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Subject: [afalert] Salvation Army Rescinds Domestic Partner Benefit Policy
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November 12, 2001


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Dear AFA Action Alert Team,

Earlier today I sent an AFA Action Alert that urged you to contact
Commander Busby of The Salvation Army and express your shock that they
would the extend health benefits to the sex partners of its homosexual
employees and thus support unbiblical changes in family structure rather
than upholding the New Testament definition of family. I also requested
that you join us in praying that God would use our collective contacts
with the Salvation Army to change their heart on this vital matter.

I am pleased to bring you good news regarding a decision from The
Salvation Army to rescind its policy allowing the extension of health
benefits to the sex partners of its homosexual employees. The Salvation
Army, well-known for helping society's hungry and poor, announced the
policy change in a statement issued today. We are extremely happy that The
Salvation Army has rescinded this policy, because it had caused great
confusion and consternation within the Christian community in the United

Numerous Christian and pro-family groups were stunned to discover over the
last two weeks that The Salvation Army's Western Corporation, encompassing
13 states, had decided to begin extending domestic partner benefits to the
same-sex partners of its homosexual employees. That corporation had done
so after the national 5-person Commissioners' Conference had voted to
allow the four regional organizations to decide for themselves about the
policy change.

The new statement says any review of The Salvation Army's health benefit
policy "has always centered on service to people and we deeply regret the
perception that the Commissioners' Conference surrendered any biblical
principles in making the original decision..Today, November 12, 2001, the
Commissioners' Conference established a national policy to extend health
benefit access to an employee's spouse and dependent children only."

Thank you for your good actions! Together, and with God's help, we have
made a difference!

For our families,

Donald E. Wildmon
AFA President


Please contact Commander Busby of The Salvation Army and thank him for
supporting the New Testament definition of family by the decision to
rescind a policy allowing the extension of health benefits to the sex
partners of its homosexual employees.

Let's also give thanks to God for answering our collective prayers by
changing the heart of The Salvation Army on this vital matter.

The Salvation Army National Headquarters
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