The Sacred Name

yahshua = may his name and memory be blotted out forever


One of the major differences between jews and Israelites, or the Talmud and the Torah, is that jews make a big issue of "g-d's" sacred name, and Israelites don't--because Israelites know who the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is, and most jews don't seem to have a clue, or at least make this false pretense in order to deceive Israelites.

The reason jews insult Christians and Israelites so often regarding this issue is that their Talmud requires that they make every effort possible to blot out the name and memory of Jesus, and their acronym "yahshua" actually means "may his name and memory be blotted out forever".  All jews are quick to point out that God is actually Yah, and Jesus is actually Yashua, and are delighted when Christians fall for this charade and begin using these jew terms.

Pastor Ted Weiland wrote an excellent analysis of the Sacred Name which many of us, including Willie Martin [God rest his sould] accepted as proof that the KJV translators of the Holy Bible erred when they used "God" rather than "Yah", and "Jesus" rather than "Yahshua", thus inserting more than 6,000 blasphemies of the Name of the LORD in Scripture.  It was a difficult pill to swallow, but everyone agreed that Pastor Weiland, even though Willie Martin warned us that certain of his tendencies indicated a jewish background, was correct about the Sacred Name.

We were wrong.  Pastor Weiland is wrong.  Even though Pastor Weiland is correct in his analysis of the terms "jew" and "Greek" in Galatians 3, the correct names to use are the ones in the KJV translation of the Holy Bible, and the jew inspired terms "Yah" and "Yahshua" are pagan names straight from Babylon.

This is just one example of the insidious way in which the jews have taken control of all our churches and caused them to preach just the opposite of what we know Jesus said, and how the Torah reads (both of which are 100% consistent with each other).  The effect has been to turn all churches, both Protestant and Catholic alike, into anti-Christ assemblies wherein the Word of God cannot be uttered.  They will gladly throw out an Israelite who merely mentions that Jesus came only for the House of Israel, that God hates Esau, that a mamzer [read: mongrel] is NEVER welcomed into the congregation of the LORD, that israelites are to remain holy from ALL other peoples of the land,  that God Himself said "I change not", that God's Word is FOREVER, that it was a sin even for a king like Solomon to marry the daughter of the pharaoh, that children who dishonor their parents must be put to death, that God commanded us to REMOVE from our midst all non-Israelites, that sodomites must be summarily stoned not coddled, that judges who lie MUST BE PUT TO DEATH, or any of the other excellent points on Arnold Kennedy's excellent Israelite Check List.

Because 90% of our churches are 501(c)3 corporations, and the 10% who aren't are controlled by IRS regulations anyway, they have only one master, and that one master is the IRS and not God. If the IRS dictates that churches cannot even mention much less preach what the Holy Bible requires as the punishment for sodomy, that's the end of God's Word--IRS regulations reign supreme.