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Date: Monday, 1 January 2007, 9:40 p.m.

To truthseekers, it absolutely boggles my mind that the question of whether or not that the Saddam who was hanged was a "fake." We have known this for years. And yet years later, this question even comes up? Has the mass media dumbed us down to such a degree of stupidity?

Saddam was extremely vain, bathed twice a day - and was very concerned about dental hygiene. Moreover he gave all of the people in Iran free dental care, unlike those in the U.S. Saddam was born with a moderate OVERBITE, which made his top teeth cover most of his bottom teeth when smiling. He also, on a yearly basis raised statues of himself which included his THUMBPRINT to identify himself.

Oh, but the corporate/fascist media entered American's minds. Despite being held by others for more than two weeks, a drugged and beaten double with rotting teeth emerged from a "spider hole" and the public ate it up. I took one look at his teeth and laughed. Wrote an article about it on RMN and thought that no one would believe that this was Saddam. A man with perfect teeth and an overbite would suddenly have rotting teeth and an "UNDERBITE.???

Now the hysterical proof for Saddam's identity flow in. A country filled with thousands of figures with his fingerprints are ignored while DNA samples are sent to NEVERLAND to confirm his identity. A quick 2 minute trip to the Baghdad square would prove that this man was a fake.

Let's face it. The real Saddam most likely died of a stroke in June of 2001, well before the war began. Everything that we see on the news is but a play, information to satiate our desires to make us think that we are informed in decision making and general knowledge to keep us focused in our daily lives.

It is all lies. There is no two party system in the U.S. The future has already been set. The only question to those in power is how much they can get away with without the sheeple rising up. The pace of our enslavement is exponential.



"In the real Saddam the lines have approximately the same width as the nose itself. Saddam had large lower incisors. But the same pair of lines barely cover half the nose of the captured Saddam.

That proves the case. No further argument needs to be made, but we cannot refrain from adding that the captive "Saddam" was flown to Qatar for internment. Only after intense lobbying by Russia was Saddam's wife, Sajiga Heiralla Tuffa, allowed to visit her husband in jail. She emerged in less than a minute: "This is not my husband but his double. Where is my husband? Take me to my husband". The incident was reported in several Russian and eastern European newspapers. "

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