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Roy Masters:   jew, race traitor, or jew lover

Date:  October 17, 2002

Subject:  Dr. Amneus' "The Garbage Generation" and fatherlessness

Place:  KRLA Radio and another alleged 150 stations which David Rubin claims carry Roy Master's radio show


Dr. Amneus did an excellent job of presenting the evidence of the negative contribution to society provided by fatherless children.   Roy Masters seemed to be obsessed with discovering what happens to children spiritually when they are deprived of their fathers, but failed to note that he himself was deprived of his father when Roy was 15.  He spent quite a big portion of the show querying Dr. Amneus about why he believes this societal breakdown occurred, but when a caller, whose comments could not be heard, presented his opinion, they rudely hung up on him without exploring or even reporting what his opinion was. 

Forty five minutes into this show, Roy Masters was still asking that question, but when the word "Zionists" was mentioned, he instantly tereminated the show, proving that his claim that "In 1963, [when] Roy formed the Foundation of Human Understanding", he wasn't interested in human understanding, but formed this organization in order to CENSOR anyone who challenged his perverted, biased, un-Godly, anti-Christian, pro-jew "understanding" of this putative Christian society.


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From: "obadiah now" <[email protected]>

Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 5:43 AM

Subject: [christianidentity] Sean Hannity's jewish roots


AM talk-show host Sean Hannity is the latest darling
of the kosher conservative crowd.  His afternoon
program is syndicated around the country and he has a
best-selling book, "Let Freedom Ring."

While not jewish himself, Hannity is quite obviously a
"disciple" of jewish self-help talk show host Roy

I listened to Masters during the 80's, and I will
admit he is able to help people break out of their
destructive cycles and give up things like drinking,
smoking, drugs, criminal activity, etc.  I can say
that his listeners do indeed become "objective" to
their faults, and change destructive behaviors.

However, from listening to Masters' occasional
political commentary, and the content of his news
magazines, "The Iconoclast" and "New Dimensions," it
is obvious there is one area that he and his people at
the Foundation of Human Understanding are NOT
objective about -- ISRAEL and THE JEWS.  Like every
other kosher conservative, this is the one topic
there is never any debate about, never any
consideration of the other point of view -  it's
"Jews = Good;  Jew Opponents = Bad."

Listen to Hannity carefully and you will hear him use
certain "buzz phrases" right out of Roy Masters'
lexicon. Hannity has Masters as a guest on his program
several times each year.  He even fancies himself as
the next Roy Masters by having an "Ask Dr. Hannity"
segment on his Friday program, in which he pompously
gives callers advice on how to solve problems in their

So, for all the "objectivity" and "enlightenment"
Hannity may have derived from listening to Masters, it
is all for naught as he turns into a programmed robot
whenever the jews are the topic of conversation.  He
is a master at brow-beating callers who oppose him on
the jews or any other topic. Hannity is practically
salivating over the prospect of war in Iraq.  And his
popularity is soaring as the flag-waving zombies fall
in line behind him...