J.P. Morgan, Jr. took over
(most conspiratorial writers do not make a distinction between these
two). J.P. Morgan, Jr ran the bank with a team of managers that was
led by Thomas Lamont. Morgan, Jr was, like his father, a power-hungry
international banker. He was famous for his handling of Immense
foreign loans. Most Importantly J.P. Morgan, Jr appears to have
followed in the footsteps of the former heads of the House of Morgan
by working with the Rothschilds.


Remember the Schiff family? In the first article I explained that
they shared a residency in Frankfort, forever binding the two
families. The Schiffs became Rothschild agents, and like most agents
of the Rothschilds they eventually became very rich and powerful. The
most prominent of the Schiffs was Jacob Henry Schiff. Jacob was born
in Frankfort in 1847, and was sent by the Rothschild/Schiff network
to America to make his fortune (Much like the Astors sent John Jacob
Astor). Jacob Schiff arrived in New York in 1865. Ten years later he
became the partner of the Illuminati firm Kuhn, Loeb & Company. Ten
years after that he became Its president. Directing Rothschild and
IllumInati affairs from this seat of authority. Jacob Schiff was also
on the board of directors of Central Trust Company, Western Union.
and Wells Fargo Company. Uke most elite, he gave vast amounts of
money to charity. Philanthropy pays off in a big way to the ruling


The Illuminati interests wanted to create a Central Bank in America.
They wanted to build the Federal Reserve. First, they needed a bunch
of banking crisis' that would push public opinion towards a Federal
Reserve system. These were provided by the Illuminati, including J.P.
Morgan's Knickerbocker Panic of 190?. Second, they needed a favorable
U.S. president in office. Rothschild agent Colonel House provided
this by getting Woodrow Welson elected. The American people were
being couditioned. To provide the `reform of the American banking
system" a congressional National Monetary Commission was created and
a man related to the Rockefellers, Nelson Aldrich, was put in charge.
For two years this Commission travel around Europe hob-nobbing with
the IllumInati and getting directions as to how the central bank
should be set up. Then the Commission returned in 1910, and Nelson
Aldrich went to a secret meeting at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club in
Georgia to write the legislation for an American central bank to be
run by the IllumInati. Others at the Jekyll island meeting were these
Illuminati men - A. Platt Andrew, Frank Vanderiip (of a Kuhn-Loeb &
Company bank), Henry Davidson (of J.P. Morgan), Charies Norton (of a
Morgan bank), Paul Warburg (of Kuhn-Loeb & Company and brother-in-law
of Schiff), Benjamin Strong (of another Morgan company). Most of
these men were connected to Jacob Schiff or J.P. Morgan, who in turn
were agents for the House of Rothschild.

The Jekyll Island Hunt Club was even owned by J.P. Morgan. The
Federal Reserve bill was sneakily passed through congress in the
winter of 1913 and President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into law.
The Illuminati, particularly the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, bad
usurped the financial power of the United States. The first governor
of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve was Benjamin Strong.
The first governor of the FED's board of directors was Paul Warburg.
Both connected to Schiff, J.P. Morgan, Jr, and the House of
Rothschild. The FED has been an effective tool of the Illuminati and
the Rothschilds, creating crisis such as the Great Depression (which
J.P. Morgan, Jr was very involved in creating). Apparentiy (according
to Congressman Louis McFadden), the Depression helped consolidate
financial power over the US., putting It in the hands of the
Rothschild banking alliance between J.P. Morgan's First National Bank
group and Schiff's Kuhn, Loeb-run National City Bank. The Great
Depression also lead to Roosevelt's New Deal.


Rothschild connections to the first worid war are an excellent
example of controlled conflict. On the Allied side the British and
French Houses financially supported their countries battles. Some
Rothschilds were even soldiers, although they didn't see much action.
J.P. Morgan Bank was a big financial help to the Allied cause. It was
the Allies "purchasing agent" until the U.S. entered the war. It also
created a syndicate that financed ,,modernization" in China, to help
defend that country against the Japanese threat. The elite wanted
America in the war. Historian Charles Tansill noted: ,,... the large
banking Interests were deeply interested in the World War because of
wide opportunities for large profits. On August 3, 1914, even before
the actual clash of arms, the French firm of Rothschild Freres cabled
to Morgan and Company in New York suggesting the floatation of a loan
of $100,000,000, a substantial part of which was to be left in the
United States, to pay for French purchases of American goods.' The
Lusitania was a ploy. It was packed with some Morgan owned
ammunition, had been given over to England as a member of the navy,
and despite the warnings of the Germans was sent Into a naval war
zone, specifically to be a target - the catalyst for America's
entrance to the war. A knowledgeable American State Department failed
to warn the US. citizens aboard the ship of the voyages definite
danger. Churchill ordered the Lusitanina's naval escort to return to
port, and the fated ship was left unprotected, to be sunk. Rothschild
agent Colonel House probably knew of this plot, records point to a
discussion of it between him and Sir Edward Grey of England.
Historian Colin Simpson called the sinking of the Lusitania
the "foulest act of willful murder ever committed on the seas.'

On the Axis side the Rothschild network was also funneling money.
Another family allied to the Rothschilds was the Warburgs. Max
Warburg, brother of Kuhn-Loeb's Paul Warburg. ran a family financial
powerhouse in Frankfort, Germany (one of the reasons the Rothschilds
were able to liquidate their Frankfort bank, the Warburgs would run
things). Max was the head of the German secret police during WWI. The
Warburg connection is reported to have helped the Axis powers
financially. At the end of the war in 1919, the Treaty of Versailles
meetings were attended by Rothschild connected men like Paul and Max
Warburg, John Foster Dulles (of Kuhn-Loeb), Colonel House, Thomas
Lamont (of Morgans) and Allen Dulles (of Kuhn-Loeb). The harsh terms
of the Treaty of Versailles totally set the stage for World War II.
Said one delegate: `This is no peace; this is only a truce for twenty
years." Sure enough, in 1939 the second World War started. Another
product of the Versailles meetIngs was the elite's Charter for the
League of Nations - the Illuminati's first attempt at creating a
global institution. The League of Nations failed. This called for the
need to create a think tank/special Interest organization that could
promote the new world order. Thus the creation of the Foreign
Relations Institutions - the CFR., RIIA, etc. This will be discussed
in a bit. World War I helped create a Communist State.

Max Warburg funded Lenin and his revolutionaries. Jacob Schiff gave a
known $20 million to Lenin. J.P. Morgan & Co. helped finance the
Bolshevik revolution.

Alfred de Rothschild also helped finance the Bolsheviks.


The second World War was also controlled by Illuminati and Rothschild
interests. The Great Depression did not only occure in America. It
also swept Europe. The economic depression in Europe, coupled with an
extremely harsh Versailles Treaty helped fan the flames of the
nationalistic fires that swept Germany.

Hitier was a member of the most powerful occultic secret society in
Germany. He penetrated the inner circle of this society where
Satanism was practiced. Hitler was dedicated to Satan's Empire - an
evil puppet. He was brought into this evil group by Dietrich Eckart
who is supposed to have said on his deathbed: "Follow Hitler. He will
dance, but It is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him
into the `Secret Doctrine'; opened his centers in vision and given
him the means to communicate with the Powers. Do not mourn for me: I
shall have influenced history more than any German.' In the last
article we discussed the possibility of Hitler having been of
Rothschild descendance. Consider this - he probably had satanic
bloodline, he had the backing of a powerful satanic society, he had
sold his soul to Satan, and he had the financial backing of the
Illuminati. is it any wonder that he rose from obscurity, poverty and
Imprisonment to become one of the most powerful men to ever live? I
believe that It is even safe to specuiate that Hitler was totally
controlled by a demonic spirit(s); that he simply gave himself over
to Satan's control. An ex-member of the Satanic Hierarchy of the
Illuminati expressed a belief to me that there have been certain evil
men through-out history that have totally

given themselves over to possession by Satan. That these men (Hitler,
Ghengis Khan, for example) have been anti-christ types, simply human
containers for the residence of a very powerful demonic spirit, or
even Satan himself. The ex-illuminati member believed that when Satan
no longer had need for the body of his anti-christ he would discard
It with death and find another willing soul to sacrifice his bodily
control to the devil. These evil figures would not be `The" Anti-
Christ, explained the informant, but would have allowed themselves to
taken over by "the spirit" of the Anti-Christ. This is just a theory,
but I believe it has certain merit. If it is true, it paints an
interesting picture of Hitler and the ruling class that created him.
Hitler's main source of economic power was from the I.G. Farben
chemical cartel, and I.G. Farben in turn was controlled by the
Illuminati. The I.G. Farben cartel was created by loans from Wall
Street in what has been called the Dawes plan. Carroll QuIgley calls
the Dawes Plan "largely a J.P. Morgan production." The J.P. Morgan
Group set up the loan to I.G. Farben, which created Hitler. ,,Without
the capital supplied by Wall Street, there would have been no I.G.
Farben in the first place, and almost certainly no Adolf Hitler and
Worid War II." Henry Ford merged his German assets with I.G. Farben
in 1928. The cartel created the lethal Zyklon B gas that was used to
exterminate the Jews. It was also involved in the torture
experimentations that led to mind control methods, such as Monarch
Programming. Do you see what happened? A Rothschild agent set up a
cartel that was directly involved in the horrible persecution of the
Jews. Still the family maintains the illusion of being totally
supportive of their race. At first Germany had a significant
disadvantage if they were to embark on a second world war. The nation
had a fuel shortage, but the Illuminati fixed this problem. The
Germans were able to fight WWII through the use of synthetic fuels
that were created by the hydrogenation process (turning coal into

This process was discovered by I.G. Farben. Hydrogenation technology
would not have been fully developed by WWII, but I.G. Farben made a
deal with Rockefeller's Standard Oil, who was able to complete the
research, facilitating the war. Interestingly, I.G. Farben plants
were not targeted by the bombing raids on Germany. By the end of the
war the refineries had experienced only 15% damage. William Dodd,
American ambassador to Germany before WWII, wrote President
Roosevelt: "At the present moment, more than a hundred American
corporations have subsidiaries here or cooperative
understandings. ,,The DuPonts have their allies in Germany that are
aiding in the armament business. Their chief ally is the I.G. Farben
Company... ,,Standard Oil Company ... sent $2,000,000 here in
December, 1933 and has made $500,000 a year helping Germans limprove
hydrogenation technology] ... ,,The International Harvester Company
president told me their business here rose 33% year, but they could
take nothing [earnings] out [except in goods]. `Even our airplanes
people have secret arrangements with Krupps. `General Motors Company
[which was controlled by the J.P. Morgan Group] and Ford do enormous
business here through their subsidiaries and take no profits out."
Germany needed the capital of these, and many more American companies
in order to wage a war. I.G. Farben had a holding company in the
United States called American I.G. Farben. Paul Warburg, his brother
Max (head of Germanies secret police during WWI), and Warburg agent
Herman Metz were some of the members of the board of directors of the
American I.G. Farben. Other directors included
Rockefeller/International banking men (Edsel Ford, Charies Mitchell,
Walter Teagle, etc) . Three Germans on the Board of Governors were
convicted as war criminals after the war, but the elite Americans
fore-mentioned were not, even though they participated in the same
criminal decisions as those who were punished. According to author
Eustice Mullins, Hitier met with Allen and John Foster Dulles in 1933.

The Dulles brothers were acting as legal representatives of Schiff
and Warburg's Kuhn, Loeb & Co, which was an Integral part of the
Rothschild network. Mullins claims Kuhn & Loeb had extended large
short-term credits to Germany, and needed to ensure the repayment of
these loans. The Dulles supposedly assured Hitler he would receive
the funds necessary to be installed as Chancellor of Germany, if he
promised to repay the debts. One of the largest tank manufacturers
for Germany was Opel, which was controlled by the J.p. Morgan Group.
Another company connected to the J.p. Morgan Group was Bendix
Aviation, `which supplied data [to Germany] on automatic pilots,
aircraft Instruments and aircraft and diesel engine starters.' The
examples go on and on. There is much more that could be written on
this subject. The manufactured Pearl Harbor attack allowed Roosevelt
to enter America into the war. A second worid war had been created by
the Illuminati, with the help of the Rothschild/Morgan/Warburg/Schiff
syndicate. After the end of the war, the Tribunals that investigated
Nazi war criminals censored "any materials recording Western
assistance to Hitler," said historian Antony C. Sutton.


World War II facilitated the American acceptance of a
giobal `peacekeeping" institution - the United Nations. After the
U.S. had rejected the first attempt to create such an institution in
the League of Nations, the illuminatI decided to create an arm of the
Rothschild funded Round Table groups which could help influence
western society towards the embracement of globalism. The original
idea was to create an international special interest group of
advisors that would promote a New World Order, called the Institute
of on International Affairs. The plan eventually changed, the
Institute was split up so that separate groups could influence
separate governments without having the appearance of a conspiracy.
These groups were formed at what are called the Hotel Majestic
meetings. Baron #1 Edmond de Rothschild of France was the main force
behind these meetings, and all the founders of these groups were men
who had met with his approval. Chief of these was Rothschild agent
Colonel Edward Mandell House.

One of these groups was the CFR.. The CFR Handbook of 1936 explains
how It was established. `On May 30, 1919, several leading members of
the delegations to the Paris Peace Conference met at the Hotel
Majestic in Paris to discuss setting up an international group which
would advise their respective governments on international
affairs.... It was decided at this meeting to call the proposed
organization the Institute of International Affairs. At a meeting on
June 5, 1919, the planners decided it would be best to have separate
organizations cooperating with each other. Consequentiy, they
organized the Council on Foreign Relations, with headquarters in New
York. and a sister organization, the Royal Institute of International
Affairs [RIIA], in London, also known as the Chatham House Study
Group, to advise the British Government. A subsidiary organization,
the Institute of Pacific Relations, was set up to deal exclusively
with Far Eastern Affairs [and facilitated the Pearl Harbor attack] .
Other organizations were set up in Paris and Hamburg, the Hamburg
branch being called the Institut fur Auswartige Politik. and the
Paris branch being known as Centre d'Etudes de Politicque
Etrangere..." I have never seen any research on the Institut fur
Auswartige Politik in Germany. It wouid be interesting to see how
this group was Involved with the elite and the creation of WWII.

A group of Illuminati wise men took the plans laid out at the Hotel
Majestic meetings and formed the CFR. The founders included; Colonel
Edward Mandell

House (a Rothschild agent), John Foster Dulles (of Rothschild
connected Kuhn, Loeb & Co.), and Allen Dulles (also of Kuhn, Loeb &

The CFR was officially founded on July 29, 1921. Money for the
founding came from J.P. Morgan, Bernard Baruch, Otto Kahn, Jacob
Schiff, Paul Warburg, and

John D. Rockefeller, among others. The funding for the RIIA in London
came primarily from the Astor family. Rothschild-connected Paul
Warburg was on the original board of directors of the CFR.

As you can clearly see, the Rothschild network had significant
influence in the creation of the foreign relation groups. This
influence continues today. The Rothschild's power within the
secret "Society of the Elect" and the Round Table Groups extended to
the semi-publIc CFR, RIIA, etc. The House of Rothschild was up in
arms with their feilow elites; managing the creation of the New World
Order. Should there be a part 3 to this series, it will Investigate
individual Rothschilds from the worid war era up into the modern day
world, and their continuing involvement in the Illuminati.


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It has been said by an Illuminati informant that the Krupp ramily is
part of the Illuminati. It is clear that that the Krupp family must
be at least in agreement to the plans of the Illuminati. This can be
said because of the extensive power of the Krupps. The Krupps were
the primary producers of the big guns for the German army in W.W.I.
Lenin wanted the Krupps to help him make the Russian steppes
productive. The Krupps have produced agricultural equippment, and
train locomotives as well as tanks. After W.W. I had ended, the head
of the Krupp family, Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, began
secretly planning to rebuild Germany's military might. Gustav Krupp
bought coal mines after W.W. I with an eye on using them for future
weapons production. After the Allied Control Commission departed
Germany in 1928, Krupp factories began secretly turning out a few
tanks particularly at Krupp's Garusonwerk Factory. The Christian
Science Monitor which ties in with the occult system sent reporters
to Krupps factories during the 1920s to report on how well the
Germans were complying with the Versailles Treaty limitations.

The reporters gave a clean bill of health to the Krupp factories even
though the reporters should have questioned why all their film was
destroyed during factory tours (infared rays were beamed Into their
film while they toured Krupps factories.) Prussian-trained Gustav
Krupp had married the daughter of Friedrich Krupp whose name was
Bertha. Bertha was a powerful woman, and sole owner in 1902 of one of
Germany's largest steel firms. The Krupps have lived above Essen,
German in a hugh palace called Villa Huegel, whose small wing has 60
rooms. They also have other castles and villas. At one time they
owned (as far as I know they still do) a castle in the Austrian Alps
named Bluehnbach. Gustav Krupp hosted and was one of the leaders of a
secret group of 12 powerful German industrialists called the Ruhrlade
which secretly made Germany's industrial decisions during the Weimar
Republic. This group also made political decisions. In 1932, Krupp
began to help HItler. The secret governing body of the Ruhrlade
covered their meetings behind the cover of having lavish hunting
parties. The Illuminati kept close tabs and gave secret support to
Hitler on his rise to power. Illuminatus William Randolph Hearst had
his chief European correspondent William Bayard Hale met with Hitler
early in the 1920s at Hale's lavish suite at the Hotel Bayrisher Hof.


by Fritz Springmeier

Introduction to Part 3. The Rothschilds are one of the most prominent
of the top thirteen Illuminati families. This newsletter has been
singling out each of the top thirteen Illuminati families for a
feature article. Articles in this newsletter have already been done
on the Astor, Buady, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, U, Kennedy, Onassis,
and Van Duyn families. The Rockefellers were featured in a December
1992 article just prior to this series. Because there is more
Information out about the Rothschilds than some of the other
families, I decided to write more than just one feature article about

Reviewing the recent newsletter articles.

The first set of my recent Rothschild articles consisted of my
Introduction and then main article. The Introduction covered the
hidden lineages of the Springs, the Payseurs, the Beatty family and
Abraham Lincoln. The main article by David Smith covered the 18th and
19th centuries of Rothschild power. The second set of articles again
consisted of my introduction along with a main article. In my
Introduction I covered some about their secret power, their power in
Latin America, and their secret power to manipulate financial things
without playing the same rules as others play. David Smith's main
article covered the Rothschild's influence in history in the late
19th century and during the 20th century.

The Rothschilds a daily threat

My desire was to have an article about what the Rothschild's are
doing today. One of my most dangerous opponents in this area to the
work I'm doing against the Monarch program is a secret Rothschild
descendent. I know Monarch slaves who were created to serve the
Rockefeller family, the Russell family, the 13th Holy Blood Family,
the Li family and the CollIns family. I also know Monarch slaves who
were created to serve the Rothschilds. From what I have been told and
also from just personal observation, all of the top 13 IllumInati
families are involved in the creation of Monarch slaves. It goes
without saying that It is Impossible to be a high level Satanist and
not have MPD. Any person without MPD would go insane after
participating in high level Illuminati rituals. It can't be stated
with certainty that all Illuminati members (by Illuminati I mean
members of the first pyramidal structure diagrammed in the Jan.
1, '93 newsletter and in the Feb. I Issue) have been through Monarch
programming today, but it can be stated with certainty that they all
suffer from multiple personality disorder. This means that the
Rothschilds in this country and in Canada and the U.K.. have closely
collaborated with the highest levels of the intelligence community
and the military. Who initiated my phone being tapped? At any rate,
the Rothschilds and their satanic power is here in America, and
people need to understand that.

The first great temple.

The Illuminati are building their temples secretly throughout the
United States. The last issue of this newsletter described the
massive pyramid that has been built at Los Vegas. Pyramids have also
been built at San Francisco (the Trans-America building) and in
Chicago, and in other eastern places. The San Francisco building was
built by people with ties to the Rockefellers. Just north of San
Francisco and east of the Bohemian Grove is the Napa Valley of
California. Anton LaVey moved to Napa Valley after his split with
Aquino. LaVey ran a construction company during the 1910. out of
Napa, CA. (As an aside, Anton LaVey's chief representative in our
Portland area is Rex ,,Diablos" Church, who grew up as Rex Nance in
Seaside High School on the Oregon coast. Rex worked at the drug store
at Broadway and Holiday at Seaside during high school. Two years
after high school he returned to his hometown with his head shaved
and wearing black in LaVey fashion. He had a stripper who dressed in
black who was a Satanist as his girl friend for a while in the
Portland area. According to Rex's own words, he grew up in a secret
Satanic family and was baptized to Satan as a child. Rex and his
Satanic friends have schemed how to hurt the Christians. How many of
their devious plans have succeeded I do not know. Also of Interest is
that Rex lived a good deal with his what has been reported as
Jehovah's Witness grandparents.) With the Church of Satan feeling
comfortable in Napa, it is not surprising that tbe Baron and Baroness
Phillipi de Rothschild picked the area to build a secret temple to

Also as readers of this newsletter know, these people have been
constructing castles and other large buildings on spiritual ley lines
for centuries, so it goes without saying that when this secret temple
was built in Napa, that the Icy lines were at least considered in
choosing a site. The Baron Rothschild began the construction of a
pyramid in Napa Valley, which his wife completed after he died. The
pyramid is called Opus 1. According to one of the contractors who
participated in building the

pyramid, the project cost $35 million. The various construction cost
reports given the public have been much less than what this
contractor has said was the real cost of the building. The theme of
the numbers 3 and 6 runs throughout the large Opus i pyramid
building. as well as the number 666. Also little circles frequently

The name of the building is Opus 1, which means the First Work. It's
cover or front for the temple is that It is a winery. The winery
operates very strangely to a legitimate winery. The entire project of
buying the land, building Opus 1, and operating it has been shrouded
in secrecy. The wineries in California when they open traditionally
and normally are open to the public. The opening ceremonies of Opus 1
were shrouded in secrecy. The opening announcement was low key and
only select people and select International media types were Invited.
This opening is extremely unusual for a winery in the Napa Valley
area. Private guided tours are very hard to obtain of Opus 1, in
contrast to the other wineries in Napa Valley. Further, the estate
that the winery (temple) sits on is very protected and secluded. The
wrought iron gates are always closed. However, I was able to get a
first hand report from a group of three that managed to view Opus 1.
During the tour this group saw many occult and satanic items, and yet
large areas of the winery (temple) were closed off to even this
private tour group. The winery is not constructed even remotely
similar to any winery in the Us.

The project began as a joint venture between Robert Mondavi and Baron
Rothschild in 1979. The land was secretly purchased and in the late
1960s construction quietly began using contractors from far away.
Strangely, the Napa Valley Register which reports on all building
activity remained extremely quiet about what was being built. From
the air, the construction forms a masonic square and compass. On the
Inside hidden stairwells and other hidden features have been built
in. The capstone of the pyramid has a rotunda where skylight
penetrates the capstone and where viewers can get a view of the
entire Napa Valley. There have numerous Rothschilds who have entered
Into the various Masonic rites. For Instance, Louis Rothschild was a
32� Scottish Rite Mason in Chicago during the 1890's. The reason for
this is that Freemasonry is used as type of early class for those who
are in the Illuminati to get them familiar with the symbols of the
Mystery religions and give them more practice with hand signals,
rituals, and secrecy. Orchids, which are used by the Mothers of
Darkness, are grown all over the area. Orchids are the only type of
flower grown on the site, and they are cared for by apparently
Mothers of Darkness who are dressed in all black, which is the
standard color of garb of the Mothers of Darkness.

The pyramid was built with limestone from Texas. No doubt there is
some occult significance to the site that the limestone came from.
The limestone itself has fossils, which have been hidden from easy
view for some reason. (Remember the ancient Egyptian pymmids used
limestone.) Originally Opus I was scheduled to open around the Summer
Solstice but the date was shifted to Weds., Oct. 30, 1991 which is
the day before Halloween. Since the opening day, the Rothschilds have
had events scheduled around Satanic high days. Those who are familiar
with the occult know that these events are covers for Satanic rituals
which are held secretly. The land has wrought iron gates which are
locked at all times. Some of the occult Items which private visitors
saw within the pyramid were: a book on wine depicting orgies by
Salvadore Dailey who is a Satanist, a blue-black picture with naked
ritual dancers, and other strange occultic pieces of art (such as an
oil painting of what looked like Satan). Massive draconian oak doors
are built facing the hail that leads to the room where wine is
tasted. Mirrors abound in the place. The guilded art work on the
mirrors is often Rococo. The Baroness personally designed and
furnished the Interior. The upside down peace sign is found designed
in some of the furniture as barren trees. Two trees of life from Peru
are by the fireplace. The tree of life is by the way very Important
to this level of the Illuminati. The visitors also saw 3 Mouton
ceremonial drinking cups with rams, and chairs which had the carvings
on the front arms/legs of fully formed demons were found in one of
the rooms.

The foyer looks like the Inside of a snail or ,,corkscrewy." Much of
the furnishings were purchased by the Baroness Rothschild from the De
Medicis. It has various marble floors and tables set with orchids.
The stainless steel and the floors in the winery are immaculate. The
workers who work there were scrutinized closely before being hIred.
Originally, the wine workers were required to were black pants and
white shirts, but the workers who had to stomp the grapes were
unhappy about the uniform requirements. I have been trying to follow
the Rothschild family with Its many branches. Although the
Rothschilds are seen as great internationalists, don't be surprised
If some of the people of the Rothschilds seem somewhat middleclass,
For instance, in the Millington, MI NE of Flint, MI one family
dominates the tows. This family is the Bauer family. Stan Bauer was a
man who mysteriously simply attracted material possessions to himself
without any visible source of money. His son Harold Bauer a 32� Mason
who sat on the Houghton Lake city counciL His next son Terry Bauer
was also a Mason, also had a position in local government and was on
the school beard. His daughter Barbers Bauer married Jim Hagger who
was also a Mason who lived in Grand Blanc south of Flint. There is
certainly more that could be said about the satanic Rothschild
bloodline, but this is where I will bring this article to a close,
with the statement that, Lord Welling, I will write more about them