Hereditary Title Holders With
Jewish Blood


The 'British' Royal family.

Bowes-Lyon = Levi.

Enough said.

I heard this a few years ago is there any proof as if there is how can any one say we should keep the Windsors?

Yes I've heard whispers about that. Got a link?

Not off the top of my head, I'm afraid. A Google search might be productive, although I suspect you'll have to trawl through some pretty obscure hard print books for that one. Online, Arnold Leese Our Jewish Aristocracy is worth a look.

The Queens is on record boasting of their cosmopolitan background. Jewish blood was specifically mentioned. You might turn that up by trawling the archives of the major nationals.

Some of these Jew bloodlines along with others are actually claimed by the Monarchist League of Canada as being positive Link.

It demonstrates the servility of such people I feel.

Some of the Jewish blood is alleged to have came from the Colonna family which has Jewish roots Link (

Also what of Prince Nasi (Makhir) of Babylon, who was the Jew ambassador, of Caliph Harun-al-Rashid, to the regime of Charlemagne Link (

Makhir did stay on in Europe and founded a family what became known as Crypto Jews in the province of Narbonne.

Some of the claims relating to Makhir are made by a Jew in the US called Zuckerman, though whether this lessens the information or not, is open to question.

Or what of the claimed ties to the Khazar Jews in the shape of Maroth (Marot), Elteber of the Bihar Khazars Link (

This Maroth connection is also mentioned in the Ancestry of Elizabeth of York by Marlyn Lewis Link (

To any interested, make of this what you will.






A Revelation


Arnold Leese


I publish this booklet in an attempt to impress my fellow Britons that their race is being displaced and replaced, and without malice to any individual.

The I.F.L. pamphlet thus entitled saw three editions, all sold out; Gothic Ripples No. 31, dealing with the same subject, is also sold out. So now the Editor brings the list up-to-date. The reason that the Aristocracy is here dealt with in preference to any other section of the community is simply that their pedigrees are traceable with less difficulty than, say, the members of the professions, the merchants or trade unionists.



Hereditary Title Holders With
Jewish Blood

12th Duke of St. Albans.                                                      3rd Viscount Bearsted.

8th Duke of Richmond.                                                         9th Viscount Chetwynd (distantly).

2nd Marquess of Reading.

3rd Marquess of Milford Haven (distantly).                             3rd Viscount Esher.

                                                                                         9th Viscount Galway (distantly).
6th Earl Rosebery.

21st Earl of Suffolk (distantly).                                             2nd Viscount Goschen (distantly).

17th Earl of Devon.                                                             14th Viscount Arbuthnott (distantly).

6th Earl of Carnarvon.

7th Earl of Mexborough.                                                        2nd Viscount St. Davids (distantly).

Countess Loudoun (in her own right).                                     [handwritten: 1st Viscount Samuel]

                                                                                          7th Baron Auckland. 

16th Earl of Kinnoul.                                                             7th Baron Brabourne.

4th Baron Burnham.                                                              3rd Baron Phillimore.

2nd Baron Cranworth (distantly).                                            7th Baron Plunket.

                                                                                           2nd Baron Parmoor (distantly).
4th Baron Cranshaw (distantly).
                                                                                           3rd Baron Rothschild.

8th Baron Foley.                                                                    2nd Baron Roborough (distantly).

3rd Baron Herschell.
                                                                                           3rd Baron Ritchie of Dundee.
2nd Baron Hirst.
                                                                                           2nd Baron Strachie.
9th Baron Howard de Walden.
                                                                                           3rd Baron Swaythling.

1st Baron Jessel. 
                                                                                           1st Baron Schuster.
2nd Baron Mancroft.

                                                                                                        1st Baron Simon (once Sir E. D.).

3rd Baron Melchett.

2nd Baron May.                                                                     1st Baron Hankey (according
                                                                                                  to Jewish Guardian, 6th
                                                                                                  June, 1922).
2nd Baron Michelham. 

4th Baron O'Neill (distantly).

Baroness Ravensdale (in her own right).

and the following Baronets:-

Sir G. W. Albu.                                                                      Sir J. R. Ellerman.

Sir A. Beit.                                                                            Sir J. P. G. M. Fitzgerald.

Sir E. D. Broughton (distantly).                                               Sir G. S. Fry.

Sir H. J. W. Bruce.                                                                  Sir K. C. A. Fraser (distantly).

Sir Geo. Bull.                                                                         Sir H. J. D'Avigdor-Goldsmid.

Sir J. L. R. Blunt.                                                                    Sir W. Garthwaite.

Sir A. J. Cahn.                                                                        Sir E. C. Goschen (distantly).

Sir F. Cassel.                                                                          Sir J. L. Hanham.

Sir H. B. Cohen.                                                                      Sir P. G. Hamilton.

Sir G. C. Campbell.                                                                  Sir P. A. Harris.

Sir T. H. W. Chitty.                                                                  Sir F. D. S. Head.

Sir R. C. G. Cotterell.                                                               Sir J. C. W. Herschel.

Sir P. V. David.                                                                        Sir G. Jessel.

BARONETS Continued

Sir K. S. Joseph.                                                                      Sir R. F. Phillips.

Sir F. L. E. Joseph.                                                                   Sir E. H. Preston (distantly).

Sir H. A. B. Johnson.                                                                Sir L. L. Richardson.

Sir C. G. Lampson.                                                                   Sir C. G. S. Shuckburgh (distantly).

Sir T. P. Larcom.                                                                      Sir E. L. Samuel.

Sir H. J. Lawson.                                                                      Sir F. H. B. Samuelson.

Sir R. G. Leon.                                                                         Sir E. V. Sassoon.

Sir T. J. P. Lever.                                                                     Sir F. V. Schuster.

Sir E. J. M. Levy.

Sir P. J. Magnus.                                                                      Sir R. G. A. Staples.

Sir A. J. Meyer.                                                                        Sir G. J. V. Thomas.

Sir P. E. Mostyn.                                                                      Sir W. R. Tuck.

Sir B. E. S. Mountain.                                                               Sir H. A. Wernher.

Sir C. G. J. Newman.                                                                Sir H. E. Yarrow.

Sir M. B. G. Oppenheimer.

Hereditary Title Holders Who
Married Jewish Women


9th Duke of Roxburgh mar-                                          11th Marquess of Tweedale
ried granddaughter of a                                                       married a Jewish Wagg.
                                                                                  6th Earl of Rosse married a
                                                                                        Jewish Messel.
5th Marquess of Salisbury
married decendant of Jew                                              7th Earl Castle Stewart mar-
Bernal Osborne.                                                                  ried a Guggenheim.

5th Marquess of Cholmondeley                                       6th Earl of Craven married a
married a Sassoon.                                                              Jewish Meyrick.

16th Marquess of Winchester                                          29th Earl of Crawford married
married a Jewish Marks.                                                       descendant of Jew Bernal

5th Marquess Camden married                                       1st Viscount Bledisloe married
a Jewish Cassel.                                                                   as 1st wife a Jewish Lopes.

Hereditary Title Holders Who Married Jewish Women - Continued

[Handwritten: Earl of Harewood married a Jewish Sterco (?)]


1st Earl Mountbatten married                                           Sir J. P. Bagge married a Jewish
       granddaughter of Jew Sir                                                Mendel.
       Ernest Cassel.

2nd Viscount Scarsdale married                                      Sir M. G. Beckett married a
a Jewish Pretzlik.                                                                  a Jewish Brett.

9th Viscount Powerscourt mar-                                        Sir R. C. Milnes-Coates married
ried a Jewish Beddington.                                                      a Crew-Milnes of distantly
                                                                                          Jewish blood.

26th Baron de Clifford married
a Jewish Meyrick.                                                            Sir T. Colyer-Fergusson married
                                                                                          a Cohen as second wife.

1st Baron Fairfield married a                                                 
Jewish Van Noorden.                                                       Sir A. E. H. Dean Paul married
                                                                                          a Jewish Wieniawski.

1st Baron Killearn married a                                                  
Jewish Castellani.                                                           Sir T. E. P. Falkiner married
                                                                                         the granddaughter of a
1st Baron Soulbury married a                                               
Jewish De Stein.                                                                  

1st Baron Brassey married the                                         Sir H. S. M. Havelock-Allan
daughter of a Ricardo.                                                          married a Levy as 3rd
5th Baron Newborough mar-
ried daughter of Lazar
                                                                                    Sir L. J. Jones married a Jewish
                                                                                        Schuster as 2nd wife.
15th Baron Lovat married a 
Jewish Broughton.                                                           Sir E. A. Lechmere married the
                                                                                        daughter of a Samuels.

                                                                                     Sir R. Leeds married a

12th Baron Kinnaird married a                                          Sir J. S. P. Mellor married the
Jewish Clifton of Treves                                                       Jewish Mrs. Raie Mendes.

1st Baron Latham married a                                              Sir A. Moir married the grand-
Jewish Allman.                                                                     daughter of a Jewish

3rd Baron O'Hagan married as                                           Sir O. Mosley married as 1st
1st wife, the daughter of a                                                     wife, granddaughter of
Jewish Braham.                                                                     Jew Levi Zeigler Leiter.

1st Baron Goddard married a                                             Sir J. S. B. Noble married
Jewish Schuster.                                                                    a granddaughter of Jew Sir
                                                                                           J. Goldsmid.

1st Baron Lyle married a

4th Baron Delamere married                                              Sir N. A. Pearson married a
granddaughter of Jew Sir                                                       Mond (divorce later).
Ernest Cassel as second
wife.                                                                                 Sir C. C. E. Welby married a
                                                                                           Jewish Gregory.

The Following Hereditary Title
Holders Have Heirs Married
To Jewish Women


Viscount Halifax.                                                                  Sir A. C. Cory-Wright, Bart.

Baron Hothfield.                                                                   Sir Christopher Robinson, Bart.

Baron Milford.                                                                      Sir R. S. Adair, Bart.

Sir R. Bonsor, Bart. 

Knights Of Jewish Blood (Living)


Abrahams, S. S.                                                                       Drage, B. 
Abrahamson, M. A.                                                                   Dickens, G. C. (distantly).
Ameer Ali, T. (mother Jewish).                                                  Duveen, G. E.
Arbuthnot, G. S.                                                                       Ellissen, H.
Balcon, M. E.                                                                            Ezechiel, P. H.
Baron, E. S.                                                                              Ezra, A.
Barrow, Geo. de S.                                                                    Frankau. C. H. S.
Bloch, M.                                                                                  Gold, H. G.
Bovenschen, F. C.                                                                      Gluckstein, S.
Burton, Montague.                                                                     Goldstone, F. W.
Carlebach, P.                                                                             Green, A. M.
Castellani, A.                                                                             Gregory, T. E. (Guggenheim).
Clavering, A. (Closenberg).                                                         Hambro, C. J.
Cohen, J. B .B.                                                                           Hansford, B.
Cohen, R. W.                                                                             Harris, A. I.
Cohen, S. S.                                                                              Heilbron, I. M.
Cohen, Henry.                                                                            Henriques, P. G.
Courthope-Munroe, H. (Isaacs).                                                   Hurst, G. B. (Hertz).
Cripps, Stafford, (distantly).                                                        Kay, H.
Dannreuther, S.                                                                          Korda, A.
Davis, Ernest.                                                                             Lebus, H. A. H.
Davis, Godfrey.                                                                           Luke, H. C. (Lukach).
D'Costa, A. H.                                                                             Lockspeiser, B.
Deedes, Wyndham.                                                                     Mayer, R.
De Stein, E. 

Knights Of Jewish Blood (Living) Continued

Mendl, Chas.                                                                              Samuelson, H.
Merton, Thos.                                                                             Scholefield, J.
Meyrick, S. J.                                                                              Schuster, G. E.
Moore, L. F.                                                                                Seligman, C. D.
Mosely, A. G.                                                                              Simon, L.
Myers, M.                                                                                   Slesser, H. H.
Norbury, H. F. O. (Nathan).                                                         Sperling, R. A.
Oppenheimer, E.                                                                         Stanley, H. J. (Sonnenthal).
Oppenheimer, F.                                                                         Sterling, L. S.
Palmer, C. E.                                                                              Stern, A.
Railing, A. H.                                                                              Waley, S. D.
Ricardo, H. R.                                                                             Wilberforce, H. W. (distantly).
Rosenthal, C.                                                                              Zimmern, A.

The Jewish penetration also extends to sisters, uncles, etc. of many other Lords and Baronets, whilst in some cases British Lords have had Jews as godfathers to their children!

The terms "Jew" and "Jewish" in the above summary refers to Blood, not to Religion. The Jews belong to many different races, none of which are native to Britain.

As a result of this Jewish penetration, Britons have begun to accept Jewish-looking fellow-citizens as normal.

If full information was available, all these lists would be lengthened very considerably.

                                ARNOLD LEESE.