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In a recent Wirthlin Worldwide poll, 73% of parents said magazine covers
like Cosmopolitan and Glamour should not be displayed in grocery store
check-out lanes.  Safeway, the nation's number two grocery store chain,
apparently thinks it is not worth a single hour of discussion.
Responding to a letter written to Safeway, President Steven Burd told a
coalition of pro-family groups requesting a meeting to share their
concerns, "We appreciate your personal offer to discuss the matter in more
detail in a one-hour meeting; however,& we must respectfully decline."
Randy Sharp, Director of Special Projects for American Family Association,
who is leading the coalition, said, "Pro-family groups representing a
great number of Safeway customers were willing to spend thousands of
dollars on travel expenses for a single hour of Safeway's time.  Safeway,
in essence, said our time isn't worth a dime." Sharp said Safeway has been
the only national supermarket chain unwilling to mee with them.
"Evidently, public relations department is willing to snub their nose to
those who want to protect their children from graphic sexual images while
shopping in their stores.  Safeway basically told us that they have no
interest in our opinions or concerns," said Sharp.
The coalition, including Concerned Women for America and National
Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, opposes the open
display of magazines in grocery store check out lanes with racy titles
such as "How to Touch a Naked Man" and "Tantric Sex," and has successfully
encouraged other supermarket and retail chains to implement corporate
policies to reflect a family-friendlier environment.
An AFA produced brochure entitled Glossy Garbage [ ] suggests that
keeping magazines displayed in areas frequented by children can prove
unprofitable.  According to the brochure, a supermarket would have to sell
an additional 156 magazines per month to replace the profits made on a
family of four that chooses to buy groceries elsewhere.
Sharp said the focus will now turn to organizing grass-roots activism in
communities where Safeway and its subsidiaries do business.  He said if
corporate officials won't listen, perhaps local store managers will.
Please contact Safeway and politely let them know that you support the
efforts of American Family Association to clean the trash away from their
checkout stands and feel that meeting with pro-family groups would be an
appropriate means of facing the problem and working toward a solution.
Safeway Inc. is one of the largest food and drug retailers in North
America. As of January 1, 2000, the company operated 1,659 stores
(including 327 Vons, 114 Dominick' s, and 119 Randalls/Tom Thumb stores).
Safeway, Inc.
President Steven Burd
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